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UFC 91: Results and Live Play-by-Play

Welcome to‘s live coverage of UFC 91: Lesnar vs. Couture, tonight’s event is being held live at the MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas, NV. UFC 91 features a heavyweight championship fight between Randy Couture and Brock Lesnar in a fight being called “the biggest fight in the history of the UFC.” Also on the card  lightweight contenders collide as Kenny Florian faces off with Joe Stevenson in a fight that will guarantee the winner a title shot.

Live round-by-round coverage will begin at approximately 8 p.m. ET.

The Live Event Chat Room has also returned for this special event, come join fellow readers during the event and discuss the action.

You can press F5 on your keyboard to update this page and it’s comments.

The first preliminary Fight will start at 8:15p.m. ET.

Matt Brown Vs. Ryan Thomas

Round 1
Ryan Thomas starts off with a leg kick and a right head kick. Thomas with a takedown and moves to side control. Brown gets back to his feet and the two clinch. Brown with a reverse Thomas and puts him up against the fence. Another takedown by Thomas. Brown sinks in an armbar. Thomas with a scoop and slam, brown doesn’t let go. Thomas escapes the armbar. Thomas is now in full guard. Matt Brown works back to his feed and Thomas attempts a takedown. Brown with a guillotine attempt. Thomas escapes.

Round 2

Thomas starts off the round with two head kick attempts, Thomas then takes Brown down and Brown locks in another armbar. Thomas again tries to slam out of the submission attempt without success. He attempts another slam but Brown grabs a leg and prevents in, and locks in the submission. Thomas Taps.

Matt Brown def. Ryan Thomas via submission– 0:57, Round 2

Alvin Robinson Vs. Mark Bocek

Round 1
The round begins, and Bocek quickly scores a takedown, and lands in Robinson’s guard. Bocek is working the body and head. Bocek attempts to pass guard, and Robinson reverses. Bocek quickly escapes and takes the fight back to the mat. Bocek has side control on Robinson, Bocek delivers some elbows. Bocek is now in Robinsons guard dropping elbows and trying to improve position. Bocek gets back to side control, and then north south, it looks as if he has a choke locked in. The bell rings and Robinson is saved.

Round 2
the round begins and the two fighters exchange punches. Bocek quickly tosses Robinson to the canvas and gets side control. Bocek with some painful knees to the body. Bocek then attempts a guillotine. Robinson rolls over and Bocek again takes north-south position while locking in a choke. Robinson’s survives somehow, and Bocek gives up the submission attempt. Bocek returns to side control then advances to mount. Bocek now drops some punches and moves to Robinson’s back Bocek is working the rear-naked choke. Robinson fights it , Bocek is using punches to loosen him up. Bocek can’t lock in the choke. Robinson escapes, and Bocek takes an arm briefly before returning to Robinson’s guard as the round comes to a close.

Round 3
Round 3 starts the same as the second with the two fighters exchanging punches. After a brief clinch Robinson locks on a guillotine. Bocek slams him to the mat and breaks free. Bocek is again in side control and obtains full mount from the frustrated Robinson. Robinson tries to escape mount and Bocek holds strong. Robinson gives up his back and quickly realizes his error and rolls back to his back briefly. He then gives up his back once more, and as expected Bocek Locks in the rear naked choke for the win.

Mark Bocek def. Alvin Robinson via submission — 3:16, Round 3

Jeremy Stephens Vs. Rafael dos Anjos

Round 1
dos Anjos lands a leg kick, and the first round is under way. The fighters exchange some punches. Stephens is throwing some heavy shot, and dos Anjos defends nicely. dos Anjos shoots the takedown, and Stephens sprawls to avoid the floor. dos Anjos backs Stephens into the cage and grabs a single leg, and the fight goes to the canvas.. Stephens escapes and is quickly taken back to the mat. dos Anjos gets his back but can’t secure the position. Stephens moves to the fence attempts to return to his feed and attempts a weak guillotine. dos Anjos is unfazed and moves into the north-south position, then to side control. dos Anjos is working on the ground, and Stephens manages to reverse positions right into a dos Anjos arm bar. dos Anjos works a variety of submissions ending in and unsuccessful rear naked choke, the round comes to an end.

Round 2
Both fighters appear cautious as the second round begins. Stephens is cautious of the takedown and dos Anjos shoots immediately after throwing a punch. Stephens sprawls and is taken to the mat . Stephens moves to his knees and dos Anjos takes his back. dos Anjos is working the rear-naked choke. He is using punches to soften Stephens. Stephens rolls free and directly into an arm-bar. He gets his arm free and the crowd goes wild, Stephens then lands some elbows from inside dos Anjos’s guard. Stephens lands some final shots and the round comes to a close.

