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The Brock Lesnar Era is Upon Us

One door closes and another one opens. Whether Randy Couture fights again remains to be seen. Less uncertain is the fact that Couture’s reign over the UFC heavyweight division is over. At age 45, he probably has enough left physically to continue to fight as a special attraction. However, as long as Brock Lesnar is an active fighter for the UFC, Couture will never wear UFC heavyweight gold again.

And so the Brock Lesnar era begins. From day one I’ve been intrigued by the prospect of Lesnar crossing over into MMA. Several years ago I participated in a seminar conducted by Pat Miletich in Cherry Hill, N.J. During a question and answer session the proceeded the seminar, I asked Miletich to share his thoughts on Lesnar having been aware that the 2000 NCAA champ had spent time at Miletich Fighting Systems while he evaluating whether he was going to pursue MMA.

In hindsight, my phrasing of the question was ill-advised. “Does Brock Lesnar have any chance to be successful in MMA?” The nature of the question prompted the normally congenial Miletich to shoot me a look of bewilderment, as if to say, “Are you f—– kidding me?”

In my defense, Lesnar was still essentially a professional wrestler, as his first round prison-style beating of Min Soo Kim during FEG’sDynamite USA!!” show still hadn’t taken place. However, Miletich had seen all he needed to see during Lesnar’s stay at Champions Gym in Davenport, Iowa.

“He’s a 265 pound Matt Hughes,” quipped Miletich.

The statement was made while Hughes was reigning supreme as the consensus number one welterweight in the world. That response from a trainer of champions was all I needed to hear to know that Lesnar was going to be a force to be reckoned with.

Last night’s second round TKO victory over Couture has left those critical of Lesnar’s pro wrestling credentials with no ammunition left to fire with. The undeniable truth is that Lesnar is not only a one-of-a-kind athlete the likes MMA has never seen, but he will retain the undisputed UFC heavyweight title for as long as he wants after unifying it against the winner of December’s Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Frank Mir bout.

Some might say the above prose is a little presumptuous considering that Lesnar has all of four fights to his credit. But if his inexperience wasn’t a factor last night against a tactical wizard such as Couture, when will it ever be? In the end, Lesnar’s lack of experience was not a factor even in spite of Couture’s attempt to try and exploit it. The five-time UFC world champion body-locked Lesnar and pressed him against the cage on multiple occasions. When the fight hit the floor, Couture had Lesnar on his back but was unable to inflict any serious damage and was not successful in controlling the wrestling position for an extended period of time.

If Lesnar made any mistakes last night, I didn’t see them. And apparently Couture didn’t see any either, as Lesnar gave him few openings in which to work with. Lesnar is by no means perfect, but his off-the-charts athleticism is enough to compensate for any shortcomings he might have. To steal a pro wrestling catch-phrase, the man is just a genetic freak.

The most staggering number in my mind was the advantage that Lesnar had when it came to the “measurables.” Despite standing just one in taller than Couture, Lesnar still held a six inch reach advantage at 81” compared to Couture’s measured reach of 75″. Couture may have summed up the reason for the loss best during his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan when he pronounced, “He’s just a big son of a bitch. And it’s as simple as that.” Reasons for losing are rarely ever so quick and easy, but considering Couture’s tremendous technical prowess, it probably is just that simple.

The other issue was the disparity in weight. Lesnar outweighed Couture by at least 55 pounds last night — at least. In the future, Lesnar is unlikely to have such a weight advantage again because no sane man will ever enter the cage against him and give up that much weight. Seeing the sheer girth of Lesnar was a sight to behold (and no, that’s not a phallic reference to the tattoo on his chest); the man is just wide. It seemed like you could stand two normal human beings back-to-back and Lesnar would still be thicker. Seeing Couture standing next to Lesnar during the pre-fight staredown, I thought Randy had cut to middleweight.

From here on out, the opponents will be bigger and stronger but Lesnar will always have the advantage in weight. Much like the NBA in which the center position is now dominated by what we used to call power forwards, the days of super-heavyweights shrinking themselves down to heavyweight in MMA are over.

