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Patrick Cote believes he got the better of Silva

Despite losing a to UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva via third round TKO caused by a potentially severe knee injury, Patrick Cote appeared to be in good spirits following UFC 90 this past Saturday.

“I think I proved to everyone that this guy (Silva) is not unbeatable,” Cote stated during a video interview with “I think I f—– him up really bad.”

Despite losing on two of the three judges’ scorecards in round one and then losing on all three in round two, Cote was happy with his performance during the fight.

“I think I did a good job,” Cote told MMA Canada. “I f—– my knee in the middle of the second round. In the middle of the second round I (was fighting) on one leg. One leg… I received a lot of good comments that I did great against Anderson Silva. I think I’m the first guy in the UFC to make three rounds with Anderson Silva.”

But Cote was far from done, as he stated several times during the interview that he felt Silva fought with fear.

“My gameplan was good and I think that he was scared to exchange with me,” Cote said. “I received all of his best punches and all of his best knees and I was still there… In the first two rounds I was there and I think I gave him a lot of trouble. He was f—-d. He didn’t know how to go inside and to beat me… I was very comfortable on my feet and I think he was running all the time and he was scared of my punch.”

Speculation right after the fight was that Cote has torn his ACL. However, when asked about the condition of his knee, the Canadian-born fighter revealed that he believes it’s his meniscus that might be torn.

“My knee is f—– up,” Cote said. “My meniscus – I thnk it’s my meniscus – my outside meniscus is bad. Really bad. Everybody who thinks that I am faking, you’re wrong because it was an opportunity of a lifetime. That was for the world championship of the biggest organization of the world (and) I’m not going to fake it. If you cut off my leg and I can fight with only one leg, I don’t give a f—. But the thing is I wasn’t able to fight.”

Another pressing topic during the interview was whether Cote perceived Silva’s gesture of offering a hand when he was on the ground in round 2 of the fight as an act of disrespect.

“I think it was a little bit rude,” he responded when asked by the interviewer for his thoughts on the matter. “Before I landed two big elbows on his head, I was waiting for the blood but the blood didn’t come up. The thing is, he wanted to help me to stand up but I don’t know. I found that a little bit rude and I didn’t want to take his hand. I wanted to get back on my feet by myself.”

Cote closed the interview by indicating that he would welcome a rematch and that he felt he was deserving of one, but acknowledged that the decision was out of his control and would be left up to UFC officials.

  • Biff says:

    Sounds like Cote is suffering from some dimentia

  • mingo says:

    He is speaking the truth Silva wanted none of him on the ground and never did get inside danced and showboated cote landed more kicks/punches than silva did

  • PM says:

    could silva have dominated cote? yes. did he dominate cote? no. i hear a lot of people saying “cote only made it to the 3rd round cuz silva let him, he could have destroyed cote anytime he wanted” maybe thats true, but the fact still remains that he DIDN’T destroy cote. silva definately got the better of most of the exchanges, but there were far too few to claim that cote was outclassed or dominated.

    for whatver reason, silva didn’t step-up the way most of us expected him to. was he being disrespectful and toying with cote? or was he being overly respectful and trying to avoid cote’s punching power? only he knows, but either way, the result was an unsatisfying fight even before cote’s knee injury; or maybe we’ve just come to expect too much from silva.

    if nothing else, you have to at least give cote some credit for trying to push forward, and not getting knocked out by punches and knees that would have floored a lot of people.

  • don raymond says:

    Cote sounds like a sore loser. He couldnt even smell Anderson during their fight. I respect him for standing in there and banging but c’mon. “I f—ed anderson up”???!! He cant be serious.

    He is lucky he got out of the cage with as little damage as he did.

  • Jackyl says:

    Can we get some official stats? Because I’m sure Silva threw and landed a lot more. He was blasting him with leg kicks, body kicks, knees. As usual Silva comes into a fight with a game plan. Sometimes he will use the first round to feel out his opponent and then make adjustments. He was defenitely turning it on a lot more. He had to do something to defend the overhand right that Cote was throwing. If that connected he might have been stunned. So he kept his distance and landed when he had an opening. I’m not sure where all the criticism is coming from. I think it’s pretty clear that Silva was winning. I’d like to see some official numers to back it up.

