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Phillipe Nover: Breaking down fight vs. Dave Kaplan; thoughts on Mir’s reaction; comments on special Wasabi sauce; and more

This episode was one of my favorite’s so far, mainly because it was the episode I fought on!. I’m greatly satisfied by Spike TV’s editors. They included some great clippings of my training and confessionals! I believe that people got the chance to see an accurate portrayal of the real me.

Now, let’s start from the top…

If you’re ever on a reality TV show, don’t eat other people’s food! I learned it this the hard way. People ask me, “Didn’t you taste it?,” and my answer is always the same, “No.” I really couldn’t taste the urine at all. It tasted just fine. And, might I also add this was the first time I ate Tom Lawyers’ fruit. I never “pillaged” it with my teammates before. I suffered the consequences though and took full responsibility for it.

After the fruit platter incident I decided along with my teammates to add some special white Wasabi sauce compliments of Kyle Kingsberry to my sushi. It was a disgusting idea. However the rule was stated: “You shouldn’t eat other people’s food.” So we went along with it.

I personally couldn’t add my own sauce because I didn’t think I could let one out while thinking I was going to use it to sabotage a sushi platter. Fortunately, my good friend Kyle had no problem with that. The incident when Kaplan ate the sushi actually occurred weeks after we fought. Editing made it seem that Kaplan ate it before hand. Good job to the editors. It took about three to four days before Kaplan actually ate the sushi but he did. He loved sushi just as much as I did! Especially those Phillipe Nover California Rolls. =)

Side note to my Filipino readers. If you look at the bathroom scene where we are setting up the sushi, check out the red and blue sign on the left. It says “Sipag at Tiyaga” in yellow (which means hard work and patience in Tagalog). I made that sign out of foam. Although it fell apart, when it was up I thought it would bring some good spirits to our team.

Can someone say “Balut?” Watching that scene made me hungry. This unhatched duck egg/fetus is really tasty and I recommend all the readers to go out and buy one! Side note. Nogueira and Lyoto Machida ate them also on Big ‘Nog’s birthday before dinner. I remember Machida swallowed the whole thing with no hesitation! He’s the man! He would have eaten the shell to if I didn’t tell him to peel it. Warrior’s food, baby!

Junie did confess his thoughts to me about Kaplan. A small betrayal. Surprisingly, Iike I stated before. Junie and I got along just fine. He’s a good kid who “just needs some love.” Haha. Him giving me a small snippet of how Kaplan fights and what his weakness were gave me a boast of confidence. However, I think the fight would have gone the same way even if he didn’t mention to me how Kaplan fights.

People ask me, “Why did you submit him instead of grounding and pounding him for a TKO?” You have to remember that you need to be ready for the next fight injury free. I didn’t want to risk hurting my hand and be injured in the semi’s. I went into this fight with strategy. Making sure I can get the win without getting hurt. A submission was the best way in doing that.

I was surprised at Mir that he thought I didn’t use strategy to beat Kaplan. He said “Phillipe just took something that Kaplan gave him.” That’s not true. Kaplan didn’t give me anything. I earned that victory with elements of speed and power. No one can truthfully deny that and downgrade that victory. This wasn’t Bonnar and Griffin. It wasn’t close. It wasn’t a war. I walked over him in just over a minute. He should just accept it! That is the only way to grow from a loss. Accept it and come back stronger. I am a better fighter. Plain and simple. We could fight 10 times and I’d beat him 10 times. I’m not saying Kaplan is not a good fighter because think he is. I think he is really good fighter for getting that far. I just proved that I’m better. To this day Kaplan has not given me the credit I deserve.

I can now see why Junie took my side before the fight. I agree with Junie when he stated that Kaplan is a know-it-all and needed to be humbled. Before every training lesson and fight I empty my cup and fill it up again with even better more improved knowledge. Unfortunately for Dave, his cup is always full.

As you all can see Dana was really impressed by me. I’m glad he enjoyed the fight. After all, he’s the man you want to impress! When he said I remind him of a young GSP, I thought to myself: those are some really big shoes to fill. The pressure is on now. I really want to show the world that I’m not the next GSP — I am Phillipe Nover. I want to pave my own path in MMA. I have a lot of respect for GSP as a fighter. He is someone that I look up to and I’m glad Dana can categorize me the way he did. But I still have a lot of growing to do as a fighter and a person.

I would also like to shout out all the male nurses out there. Males can be nurses and still be cool! Not everyone is a “Focker.” Thanks for reading my blog guys.

