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UFC 91 “Fight Night” bonuses awarded to Hazelett, Stephens, Gurgel, and Riley

The Ultimate Fighting Championship officially awarded its traditional “Fight Night” bonuses to four fighters upon the completion of its successful UFC 91 event last night.

Despite lofty projections for PPV sales of the event, officials with the promotion awarded $60,000 bonuses after having awarded $70,000 bonuses during last month’s UFC 90 event in Rosemont, Illinois.

Receiving the 65K bonuses last night on top of their originally scheduled pay were Dustin Hazelett, Jeremy Stephens, Jorge Gurgel, and Aaron Riley.

Hazelett was awarded the “Submission of the Night” bonus following a victory via armbar against fellow welterweight Tamdan McCrory at 3:59 of round 1. The award marked the second time in the 22-year old black belt’s career that he has earned such honors. After the fight, Hazelett informed UFC color commentary Joe Rogan that it is his goal to set the UFC-career record for “Submission of the Night” awards.

The “Knockout of the Night” award went to Jeremy Stephens after the native Iowan thwarted multiple submission attempts by Rafael dos Anjos en route to a third round TKO. In what was proclaimed by color commentator Rogan as one of the biggest uppercuts in UFC history, Stephens deemed his lackluster performance in the first two rounds as irrelevant after loading up and delivering.

Stephens began to swing while outside of dos Anjos’ range but continued to move forward as the punch slipped through dos Anjos’ guard and turned his head at a 90 degree angle. The momentum behind the punch forced a discharge of saliva from the mouth of dos Anjos and made his neck to move as if it was on a swivel.

Both Gurgel and Riley were the recipitients of the “Fight of the Night” bonus following their preliminary card fight that ended with Riley winning via unanimous decision. Despite having taken place as the fourth fight on the card, UFC officials still managed to squeeze the fight into last night’s PPV telecast by airing it immediately after the night’s main event of Randy Couture vs. Brock Lesnar had concluded.

Even though Gurgel holds a black belt in jiu-jitsu, he decided to engage in a standup battle with Riley, who was making his return to the Octagon after two prior tours of duty with the promotion. Gurgel’s decision not to take the fight to the floor cost him not only the battle but the war, but he’s now $60,000 richer to show for the effort.

  • J-guru says:

    Gurgel and Riley fight of the night? Fun to watch but void of tactics, defence and strategy. Tradeing punches and kicks hoping you can take more then the other guy is elitexc B.S. Im just saying its questionable, not completely stupid.

  • BJJ in VA says:

    Stephens doesnt deserve knockout of the night, how about knockout of the century. Can anyone remember a knockout that devatating that wasnt a kick?

    Today begins Dos Anjos’ monthlong headache…

  • Grappo says:

    “Can anyone remember a knockout that devatating that wasnt a kick?”

    Scott Smith KO’ing Pete Sell might come close.

  • Grappo says:

    I don’t get Gurgel. Really. He thinks fans just want to see him brawl it out every time he fights? Maybe the knuckleheads do, but if you’re exceptional at something, fans want to see you showcase your abilities. The way he fights now, he’s a low-to- mid-level kickboxer at best . If he’s a BJJ phenom, then seeing that in action would be a lot more exciting than seeing him getting his brains beaten in sloppy exchanges with superior strikers.

    btw – anyone else see the snot fly out of dos Anjos’s nose when he got nailed? I hope that landed in Goldberg’s open gob.

  • Guinness says:

    1. the promotion awarded $60,000 bonuses
    2. Receiving the 65K bonuses last night
    3. ????

  • Chris says:

    Stevenson knockout was clearly the best, maybe better than the evans and liddel because of Anjos was looking up at the lights while he was going down.


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