  • portland mma says:

    mingo with that assessment there is no way you actually watched the fight. The only two good elbows Cote landed were off his back (you are telling me Silva is going to get knocked out by an elbow from a guy on his back? haha), Silva was showboating and not pursuing when he should have but it was only a matter of time before Anderson capitalized. I like Cote but he has to be smoking something if he thinks he put on a favorable performance, that being said Silva toyed with him too long and I guarantee would have finished the fight, but Cote hurt himself TAKING A STEP.

  • Jason G says:

    Yeah if I were him I would be disappointed that I didn’t fight better in those two rounds. If you’re an elite fighter you have to believe you’re better than your opponent and he didn’t perform that way so to hell with I went to the third round with Silva, you didn’t win! I’d probably also be frustrated that Silva was moving around so much.

  • Bill says:

    for whatever reason, Silva didn’t show up to fight. i thought his actions were very disrespectful. what fighter sticks his hand out to help his opponent off the mat? i was let down by the way he fought. i was impressed with cote. silva hit him with some good shots, and cote took them all. i know he probably wouldn’t have won, but guys like cote always have a punchers chance. and, i think he does deserve a rematch!

  • Dave says:

    While I don’t necessarily agree that Silva was afraid of Cote, I do wonder how tha effected Silva to see somene be able to absorb some pretty hefty knees/punches and not go down..or even appear phased.

    But Cote is right, that was a d*ck move by Silva to offer him up. You can tell Silva was really pissed after Cote landed those 2 elbows from the ground. He gave him a couple of very very light FU kicks and then offered to help him up. Even the ref was like WTF are you doing.

  • portland mma says:

    I think a rematch of this fight is a horrible idea, if Silva has what 5 fights left on his contract and he wants to retire, does anyone think its a good idea that one of those fights should be against Cote? No way did this fight warrant a rematch.

  • neijia says:

    Fight Metric has some stats:
    (Anderson vs Cote)
    Hi Percentage Strike Accuracy (landed vs. missed): 62% vs. 17%
    Takedowns: 100% vs. 0%
    Offensive Volume: 81 vs. 20

    Cote, White, and certain fans are all smoking something. Silva clearly dominated, landing both a lot more shots and throwing a lot more. However, neither fighter really engaged much overall and Silva gets the brunt of the criticism given much higher expectations. If Silva didn’t want to ground fight and wanted to fight from outside until finding counterattack opportunities, so what? It was clearly working. The highlights of kicks and knees to Cote’s head that Joe Rogan pointed out looked like good shots. Does Cote have a good chin? Apparently so. Could he keep taking all that damage for 5 rounds while missing more than he landed? Too bad we couldn’t find out.

  • Shatner says:

    Cote was evidently hurt worse that I thought if he thinks this because for everyone who points out how Silva was conservative in the fight fails to point out how Cote failed to engage at all he seemed content to make it to the 3rd round so he could let everyone no he made it farther that anyone else.So what!

  • ihateemo says:

    Cote didn’t exactly “f—- Silva up” but he took some really hard shots and, pardon the phrase, took them like a champ. That knee to the face was what finish off Leben, Henderson and Franklin. That hard straight to the face crumpled Irvin like a ragdoll.

    Cote didn’t exactly outstrike Silva, but he was game and much braver and resilient than anyone (including myself!) thought he would be. The fact that both fighters circled and were hesitant to engage proves that both men were aware of the others’ finishing power – Silva’s tactics were spot on. If he’d just lunged at Cote I am pretty sure he would have been taking an involuntary nap. Ditto Cote.

    I’d personally like to see a rematch after Cote proves himself against some more opponents.

