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Not a fan of TUF 9’s U.S. vs. U.K. concept? Neither is Dana White

For the first time in the history of the UFC and Spike TV’s hit reality television show, The Ultimate Fighter, producers for the show are planning an International theme that will pit a team of United States-based fighters taking on a team of fighters hailing from the United Kingdom.

The U.S. vs. UK concept for the series’ ninth installment has already drawn a major critic in UFC President Dana White.

“It’s dumb, I don’t like it — it’s not USA v the UK, we’re looking for the best fighter in the world,” White is quoted as saying in the British tabloid, The Sun.

“We put on a card one time, the USA v Canada, it was f***ing retarded,” White continued. “I don’t care if you’re from the UK, Croatia or Brazil because at the end of the day, when Michael Bisping comes to America — Americans don’t boo him.

“When GSP comes down and fights in the US more people cheer for him than the guy who’s from America! When Tim Sylvia from the United States fought Antonio Nogueira from Brazil, everybody booed Sylvia on the way in and cheered for Nogueira. The reason is because in this sport it’s not country versus country.

“You either like the guy’s fighting style or personality — nationality has nothing to do with it. That’s the way it used to be with boxing, with the exception of Ricky Hatton because everybody hates Floyd Mayweather! But with the exception of that, you never saw guys from one country cheering a guy from a different country. That’s what’s changing in what we’re doing.

“We’re looking for the best fighters in the world — this country versus that country is irrelevant.”

  • ACK! says:

    I agree that it’s a poor gimmick that actually limits the potential of the show to produce interesting, quality fighters.

    IF they have to do a vs. theme it should really be US vs. the World, but even that would be kind of lame.

  • Patrick says:

    I agree with White. This is a stupid concept.

  • tylerdante69 says:

    Ok Dana, then why do it??

    Doesn’t he have creative conrol on all that stuff??

  • paddiosf says:

    I thought the UFC ran things over there when it comes to Spike and the TUF show, I’m shocked to hear that from Dana..If it bombs then what happens?

  • Bucco says:

    Its obvious that the UFC doesn’t have %100 control over their product but isn’t that Dana’s excuse for not being on a major network. Something like a reality TV show has to make things work for tv and that is why you have guys like Mir getting the spotlight because he is TV friendly. Now Mir deserves it in my opinion, but my point stands. The UFC has to make compromises to keep their product in the minds of the ever elusive “casual fan” and pandering to the “hardcores” will stunt the growth of the sport. Like it or not, the future of MMA in America lies squarely on the shoulders of the UFC and lame gimmicks like this will get Americans to watch.

  • patrick powers says:

    has to be spikes doing to get more ratings.and to all you elite ahters i will miss it,we did not need kimbo but i will miss womans mma and some of the other fighters.diaz should have more time to get baked now

  • Robert says:

    Don’t you people get it, this show is dying nobody cares about it anymore and with the next season featuring Bisping as a coach and a bunch of British prospects no one knows the ratings are going to be worse than season 4 and this is Dana’s way of already distancing himself from what he thinks will be a flop of a season.

  • damon says:

    unless it mexico v cuba, or japan v china, most markets are not going to care. Let’s face it, the cold war is over and America see’s itself as superior. I know most of the best fighters in MMA come from Brazil and I like their style, so unless a fighter comes out with a anti-USA stance (which no agent would allow happen), this set up is a very out dated thought. My idea would be a a pro v up-comers. sorta like the on serna won v a newcomers. This idea would work and will be stolen by Dana cause it makes sense. Think, key holders to the divisions that we all know v Junie or that type a personality…the house would be watchful and everyone that watches would know half the fighters and if the newcomers beat them it would make them legit. I better get something for this idea, it least a t-shirt!!!

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    TUF is dying? I hope not. What are the options? DVR’d episodes of the The View or Oprah?

  • JTM says:

    Is Dana saying that he doesn’t like the way the show is being hyped, as country-vs-country? Because that’s how it’s coming across to me – I’d be very surprised that such a savvy character as White would publicly dump on his own company’s show even before it’s gone to air, unless it’s been finished and it did indeed stink, and he’s already told the Fertita Bros.

    Has it even started filming yet?

  • the Levi says:

    yeah the whole idea of UK vs.USA is kinda dumb.

  • keenan says:

    i dont mind the idea, they need to do something to keep it fresh and the last idea of fighting your way into the house kind of worked… (guys were getting hurt who deserved to be there) and lets face it most of us are going to watch whether its us vs uk, us vs the world, or some dude vs some dude, this change is really to halp broaden the veiwears in other countrys. im pretty sure spike doesnt broadcast in the uk so i doubt they came up with this maybe dana doesnt have ALL the control like maybe he would lead u to beleive

  • Brandomania says:

    I do hate the idea of it myself. TUF needed to do a Heavyweight season next…Period.

  • yuushi says:

    My only problem with Dana White’s comments is how he plans international cards. For every UK show, he makes sure some UK fighters are on the card. For the Canadian show, he made sure Canadian fighters were on the card. Now that the UFC is planning on putting a show on in the Philippines, he’s planning on having pinoy Brandon Vera on the card and I wouldn’t be surprised if he pulled WEC fighter, Mark Munoz for that card.

    So it is obviously more than just liking a fighter in through his own actions.

  • Steve says:

    i don’t really care, but it would be nice to see the US beat Englands as again. its been awhile..

  • Powers says:


  • ragefightingwear says:

    bring in KIMBO Slice and the ratings will go through the roof!

  • Kyle says:

    I think its stupid as well, but I could see it being effective in expanding the UK fan base, which makes sense for the UFC since expanding in the UK seems to be one of their main goals as of late.

  • MR ROZE says:

    Damn I thought this season sucked, now next season will be even worse.

  • just another A hole! says:

    Why not do a viewers choice Season Tournement. Put up 32 UFC Contract fighters and viewers pick 16 and teams. This should help some of the lesser knowns and it could be fun putting rivals on the same team. Plus it helps Dana weed through some of his scrubs instead of bringing up a stable of fresh ones. He could do this every few seasons so as to not water down the talent.

  • Perfecto says:

    I like damons idea lets have some tough newbies come fight some vets. It would be cool to watch. Definantly need some heavywieghts to give Brock some problems too. Kimbo would bring some watchers to the show too.


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