Round 3

The final frame opens up and Stephens lands a Right followed by an uppercut that sends dos Anjos to the mat. Stephens jumps on the chance and finishes dos Anjos as Steve Mazzagatti steps in for the save.

Jeremy Stephens def. Rafael dos Anjos via TKO –:39, Round 3

Jorge Gurgel Vs. Aaron Riley

Round 1

Riley is aggressive on his feet early with kicks and punches and Gurgel returns with a combo of his own. Riley crushes Gurgel with a low blow straight to the apple bag, and the bout is halted. The fight is restarted and both fighters trade ombinations. Gurgel lands a nice multi punch combination followed by a brutal leg kick. Riley continues to press forward landing punches of his own. Riley sees a Gurgel head kick coming from the parking lot and avoids it. a head kick, and the fighters then exchange elbows . Gurgel with a good body kick. The two fighters trade knees,Gurgel lans two effective head kicks, followed by a combo as the round comes to a close.

Round 2

Gurgel appears to be happy to keep this fight on the feet and lands a body kick to start the round . The fighters exchange punches both doing damage. Gurgel seems confident on his feed and Riley then takes him to the canvas. Riley working from Gurgel’s guard stands and just avoids an upkick. Riley now rains down punches on Gurgel. Riley slows his assult and Gurgel gets back to his feet. The two continue to exchange kicks and punches and Gurgel scores his first takedown and the round comes to a close.

Round 3
Gurgel starts the third with a solid body kick, and both fighters land solid combinations. Gurgel thows another body kick. Both fighters trade impressive head kicks and Gurgel could be in trouble.Riley lands another kick and then a combo to the dazed Gurgel who ties up the action and takes a knee for his trouble. The fight slows and Gurgel lands a right and Riley a knee to the body. Riley lands a stiff jab, and Gurgel is knocked to the canvas while trying a head kick. Gurgel returns to his feet and lands a body kick. the fighters clinch and Riley lands a knee to Gurgel’s midsection. The fighters begin to appear tired and trade sloppy punches as the round comes to a close, we are going to the judges.

Aaron Riley def. Jorge Gurgel via unanimous decision

Nate Quarry Vs. Demian Maia

Round 1

The fighters touch gloves and we’re off.  Maia pulls guard. Maia is now on top.  Maia has moved to full mount. Maia has his back, and is now looking for the rear naked choke.  Maia has a body triangle in place.  Maia loosens up Quarry with some shots to the jaw. Maia continues to deliver damage, and get under the cin and Quarry Taps quickly.

Demian Maia def. Nate Quarry via submission– 2:13,  Round 1

Gabriel Gonzaga Vs. Josh Hendricks

Round 1

?Both fighters exchange blows early.  Knees are exhanged and the fight is surprisingly fast paced.  Gonzaga takes to the fight to the floor briefly.  Gonzaga clinches, and lands two knees and breaks out of the clinch with a HUGE right hand that knocks  Hendricks out.

Gabriel Gonzaga def. Josh Hendricks via TKO–1:01,   Round 1

Dustin Hazelett Vs. Tamdan McCrory

Round 1

The round starts and the fighters are feeling each other out.  McCrory lands a nice head kick. The fighters continue to exchange kicks. Hazelett lands a big left and  appears to hurt McCrory for a second.  McCrory quickly recovers.  McCrory takes Hazelett to the floor, Hazelett pulls rubber guard into an armbar to omaplata, and McCrory rolls over to escape danger.  Hazelett still has the arm, and turns McCrory back over, strightens out the arm and McCrory taps to keep his arm in one piece. Beautiful finish, very good fight.

Dustin Hazelett def. Tamdan McCrory  via  submission 3:59,   Round 1

Kenny Florian Vs. Joe Stevenson

Round 1

The fight starts with a Florian low kick. Florian lands a combo, followed by a knee.  Stevenson keeps moving forward.  Stevenson lands a few big shots and moves Florian up against the cage.  Single leg takedown by Stevenson, and Florian is quick back to his feet. Stevenson keeps Florian against the cage.  Stevenson lifts Florian , Florian grabs the cage to stop the slam and is warned by Herb Dean.  The fighters move back to the center of the cage and begin to exchange.  Florian  takes Stevenson to the floor, and works from half guard.   Florian moves to mount and begins to rain down on Stevenson.   Joe Daddy rolls and Kenny takes his back.  Kenny sinks in the choke and  Stevenson taps!!!!!!!