As we sit here today, there’s only one man in the world capable of beating Lesnar and politics will ensure that a Lesnar vs. Fedor Emelianenko matchup never takes place. In the minds of the mainstream fan, nothing exists outside of the UFC universe. For all intent and purposes, it’s Brock Lesnar’s world now and other heavyweights just walk in it. As long as Lesnar continues to push himself during training and avoids the temptation to dialing his training routine back, nobody currently on the UFC roster will be able to touch him. Not Nogueira, not Mir, not Cain Velasquez, not Shane Carwin, and not Gabriel Gonzaga, etc.

As a self-confessed PRIDE mark, even I have to acknowledge that Lesnar is a bad matchup for Nogueira. Nogueira is an amazing human being and an incredible fighter. But his Dusty Rhodes style of fighting isn’t going to lend itself well to Lesnar’s punishing ways. If Nogueira catches a beating from Lesnar, he will not be able to mount a comeback.

And yes, I realize Mir holds a win over Lesnar. But if those two fought today, how many people would honestly pick Mir to repeat? Sorry, but I don’t see Lesnar falling for a kneebar anytime soon and prior to Mir’s hail mary submission, I couldn’t tell the difference between him and Kim.

Velasquez and Carwin are superstars in the making. They are tremendous wrestlers and super athletes. But as good as Velasquez is, I don’t see him out-wrestling a 2000 NCAA heavyweight champion and as gifted as Carwin is, I don’t see him running a 4.75 in the 40.

After last night, a Gonzaga vs. Lesnar matchup appears inevitable at some point in 2009. The former heavyweight title challenger brought his A-game last night against former two-time All-American Josh Hendricks but let’s not forget he was broken by both Couture and Fabricio Werdum. I see Lesnar doing the same.

UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar? Get used to the term, as the Brock Lesnar era is upon us.

  • darkmetal says:

    I agree completely, Sam.
    Did you notice how improved Lesnar seemed at every aspect of the MMA game?
    Sure, he still is mainly a “meat and potatoes” wrestler, but he used a great muay Thai clinch to start the fight, and almost secured the full mount later on, if not for the mistake of attempting it so close to the fence.

    Lesnar’s also at two very hard strikes in from Couture in the fight and didn’t seem to even feel them. I think this validates his chin, in my opinion. Also, Lesnar’s own striking seems to be improving greatly, and when he does make contact, any punch can be a KO. The mere glancing blow to Couture’s temple has many on the net crying foul unjustly, saying that Couture “must have slipped”. Of course, this is complete foolishness.

    I think that Randy did do one thing wrong, he should have circled more and attempted multiple leg kicks from a distance. Would it have helped? Probably not, but it was a better plan than the one applied, which seemed to be the same as was used on Tim Sylvia.

    Lesnar needs to continue to evolve in BJJ, but it seems he is making continued progress in defending against submissions, although that threat was non-existant in this match. Also, the tired hammer fist needs to go away, as it has seen it’s day and should be replaced with elbows and direct strikes.

    All hail the “Vanilla Gorilla”;)

  • Alvis says:


    Lesnar looked as Rogan would say “top of the food chain” last night. It will be a long hard night for big Nog. I reckon Mir would just call in sick if facd with Lesnar again.

    “You dude my stomach aint right bro’, I can’t fight tonight dude yo”

  • warmingo says:

    lesnar got hit with a few good shots by randy and never reacted dude has a chin and everyone knows it now

  • tylerdante69 says:

    C’mon DANA!!!

    Swallow your pride and sign Fedor for just one SUPER Fight!!!

    Fedor hits harder than Randy and was never KOd and overall a freak and smart fighter.

    People doubt Gonzaga but I think his BJJ and a better stand-up could take Brock.

    Gonzaga underestimated Randy but he wont with Brock.

  • warmingo says:

    I wanted to see randys ear explode like James thompsons

  • truth says:

    Josh Barnett would be interesting, cheaper than Fedor.

  • weoweoweo says:

    im a lesnar fan and i was really impressed with his improvement. But i think his striking could improve a lot more. His hands looked slow at times and he left himself open to a couple of shots that maybe a good striker could take advantage of it. But what impressed me was every shot that he hit made randy look wobbly. Even those arm punches hurt him bad. He’s a force to reckon with now, but Imagine if he gets more technical in his striking, and his submission defense improves more. Now there’s the unbeatable lesnar that youre talking about. BUT sam, i believe brock is really good now and even has scary potential. But to say that no one in the ufc has a chance to beat him? i dont know, its kinda premature dont you think? and anything can happen in a fight.

