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Phillipe Nover: Thoughts on Junie as a fighter; Vinny disrespects Nogueira; personal appearance info; and more in weekly TUF 8 blog

Let me start by saying that with all the hype and talk that Junie promoted himself he should have beat Roli in the first round. Junie was first pick overall and fought the last pick overall. Either Roli was just better than everyone expected or Junie really wasn’t as good as he said he was. I chose the latter.

Junie was upset with his performance and so was Frank Mir. I would be too if I was him. He barely won the fight and Junie only has a few weeks to heal and sharpen up his skills before the semis. I remember him coming home after the fight with a swollen from getting and giving kicks. I can honestly say Roli might have humbled him a bit. Might I add emphasis the words “a bit,” especially for a guy like Junie.

I respect to Roli for being the underdog and fighting his heart out. He also has many tools but must improve, most notable when it comes to his standup and overall strength. I just know Roli is the kind of person to take that fight home to the drawing board, accept his flaws, and come back better.

I guess you can finally see my baking abilities. I can’t tell you how much my girlfriend laughed after seeing my cake for Big ‘Nog. All I can say is it came from the heart. I’m not the most experienced baker but I tried. Looks can be deceiving. ‘Nog and the team said my cake was tasty! Jules’ cake was even better with all that cookie dough inside!

Man I’m getting hungry writing this. ‘Nog must have really liked us to come over for his birthday. He could have done anything else. But he came over to share his moment with us. Again I must say how proud I am to be on the red team.

After hearing the comments from Nelson and Vinny, I couldn’t stop laughing. They called us gay and said we take showers together! Ha-ha. The blue team is just a bunch of haters! They wish they had the love we had! Just because we all fight in a cage for living doesn’t mean we can’t show some love for each other. Of coarse in a completely straight and non-gay fashion! We really did cook, clean, eat, train, and go to sleep and wake up together — in different beds of course! It made time go by faster and helped a lot.

I never knew that Vinny and ‘Nog had a falling out like that. I know Vinny can run his mouth a bit sometimes. He talks much about the “girls” which is funny. In the Philippines, we’d call Vinny a “Playboy.” He’s the kind of guy that young girls want, but mothers should watch out for. I do think that Vinny’s jiu-jitsu level is world class. He really is a freak of nature on the ground but you should never disrespect the world champ. And he did just that by labeling ‘Nog’s jiu-jistu “basic.” You really have to watch what you say on reality TV; everything is captured.

Vinny is still a little fish in MMA compared to ‘ Big Nog — the great white shark! He did apologize for his actions but I don’t know if they made up off-camera.

Jules is a really nice guy. I’m sad to say that his skill level wasn’t up to par with most of the guys on the show. Especially his ground game. He was pretty much a white belt on the ground. He had absolutely no chance on the ground against Vinny. He did have a chance on the feet with him but he didn’t execute the plan. He was supposed to throw his hands, let his strikes go and stay away from the clinch or any take downs. I thought the game plan was stick and move. I think was he overwhelmed and was afraid to commit punches. In fact, I think he threw two punches the entire fight.

Next week the lightweights go at it and I can’t wait! Speaking of next week, come join me on Nov. 5 at 8 p.m. ET in New York for a TUF 8 viewing party that I’m holding at Aviator Sports and Recreation. The place is enormous so bring as many people as you can find! We’ll be hanging out at the sports bar on the second floor so be sure to stop by show your support for 5 Oz.! The bar serves food and the Aviator used to be a hangar for jets — which you’ll see when you drive along the airstrip. There’s even an airplane parked in the front. For more information, just click here for the Aviator’s website. See you there!

  • JOe K. says:

    I thought I saw Machida at Nog’s B-Day dinner. Was he in the show but edited out?

    I read on Tatame that him and Anderson Silva were going to make guest appearances. I saw Silva but no Machida. Then at the B-Day dinner I swear I saw him.

  • THORAZINE says:

    Someone on another blog made the comment about the B-day party and Machida, but I didn’t notice him, maybe I’ll catch a replay and look for him. Can’t wait to see Nover fight… I definitely like the way Nog coaches and the tight fighting family feeling. if I was a fighter, that’s the kinda’ coach and teamates I’d wanna have. Mir’s lighten up as well and letting his guard down, he’s showing a more relaxed, funny, down to earth side, better than his slightly seemily arrogant undertones, I think Mir is an excellent coach in his own way, plus he has Vinny and Dumbass (Junie) to deal with, that can ruin anyone’s day. I certainly liked the way Mir gave Junie the 3rd degree after the Roli fight. Roli needs lots of strength training fer’ sure if he’s going to continue fighting seriously. Thanks for the write up Nover!