Kenny Florian def. Joe Stevenson  via submission 4:03     Round 1

Randy Couture Vs. Brock Lesnar

Round 1

The round begins and the two circle and tie up.  Brock with some knees and Randy backs Brock into the cage.  Lesnar with a good knee. They remain against the cage, and Brock continues to land big knees.  Brok is now leaning on Couture against the cage. Randy lands a right as the two move off the cage. Brock shoots, Randy fights the takedown, And Lesnar takes down Couture and ends up in Randy’s half guard. Lesnar briefly mounts Couture escapes.  Randy is trying to take Lesnar’s back, the crowd goes crazy, and Lesnar powers back into Coutures half guard. Brock has Couture on his back.  Lesnar landing some shots, but Couture defending well.  Lesnar looks patient, and Randy works back to his feet.  Couture is leaning into Brock against the cage.  Lesnar looks winded.    And the round comes to and end.

Round 2

Brock starts off with a jab.  Lesnar hits Randy with and elbow and wobbles Couture.  Couture pushes Lesnar against the cage and uses the time to recover. The two exhange knees.  Lesnar lands a big knee, and Couture answers.  Lesnar is cut above his right eye. Brock shoots, and gets stuffed by Couture who again pushes the fight up against the cage. Couture working for the takedown,  but Lesnar lands another big knee.  Lesnar with a huge shot, Couture is hurt, Lesnar leaps on him and pounds him out.

Brock Lesnar def. Randy Couture  via TKO 3:07       Round 2

  • warmingo says:

    I hape matt browns fight makes it onto tv

  • David Andrest says:

    odd thing is with 9 fights, if a few go really short on the TV side. like Gonzaga and another. and the undercards are quick, they COULD probably fit most of the entire card on the PPV

  • josh says:

    this should just be one sick card!!!

  • JoHn says:

    im STOKED

  • HexRei says:

    I love to post my picks!

    Main card

    * Heavyweight Championship bout: Randy Couture vs.Brock Lesnar via decision
    * Lightweight bout: Kenny Florian vs. Joe Stevenson via decision
    * Heavyweight bout: Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Josh Hendricks via 3rd round submission
    * Middleweight bout: Demian Maia vs. Nate Quarry via second round submission
    * Welterweight bout: Dustin Hazelett vs. Tamdan McCrory via 1st round submission

    Preliminary card

    * Lightweight bout: Jorge Gurgel vs. Aaron Riley via decision
    * Lightweight bout: Jeremy Stephens vs. Rafael dos Anjos via 3rd round submission
    * Lightweight bout: Mark Bocek vs. Alvin Robinson via decision
    * Welterweight bout: Matt Brown vs. Ryan Thomas via 3rd round submission

  • Cory Brady says:

    Nice. Late notice and Matt Brown still gets the job done.

  • aizlynn says:

    Gonzaga, Quarry and Lesnar are the only ones i care about

  • artie's bloated liver says:

    Matt “Motherf***in'” Brown!

  • Rich S. says:

    from the looks of things my chances at having a good score on my UFC fantasy card just got destroyed :)

  • Rich S. says:

    LOL @ “great shot to the apple bag”

  • David Andrest says:

    Glad you like that Rich S. I wanted to find a good way to describe it differently that the usual “family jewels”

  • Rich S. says:

    Ya, i think my personal favorite is “a shot to the pills”.

    but apple bag was nice :)

  • matthew says:

    Good job Kenny.

    5 ounces… cheers for the updates.

  • Cielo says:

    Wut ya talkin’ bout willis! Randy is gonna kick Lesnar azz!!

  • sylvester says:

    man i am praying for u randy, it would be the best thing ever if u win, i am leaving for the military in a few days and u winning to day would be me all the inspiration i need, ur the man

  • Nemisis says:

    Jorge Gurgel !!!!!!!!! GOD!!!! I

  • Nemisis says:

    Jorge Gurgel – I HATE THAT I PICKED HIM _Since the TUF days I ve had my doubts about him,Isnt he a top level BJJ guy-taught Rich F. & OTHERS,SO can some1 tell me why he feels he wants to bang it out every time only to lose by dec. Come on am all about given a good show but how come he doesnt mix up his BBJ skills into it,its to his advantage- He needs some 1 to make fight plans for him-he’ll never go anywhere(not that he’s any where near that now) :-(

  • matthew says:

    Nemesis – agreed. Jorge is yet another good fighter who has failed thus far to reach full potential and appears to struggle in the cage.

  • BJJ in VA says:

    Shit, weve just witnessed the first sign of the apocalypse.

