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Former IFL heavyweight Shane Ott still in critical condition

Former IFL heavyweight Shane Ott is still listed in critical condition at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital, according to his cousin, Christy Ott.

Contacted via phone by on Wednesday morning, Ms. Ott indicated that her cousin remains in a medically induced coma and that he is “still not out of the water.”

Shane Ott was critically injured in a motorcycle accident Sunday morning and sustained numerous fractures throughout his body that resulted in the amputation of one of his legs. Originally hospitalized in Reading, Ott was later transferred to the University of Pennsylvania, where he is currently receiving around the clock medical care.

Ms. Ott indicated that doctors are working to repair damage that Ott sustained in the accident but that work is intermittent at times due to the severity of his injuries. The doctors have specifically been working on Ott’s amputated leg in hopes that he will be able to be fitted for a prosthetic at a later date should he be able to make it through this rough stretch. Ms. Ott also stated that doctors attempted to fit Ott for a trach for assisted breathing but that the procedure was not completed because he continues to breath on his own.

Initial word had recklessly spread across the Internet earlier this week that Ott had passed when that wasn’t the case. According to Ms. Ott, there were seven motorcycles accidents in the Reading area on Sunday, which led several medical officials with the original hospital where Ott had been admitted to pass on erroneous information when they had no authorization to divulge information of any kind. Ms. Ott expressed that the flow of misinformation has made a difficult time for the Ott family even more painful.

Ms. Ott indicated that friends of Shane Ott have begun work towards organizing a blood drive that is tentatively scheduled to be held on Nov. 22. We’ll have more information when it becomes available for the benefit of those looking to help.

  • Venom says:

    This is very sad! I wish Shane, his family, and friends all the luck in the world for a quick recovery!

  • Tony Fennen says:

    Our thoughts are with Shane and his Family.
    This tragedy hits home with me deeply. I have lost several loved ones in motorcycle accidents over the past few years.

    This reminds me a lot of Frank Mir (boy was he lucky)

  • Patrick says:

    My thoughts are with him and his family.

  • Bradyn says:

    Thanks for the follow-up, Sam. That’s real unfortunate. Hope he pulls through. Some fights you can’t train for.

  • Ross says:

    best wishes

  • Julz says:

    Is there an update on Shane , I am hearing SO many rumors and I would just like to hear the facts of how he is …………………

  • Kris Seidel says:

    I am Shane’s cousin and wanted to let Julz know that it is rumors you are hearing, then they are just that rumors. As far as his condition , I have not heard of any changes than what has been reported. I also just wanted to thank all for the nice comments that are coming in and all the prayers are being heard and said. Shane as we all know is a great fighter and I am sure he is not going to stop. Just keep the prayers coming. Thanks, Kris

  • julz says:

    Hi Kris
    thank you so much for the update I heard now at least from family this time that he is responding to his mom HOW AWESOME and that he does have a long long road ahead BUT at least he is alive and that is ALL that matters not how whole he is ,Shane is whole cause he still has his HEART ( meaning the soul of who he is ) and it does not matter what he may have lost cause in the long run he will gain more than most of us will have in this life , Yes he may not be able to fulfil what he use to have inspirations for but this is a chance to go down yet another path to do something else and knowing Shane and his drive he will be an inspiration to many ! We never know “why ” and dont need to… all we need to do is take what we have and make the best of it and hopefully give that to someone else . That is what makes life fulfilling is being able to give back and not for how much was can take . Shane is awesome and no matter what where he walked into everyone took notice , not so much cause of his hard ass personea but his UNIQUENESS , I met him in a mens room many many eons ago ( dont ask ) lol OK it was on a dare but you know at first I thought I was lunch meat but everyone laughed thier asses off cause they did not think I would do it , but we remained friends not real close but when ever we ran into each other we always talked , hell my son went to him for his tats when he was home on leave and Shane is just a really great person to know . There have been many rumors and I just wish people would keep that to themselves really , he is a fighter and and he is strong at heart and he will over come this and make the best of it . He is here on earth for a reason and that is all that matters . We all have things in life we are not proud of and that is what is so wonderful about yet another 24 hours it gives us another to make a difference and HE WILL AND DOES , Shane has his profile on my space and I sent him a private message and we talked in length about life and if you read what he has said there then you know deep down he is a loving , caring and just an all around great person , I think it is more of his physical appearnace that makes him to be so “HARD ” or have this image but when you sit with him and get to know the inside he is really a “softie” and that is what people should really see , dont get me wrong he is very intimidating but once you get past that you will see a man of true honor and respect …. I just wish I had more of a chance to sit with him and talk , funny we both had hurdles in life to over come , I use to fight mine daily until I surrendered to it and you know the difference today compared to before is the difference in how people see me today , I pray everyday for him and I know he will be ok , I never want to be “WELL” cause then that says to me I am perfect hell no one is but I can taek each day to strive for it and isnt that what makes people stronger ? I hope I get the chance to see him and talk to him and let him know just how special he is and if I have faith one day I will ! Stayin touch [email protected] I live in Reading area .
    God Bless

  • Julz says:

    OMG Christie
    right after we got off the phone I went down stairs hubby was making supper NO CRAP GIRL chickne with hot sauce !!!! LMAO so tell John I guess no one here needs icy hot balls ! Great talking with ya and boy do we EVER have so much in common glad we met even if it was through this way , not our plan right but it was a good one !
    Luv ya !

  • amanda says:

    my thoughts & prayers to shane and his family during these times…..XOXO

    here’s an update on benefit / charity events….

    Replacement Blood Drive for Shane Ott at the Miller-Keystone Blood Center
    2745a Leiscz’s Bridge Rd. Reading , Pa. 19605 – 1pm to 5pm – Located directly behind Classic Harley Davidson To Schedule an Appointment call 610-926-6060 Walk- Ins are welcome!

    Shane Ott Benefit Concert at the Silo – Noon to 9pm
    – 2017 Bernville Rd. Reading , Pa. (Just a few miles South of 222 Bypass on Rt. 183 – Near Reading Airport)
    All Ages Show – Live Bands – Food – Drinks – Many Door/ Raffle Prizes- Upstairs Bar 21 to Drink.
    $30 Donation at door – Pre Sale Tickets will be available soon – Children Under 12 Free Admission
    We are encouraging Families to come out for this awesome event, bring your children, have a great time. We have had an enormous response from Local and out of town bands. We anticipate at least Ten Bands! I will list them all when I get the last of the confirmations. There has been such a huge number of donations for door prizes and raffles. Many restaurants are donating food for the event. Proceeds benefit “The Shane Ott Care Fund”

    Donations are also being accepted at Citizens Banks.

    Link up here for updates – i pulled all this from here….

  • Louann Stewart says:

    I co-own a karate & kickboxing school with my partner, Irv Althouse. Every 3 months we have an amateur kickboxing/Muay Thai fight night. Our next show is January 31st, 2009 at the Hamburg Field House in Hamburg, PA. We spoke with Shane Ott’s mother and the family will be present at the event, as a portion of the proceeds will be going to Shane’s recovery fund. We have two title fights that evening, and normally have 8-10 additional bouts. These are sanctioned events through the United State Kickboxing Alliance. We run a good, clean show. Don’t underestimate the amateurs! If you could mention this event on your website it would be greatly appreciated. As you know, Shane’s medical bills are astronomical. Any additional info can be found on our website at Thank you! Louann


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