  • Jason G says:

    They need to move Silva to LHW. He won’t be able to screw around too much there. I think he was just trying to win the fight without taking any damage. If he’s that much better than his opponent it kinda makes sense. Fedor stays injury free a lot by finishing his opponents fast but last time i believe he broke a bone in his hand. Bottom line is he’s not going to be the best he can be without quality opposition.

  • JJ Docker says:

    “I think I f—– him up really bad.”

    No, you didn’t. You really, really, didn’t.

  • glock says:

    Well, I’m glad to get one side of the story, Cote had a better view than we did, but I wish Silva would add his $.02. I think it might be a bit more objective, though after Cote’s comments, he might not be as genteel as he usually is.

    When fighters make predictions before fights they seem either really prescient or really naive and stupid depending on the outcome-unfortunately without a definitive finish we’ll always have to withhold judgment even with both sides of the story.

    Too bad.

  • G-DUB says:

    Cote seems to be patting himself on the back by making it to the 3rd round with Silva. I’ve heard him say that now in 3 separate interviews. ARE YOU F’ING KIDDING ME?? Any man with a winner’s mentality would never pride himself on that. Seriously … when have you ever heard of any basketball player worth a dam say “well …. we took them to a 7th and decisive game …. no other team has … so I think we DID GREAT” after losing in the playoffs?? You wouldn’t.
    Cote … go home … you had no business in the ring with the likes of Silva and all you did in the octagon for 2+ rounds was delay the inevitable.

  • Mike A says:

    Everyones saying how much respect they have lost for Silva… I have lost more for Cote. He lost the god dam fight… now hes saying he f*cked him up when he landed one elbow all fight… and priding himself for making it to the 3rd round… wow. And people are complaining anderson was disrespectful.

  • obamasaidknockyouout says:

    I have lost all respect for Cote. Silva certainly did not dominate and might have lost round 1, but Cote sounds like a moron saying he f’ed up Silva. Soaking up a few of Anderson’s knees and landing maybe 1 or 2 clean punches does not equate to an ass-whooping. Hopefully, he is just posturing for a rematch because he sounds like a retard. I hope he gets it.

  • hiphiphorray says:

    silva f’d him up. it was only a matter of time before cote got knocked out. silva was rocking him, toying with him, cote is not on anderson’s level. he’s got an amazing chin and heavy hands.

    of course silva was avoiding his punches, does that means he’s scared?
    no he’s skilled. cote doesn’t have the skill to be as elusive.

    silva won the fight. i don’t care to ever see a rematch unless cote beats another 4-5 guys. silva is obviously a way better fighter , i’d like to see him against someone else.

  • Cathedron says:

    Silva did look like he was at least cautious about Cote. We saw a straight-up kickboxing match, really. Cote looked good, though. I was a little impressed.

  • Rich S. says:

    I’ll agree..
    Cote WAS winning the fight when he lost..
    Cote DID do better than any of Spider’s other opponents..

    but he DID NOT get the better of Silva..
    he simply got the respect of Silva [yea, i said it, and it’s true]
    You see, when you respect someone, you fight them smart, because you know what they’re capable of..
    Silva has done this in just about all of his fights here in the UFC..
    Silva knows Cote’s hands are heavy, so why get on the inside and mix it up?

    I laugh when i see the remarks like “Silva wanted none of him on the ground and never did get inside”


    if there’s one place Cote had a chance, it was on the inside..

    Instead, Silva stayed away, and waited for his opportunities, and if it weren’t for Cote’s amazing chin, every one of those three opportunities he took would’ve been successful..

    I’ve said it 10,000,000 times and i’ll say it again..

    Silva took a Machida approach.
    So, why does Machida get praise and Silva get bashed?

    i hate to break it to ya folks, but shuffling your hands isn’t showboating..
    Even Rogan and Goldie mentioned that it’s merely a distraction..


  • portland mma says:

    “I’ll agree..
    Cote WAS winning the fight when he lost..”

    What fight were you watching?

  • HexRei says:

    Yeah I can’t see how anyone could score that fight for Cote, that’s ridiculous. Silva’s dominance was obvious, he was playing with Cote FFS.

