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Shonie Carter shares his latest adventure with the Underground forum

“I got myself into another debacle!,” blasts the subject header from a message on the legendary Underground forum on And seeing that Shonie Carter is the author of the message, I click without delay, knowing that I will be provided some good entertainment.

Once again, Mr. International doesn’t fail to disappoint.

“Ok, last time I was in California when it all started, but this time I have really messed up!,” the message began. “I was out one night partying up and before I knew it, I am on a private jet. I laughed at first and passed out on the plane. I woke up in Istanbul, Turkey. The reason I know because I am looking at the Black Sea! WTF!”

WTF, indeed. But Shonie wasn’t done. Not by a long shot.

“I got a ride to Bulgarian/Turkish border looking for American Embassy,” Carter continued. “Does anybody have any ideas on how to get back? The one time I leave my friggin’ passport at home I need the damned thing! Somebody let bodybag76 and Immaculata know to message me here please! I am in hotel business center and my two cellphones don’t work. I forgot all about that! Help me. Mr. International.”

Two cellphones. You got that?

A few hours later came an update. Shonie was on the move.

“I am gonna try getting to Greece it is only an hour away,” he wrote in his update. “Just get me help! Send messages here (and) not MySpace — it has been phished! I just found out and don’t know how to fix it yet. Gotta go, I will be back on in an about an hour! I gotta get a ride to Greece.”

And like that, he was gone… that was until another update hours later in the day.

“Wow, ok I made it (through) Turkey,” Carter pronounced. “I am in Sofia, Bulgaria as I found out now. I got a ride from the Bulgarian girl. The truth of the matter is she was a diplomat’s daughter and she was with him at the UFC. I didn’t think they were serious about all of this. I am headed to an authority office of visitors since I can’t find the damned U.S. embassy. Fellas this is the type of sh— I go (through) in my life. I gotta get back and pay the mortgage and see my kids! I gotta train for my world middleweight title fight in the Shidokan World Championships and black belt test (on) November 22 &2 3. I know you guys don’t have a reason to believe me right now, but sh– happens to me like (everyone) else but on a much larger scale. I have made it to a hotel business center here in Sofia, Bulgaria.”

Carter issued an immediate followup, supporting his claim that he’s just like everyone else, except on a much larger scale.

“… And by the way can someone go by my place and check the mail and feed my two new Pythons and Tarantulas? Don’t ask and don’t mess with the Monitor Lizard (because) it gets grumpy easily!”

Is it true? Knowing Shonie Carter’s reputation, it probably is and more. For the more skeptical in the audience, long-time Underground czar and renowned good guy Kirik Jenness confirmed that an IP check revealed that Carter’s IP number indeed could be traced to Bulgaria.

Shonie Carter is without question one of the most irreverent characters in MMA. His story even tops the outrageous story I overheard former ICON Sport fighter Jay R. Palmer telling everyone following his loss to Anthony Morrison at a Combat Sports Challenge show in Colonial Heights, Virginia this past August. When asked how he wound up in New Jersey having fought in Hawaii, Palmer claimed that he had been a victim of identity fraud and discovered that the person stealing his ID was in Jersey. According to Palmer, he left Hawaii in order to hunt the man down and once he ended up in Jersey, he decided to stay. He never specified whether he actually found the guy.

And that’s one of the many beauties of MMA. The people you meet and stories you hear are unlike those you’ll experience in most other walks of life. The sport’s critics can say just about whatever they want about our sport, but they can never call it boring.

  • David Andrest says:

    Shonie Carter is the BEST.

  • saerbarnet says:

    Atleast Shonie lives up to his nickname 😀

  • CMT says:

    Shonie could have gotten home in no time if he would have performed a wizard,then 3 spinning back fists while saying “I gotsta get home, I gotsta get home, I gotsta get home”. Mr Int’l my ass!!

  • Robert says:

    Shonie Carter does always seem to have a good story and he certainly does’nt back down from any fight, and CMT did you mean Whizzer.

  • blake says:

    That’s too funny even if it’s not true.

  • CMT says:

    Yes Robert I was thinking whizzer while thinking about the Wizard of Oz and as you can see brain fart. Thanks for the correction. By the way I do like Phonie, oops I mean Shonie, he is always entertaining and a mean blinger.

  • HexRei says:

    Along with tito he has to be the most ridiculous self-promoter in the sport.

  • Robert says:

    Dana White is the biggest self promoter of all.
    CMT hilarious.

  • Powers says:

    holy fucking lol. I laughed my ass off.

  • darkmetal says:

    Umm, did anyone verify this story?

    Let’s look at the facts::

    1. He passes out on a plane without knowing the details

    Whose private plane? Did he ever find out why he was on it in the first place?

    2. He knows he is in Istanbul, Turkey because he could tell because he was looking at the Black Sea?

    If I was dropped off somewhere in the world, I highly doubt I would look at a body of water and know which one it was. Probably not even if I had a GPS Unit.

    3. He meets and hitches a ride with some unknown Bulgarian girl who just happens to be affilated with the UFC.

    Wow, perhaps in the next story Shonie will bump into Dana White after he wakes up on a fishing boat off Tunisia. Amazing coincidences abound, right Shonie?

    Shonie: “Yeah, and then after I got into a fight with the Taliban in Pakistan, I was picked up by a guy with sideburns that I KNEW was Elvis Presley!!”

    Sam, no offense, but this is certainly yet another joke by the ultimate Jokester Shonie Carter, and I am afraid you fell for it.

    Editor’s Note: Dark Metal, I take no offense, because, and no offense to you, I didn’t fall for anything. I clearly said that I could believe it was true because of Shonie’s reputation. I never said that I believed it to be true. Lest anyone thinks otherwise, I posted this story for entertainment purposes and not as a historical document.

  • JollyDV says:

    I was just thinking…..I don’t live in a world with access to private jets but don’t passengers/owners of these private jets have to show ID and passport if flying out of the US just like travelers flying commercial? I can’t imagine TSA letting a private jet leave the runway bound for eastern Europe and not check for the proper paperwork.

  • Cash says:

    Shonie Rules, I’m thinking this isn’t about the story being true or not darkmetal, I think it’s about Shonie being entertaining. I for one find myself very entertained.

    Rock on, Mr. International continue to travel the earth like Kaine.

  • blake says:

    Reading these responses is almost as funny as reading the story :p

  • HexRei says:

    I think the story is partially true- he was posting from Turkey. Of course he embellished it and glossed it over for style. That’s just Shonie.

  • Ertz says:

    Hahaha. Maybe he just emailed some guy in Turkey to have them post this stuff. IP trace? haha It’s just hilarious either way. And JollyDV, the point of private jets is no security, etc.

  • Scot V. Greene Sr. says:

    Hey Shonie, I spoke to you last nigt on the phone, I said I was going into Walmart with My Tapout shirt on and you told me to throw that shirt away. I only have 3 shirts I wear when I go out Either my Camouflage TapOut Shirt I bought at Terry T-Rex Cohens 2nd Pro MMA Fight in Dalton GA, My CC Corey Jiujitsu Shirt from Palatka or my Favorite My Brother Terry’s shirt. So send me that Shonie Carter T-Shirt and I will wear it if my 6’7″ son doesn’t take it first. I enjoyed our converasation. Take care of My Brother Terry. I will be calling again soon to check up on him. I found out some things about you on your Web-site. Your birthday is 10 years and 2 days later than mine, mine is 5-1-62. Taurus the BULL baby. Anyway You guys take care and tell Terry I will call him soon. Good Luck in your upcoming fights. Terry T-Rex Cohens Older Brother. Take Care You 2.


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