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Magalhaes: “I never once said I have more skill than Nogueira.”

On last nights episode of The Ultimate Fighter, contestant Vinny Magalhaes and interm champion Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira had a discussion in regards to some comments that were relayed to Nogueira. The comments were taken as an insult and sign of disrespect and have seemingly damaged the relationship between the two Brazilians. had a chance to speak with Magalhes to get his side of the story. In regards to your perceived disrespect of Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, do you recall how the situation began?

Vinny Magalhaes : Shane Primm was unfamiliar with me and had asked me what my credentials were, I told him about some of my tournament wins, and someone asked if that was more than Nogueira, and I said yes. I’ve never said I was better than Nogueira, my credentials are better, but that doesn’t make me a better fighter than him and I never said I was better than him. I saw Roli’s blog, and he is lying. There seems to be some controversy over your use of the word “Basic” when talking about Nogueira’s Jiu Jitsu with Frank Mir, what did you mean by that?

Vinny Magalhaes : First off, I think people are confused by the word “basic” and assume that is an insult. When I said basic I was talking about a style, Roger and Rickson Gracie would be great examples. Basic doesn’t mean bad, and people may be confusing that. I have always looked up to Nogueira, he is a hero of mine and there is no better jiu jitsu in mma. The situation seemed to turn into an altercation just before your fight, where you aware there was an issue?

Vinny Magalhaes : What you watched last night, didn’t take place until weeks after my first fight. The translation was terrible also. Nogueira and I were very close for most of the show, we got along very well. People thought they needed to gossip and start trouble, I never once said I have more skill than Nogueira. I answered a question, maybe I shouldn’t have answered. Have you had a chance to mend your relationship with Nogueira at this point?

Vinny Magalhaes : It’s not that big of a deal to me. I’m not expecting him to run up to me and apoligize, but I would like to talk to him if I get a chance. Hopefully he will see that I did not insult him. I never said any style was better, just different, and better credential’s do not mean you have more skill so that doesn’t mean a thing.

  • big foot tracker says:

    vinny is a great guy keep tapping them fools out

  • Rich S. says:

    Earlier in the season Vinny came off as a bit of a douche to me..

    but i believe him..
    i’m sure Nog’s team was just gossiping or lying or something..

  • steve says:

    Ditto what Rich S. said… my first impressions of Vinny were very negative. I’m still not sure I like him as a person, but am definitely looking forward to seeing more of his Jits.

  • Steve says:

    Nogueira’s team seems to gossip a whole lot, its pretty annoying and takes away from the show. Plus, i don’t think Shane Primm should be allowed to talk after his extremely performance.

  • Steve says:

    *extremely poor performance

  • JOHNNY BOY says:


  • big foot tracker says:

    vinny is a bad ass in bjj and will be a champ in mma one day

  • dunee says:

    Maybe Nog having a Brazilian friend on the other team made his guys so jealous they felt they couldn’t compete and had to sabotage the relationship.

  • Joey says:

    Maybe it was lost in translation because English isn’t his native tongue or something but I saw it as an insult when he was saying it on the show.

  • dualdiagnosis says:

    Gossip? WTF? You heard what he said straight from his mouth. His attitude and demeanor in addition to what he said was disrespectful. It’s right there for all to see, he even admits, right after he said it, that he probably got some people upset.

    He’s young, made a mistake, he should own up. People would forgive, forget and move on. Denying it, and turning it back against other people is being a punk.

  • KeyboardWarrioR says:

    bigfoottracker i accept ur theory of him becoming a champ as much as u getting laid LOL,ASIF his a sasquatch whos lucky he didnt get KTFO buy nog,mir is a good coach kinda but his kinda smug about sum things i lke him thou,gonna be a good fight

  • James says:

    vinny’s arrogance will catch up to him, i can’t wait to see it…he is most irritating in that he lies to others and insults their intelligence

  • HexRei says:

    saying you have accomplished more recently in BJJ is not an insult if it’s true. it’s also not an attack on MMA skill if you are a sane person and don’t see MMA BJJ as the same as sport BJJ.

  • brad says:

    Vinnys a punk,..if u peed on my bed i woulda snuck up behind him, rear naked choked him and gnawed his ear off

  • THORAZINE says:

    I see it as something as Vinny can apologize for and Nog’ could let go, it wasn’t all that disrespectful, but it wasn’t all that good either.

  • Glen McCoy says:

    It was basic Frank Mir stirring shit just like he took Junies side and backed him up when he spit on the belt. Mir is trying to regain his youth from before the motorcycle accident by playing silly high school games with the fighters. Mir thinks junie and vinnie being disrespectful to other people is cool. Frank Mir was a proud man now he is just a washed up BITCH to the younger fighters that he once was.Notice that now TUF is over and junie is training at Courter why don’t junie spit on Tyson Griffin and see what happens to his Punk ass .Frank Mir made a bunch of disrespectful punks and should be ashamed.

  • Patrick says:

    Glen, these guys don’t spend that much time together, the show goes over a relatively short period of time. Nobody “makes” anybody anything on this show, people come on, get a few pointers, fight, and go home.

  • AfroPuff says:

    Can anyone else picture Frank Mir setting back laughing , knowing he is now done something to get in Nog’s head?

    It seemed odd that he would call Nog’s jiu jitsu basic, but now that he has explained it as a style rather than an insult, it makes sense. I’m not brazilian, I’m not a 3 time world champion in jiu jitsu, so I don’t know all the terms, and chances are neither does most of the TUF audience.

