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Nate Diaz not expected to fight again in 2008

With a rumored headlining bout against Clay Guida during the live season finale for the eighth installment of The Ultimate Fighter no longer in the cards due to an injury to Guida, it appears that UFC lightweight Nate Diaz will be unable to fight again until 2009.

The news comes courtesy of, a website owned and operated by Diaz’s trainer, Cesar Gracie.

Diaz, 10-2 overall and 5-0 while competing under the UFC banner, had hoped to fight a fourth time in 2008 but with all of the promotion’s top lightweights committed to other matchups, there are no immediate openings. It’s likely that Diaz’s next matchup won’t be able to be set until after several of the promotion’s upcoming cards slated for November and December.

According to the site, Diaz could return to action in early-2009 with a fight on the undercard of UFC 94 on January 31 considered a possibility.

  • Mark Aulet says:

    I don’t care for Nates attitude at times but I’ll be the first person to admit the kids got skill. He has a warrior spirt and doesn’t quit. I would hope he wouldn’t be placed on the undercard because I enjoy his antic’s / fights. Wish him and his brother the best of luck and fortunes.

  • Big Chuck says:

    agree mostly with Mark A.
    love this kid … “mad skills”, sic-JJ, tons of heart, warrior-spirit … he’s only gonna get better
    love watching him take on the best …
    people get WAY to serious with “who should do what” …
    everyone is different … i just sit back and enjoy it …
    and theres’ NO WAY he’s EVER on the “undercard” … that would be a CRIME

    peace out

  • Dayzah says:

    Why would he go from a main event that he won in UFN , and then moved too a undercard fight at UFC 94?

  • Puga says:

    Undercard are the fights on the main card…Before the main event…The fights not shown are the “prelims…

  • ZP580 says:

    Not big fan of Diaz, the UFC has been babying him. He hasnt fought anybody. Look at Joe Lauzon, he lost the Ultimate Fighter and he has already fought Kenny Florian since the show. Shouldnt the winner be tested by the likes of Kenny Florian. Diaz is def not a main event fighter. Not exciting at all. The article says that Guida is hurt and other 155ers are tied up. Hmm I can think of one good test. One Roger Huerta. If he submit Huerta then he is for real. Ive seen Huerta get out of some sick submissions. If he can fight Guida them he can fight Huerta. Oh wait I know why White would put him against Guida and not Huerta, cuz Guida likes to go to the ground and that would give Diaz a chance to submit. Where as Huerta likes to stand and bang. Oh no we cant have that for baby diaz. Quit babying this D-Bag and put him to work. Huertas got 1 fight on his contract. Make it happen UFC.

  • dpk says:

    I’d love to see him fight Huerta, but it ain’t going to happen unless Huerta signs a contract extension. Hope they find a good fight for him at 94, maybe Tyson Griffin?

  • bryan says:

    most unentertaining and unrespectable fighter I have ever seen he sais he is one of the top contenders and he has not even beat one yet he barley survived peligrino and he did not do dick to josh neer it was stupid he had oppertunitys to end that fight and he did not do anything he is so pethitic and weak he can’t hardly hurt guys he can onlt win by chokes he will loose as soon as white gives him a decent oppinint guida would have been cool but diaz did not want that fight he and his bro were flipping guida off at the post fight interviews after he beat mac danzig who I also think is a much tougher guy than nate guida would have killed him I am dissipionted I just want the little bitch to get hurt


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