  • johnny eigenmann says:

    Hahaha! Nice sharing of Filipino culture with the “playboy” thing, Nover. Yeah, that’s what we call guys like that here in the Philippines.

    As usual, I haven’t watched the latest episode yet. Anyways, yeah, Vinny’s ground game is topnotch but disrespecting Big Nog like that is so unclassy. I don’t know if it’s due to boredom in the house but I would say that we can see a person’s personality through the words coming out of his/her mouth. And one more thing, people tend to talk too much crap when they are scared. I think Junie is the perfect example.

    Back to what Vinny said about Big Nog’s ground game… Let’s just wait for the result of the Nog – Mir fight. Though I doubt it will last the first round. My money is on Nog. First round, either TKO or submission.

    Good luck to you Nover in the finals! Who are you fighting in the finals again? Hahaha! I’m just fishing… Hahaha!

  • BK says:

    Yeah, I saw Machida at the table during Nog’s birthday party – he was in like two quick shots. Also, it was cool to see Hendo there supporting Vinny (I believe he helped Hendo prepare for his fight with Pahlares), but I was surprised they didn’t feature Machida or Hendo a little more. Probably a contractual thing with the show.

  • mingowar says:

    Once again nover cant get of junnies nut sack. Deep rooted hatred. Must be the 30 second triangle he gets put in and submitted when him and junie fight. Another tell tell sign nover gets his ass kicked by junie

  • DIAZ says:

    Im really amped about next weeks show, love the light weights… And yes I can confirmm it was machida sitting at the table. Mingowar, why dont you get off junnies balls? what are you junnies dirty cousin or something? that kid JUNNIE is a looser for acting the way he did on the show, that kid has no respect for himself..

  • mingowar says:

    dude he may be a loser in the way he acts but you will get to watch him whip efrains ass on december 13th in the finals

  • Guy says:

    Next week you fight ! ( on tv lol )
    kick his ass


  • Glen McCoy says:

    I am 56 years old and fought when mma was called toughman contest.I was taught by Ed Parker the top Kempo man in the world.I have never I mean never seen someone show disrespect like Junie. I have never seen anyone BITCH out like Frank Mir.Junie has made Mir his personal bitch.Why wont Mire just tell Junie to sit down and shut up.Mir is showing disrespect to himself the other fighters and the sport by trying to be a high school BITCH to junie.Mir should be ashamed of himself.and his actions.Frank Mir should go home and beg his famly to forgive him for the embarassment he has caused.

  • Jeff L says:

    You talk a lot of trash for someone supposedly preaching respect, old man.

  • freedom fighter says:

    mingowar sounds like the willnots that fall off junies probably never been in a fight in your entire life .punk another ruff tuff cream puff.sit down shut up and go back to your ps2 biotch lol

  • TBird says:

    Sounds like someone is fighting next week. haha. I know there is a KO coming up for some poor LW.

  • fabian says:

    Yeah,I saw machida there too. Silva should fight bengi radach for a bang out war.

  • T - Coy says:

    Your an amazing fighter and if you fight next week i think were gonna see some serious skills

  • JOe K. says:

    This may be a conspiracy theory but perhaps the UFC is upset with Machida’s fighting style and trying to make him go un-noticed.

    I think that they are terrified of becoming a champ because he would be “un-marketable”

    If thats the case then this sport may turn into a soap opera like WWE. Lesnar 1 win in the octagon and a title shot!?

  • chuntsmanbjj says:

    Philipe better be gnarly after all the fighter judging he does….

  • Danillo says:

    “In the Philippines, we’d call Vinny a “Playboy.” He’s the kind of guy that young girls want, but mothers should watch out for.”

    its the same here in Brazil, Nover. he acts like a rich kid… everyone hates him here…

  • Phillipe Nover says:

    I just finished reading all you reviews. Thanks for all the comments. Even the negative ones. I like hearing all you thoughts. But I have to say thanks to all the guys who comment on my blog and have some faith in me. You guys rock.