  • Sonny says:

    “LIttle balls, man.” – Nog

  • John says:

    I think Vinny should apologize. Even if he didn’t mean it, him apologizing would let the whole thing blow over more smoothly. Nog shouldn’t be the one who has to apologize, no way!

  • chamber says:

    I think it was more of a miscommunication, there was a bit of boasting in Vinny’s part that was also kinda egged on a bit by Mir but i don’t think it was a big deal. I think with nog he has earned that respect so he expects it from others. I also think he has the type of guy that respects other fighters.

  • Tim says:

    Vinny has some great Jui-Jitsu but his stand up needs to improve, Ryan Bader will walk right thorugh that. I like Vinny and his work ethic. BUT, I don’t know Jui-Jitsu terminolgy but “basic” sure doesn’t sound like a compliment.

    Bader vs Vinny is what I would eventually like to see…

  • James says:

    if vinny’s statement as big nog’s bjj as “basic” wasnt meant to be an insult , why then did he follow that comment by saying “well they already hate me in brazil anyway”….he talked all this crap to nog saying “you’ll see when you watch the tapes”, which is kind of funny because i think the footage only further implicates his lack of respect…maybe vinny should try poker he’s good at straightfaced lying

  • KneeToTheFace says:

    I don’t watch this garbage show but after having read the story on this situation from a few sources I kind of sympathize for Vinny. Saying you have better credentials doesn’t mean you think you’re better, as many have said.

    The “basic” comment isn’t really an insult, just an observation. To be honest, triangles, armbars, guillotines – those are the submissions he relies on. You don’t see him throwing his leg up for rubber guard, or an omoplata or gogo. He always turtles, and rolls back into guard. It doesn’t mean he’s bad. As Vinny said, Rickson has the same, very basic, strong foundational jiujitsu style. They stick to what works. I haven’t watched Vinny grapple so I can’t say for sure whether he is more or less basic.

  • flassassin says:

    I’m not a Matt Hughes fan, but his skills were pretty basic. He just happened to dominate with them for several years. I got what Vinny was saying, I think the other guys on the show might’ve even got what he was saying. The problem is that most of Nogeira’s team behaved like a group of catty females. I get the Brazilian brothervibe seen amongst the coaches and Silva, but when the fighters tried to incorporate themselves it came off more like a college sorority.

  • paddiosf says:

    I’ve been to Brazil in the brotherhood between there country men is strong especially between figthers, Nogeira seemed really disappointed in Vinny’s words..And like a previous comment, I think the “lost in translation is what really happen, I think Vinny didnt mean any harm in the conversation and he was caught up in the moment..So I hope that Vinny and Nogeira hash out the differences..

  • nate says:

    Vinny’s problem is that he dis’d Nogueira, the BJJ Phenom and 2nd best MMA heavyweight in the world, and expects Nogueira to apologize.
    Vinny: “someone asked if that was more than Nogueira, and I said yes”
    Vinny: “I’m not expecting him to run up to me and apologize”
    Vinny: “[Nogueira’s friendship]’s not that big of a deal to me”

    So Vinny said he was better than Big Nog, after insulting him now expects Big Nog to apologize, and doesnt care about being friends with Big Nog.

    I’d say it is clear Vinny is a %*#)@-head and full of himself.

    Big Nog’s talent is at the highest levels of his profession. He has showed up at the house and cared for his team as powerfully as the most dedicated captains in TUF.
    Vinny’s personality gets no respect from me. As far as his skills, hemf.. whatever. Dana said it best: “I was falling asleep until Vinny went in for the submission.”

  • darkmetal says:

    I don’t exactly buy Vinnie’s explanation. First of all, there is the talk about them “hating him in Brazil”, then there is him claiming that if he were back home, some punches would have been thrown during his back and forth with Nog.
    I sure hope he has the chance to “throw some punches” with Nogiera in Brazil if he wants to track him down, however, I don’t think he would be happy to do so.
    As Nogiera said, there are people who are great in BJJ but don’t always win when they fight….and he is certainly one who does. Vinnie has yet to prove that in the UFC cage.

  • mike wolfe says:

    Tim is right. Vinny won’t be a contender or even top tier unless his stand up greatly improves. The best strikers have a flow (so do the best bjj practitioners, for that matter) that was entirely absent in Vinny’s fight with Jules. Vinny looked tentative and awkward and unsure how to engage with Jules, who had a 0-0 pro record according to the “Tale of the Tape.”

  • King James says:

    You also gotta pay attention to what else he said. ” what you watched happened weeks after my fight.” UFC edits the shit so it creates drama. We see what they want us to see. on every show there are fighters saying things on the show didn’t happen in the order it was shown. Now that doesn’t make him good or bad but it makes what we see not accurate.

  • dcipher says:

    GUYS….Vinny is clearly an arrogant guy, he can try to explain his comment away as being about style and indeed, IT WAS…PARTIALLY…but it was also meant in a slightly derogatory way and that came across loud and clear. To some of the commentors who didn’t watch the show, watch and you’ll see. What he said actually sounds BETTER ON PAPER! Vinny and Mir weren’t interested in DISCUSSING STYLE, Mir wanted to have a Nogeira BASHING chat.

    NOTE though that IT WAS MIR egging him on, MIR REALLY wanted him to say “yes, I am better, he’s no good!” but he knew that was stupid, so he made more passive-aggressive comments.

    Vinny: arrogant, but much worse, a 2 faced liar, who sweet talks people to their face and bad mouths them behind their backs, as he admitted on the show, he thinks he’s great and really doesn’t care about anyone else or what they think

    Mir: overgrown, immature, big talking, retard/frat boy. Most of the young guys show more maturity than him.


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