    RIP Randy

  • sylvester says:

    nooooooooo randy lost : (

  • BJJ in VA says:

    Frate Trane just God blessed God, the public school system has failed The Brosnar.

  • Cielo says:

    THIS SUCKZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! AUGH! Randy you’ll always kick azzzzzz!!

  • Ozzie Mick says:

    I shouldn’t be surprised but the reality is there for all to see. Brock is a beast and the UFC needs to recruit some serious muscle to compete with Lesnar, the new phenom of MMA has arrived.

    Randy is still my hero

  • brian says:

    could just be me but does anyone find it a little strange that Frank Mir is a challenger to the title of the last man he beat?

  • brian says:

    Not taking anything away from that freak Lesnar but we have got to get Fedor in the cage

  • Ozzie Mick says:

    Brian I agree. Can’t see Mir repeated his last efforts against Brock thou. Brock seems like a fast learner won’t be so reckless when onthe ground with Mir again. Perhaps and hopefully get just drops Mir on his head instead.

  • Pusher says:

    Lesnar will get his revenge on Frank Mur, now & unify the belt. I hate that big bastard

  • brian says:

    I think given the rematch Lesnar would bury him but just seems a little suspect that Mir and Noguira were “supposed” to be fighting for the heavyweight title after Mir beat Lesnar, seems like the Ufc took money into consideration over the fighter who earned the shot, if im wrong someone stop me

  • David Andrest says:

    Lesnar will be fighting NOG. no way mur beats nog.

  • Rich S. says:


    it’s official..

    Kenflo’s invincible..

    he beats everyone..

    i really didn’t think he would win tonight but…

    he did..

    definitely deserves a title shot now..

    Gratz to Lesnar..

    i’m not worried about Randy..
    I knew he’d lose this one..
    He’s good as long as he doesn’t become the next Ken Shamrock..

  • saerbarnet says:

    Mir challenging for a title of a guy he already beat is all thanks to Randy coming back. Since Mir vs Noguiera was made before Couture vs Lesnar was.

  • Ozzie Mick says:

    absolutely…money was the only reason Brock got his shot so early. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the UFC do a deal for Randy to do a couple non title super fights perhaps one with Fedor and then let him retire. Fedor doesn’t want to be held to a contract so now that Randy doesn’t have the belt for Fedor to win the UFC won’t care if Fedor has one fight then runs back to Affliction.

  • matthew says:

    David Andrest- Short, to the point, and definitely correct.
    Mir Vs. Randy Maybe? Or Mir Vs Carwin i would be interested to see.

  • oh noes says:

    You will not beat Brock Lesnar fighting up straight up and down, and trying to grind him out without insane stamina. Randy at 45 doesn’t have that anymore. His chin looked solid too, Randy caught him hard a couple of times and mentally it didn’t appear to affect him in any way.

    Lesnar against any one of the BJJ heavyweights (Mir, Noguiera, or Gonzaga) are going to be interesting. He showed a ton more patience again, but any of those guys (especially Noguiera) can take a ton of punishment looking for their sub.

    Randy looked a bit out of shape, especially compared to his normal conditioning. He had the body of Ric Flair at 60, not Randy Couture at 40. I gotta wonder about his decision to continue fighting.

  • Nick Merra says:

    This Lesnar is a monster. I dont see anyone getting him out of there for awhile…

  • dpk says:

    We should get to see Randy v Fedor now. I wouldn’t be surprised if Randy ask for his release and is granted it soon. The only other big fight for him would be against Nog if he loses to Mir I just don’t see Randy sticking around long enough to get another title shot.

  • MMAssassin says:

    “Frate Trane just God blessed God, the public school system has failed The Brosnar.” Ahahahaha! Good fight, hate to see Couture lose…but had a gut feeling he was gonna get caught with one.Randy’s comments after the fight had me rolling laughing also…indeed those are some big ass ham hocks Lesnar calls fist..and they are hard to get out of the way of.The UFC now has an ex-pro wrestler as the Heavy Weight Champion… with a MMA record of 3-1…and is now drawing in the likes of 50 Cent doing music video promos.Scary shit, I hope this great sport doesn’t get turned into a 3-ring circus or anything…….

    Not taking anything away from Lesnar, he won..congratulations…he’s one big mofo.Now please get Fedor to relinquish some justice.

  • tylerdante69 says:

    Fedor could destroy Brock I think.

    Gonzaga and Nog could also.

    But Congrats to Lesnar on being the New UFC Champ!!

