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UFC 95 in London confirmed; could be headlined by Liddell vs. Silva

A report in the UK-based tabloid newspaper The Sun confirms that UFC 95 is scheduled to take place on Saturday, February 21 in London, England at the 02 Arena.

No matches have been made official, however, the paper reports that a superfight between former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell and current UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva is being considered.

“SunSport understands Middleweight champion Anderson Silva, 33, has been asked to appear on the card, with a potential bout with light heavyweight star Chuck Liddell already being mooted,” the report reads.

“That potentially mouthwatering clash would see ‘The Spider’ step up to the 205 lbs. division to face 38-year-old Liddell – who is desperate to get back on the victory trail following his devastating loss to Rashad Evans at UFC 88.”

The paper goes on to add that an official announcement from the UFC could come within the next 24 hours. At that time it is expected that a lightweight bout between Terry Etim and Justin Buchholz will be revealed.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    I’d pay to see Silva v. Liddell, but that’s a bad bet for Liddell if he’s trying to reestablish himself.

  • charles says:

    Yeah I agree if Chuck gets beat again it would be very bad for him.I mean he is the biggest fighter for the PPV buys and if he loses his luster that could hurt them in the long run but I for one want to see this.On the other hand if he wins he is right back in title contention.

  • Robert says:

    I can’t believe they would match up a guy who has lost 3 of 4 and his most recent loss was brutal the KO of the year against the fighter they call the best fighter in the world. How can you call this a legitimate main event,and yes I know Liddell was a great champion and is still a big PPV draw but this is a one-sided match up for sure.Silva will tear Liddell up I don’t know if will end as bad as the Evans fight but Chuck would get picked apart on the feet and he’s not going to take Silva down like Henderson did he would have to work hard to get a take down, and could get submitted if the fight did hit the ground which is unlikely because if they do fight Liddell would most likely stand and trade and suffer another loss loss which would be 4 out of 5.Then what is Chuck going fight on prelims or Fight Night cards.

  • jimbo says:

    No way Chuck beats him. I say Fight Wandy again then a fight he can win and retire.

  • Davey D says:

    If they actually make this bout offical, it will be another excellent start for 2009. BJ Penn vs. GSP II being 1st…tick-tock-tick, fella’s. The UFC has and will continue to put on the best event for their fan’s. Everyone has their opinon or whatever and be it good or bad…YOU still saw the show. At least you didn’t miss it.

    Liddell vs. Silva could be one of the best fight’s ever. I would actually suggest that this fight be set for 5 round’s. In Pride FC, it would’ve been a 20 minute fight (10-5-5). These guy’s fight at the highest level in this sport. I think 15 minutes is a little short in the case. Whatever they agree too is just.

    I hope Roger Huerta can settle his issues with Zuffa. He would be a great addition to this card. I think if you match him up with the right opponent, that fight could put the light’s out first. What is Nate Diaz up too? You know he ain’t gonna say, No. What about Gilbert Melendez, why haven’t they signed him yet? 2009 is right around the corner. Time to make some moves.

  • king mah mah says:

    It’s funny how a couple of losses in this sport mean you have to retire. It’s not like Liddell has lost to a bunch of bums. He has a good chance of beating Anderson, and I really want to see it. If this fight does happen and Liddell does win, It will silence all that retirement talk.

  • Robert says:

    king mah mah I’m not saying Liddell needs to retire but I don’t see how the UFC sells this as a legitimate main event when their telling everyone with a TV camera that Anderson Silva is the best fighter in the world now were going to match him up against a guy who’s lost 3 out of 4 and was the victim of the KO of 2008. Chuck carries his hands too low and throws too many wide looping punches Anderson’s striking accuracy will pick him apart if his doesn’t Knock him out it’ll be a one-sided decision.

  • Paul says:

    I hope this fight does not happen. Silva may only have 5 fights left, and I want to see exactly how good he is in his last 5 fights. A win over chuck who is 38 and lost his last 3 of 4 means nothing. Even if Dana is reluctant to give Silva a title shot in his second 205 fight, at least give him a contender to face. Below are the 5 match-ups I would like to see to end Silva’s career:

    1. Machida – I know they are friends and don’t want to fight each other, but that just hightens the excitement of the fight. Their styles would be interesting to see. Silva knows he would have to come forward first (which he does not like to do). From there it is all about whether Silva will be able to catch Machina and send his(Machida’s) undefeated status and title run to a halt, or if Machida will pull off the old puch and run technique that he has successfully used against so many fighters before Silva. You can’t help but wonder whether Silva is really so outspoken about not wanting to fight Machida because they are friends, or if their is a piece of him that thinks this is a bad match up for him where he might not just lose, but look bad doing it which would be a disaster for his legacy.

    2. Rashad – Especailly if Rashad beats Forrest and the fight is for the 205 belt. I can see it now…UFC 100: Undefeated VS Undefeated. Both fighters would have a lot to gain and both would have a lot to lose. The styles match up well also. Rashad is extremely well rounded…he can box, he can wrestle, and he is elusive. He can mix things up on Silva and throw a lot of different techniques at him in hopes of finding a winning game plan. The question for Silva is whether he can dominate a well rounded 205 like he has the 185’s and James Irvine. If so, it would actually prove something to the world (unlike a dominating win over Liddel)

    3. The winner of Rampage and Wandi – I don’t want to see Silva fight the loser because I want to see him fight a contender in the division; not somebody who is in a slump. If Rampage loses this fight, he is on a two fight losing streak. If Wandi loses, he lost 4 of his last 5(I think). However, the winner is right up there in contention.

    4. Dan Henderson – Silva wants to hold the 185 belt at the same time as fighting in 205, and assuming Henderson beats Franklin in their upcoming fight and then drops back down to 185 and defeats Bisbing, he would be a good 185 opponant for Silva to fight. A lot of UFC fans don’t give Henderson enough credit because they saw him lose his fist two fights in the UFC. However, both losses were to belt holders. The fight with Rampage went the distance with Henderson being in it until the very end. And he actually appeared to be the physically stronger fighter with Silva but got cought with a vicious Silva straight arm punch in the second which sent him down hill for the rest of fight. If Henderson could avoid getting caught against Silva(and that is a big if) he should win that fight. I don’t see Silva winning a decision between those two.

    5.. The heavyweight belt – I’ll probably get shot for mentioning this, but assuming he takes the 205 belt, he might as well move up the heavyweight in his final fight before retiring to try for the trifecto. It would secure his legacy as legend in the sport (and then some), and I actually think he would win against Lesner or Mir. Nog may be a tough fight for him as Nog can take a punch and would have a pretty big advantage on the ground. However, Silva would have a lot to gain and not much to lose.

    Those are my top 5. Sorry for writing a book about it.


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