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Renzo Gracie considering comeback as a lightweight

A return to active competition by one of MMA’s true legends may be on the horizon.

Renzo Gracie revealed this past weekend that not only does he consider himself not retired, but he has been contemplating returning to competitive fighting as a lightweight.

Gracie made the revelation during a panel discussion that proceeded the world premiere of the documentary Renzo Gracie: Legacy at the United States Film Festival in Philadelphia this past Saturday.

Gracie has not competed since EliteXC’s first-ever event in February of 2007 in Southaven, Miss. Facing fellow legend Frank Shamrock in a middleweight bout, Gracie was declared the winner after Shamrock was disqualified for delivering illegal knees to the head.

Since the Shamrock fight, Gracie has consistently stated to the media that he has not retired. However, he also had expressed little interest in a possible return, until this past weekend. Citing the drive of some of his younger students training out of his MMA gyms in New York and New Jersey, the 41-year old said working with them has not only motivated him to fight again but that he wants to drop two classes in weight and compete at 155 pounds.

Gracie did not offer a specific timetable for his return and added that when and where he fights again will depend on the quality of offers he receives.

  • rob says:

    Renzo Gracie is my absolute favorite person in this entire sport – if he wants to do it then by all means Mestre Renzo – do it! Maybe we’ll see you at Cachorrao’s…..

  • Man Renzo Gracie is a real loudmouth jackass…he is ganna move from 185 to 155?? I doubt it
    I did not like Renzo kicking a fighter after he lost (Marquardt)
    It was not appropriate for him to say he was doing JJ when Bj was in his father’s nutsack
    He’s done stick a fork in this guy’s career

  • okazaki'sboy says:

    here, here!

  • detroit_fan says:

    I would love to Renzo go at it again, especially at 155. Who doesn’t like Renzo?

  • Davey D says:

    If I we’re a betting man. I would put my money on Renzo fighting in Japan again. Personally, I think he should fight in the UFC but I don’t know if he has a good relationship with Zuffa or not? Renzo is a Legend and has helped many people from all walks of life. I’d like to see him fight on the biggest stage of them all. 155 might be pushing it at his age, maybe 170 would work, only he can answer that?

    I think Renzo vs. BJ or GSP somewhere down the line be would be awesome. BTW, would Roger Gracie succeed in the UFC?

  • Roger Gracie certainly has a bright future in mma..he is 6’4” 221….if he were to cut the rest of the weight i could see him top 10 lhw’s this time next year
    i have him 25th at hw

  • TerribleT says:

    Comeback ? Sure ! Is this the same Renzo Gracie that lost 6 out of 7 fights between the years 2000 and 2006 ? Yeah that’s him. It’s been practically 2 years since the F.Shamrock knee to the head fight too so why didn’t he ever fight Shamrock again or anybody else for that matter,like he promised he would do ? But now after all this time he says he wants to drop down to 155 LBs. from 185 LBs. and he’s most likely walking around at about 200 LBs. right now. No I for one am not buying this story at least not the fighting at lightweight story,that’s just a bit too crazy to believe although I would love to be wrong.Everybody always wants to see a 40 something year old fighter succeed against all odds.

  • Shatner says:

    Roger Gracie’s future won’t be too bright if he keeps backing out of fights.The people who run Sengoku accused him of backing out with a bogus injury.If he’s worried about fighting a guy like Travis Wiuff that he’s “faking an injury” then he better stick to grappling tournaments so he does’nt have to worry about getting hit.

  • the Levi says:

    I think that 41 might be a litle ro late for a come back.

  • Tony Fennen says:

    I looked kinda flabby when he fought shamrock so a 30lbs drop shouldn’t be to bad.
    He will walk into a 155 fight around 170.
    Renzo has 1 or 2 good fights left in him.


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