  • Ozzie Mick says:

    Gonzaga & Nog wouldn’t stand a chance. Ok maybe a head kick from Gonzaga….pffftttt like that will happen. Brock is too big, too strong and only getting better. Nog is way past his best and his body has taken a battering. Lesnar is so fresh and raw and is learning the game so quickly. Top notch wrestlers like Lesnar are hard to handle. See what he did to the crazy horse who is so experienced and now Randy. Brock needs real competition and as much as I hate to say it and it really sucks but another raid on the WWE is in order to find more heavy weights

  • THORAZINE says:

    That punch Lesnar threw to knock down Couture reminded me a lot of that 1st punch Matt Serra grazed the back of GSP’s head before Serra capitalized on a seris of punches to end their 1st fight.

    Couture was doing pretty good but what shocked me about the fight was Couture’s physique’, it looked like age finally got to him. Lesnar was right when he said Couture looked like a guy that took a year off. However, I don’t think the lay off is necessarily the case, it’s physiology and changes Couture is going through at his age, his body is producing more estrogen and very little testostrone.. Time to let the young lions rule the cage. The fight Couture beat Gonzaga was the best I’ve ever seen him fight.. I think Couture a 2 yrs ago would have taken Brock tonight…

  • artie's bloated liver says:

    In keeping with the changing tide of the UFC, now that Dana says he would promote Gina, how about a superfight of Gina vs The Fabulous Moolah, loser gets their head shaved?

  • BJJ in VA says:

    Well said Thorazine, but the sad reality is that we have to have to listen to Brock “Honkey Kong” Lesnar UFC heavyweight champ until Big Nog takes it from him

    Dark days indeed…

  • MMAssassin says:

    I agree Thorazine, Couture 2 years ago could have taken Lesnar.Time is an unforgiving whore, and I do believe age has finally begun to catch up to Captain America.Randy is still the man though and did well against the man-beast. I do think Lesnar has potential to grow and be a serious threat with skills aside from his overwhelming size.As it is for now though… I do have some respect for him but not nearly on the level of Randy. He hasn’t payed enough dues to be in the position he is in…yet he is the Champion…The sad thing is I’m not sure Big Nog can take him out..nor Mir a second time; who does that leave really?(I do realize there is a handful of guys that possibly could take him, but not going to list every possible name) The UFC heavy weight division is in need of some true heavy weight talent these days.I would put my money of Fedor for sure though over Lesnar, but he is a far sight from the UFC so….
    looks like for now Lesnar might be here for a while.

  • matthew says:

    Please. Make no mistake that, until now, Brock has not been tested by a good opponent. He faced the critics and the champion and won. Stop the whining about a bad record, doesn’t deserve a title shot…Blah! It’s all crap. The sport is fine, the heavyweight division is better for having Brock Lesnar in it. If Frank Mir is a contender for the belt having faced ridiculous opponents, Why can’t Brock be the champ? Mir beat noone of any credibility before taking out Sylvia for the belt. He just fought more bums before he got his shot.

    As i believe Nog will KO (not submit) Mir, Brock should prepare to fight Nog. I have no doubt Nog will submit Brock from his back. Quite easily. He better work hard between now and when they fight on his submission escapes. Completely different fighter to Mir and far more dangerous. Although i am excited Brock is in the UFC, he still needs work and he knows that too.

  • Itshisownfault says:

    Randy did a good job and Brock deserved the win. However, but my stomach is queezy from thinking a WWF (E – whatever) wrestler is now an MMA title holder. I realize the guy has real credentials in amatuer wrestling. Yet, these are still early days for MMA in the US and I hope the masses don’t view this as “see those MMA guys really aren’t that good – because that WWF guy trained for like a year and won the belt”.

    The heavyweight division still feels paper thin after years of being the weakest division. I hope Cain and Shane are for real and learn quick to provide some depth.

    I don’t like to hate on Brock because of the WWE stigma – but I do. Jeez, I hope this comes to an end soon.

  • H2O says:

    be like watah, lesnar is watah. his style is one of a kind- a new natural is born- both are naturals w, verey diff. styles that are perfected to the max. randy was perfection in terms of his style, yet w/ age defying reality- brock- has a gift that only few (if any) has been blessed with, his ability to adapt (WATAH) to any kind of style and feed off of that energy even under the consideration of one who lacks experience is a style only the best of the best can distinguish. Experience is not a factor in his case and he knows it deep down inside, my question is this- Can brock retire in good fashion and leave the sport with dignity and respect, or will his pride and ego box him in to a land of “no submitting allowed” as did the rest of the legends of the greats did? …….Wisdom to gain when the time is upon you is a blessing not to pass up with the mind controlled by your weakness-the feeling is mutual, yet the heart will only whisper? much love to Randy….


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