  • Davey D says:

    Brock fought a very good fight last night. Defeating Randy Couture is a tall task for anyone and he did it before the end of two round’s. Job well done, Sir. Train harder because this thing won’t get any easier.

    I believe Nogueira will defeat Mir and face Lesnar come March in Cleveland. My money will be on Rodrigo Nogueira. I don’t think Lesnar will last against Minotauro on the ground or in the standup. Nogueira always fights to the bitter end and will take Brock Lesnar out with the slightest mistake.

    If Lesnar does win this tournament, I will be completly sold and will never bet against him again unless he were to face Fedor Emelianenko. It is possible the UFC could have Lesnar as their HW Champion for a long time to come. In closing, I think Zuffa should consider hiring Fedor by 2010. Just the thought of him competing against their current roster of HW’s makes me wonder if he’d be able to finish his career there undefeated? Now we wait…

  • biggmoney21 says:

    I don’t know about anybody else but I’m tired of hearing how Lesnar moves like a 155 pounder. C’mon, enough already. I know I shouldn’t take that comment literally and Rogan, Dana, etc. are probably saying it tongue in cheek, but I cringe now every time I hear it. Yes, he’s big, strong, and relatively fast (and a big “sumbitch”) but it looked like he was moving in slow motion last night. A great contrast was watching the Jorge Gurgel/Aaron Riley fight. Please don’t insult my intelligence by telling me that Lesnar moves like either one of those guys.

  • Trust Doesn't Rust says:

    “Not Nogueira, not Mir, not Cain Velasquez, not Shane Carwin, and not Gabriel Gonzaga, etc.”

    lesnar’s big weakness to me is that he has yet to show a real finishing move, as he does not seem to have a ground and pound attack that matches his wrestling skills. and this will be why nogueira beats him– seriously, how does he expect to lay and pray against nogueira for 25 minutes without giving up a submission? the big booming punch out of nowhere has shown to be his only real finishing move (but notice how awkward even his attempt to hammerfist randy was after he’d all but knocked him out), which is certainly dangerous but herring was able to absorb it, and we’ve seen nogueira take just about everything and survive.

  • JizzMasterZero says:

    Sam I think you’re completely jumping the gun on this one. While I don’t see Mir defeating Brock again, I can definitely see Noguiera taking the best shots that Brock can dish out only to submit him in the end. We’re talking about a guy that withstood many beatings from guys like Cro Cop, Bob Sapp, & Tim Sylvia only to triumph in the end.

    Noguiera has a much better chin than Randy does and his submissions are second to none. Even if their fight goes to the later rounds, I still think Noguiera’s got the better of the two gas tanks.

    Shane Carwin is another guy that I think with time, can become a legitimate contender to challenge for the title. He’s one of the few guys that matches Brock’s sheer size and power. Whether he moves as quickly as Brock, I can’t tell yet.

  • Trust Doesn't Rust says:

    “But what impressed me was every shot that he hit made randy look wobbly. Even those arm punches hurt him bad. He’s a force to reckon with now, but Imagine if he gets more technical in his striking, and his submission defense improves more. Now there’s the unbeatable lesnar that youre talking about.”

    i agree completely with this. lesnar’s biggest long-term strength to me is his punching power not his wrestling. he obviously has great wrestling, but he does not and probably never will have more than adequate submission defense, and he will likewise probably never develop a great offensive ground game. but his punching power, the threat that every shot that lands could be a big shot, the threat of crushing knees from the clinch, will give him the edge against anyone. if he continues to develop his striking, particularly his standup defense, and continues to develop a florian-esque gameplan on his feet, he really will be nearly unbeatable. as is, i see a run of dominant wins mixed with the random ‘shocking defeat.’

  • dpk says:

    Right now i’m picking Lesnar against any HW not named Fedor (and I’m reserving the right to pick him in that fight if it ever happens). The two in UFC that come to mind as having a good chance are Nog and Carwin. I think Nog will beat Mir, and then that will be a very interesting fight. Carwin is also an exceptional athlete, he was an All American football player, who if he hadn’t had an injury at the wrong time might still be playing linebacker in the NFL (He was on Mel Kiper’s draft board as a 4th round talent). He is also a NCAA champion wrestler, who will be with-in 10 lbs of Lesnar if they ever fight. First I would love to see Carwin v Gonzaga, as both guys need a step up from their recent competition.

