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Todd Beard resigns from Affliction and issues public apology to the Couture family

Affliction, Inc. announced Friday that its board of directors has received and accepted the resignation of general partner Todd Beard, one of the company’s founding owners of its clothing brand.

Per Beard’s resignation, he will be no longer affiliated with the company as a full-time employee but will retain an ownership stake in the company.

The announcement comes on the heels of reports this week that Kim Couture, wife of UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture, had been awarded a temporary restraining order against Beard. Soon after, published reports revealed Beard’s protracted criminal past that included convictions for forgery, illegal telemarketing, federal mail and wire fraud, and driving while under the influence.

Today’s release from Affliction, Inc. also revealed that Beard will be seeking treatment for anger management and alcohol abuse and included excerpts of a public apology from Beard in regards to his actions towards the Coutures.

“I would like to apologize for my comments that may have offended Kim and Randy Couture and Mr. Spira (Kim Couture’s attorney),” Beard’s apology reads. “I had a long-standing relationship with the Coutures and I was deeply and emotionally hurt by some of their recent business decisions. I have only the best of intentions for the success of the Affliction and Xtreme Couture clothing brands and understand that there are personal issues I must address.”

There had been speculation in the past 24 hours that Donald Trump, a reported general partner of Affliction Entertainment – the company’s mixed martial arts promotional company – would have to resign in light of the revelation of Beard’s extensive criminal history. According to New Jersey state gaming laws, it is illegal for anyone in possession of a gaming license to consort with known criminals. Today’s release indirectly attempts to address that conflict.

“The Board of directors of Affliction Inc. also wanted to clarify that Affliction Entertainment Group LLC. (the promotion company) is not controlled by Affliction Inc.,” the release concluded. “Mr. Beard to its knowledge, is nether an officer, director, or a shareholder of Affliction Entertainment Group LLC. as stated in several periodicals.”

  • JoHn says:

    WOW, down goes another company, if the TRUMP has to pull out, who is going to bankroll the promotion

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    It may be a black eye for the org., but it’s not a death sentence. It’ll give the org. the chance to sit down with the Coutures and make peace. As long as there’s money to be made on both sides, they’ll make a public appearance standing hand in hand and singing “Kumbayah”.

  • derreck says:

    DAMNIT, I was hoping these two companies were linked so that when the MMA portion went belly up we wouldn’t see a bunch of 40 year old guys trying be cool wearing $100 shirts! MAN this sucks, now when the promotion does go belly up we will learn that the LAME ASS t-shirt company will stay intact…This just ruined my Day haha…I thought it was only a matter of time before the MMA company took those lame t-shirts with them…

  • Robert says:

    Just because some drunk resigns does not mean the company is going under, some people are really fucking stupid. If the guy get’s his wish maybe Kim Couture ends up with another busted jaw.

  • Newport says:

    It’s mind boggling how the UFC runs circles around other orgs. Sooner or later, someone with a strong business background will come up with a business model that will be able to run a successful promotion and turn a profit. I don’t think Affliction will put on many more shows.

  • warmingo says:

    still dont like randy though

  • Caidel says:

    These are actually good news. He screwed up big time, he resigned. Good for the Affliction in the long run, good for the Coutures… I guess this is the way it should be.

    BTW: AFAIK is Trump with the company just in the “media” sense – I believe, he is not involved financially at all.


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