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Near-sellout crowd at UFC 91 draws $4.8 million gate

Saturday’s “UFC 91: Couture vs. Lesnar” event drew a near-sellout crowd of 14,272 for a total gate of $4.8 million, UFC President Dana White announced during a post-fight press conference.

Coming into the event, the UFC had set high ticket prices for the heavyweight title clash in hopes of setting the company’s record for total live gate receipts. However, in spite of last night’s strong showing at the box office, the live gate for last night’s event was only the fourth best in company history.

As far as the state of Nevada is concerned, UFC 91 is now the third highest gate ever recorded for an MMA event with UFC 91 now only trailing “UFC 66: Liddel vs. Ortiz II” and “UFC 79: Nemesis.”

Outside economic factors likely played a large role in preventing UFC 91 from establishing a new record, as many fans no doubt found it difficult to make the trip to Las Vegas and the MGM Grand given the current state of the United States economy.

  • Robert says:

    UFC 79 also had Liddell vs. Wanderlei Silva and obviously 66 had the Liddell Ortiz rematch. I think that Dana and the UFC overestimated Randy Couture’s draw and people caring about a 45 year old guy coming back to fight after leaving the UFC.

  • Pat says:


  • Pat says:


    1. the economy IS slow right now…
    2. to gross $4.8 million gate is bananas right now…
    3. this fight was wayyyyyyyy bigger than any of liddell’s fights
    4. you have to realize, people are spilling over from WWE to watch lesnar… the wwe has a set of fans of their own, along with the regular mma fans…liddell only had mma fans.


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