    Mir and Gonzaga would have a chance because they both have the BJJ to pull off a submission, but I would clearly pick Lesnar against either.

    Velasquez, and Dos Santos are two young talented fighters, but they both weigh in the 230’s or low 240s, and that is alot of size to give up to either Lesnar or Carwin.

  • weoweoweo says:

    i think him being florian-esque is quite hard to accomplish right now for brock. Maybe him having at least sherk like boxing would be good. Remember sherk started out much like brock and he has really improves his striking since, especially in the griffin fight. Brock would have more potential though cause of his power, and since sherk has those trex arms.

    The division suddenly looks really promising, carwin, velasquez, brock, nog, dos anjos, kongo, napao, and mir (well he’s still young)..

    Hopefully mir on wins on december so we can see the rematch. (but i doubt it, i think nog is gonna eat him up standing and on the ground)

    if brock fights nog, he better wait until he rocks him bad before deciding to go to the ground with him. or else its gonna be a quick tap by brock.

  • weoweoweo says:


  • Dball says:

    Brock-Cain-Carwin. The new breed of heavyweight is here; Big athletic collegiate wrestlers. Within the next year or 2 a combination of those 3 will headline a ppv for the belt.

    This is a growing trend in mma as div 1 collegiate wrestlers are realizing they can make a living fighting b/c having a good background in wrestling may arguably be the easiest transition into mma. Keep an eye out for guys like Ben Askren, Jake Rosholt, Muhammad Lawal, Johnny Hendricks,Eric Bradley, and Phil Davis. I know some people are thinking “o great…boring wrestlers”…check out some of their fights on you tube

  • 5percentbodyfat says:

    So what did I learn last night…… absolutely nothing. Last night was basically a conclusion to what we all suspected, 1.) that Lesnar would become more patient and take his time and literally articulate a knock out, 2.) Randy can not continue to fight in the heavyweight division.

    This fight spoke more of where Randy is than about Lesnar. Half of us knew Lesnar could be this good, and its just a matter of the other half needing convincing. Its been almost a year and a half since I saw Randy beat Gonzaga, and the truth is that even Gonzaga has gotten so much better that I don’t think Randy would be able to work the same “wear him out and win a decision” type strategy again. Randy couldn’t really work that strategy against anyone anymore because he gives up so much size.

    Lesnar on the other hand is the truth and could be the champ for the next 7 years. But as we know in MMA anything can happen on any night, so maybe we can only go so far to say that Lesnar has better odds of winning. And if he wants to keep on winning he will do what Chuck and Tito didn’t and that’s continue to grow as a fighter. Learn BJJ because if Brock is on the ground with the likes of Mir, Antonio, or Fedor, the odds of him winning go down dramatically.

    Other notes:

    1.) You might see more WWE stars fighting in MMA (See Kurt Angle)
    2.) The divisions will change dramatically, you will no longer see small heavyweights. Those who were would all jump to LH.

    3.) UFC should seriously think about creating another division, because if someone choose to go small, then they are putting themselves in BIG DANGER. Last night I was really worried for Randy’s well-being, literally a 220-35lb man going against a guy who was probably in at 275? That’s pretty damn dangerous to me. UFC might want to create a cruiserweight division from 205-235lb?

  • Caidel says:

    Props to Lesnar, he is really a force to be reckoned with, but wild conclusions like “It’s Lesnar time” are IMO way over the top. For me, he was impressive yesterday, but at the same time, he lost a lot of his mystique.