  • JJ Docker says:

    He wasn’t completely playing with him, it was a mixture of caution, patient counter-striking and yes, at some some points, playing around. Silva was smart and as the most effective counter striker in MMA was waiting for Cote to attack so he could get inside or force him onto the cage and utilise his range. But Cote expected this as well and so tried to be effective in small doses, as in a few kicks or punches then reposition himself. He never really came at Silva, nor did Silva come at him. Its for this reason that many viewers were impressed with his performance; as he got to the 3rd with no damage. Obviously its impossible to prove but I think Silva could have turned it on in the 2nd, as he’s always patient in the 1st, but didn’t want to because a) Cote is a good technical striker and he could have got caught and b) wanted Cote to get comfortable whilst Silva found his range.

    If Cote still hadn’t began to attack Silva more directly in the 3rd or 4th, had it gone that far, Im pretty sure Silva would have applied pressure on himself and won the fight by TKO. Again impossible to prove, but thats my opinion. I don’t think Silva was being disrespectful to Cote just fighting cautiously and playing around in the process. If you look at his other fights he has done this occasionally as well i.e. the overly flambuoyant head bob-and-weave against Franklin.

    Its debatable as to whether Cote deserves a rematch. But in no way did he ‘f–k’ Silva up. Just gave a solid technical performance against Silva who was waiting for him to attack for 2 rounds.

  • Steve says:

    this guy comes off as a moron.

  • Rich S. says:

    ““I’ll agree..
    Cote WAS winning the fight when he lost..”
    What fight were you watching?”

    How about i put it this way..
    I DON’T PERSONALLY FEEL that Cote was winning the fight..

    Cote threw alot of swing-n-misses..
    Silva landed every shot with percision..

    but in a judge’s eyes, Cote was the -aggressor-, and he was -pushing the pace-.

    i feel that Silva’s counter gameplan was great..
    but until you actually catch someone with a counter, the judges will think your not willing to engage, thus swaying them towards Cote.

    And if you think that sounds wild, i’m sure i can get an “amen” on UFC judges not exactly being the brightest..

  • HexRei says:

    JJ Docker on October 27th, 2008 5:13 pm

    He wasn’t completely playing with him, it was a mixture of caution, patient counter-striking and yes, at some some points, playing around.

    Way to contradict me and then admit I was right in the same sentence 😉 guess some people just love to argue.

  • HexRei says:

    I mean I never said he was “completely” playing with him, see?

  • dirk says:

    silva could have ended that fight at will. i think he was trying to entertain. i feel sorry for the next guy that has to fight him, becuase i don’t think he is gonna play

  • JollyDV says:

    Before the fight Mark Delagratti was asked if Cote had a chance. Delagratti said that Cote truly believed he would win and that was all that mattered. Cote showed no fear, no nerves, nothing. So if he really thought he was going to win, then it makes sense that he truly thinks he was winning this fight. Besides, what fighter would do a post fight interview and say yeah, he whooped my ass from start to finish. Most fighters that lose think they had an advantage at some point in the fight. A fighter’s psyche has to work this way, there cannot be room for doubt.

    I may be off a shot or two, but I recall that in round 1, neither fight touched each other in the first minute. I believe that the remaining 4 minutes of round 1 included only two kicks and one throw connecting. The fight ended very early in round 3, basically leaving only round 2 to judge. Silva got the takedowns and some elbows etc. Cote got 2 elbows from the bottom and made contact only a few times. The data posted early testifies to this.

    Sam is there anyway you can get an interview with Anderson Silva or his trainer? Please try really hard. We would all love to hear his version.

  • sadface says:

    Rich S. In the “judges eyes” Silva won 30-27 on two cards and 29-28 on the other card. So, no Cote wasn’t winning the fight at all.

  • Grappo says:

    I like Cote, but he is either delusional, or just trying to hype himself up a bit. Silva did him a huge favor by letting it go on as long as it did. I think he was trying to give the fans a good show instead of annihilating Cote from the get-go, but it kinda backfired on him because of Cote’s freak injury. If the fight had played out the way it would have if Cote’s knee hadn’t gone poo-poo, I don’t think people would be complaining about Silva’s showboating.