  • Stan the Caddy says:

    Interesting episode. Great fight and victory. Mir and Kaplan really came off as sore losers.

  • Boon says:

    Nog and Machida ate balut! Hahaha! I haven’t eaten one since I was a kid! Great fight man!

  • brett says:

    the more i watch these episodes the more i hate mir. hes such a bitch…
    anyways good job on your fight and dont let them take anything from you

  • Robert N. says:

    You rock, Phillipe. Props for the accurate analyses, ass-kicking, and Musashi/Lee references. But damn, that fruit scene. Sheesh. Also, the “balut” scene reminded me of Fruit Chan’s movie, “Dumplings”.

    Is “clinical detachment” something you can train the mind for? Or does it just come with gruesome ER exposure.

  • chui says:

    Dude I will be honest i love valetudo or as they say mma. But Dangggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg as they say oficially today that episode am not staying with any training partners in mma or any sport. that really suks that episidoe so disgusting my godddddddddddddddddddddddd i had nightmares for it hehehehehehehehehehehehe haillllllllllllllllll PRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  • MR ROZE says:

    Hey Phillipe great fight. I can’t wait to see your fight with Junie, I just hope he brings his best cause he was not very impressive against Roli. Oh yeah and Kingsberry seemed a little to excited about having his “special sauce” in Kaplan’s mouth. LOL. Nover good luck in your future fights in the UFC.

  • Layne Norton says:

    Hilarious episode. Glad to see you walk through Kaplan. I like Mir but I think he was dead wrong in his assessment of the fight since he was so biased for Dave.

  • johnny eigenmann says:

    hey nover! how’s it goin? congrats on the win… i don’t know if you remember but i’ve told you this before. it’s good to be the next anderson silva (or GSP for that matter), but it’s better to be the only phillipe nover.

    we filipinos are looking forward to you visiting manila. you make us proud, pare!

  • MMAfan1 says:

    You did a great job on the fight! I’m rooting for you to win the whole thing at 155lbs! Ha, ha, I can’t believe they actually showed you eating Balut, that’s funny! We have that same entree in my culture (Thai/Laos), but we eat it with a spicy sauce! It’s called something different, but you should definitely try it with some Thai/Laos spicy sauce (Gives it more flavor)!

  • `spoOfy_- says:

    good win nover, keep up the good work im hoping you win the show, and props on the sushi prank, that was GOLD whoever ‘spoofed’ on it i forget, good stuff. Yea initially i was a Mir fan, but he seems to be a whinger and i feel he doesnt show as much respect to all the fighters as Coach Nog does, but thats just my 2 cents, and good stuff to Junie for dogging out his teammate LOL.

  • THORAZINE says:

    1st of all that was probably the best episode in about 2 seasons and definitely should make the top 5 list UFC’s TUF moments!

    I’m Mexican but I have Filipino inlaws and have eaten Balut…not bad I think it takes some getting use to. I prefer Tripas (cow intestines)…yummy.

    Gotta like Big Nog, that tight team unity is priceless I know the feeling from my college wrestling days, it is an intangible assest that u can’t quantify.

    Junie has a lot of growing up to do, way too much drama, but I could see his point about Kaplan and can’t understand why Mir was hanging on Kaplans nutsack? Even after ‘SuperNova’ (a stellar explosion) demolished him… it wasn’t a lucky punch or a mistake by Kaplan, he was just overwhelmed by a superior fighter.

    Nover, I know ur going to make the finals, it would be cool to see your home town profile… must come from a good family, cause u have a great outlook on life .. btw the way ur now the guy on TUF that “Fainted n’ ate from a plater of Piss” lol what a way to start a UFC career!

    At least u don’t have Kaplan’s title; “the guy that ate Splooshi”

  • Guy says:

    Good fight, good episode.
    I bet Efrain beats Junie and you and Efrain will be in the finals.

    good luck

  • tylerdante69 says:

    Great fight Phillipe!!!!

    Pag sa MMA laban, kaya mo ba si Manny Pacquiao??

    Kasi sa akin, parang kaya mo siyang matalo.

  • weoweoweo says:

    Nover you better fight in araneta when the ufc comes here.. :)

  • johnny eigenmann says:

    yeah, i think the fights are gonna be in araneta. but from what i heard, the URCC guys (local fighters) are gonna fight as well. it’s not gonna be a full UFC fight card… well… i hope my sources are inaccurate because we wanna see a full UFC card.

  • Patrick says:

    You made a Musashi reference, and anyone who’s read the 5 rings or makes references to it… rocks.