    I see him as losing the belt early in 2009 and in the end of 2009 going for that belt again (and he will probably get a hold of it few times). But still, yesterday I saw a complete different things…

    a) Brock is not an absolute wrestling monster machine. Couture kinda tied with him in wrestling yesterday so I think, that other top HW wrestlers (younger, heavier) can do the same – maybe Carwin, Velasquez, (outside UFC ie Barnett)
    b) There are fighters with better standup than Lesnar (his standup is focused mainly on his monstrous fists and power, not exactly technic) and his chin is probably normal one. Gonzaga, Nog, Dos Santos (Arlovski)
    c) He will be probably always vulnerable to top JJ guys (Nog, Mir)

    Lesnar is just different kind of guy, who pose a lot of interesting problems that some fighters are not accustomed to – for Randy it was a terrible matchup. But I can imagine a lot of ways how to defeat Lesnar with certain skillsets and if I think about for example Nog or Fedor, then it is Lesnar who is seriously mismatched. What can you do with wrestling, when you are fighting with someone, who is:
    1) pretty impossible to knock out
    2) better than you in the standup
    3) better than you on the ground.

  • glock says:

    What a frickin’ monster….i thought it might have been the HD screen that we were watching, but when they touched gloves, Lesners fist looked as big a Randy’s whole face – maybe his whole head ! How many HW’s make Randy look scrawny too ?
    My God, you take 275Lbs., 81″ (!) reach, and the rest of the package… I don’t see anybody being a serious threat …well, except maybe Kimbo……..

    But seriously, maybe someone like Kongo with his ability to mix up his striking, if he can play matador to a charging lesner, rip the leg kicks and stay off the ground, MIGHT give us a good style match up,and show us some new holes, even though his Herring fight loss doesn’t bode well. But he still gives up 3″ in reach to Lesner. Only Mir and Sylvia come close at 79 and 80″ . No surprises there.
    Can you say freak?

    With Lesner still so new to this, plus his ability to learn AND EXCEL in WHATEVER he does, i think we’re in for a dynasty with a lot of great HW action along the way.

    Fedor/Lesner WILL happen at some point, but not before Brock has a complete toolbox.
    And when he does,………

  • Guy Gaduois says:

    Someone needs to throw some kicks his way. I’d like to see someone train to side step and kick like Bas Rutten did in the “olden times”. Even then, having that big ol’ dude grab your leg is a less than entertaining thought.
    Mass, speed and a good kicking game would be my prescription. See how much punishment you can dish from the outside, how much he can take and avoid those “big ham hocks” bludgeoning the old brain bucket.

  • JJ Docker says:

    Fedor and Gonzaga are the only two fighters on the entire planet that have a chance of beating Brock. And I’d still pick Lesnar over Gonzaga and be 50/50 on him and Fedor. If him and Fedor fought now I think Fedor could beat him but give Lesnar 4-5 more title defenses, as in another 18 – 24 months, and I’d take him then even over Fedor. Brock Lesnar era indeed.

  • Voridor says:

    If you watch the post fight summary on MMA Live, the cocky arrogant Frank Mir says “good for me”. Well if he has the opportunity to fight Lesnar again, I honestly believe he doesn’t stand a chance in hell. I believe Lesnar will beat the piss out of him. I love Frank Mir as a commentator, but getting through Nog and Lesnar will not be successful.

    As far as you band wagon sissys who talked shit about Lesnar since day one. I wrote all of your names down so don’t think you can be getting on his back. At least 50-60% of you thought Lesnar was a joke. I knew since day one he would dominate the sport and there are very few Men that I can think of that can beat him at this point.

  • Trust Doesn't Rust says:

    when i say “floria-esque” i mean this in terms of having a smart, pick-your-spots gameplan that stays defensive then explodes when an advantage opens up. lesnar will keep having these frank mir, ‘shocking’ lossses every once in a while if he thinks he can just charge and bully everyone. his submission defense and guard offense is not good enough to finish a good jiu-jitsu guy on the ground, and his striking defense is not good enough to trade with a good boxer. randy, an above-average pure boxer at best, landed some good shots around lesnar’s eyes last night that did seem to confuse lesnar a bit. imagine if that was fedor throwing one of his vicious straight rights. and in the first round, randy briefly went for an armbar when lesnar left his left arm wide open. imagine if that was nogueira.

    for lesnar to truly dominate, he needs to stay back on his feet, use his wrestling and the threat of takedowns to frustrate his opponent, and wait for the right spots to unload with that one big shot.

  • Drew says:

    Most. Depressing. Article. Ever.

