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WWE issues statement on Brock Lesnar’s win

New UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar’s former employers with World Wrestling Entertainment felt compelled to issue a statement in regards to his victory via their official website.

“In a stunning upset, Brock Lesnar became the first man to capture both the WWE Championship and the UFC Heavyweight Championship when he defeated UFC fan favorite Randy ‘The Natural’ Couture on Saturday night in Sin City,” the release begins, incorrectly referring to Lesnar’s victory as an “upset,” as he was favored to win by all of the major sportsbooks in Las Vegas.

The self-promotional release continued, even trying to portray this past Saturday’s successful UFC 91 event in a negative light.

“Critics have noted that many of the fights on the UFC pay-per-view ended in the first round, leaving UFC producers scrambling to fill the three-hour event with content,” the release states. “The dearth of hearty competition left many viewers to watch less prestigious under-card fights and only served to bolster claims that UFC pay-per-view events can often be a ‘crap shoot’ in regards to filling the full three hours.”

The release ended with the WWE trying to position itself as playing a role in Lesnar’s win, in spite of the fact that he resigned from his multi-million dollar contract with the promotion over four years ago under a great deal of acrimony.

“For his part, Lesnar took the encouragment of the WWE Universe and the hard lessons forged during his fiery time at WWE and showed UFC and the world why he is not only a man of mettle but also a former three-time WWE Champion,” concluded the release.

  • Jester says:

    Vince McMoneygrubber is still trying to be Don King. What a circus – Vinny pissed off Brock, never knew what to do with Shamrock or Tank Abbot, and now is trying to horn in on Brock’s success in a legitimate fight. What a sad, sad, sad little billionaire.

  • MacBatty says:

    Vince McMahon MADE Brock Lesner…..Why do you think he got a title shot after only so few fights??? Because he was popular because of the WWE…..Dana White has been mooching off of the character that Vince made. Why do you think they advertised on WWE programing so much??? Dana pretty much said that he was looking for Brock to bring in the WWE audience.

    You guys can hate on WWE all you want but the fact of the matter is a former WWE champion is now YOUR heavyweight champion. You guys can rip him or Vince or wrestling but at the end of the day the FAKE champion is now the REAL champion….and he did so by beating the LEGEND.

  • CW says:

    > Vince McMahon MADE Brock Lesner

    So all the time my high school wrestling team spent watching Brock “Lesner” wrestle was just for shits and giggles? Lesnar made his own name by being an amazing wrestler and that’s why he is able to succeed in the UFC (so far, anyway), not because some soap opera king ping wrote him into his script for a few years. It was certainly a nice little perk to help move people over to something actually worth watching (:

  • Stevie G. says:

    Hey guys… you guys ever consider that your both right? Cause, guess what? You are. You’re arguing two different points, and the fact of the matter is, you’re both right in two different areas.

    – Brock’s exceptional amateur wrestling credientials and athleticism is what got him noticed by the WWE.
    – His time in WWE turned him into an international superstar.
    – His athleticism and wrestling skills are what allows him to compete at the top level in MMA. His WWE background got him the title shit about 4 or 5 fights earlier than if he didn’t have the experience.

    Make no mistake, though. He would be a title contender at some point without the WWE exposure.

  • neosamurai says:

    Vince McMahon talks more shit than Chemical Ali. He’s deluded but you have to give him credit. There was no statement when Brock tapped to a loose knee bar against Mir but I guess that’s the nature Pro-Wrestling. Style over substance.

  • Stevie G. says:

    Just to add, I think the statement made by the WWE is total crap. UFC 91 was one of the best shows in recent memory. “Less prestigious under-card fights” only bolster the claim that “UFC pay-per-view events can often be a ‘crap shoot’ in regards to filling the full three hours.” Are you serious? I used to be a huge professional wrestling fan, but I’ve seen my fair share of “crap shooting” from the WWE.

    UFC 91 was a dynamite card. It was exciting, and all of the “lesser” undercard fights were great. Realizing that many WWE fans crossed over to watch this PPV, they’re trying to put a negative spin on a great show that surely converted a lot of WWE fans to UFC fans.

  • Justin says:

    Who cares if Brock was the 3-time champion of fake fighting? It’s fucking scripted!!! He may have beat Couture but he isn’t, by any means, a legitimate MMA fighter. What are his chances against someone like Fedor? Give me a break. Lesnar is a flash in the pan at best.

  • ihateemo says:

    Undercard fights are “less prestigious”?


  • Grappo says:

    Stacy Keibler was the only thing worth watching on the redneck soap opera that is the WWE. She’s gone now, so who cares? It makes me laugh when they try to pretend that being a WWE Champion means anything more than Vince thinks that person will make more money for them at the time. I’ll never understand Pro Wrestling fans.