  • red says:

    This fight almost seemed to me that Silva was bored and tired to make it intersting .

  • TerribleT says:

    Cote says he was winning the fight B4 he KO’ed himself. That’s a good one!!! But who didn’t know we were going to hear this sooner or later? Put Cote back in the octagon with Travis Lutter that will shut him up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rbk says:

    Cote sure is setting himself up for a decapitation if (hopefully not) they rematch. Delusions of Cote grandeur.

  • ragefightingwear says:

    Uh Cote, You TKO’d yourself, Anderson let you live, he was so unfraid of you, that he decided to get a Cardio work in, for next real fight, before you TKO’d yourself.

  • spoofeee says:

    forget a rematch with cote n silva, give yushin okami his shot at silva given he beats lister, cote wouldnt of even gotten his shot had okami broken his hand., then silva can move to lhw. cote can bitch all he wants saying he ‘fucked’ up silva. most people would think Okami would probably do a worse job than Cote, but give him his shot, hes only lost to franklin!! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • nate says:

    “red” said “This fight almost seemed to me that Silva was bored and tired to make it interesting”
    that sums it up for me as well. I was curious to see what Cote said, “Biff” describes how I feel on that one: “Sounds like Cote is suffering from some dementia”

  • darkmetal says:

    If you watch the fight again, you will notice that with each minute of the fight, Silva was getting more and more aggressive, essentially “feeling out” his opponent. However, even at the beginning, nobody can say that Cote was dominating the action. The path to destruction was only halted by his own injury.

    Wow, he survived a few good punches and a knee and made it to round 3. I give him credit for that, but from Cote’s viewpoint it made him the winner somehow.
    It’s tantamount to Cote shaving his head and walking through Kimbo Slice’s neighborhood without getting shot. You may have survived but it don’t mean spit because you walked VERY fast.

    If Cote had beaten Silva, or at least have endangered him at ANY time, he would have some reason to boast. As it stands, he is simply being a chump for even talking. He should thank Anderson for the opportunity to even step in the ring with him.

  • steve says:

    Cote clearly dominated the entire fight, silva had no chance. If it had gone the third, cote was knocking silva out with flying knee. Silva has no stand up ability

  • Robert says:

    I enjoyed reading the post above, my take is simple: Silva fought a smart fight, he landed clean, landed hard and at the same time avoided clean and hard shots from cote.
    He had a gameplan and executed it to the T. He also did what most intentionally ignore because secretly inside some want Silva to fall, and thats to know the gameplan of your opponent. Which for cote was to concoct a brawling inside exchange that would give him a chance to rock Silva. He even told the world his gameplan when he said I will take 10 of Silva’s to get my one!! hint, hint.. He also told the world his alternative gameplan when he said that he thinks Silvas wrestling his suspect, meaning he planned to try to take silva down, if he could not land on the feet and guess what he tried to take Silva down..hint,hint..
    Again, Silva fought a smart fight by landing and moving not running, but landing to frustrate your opponent so that they will do the inevitable – make a mistake!!
    I know alot of people including ufc pres. dana white have idolized Silva and granted he has been blessed by GOD but they forget why they idolize him, maybe because he’s a great fighter, who fights smart, who respects his opponents, and who execute his gameplan.
    Tell me this you ufc fans, streetfighters, and ufc fighters which is a better gameplan
    #1 land clean, land hard, land decisive, avoid his right hand strength, respect your opponent, and at the same time wait till your opponent makes a mistake, then capitalize, if it ends in tko take it, if it ends in a KO take or
    #2 go in wild, poising like you want to fight technical but all along swinging for the fences, hoping that somehow, someway that I land, and absorb some of his punches along the way so that I can give him my one, and if all that don’t work then try to sneak in a takedown and gr and pound. and then I’ll say after the fight I f– him up??


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