    And chuntsmanbjj, I’m sorry if you think I’m judging guys. But please understand this is a blog and I was there to experience the whole thing with my own eyes. I want to bring my thoughts to the table along with what really happened.

    mingowar – I’m not on Junie’s nuts brother. And I don’t even think I disrespected him at all. I brought the facts man. He and I are good friends and still talk to this day. He knows he made plenty of mistakes about his behavior on the show. I like your comment about Junie kicking my butt though. haha

    Machida did show up and train us before Anderson came. He came the day after he beat tito. Machida is a great coach as well. I like his fighting style. He got Tito really frustrated.

  • brad says:

    I fought in 1935 in an illegal mma fight club… Oh boy we could beat each other good and then go get a couple cold ones and go fishin….i once fought a guy on the fishiong dock and he fell off, got caught on a hook, mistaken for a fish later on and we ate him…johny boblobski….i love that man , sorry boby, if i would do anything to fish with ya agian but i ate u :( i love u buddy, ..

  • shatto1 says:

    I really respect you has a fighter and a person. From what I’ve seen I think your muay thai is world class and it is a pleasure to watch.
    It is good to hear about the show from someone who shares a perspective similar to my own. I know you are making the most of this opportunity, I can always tell who is taking it seriously because they are never on the show. It must be amazing training with the likes of Nog, Silva, and Machida (why all the hate from everybody?)
    Where are you training these days? I have a feeling we will be seeing you in the UFC. (Hopefully sooner than later.)

  • JOe K. says:


    Do you think Machida footage will end up on the show in later episodes? Or was he only there for one day?

    I’m kind of a Machida fanatic. He has a shroud of mysteriousness surrounding him.

    JOe K.

  • MR ROZE says:

    Hey JOe K how many wins did Anderson Silva have in the octagon before he got his title shot? Oh yeah one. I remember Rich Franklin saying he didn’t think Silva deserved a title shot either, what do you think Franklin thinks now, there is a reason hes fighting in a different weight class now. I think Lesnar has the potenial to dominate the heavyweight division b/c of his wrestling background, strength and athleticism.

  • THORAZINE says:

    What I don’t think Mingowar, gets is that Nover is writing his thoughts reflecting his perspective back when he was in the TUF house during the taping of that particular episode. Apparently Junie and Nover have maintained a friendship so there’s more to the story as we will get in upcoming blogs from Nover.

  • Phillipe Nover says:

    shatto1 – Thanks for some good input. I’m training in Brooklyn NY still with the same camp. Team Insight.

    JOe K. – Machida is a beast. I don’t know when they may show any footage of him training us. I don’t think they’ll show it. I don’t know why they won’t. His style is amazing! I heard from Nog that Machida practices kata everyday with his father. He’s a well disciplined martial artist.

  • Phillipe Nover says:

    THORAZINE thanks for verifying that! =)

  • JOe K. says:

    NOVER – Thanks for your response! I hope Machida wins that title or wins in a idiot-fan pleasing manor against Thiago Silva so he can get above or off of the UFC’s blacklist.

    Their treating him as if he complained about their pay scale! We all know how much they hate that.

    MR ROZE – How many losses did Anderson have in the Octagon before getting that title shot? Oh yeah, none.

    How many fights did Anderson have before getting that shot? 18 with 4 losses one being a DQ.

    How many other worthy middleweights were ahead of Silva at that time? Tanner had lost the title, Leben had just lost, Marquardt, Hendo weren’t in the UFC, and Bisping still isn’t ready for a shot.

    Lesnar: Losses in Octagon prior to titleshot: 1 with a total of 3 fights.

    How many other worthy Heavyweights: The first and most obvious choice would be Nog because he was stripped of the title (interim holder my ass, it looked as if Couture was getting black balled till the end.) Frank Mir, hell, even Shane Carwin.

    I don’t think that Brock is a bad fighter, I think he will probably win the title what bothers me is that the UFC puts the competitive sport aspect so far behind the sports entertainment aspect.

    If this keeps happening you will see guys like Gray Manard on their knees after a fight begging the crowd for forgiveness after winning a fight.

    Every time the fight goes to the ground within 2 to 5 seconds you’ll start hearing the ref say “Come on guys, work or I’ll stand you up” no matter what is happening.

    You will see the wrestling die and then you will start to see jiu jistsu go.

  • Jeff Zentner says:

    Even in boxing you see undeserved fighters getting the nod for a title opportunity… Sugar Ray Leonard was not a rated fighter when he beat Hagler for the title in 87. He hadn’t fought a rated fighter himself in like 5 years prior to their fight. The reality is the almighty dollar is what makes the fights, not fighter ratings.


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