  • jj says:

    i guess it’s easier to fill 3 hours of pay per view when you know what the outcomes of all the “fights” in advance. not to mention that every undercard fight from the event that we had to “suffer through” was also great.

    fights that end in the first round are always exciting, who would buy an event where everything goes to decision? oh right, wrasslers.

  • BigTop says:

    What a bunch of douches or is it douchi either way those shitbags fit the bill. Congrats Brock, you earned it on your own!

  • Carm says:

    I can’t wait for a true heavyweight to destroy that ‘roid monster. I don’t understand everyones man crush with him. He’s not even worth Fedor. He’s worth Kimbo Slice or Tyson or some other freak show.

    UFC 91 was one of the better cards of the year. Who cares about WWF. I used to watch WWF when I was 6. By the way he didn’t win the fight with wrestling, he won with a well placed strike. Infact he had a lot of trouble keeping Randy on the mat and almost lost a takedown but grabbed the fence.

    I also think you should get all the undercards and prelims when you spend 45 bucks on a pay-per-view. I hate watching fights on a computer when I have huge TV & couch.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    WWE’s attempts to link itself to Lesnar, MMA and UFC isn’t good p.r., it’s a little pathetic. It’s like a story in National Enquirer by some guy who dated a hot movie star before she was famous. Get your own life.

  • Davey D says:

    Vince McMahon made Brock Lesnar a household name…I’ll give him that. But he had nothing to do with Lesnar’s UFC HW title win or his NCAA wrestling title. Lesnar has made it this far with the help of many but at the end of the day, Brock Lesnar fought those bout’s himself…no one else.

    BTW, exactly how much money has the WWF earned from anything Brock Lesnar related in two year’s. Not much…right? Less prestiage bout’s on the undercard, well in MMA you can only plan ahead so far, not exactly like your business model.

    I guess screwing Brett Hart was fake too right? Ton’s of honor there Vince.

    If McMahon wants to convince himself & his public that “he” is the sole reason Brock defeated Randy then he is crazy. Down right arrogant, if I may. If you know Vince, is whole bit is to be expected. It would not surprise me if the WWF aired something on RAW tonight to tell the world how well THEY did Saturday night.

    Vince…Brock Lesnar no longer works for you. Get over it, Sir. Do your own thing.

  • JJ says:

    91 overall was not at all a dominant card, and I don’t like the way you wrote the article ” incorrectly referring to Lesnar’s victory as an “upset,” as he was favored to win by all of the major sportsbooks in Las Vegas.” Yeah he maybe was up on the sports books but most MMA fans I knew were picking Randy and in lots of people eyes it was an upset.

  • Cathedron says:

    UFC 91 was one of the most exciting cards I’ve ever seen. Tons of fights and all of them were at least good. I can’t believe the WWE is talking so much shit about the UFC, though. Wasn’t the UFC planning on doing some advertising during WWE events? Not now, I’m guessing. Unless a trash talking fued between Dana and Vince is part of the plan.

  • mburtoni says:

    Who cares what the WWE says? How many PPV buys are they getting per event?

  • seth b says:

    Sorry everyone, but nothing about the WWE is real, including this “release” or any of the content of it so please do not take it seriously.

  • yeh says:

    yeh i get the feeling this is a part of the show. like they’re in character still if ya know what i mean. i dont think they’re actually taking credit for him being UFC-Champ. I mean they’re stating that he’s the first to be both wwe champ and ufc champ, i don’t know much about wwe but that can’t be serious, right?

    anyway it’s lame that they’re trying to get publicity and cash in on this or w/e

  • ticlin says:

    as far as i’m concerned, the wrestling product the wwe is delivering is FAR from being acceptable so to talk about the ufc like that, eh, i don’t get it. The WWE is scared because they see the ufc targetting the audience the WWE once had, back in the days of the attitude era. I’m talking about the 18-to-35 male demographic they dumped as soon as they got over all the competition. The UFC is where it’s at, it’s getting bigger and bigger everyday. If i want to see good wrestling i’ll order a dvd from pro wrestling noah or something. The WWE is dead to me. Like if i give a shit about CENA, triple h all that bullshit. I want to see chubby mans being dropped on their heads. PURRRROOOOO

  • Michael Major says:

    I am happy to see how many persons are realizing what a heap of shit WWE has turned out to be . It is now pathetic to watch their lame scripts especially this new one about HBK working for JBL what a heap of Crap. I no longer whatch WWE after 25 years of watching it from I was 14 . I cant believe it no longer gets me home in time to watch it . I love UFC never miss it. Real is the Deal


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