  • jaileer says:

    wait, are you forgetting Big Nog? He’s only the second best heavyweight in the world and a guy that Fedor couldn’t finish. I am impressed by Lesnar’s improvement, but remember that Pride’s weight classes were more of a suggestion and Nog fought zuluinho who was, i believe, 967 pounds when they fought. Then there is Bob Sapp who is bigger, stronger, and faster than Lesnar. true, he has a glass chin, but Nog isn’t going after anyone’s chin – he’s taking an arm.

    I think it will be impossible for a striker or especially a wrestler to beat Lesnar. A high level jits guy like Nog or Gonzaga (who is almost as big as Lesnar) will, at this point in Lesnar’s career, have a significant advantage. I even think Mir stands a chance, but he’s not getting by Nog, so, you know, whatever.

  • mace says:

    Well, it sounds like Sammy here has dranken some of Brock’s and his own kool-aid. This article was basically just an articulate version of the noobs on Sherdog and related sites that exclaim, “BROCK LESNAR CRUSH all teh NOOobs in teh UNIVERZE!!!111.’ Everyone somehow negates the fact that Lesnar hasn’t truly had his chin tested yet. Couture can knock you to the ground but he has to get up close most of the time & grab on to you first, meaning he has to lock onto you & then have to knock you out. That wasn’t going to happen with Brock.

    At one point in the fight, Lesnar took a knee from Couture while they were against the cage, and while he wasn’t nearly close to being rocked at all, Lesnar pulled his head away to the other side and looked like he really hated being hit.

    Secondly, I’m tired of everyone saying the Mir win was so cheap & there was no way Mir had a chance…well here’s some news, the point deduction may not have been necessary, but the stand-up was an excellent call. If you disagree, I suppose you think we shouldn’t stop fights for nutshots and direct elbows too? In addition to that, Mir, who virtually has little stand-up skills to speak of, was boasting beforehand that he was going to show Brock what it felt like to be hit in the face, likely taking Brock somewhat lightly gameplan wise. Brock could beat Mir, but he’d have to rock him on his feet first and probably not follow up unless Mir was totally out of it.

    I could sit here and list other means other heavyweights could beat Brock but I’ll just do it in Nog’s case, since he, like Mir, has a potential shot at Brock coming up. Have people not watched Nogueira’s fights? Has no one seen Nogueira vs Bob Sapp or Tim Sylvia? Nogueira can take incredible amounts of punishment and still stick to his gameplan to pull a W out of nowhere. If he & Brock fight, I’ll bet that Brock Lesnar may be winning on the scorecards, but Nog finishes him. If Brock wins, he’ll have to do it by decision. Nog never loses, he just runs out of time. You may think that Heath letting Nogueira up was a bad idea (and maybe he could’ve tried to throw a few more strikes at him while he was on the ground first), but Herring knows what Nog is capable of. After seeing what happened to Sylvia when he went in to the ground to finish Nog, maybe letting Nog up was the better idea, as ridiculous as it sounds…

    The point being, anything can happen in MMA…look at 2007 the year of the upset. Brock’s reign of terror is far from unstoppable. And counting everyone else out just shows pure disrespect to the rest of the heavyweight division in or out of the UFC.

    Come on, Sam. I expected better from you.

  • 5percentbodyfat says:

    Wow, its about 14 hours since Lesnar TKO of Couture and we still have some ppl out there who doubt how good he really is. What else more does this guy have to do? I think we have a clash of MMA fans, and sports fans on this one and I think for one of the few times the sports fan is right.

    The first principle of judging sports is who is more athletic, and does that athleticism make up for their weaknesses. Does a qb’s feet make up for his lack of throwing distance. Does height make up for lack of movement in basketball.

    Does pure strength, speed, and size makeup for lack of technical skill in MMA. With such a drastic advantage that Lesnar has the answer is yes. Which always makes the odds in his favor.

  • Austin says:

    Somewhere Fabricio Werdum is shitting blood.

  • Voridor says:

    Vanilla gorilla! What a perfect nickname!

  • Dave says:

    All this talk of Fedor… Fedor is Pride. He will never come to UFC. Fedor is all about the Fight, no the Money. UFC is money money money money. Dana will tell you that, thats why he made this fight… he was boasting about biggest PPV fight in history… He didnt care who he messed around, Tito told people long ago what dana is like.. Hes a money hungry Punk.
    All these guys, taking punishment…. They’ve never taken the punishment that Broks got the potential to give, and hes only going to get better.
    WWE, pffffffffft who cares, they’ll be loads more merging over.

