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5 Oz. of Pain to appear on “The Scott Ferrall Show” tonight founder and publisher Sam Caplan will be talking MMA as an in-studio guest during tonight’s edition of “The Scott Ferrall Show” on Sirius Satellite Radio.

“The Scott Ferrall Show” can be heard on Howard 101 on both Sirius and XM every Monday through Friday from 8 p.m. ET to midnight.

  • Brandon says:

    Ask him when do we expect him to return for YAMMA 2? :)

  • GoofyMonkey says:

    So let’s see.. I write in to Bubba and you get on the Ferrall show. Maybe I’ll write to Ferrall to get you on again and you’ll show up on Howard. Still not sure how to get you on Bubba… Maybe write the Intern show? or OH I GOT IT! I’ll write to Riley, that should do it!! LOL!

    Good Luck, we’ll be listening.

  • jeff the drunk says:

    Sam Caplan on Ferrall, awesome. This site is about to experience more traffic than the Jersey turnpike during rush hour. Shhhhhhake it up !!!

  • Stan the Caddy says:

    Ferrall is a pathetic fraud. In the immortal words of Dana White, just a paid monkey.

  • Brent says:

    Ahh, I wondered what prompted the comment editing and removal in this thread:

    – still, hopefully this will be a somewhat objective appearance!

  • steve24 says:

    Ask him about Dana’s comments and don’t beat around the bush.. Don’t talk about MMA shit that we already know.. we don’t care about his opinions.. be Steve Cofield on this show

  • Shocbomb says:

    How about asking Ferall how he feels not after letting Todd Beard shoot his mouth off on his show it might of just hurt Affliction in the long run. Randy couture seemed not to happy about the Statements coming from Affliction and he made that clear on MMA weekly its there top story today.Good going Ferall you let you body at Affliction run his mouth and it just might of put one more nail in ther coffin in the end !!!! LOL

  • David Andrest says:

    Shocbomb- It’s kind of clear you do not listen to Ferrall, and that is fine. But honestly the man is going to let his guests speak. He never stopped Dana from saying whatever ridiculous statements he wanted to make. Jerry Millan, Beard ect…. He just doesn’t give a crap.. The guests can talk all the smack they want. Did Fedor get all butt hurt when Dana said he’s not even in the top 10???? No, Dana proved to be a smack talker of the highest order. This has little to do with the host.

    Dana wasn’t fond of the fact that Scott had said the UFC was boring him. and the cards sucked. ( this was after UFC 72 I think)…………Now with that said. This is a man who will frequently say the same about MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA it’s nothing new, and in the grand scheme of things they should feel good to be included in the pile of people important enough to complain about. He doesn’t claim to be an MMA know it all, and often times frustrates me as a listener with his lack of legit questions, but it is his show, and it’s not like he has singled out MMA and took a big steaming crap on it.

  • jeff the drunk says:

    That was one wild segment. It would have been alot better if Jason Ellis didn’t keep rambling on about his favorite type of prostitutes or what a crazy drunk he used to be. At the begining of the interview it sounded like Sam was on the “Jack & Rod Show” after they introduced him and started talking about everything but MMA. But I have to give credit where credit is due. Ellis’s nickname for Brock Lesnar & Ferrall’s Dana song had me laughing all night. Great job as “straightman” Sam, as I’m sure that’s not your typical radio appearance. You’ll never forget where you were when the Phillies won it all. And for the Ferrall haters, he’s not an authority on MMA and has never claimed to be. He does talk about it every night to a national auidence and has always interviewed fighters from every company on his show. Like him or hate him, Ferrall does a helluva job promoting MMA.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Jeff, it was an interesting appearance to say the least. When you’re in the same studio as Ferrall and Jason Ellis — the only role left to play is straight man. I’m not the comedic minds that they are. Those two guys were in fire last night. It was a lot of fun and I got tongue tied pretty often in reaction to some of the things they were saying.

    And yes, Ferrall does a helluva job promoting MMA. He’s one of the few national radio hosts willing to talk about the sport. Many of his listeners aren’t regular MMA fans — this is the demographic the sport needs to target! As Dave said earlier, Ferrall will bury MMA events at times, but he buries them the same way he buries MLB, the NBA, and the NFL if there’s something going on that he doesn’t like. He covers MMA the same way he covers all of the other sports.

    And for all of these people clamoring for objectivity, telling me to ask Ferrall questions (the guest doesn’t ask the host the questions, it’s the other way around), or complaining that the UFC used to pay Sirius for event coverage, chances are you probably have never heard “The Scott Ferrall Show.” It’s an entertainment show covering sports — it’s not a sports news program. Ferrall is an entertainer. If he wasn’t, he wouldn’t be a part of the Howard Stern channel. I don’t understand why so many people are getting Howard 100 and 101 confused with CNN.

  • jeff the drunk says:

    Exactly Sam. I watched some UFC PPV’s years ago when I had no clue what mixed martial arts was and quickly lost interest because of the lack of coverage & the way the sport was portrayed by mainstream media. When Howard moved to Sirius and Ferrall came on board, I started to become interested again after hearing Ferrall talk about it like he was discussing NFL, MLB, etc. So I started watching fights on the net, discovered TUF and was very impressed at the way the sport had evolved. Now almost 3 yrs later, MMA has become my favorite sport surpassing football, hockey & baseball. As a result, I have no problem forking over the $44.95 to watch PPV’s and have turned many people on to MMA. The Scott Ferrall Show is a huge positive for MMA. In my case, he helped turn a casual observer into a hardcore fan.

  • Shocbomb says:

    David Andrest I am pretty dam glad its kind of clear I don’t listen to Ferall I hope and plan to keep it that way also ! I am more of a Max Kellerman type myself that man has a real sports talk show now that I can listen to for more then 90 seconds with out getting a headache. To me and most other sports or MMA fans Ferall is a total Joke and a complete faliure when it comes to sports talk or any radio or TV show he has ever been on or done. Its a miracle now that his show has lasted what now almost 2 years on sirus ? Any other how he has done in the past has been a complete failure and he gets canned within a year if that,Look how long ESPN keep him around now -LOL ? To bad Feralls only clame to fame when it comes toa nything MMA related will be for the worst announcer in the sports history and thats about all. The one and only Yamma PIT !!!!

  • David Andrest says:

    Shocbomb- I have no idea what you are so angry about. The man had a guest, that guest said something that you didn’t care for?? Should he ask any guest how he feels after making an asinine statement? That was my only point. You didn’t care for the beard statement? thats cool, You don’t like Ferrall, that is cool as well, I’m still missing the source of YOUR anger. I’m not a Mad Dog guy, so I don’t listen to him. actually I don’t care enough to comment on him if and when someone makes a post about him either.

  • kevin devine says:

    you should be a guest on the sirius fight club. it’s sirius’ mma show! tuesday & friday afternoons, i think on 127. they always have fighters & writers on & those guys go on ferrall all the time. wanna hear you on fight club!


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