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5 Oz. of Pain on Affliction’s ‘do it yourself’ approach not working founder and publisher Sam Caplan’s latest is now available by clicking here.

This week, Caplan puts Affliction Entertainment under the microscope and publicly questions why they haven’t hired an experienced MMA executive to work on the promotion’s behalf in a full-time capacity.

Believing that Affliction is making a mistake by not learning from cardinal sins committed by defunct MMA promotions such as the IFL and EliteXC, Caplan questions Affliction’s long-term viability.

“Affliction’s do-it-yourself management approach is becoming all too reminiscent of Dan Snyder’s handling of his Redskins franchise in the NFL,” Caplan writes. “Snyder is no doubt an accomplished businessman, but there are plenty of other people available to him that who more qualified to make football-specific decisions. While Affliction has made some good moves, the company has also made their fair share of bad ones. Nobody is perfect, but many of their mistakes could have been avoided had they entrusted their MMA aspirations to a seasoned fight executive.”

Caplan specifically cites a perceived lack of media savvy exhibited by Affliction officials in recent weeks and has concerns about the impact of a recent guest appearance by Affliction general partner Todd Beard on Sirius Satellite Radio.

“It’s obvious that Beard’s comments agitated one of the company’s current business partners, but his words could also turn off potential future partners,” Caplan states. “While unconfirmed, rumors have been swirling for weeks that CBS has expressed an interest in televising Affliction events in 2009. But in light of all the negative attention the company was subjected to in regard to its relationship with ProElite, the last thing CBS probably wants is to jump in bed with another volatile fight company.”

To find out two candidates Caplan recommends Affliction hire to help fill their MMA management void as well as the rest of the article, just click here.


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