    Good job.

  • DIAZ says:

    Great fight Nover!! I gotta say the editors did a number on the scene when you guys were eating the fruit platter, not sure if you noticed but every bite you guys took sounded like you guys were slurping on the fruits it seems as if they raised the volume on each bite LOL..

  • cornerman says:

    Spunking in the sushi is illegal in 14 states.

  • darkmetal says:

    The truth is that I totally understand Junie’s frustration. The guy realizes after his last fight that he needs to up his game and wants to roll with someone, anyone! And you have Mir and his coaches and the other fighters sitting around BS’ing.
    Mir should have understand Browning’s motivations and have forced himself or some of the other fighters to help him out instead of just saying “That’s just Junie!” (a pretty silly thing to say when Junie is actually trying to do what his own coach urged him to do).

    Nova, great fight. I do think your opponent did foolishly think he was going to eat your punches and show you how tough he was early on ala Chris Leben vs Anderson Silva. But as you can see, that often gets you beat up! (take note, don’t block punches with your face).

    Keep up the good work.

  • Roger says:

    Heya Phillipe,

    You have quickly become my favorite guy on the show. You show alot fanastic qualities in a warrior gentleman.

    I will be following your carrer for a long time.

    Roger- just a keyboard warrior in canada

  • Toque says:

    Great fight bro! Love the choke out.

    And, the term is ‘Murse’. It’s what I call myself and other male nurses.
    If you could use it in your next blog I would appreciate it.

    Murse represent!

  • wanderlei says:

    HoY Phillipe! you make us pinoys proud dood! NOver give up man! Balut eggs are better than redbull..they give you wings..literally! Good Luck chong!

  • Kowe says:

    Good job! I hope you win!

    Tho I don’t like Junie, I think he was trying to make an effort to improve his game. And it was pretty wack for the rest of his teammates and Mir not to help him out and just laugh. Although that could have been just the editing. But I hate Shane more than Junie. Shane’s really annoying. BJ Penn can be a d!ck coz he’s made a name for himself. But Shane should just stop talking.

    Btw, why did they bring Rolando in instead of Duarte?

  • johnny eigenmann says:

    because nover made duarte look like a bad fighter when they fought. hahaha!! if duarte fought a different guy in the elimination stage, he would have made it to the show.

    kaplan ran his mouth during his interview on what a sore loser. he said he still thinks he’s the best 155 lb. fighter on the cast. quit whining, kaplan!

    good job on kicking his ass, nover. i just wish you punched him more in the face and mouth so he would stop talking. hahaha! throw him some more sushi with special sauce!!! hahaha!

  • THORAZINE says:

    Johnny Elgenmann, Great point I fogot about Duarte,, yeah’ I thought Duarte was tough as hell and he would’ve been thrown back into the mix, but I guess they probably knew he would never make it past Nover’ and if Duarte happend to make the finals against Nover, it would be sooo’ much less anti-climatic if Nover beat him again… better to have someone Nover has never faced in the finals for ratings! I think Duarte would have had a much better chance against anyone else other than Nover.

  • johnny eigenmann says:

    well… tough luck for duarte.

  • BC Brackett says:

    This season has caused me to lose all respect for Frank Mir. He is an asshole who reminds us all of the karate kid. F MIR!

  • Jeff Zentner says:


    You are going to be a major success in MMA. Keep up the great work. On a side note, my girl is also filipino and she wants me to try balut. I was going to try it, but you guys grossed me the hell out with the way it was represented in the last episode. You were going to town on it tho. Is it really that good??? She says I will love it, but I dunno. And yea, I definitely think you’re at least the baddest nurse on the planet. Keep on kicking azz.

  • matthew says:

    keep up the good fights Phillipe. At the end of the day, the majority of sane MMA fans don’t care who’s bodily fluids you eat when you smash through your opponent as you did. Win, lose or draw i believe we will see you in the UFC as a strong contender.

    Good Luck to you. I will watch for you in the Finale. But, unfortunately, i can’t stomach another ridiculous episode of this show.

  • Lewzer says:

    @jeff did he said “the baddest nurse on the planet”?? or “the Toughest nurse on the planet??

    go filipino ^^

  • RJA says:

    Very entertaining read,i’ve enjoyed these blogs from the begining and will continue to read.On another note i’m glad nover kicked his ass that dude was just kind of annoying.And that was pretty nifty editing.

  • Owen says:

    Filipino! Filipino! Filipino!!!


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