  • Wayne says:

    I agree with Mace here. With all of you guys hugging Lesnar’s nuts, you have already ran out of space.

    If you all can think into the past a bit, you will remember WHY Randy cut down to LHW. The guys were just too damn big for him. And you will remember why he went back up to HW…Jeff Monson V Tim Sylvia, anyone? Remember that? That was actually a title shot fight. If Randy was out-classes three years ago at HW, why wouldn’t he still be?

    The Natural saw a chance to get his belt back and he took it. But I don’t think he seriously expected to keep it very long. It was a last hurrah.

  • Itshisownfault says:

    Interesting tone. All I could think of is “Is the same guy that said people were jumping on the Rashad Evans bandwagon after the Liddel crushing?”

    So Brock shows more maturity as a fighter and beat a very good match up for him – now he’s invincible. Is he good? Yes, it seems he is. Is he invincible? I guess we’ll see.

  • dave says:

    Give me a break its this kind of presumptuous swill that makes you like foolish time and time again. Lesnar looks great admittedly but the idea that Nog will be a cake walk is absurd. We still have not seen anyone land a good shot on the guy and we already know he has trouble with submissions. Don’t tell me Randy has the hands to test Brock’s chin cause we all know he does not. If Lesnar keeps to a strict game plan and manages to stay off the ground with Nog or Mir he has a chance but with four fights Lesnar has a lot of skill sets and discipline to learn and that is why it is so absurd you of all people are already giving him the Fedor treatment.

  • matthew says:

    Dave – I couldn’t have said it better. Talk of Brock vs Fedor is ridiculous. And to think that Nog is unable to submit him within 5 rounds is also ridiculous.Next thing you know, Silva goes to 220/230 to fight Brock because there is noone competitive enough for him in LHW. Please, Sam. Calm yourself.

    Being so quick to write off the HWs because of a dominant performance over Randy is just nonsense.

    Please note: I picked Lesnar to beat Randy. But logic made my pick, not his overwhelming physical presence. Stock up on ketchup because there were a whole lot of words there to eat and my guess is it won’t be all that tasty.

    Nog KO’s Mir, then submits Brock. That comes first, before all this talk of “10 time defending HW champ Lesnar”.

  • matthew says:

    And if Fedor does (by some miracle comparative to the immaculate conception) join the UFC to fight Brock, my guess is Randy walks away from the UFC again. Regardless of the cost. And i wouldn’t blame him one bit.

    This Fedor talk is rubbish.

  • Cliff says:

    I think it’s ridiculous to say that there is nobody out there right now who can beat Lesnar except Fedor. Lesnar still has no idea what to do with somebody once he gets them on their back. Most of the time when he had Randy on his back he was just laying and praying, and Randy isn’t exactly a submission wizard from off his back. Big Nog, Josh Barnett, Gonzaga, and even Mir all have a great chance of beating Lesnar. I would even venture to say that IF, and that’s a big if, Arlovski or Tim Sylvia could keep Lesnar from taking them down, they might even beat him. And thanks to the evil Dana White, I guess we’ll never know what Werdum could have done now that he’s gotten rid of him supposedly.

    Lesnar is not unbeatable, or Mir wouldn’t have beaten him in the first place. And everyone stop using the unjustified stand up of that fight as an excuse. And it certainly didn’t look like a “hail mary” submission attempt from Mir in my opinion. I don’t even know what that means. Mir meant to lock up Lesnar’s leg and tap him like a bitch, and that’s exactly what Mir did. End of story. Brock is beatable.

  • mace says:

    Yeah. Anyone who knows anything about the submission game knows that Frank Mir’s submission on Lesnar was not just a hail mary. Ryo Chonan on Anderson Silva was a hail mary. Mir was actually going for a different submission than a footlock but because Lesnar jumped when his leg was wrapped up instead of coming straight down so Mir could figure-4 it, he changed it to a footlock at the last minute. Being able to improvise like that takes skill. It wasn’t like he tried some uber-crazy, high-risk, high-reward move that wouldn’t have worked 99 times out of a 100 or something…


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