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Affliction’s Atencio confirms recent talks with the UFC

Affliction Entertainment Vice President Tom Atencio confirmed to on Monday afternoon that a reported September meeting between Affliction and UFC officials in which the UFC tried to stop Affliction from promoting shows did in fact take place.

The story was first broken by MMA Weekly last Wednesday and quoted unnamed industry sources.

“It was just a basic meeting to help get Xtreme Couture on Randy (Couture) since Randy is our partner, so that’s what the meeting was really about,” Atencio initially responded when asked if he could verify reports of the meeting.

Atencio would later confirm that the UFC in fact had expressed an interest in getting Affliction to stop promoting mixed martial arts events. However, when asked just what the UFC was offering in order to entice Affliction to cease MMA operations, Atencio said talks never progressed.

“It didn’t really get into any details like that,” he stated.

The promotion, which is scheduled to hold its second show on Jan. 24 in Anaheim, Calif. expressed that the idea of no longer promoting shows was never taken seriously.

“No, there was no offer made, so why would we give it any consideration?”

  • Shatner says:

    Affliction must have something in the works or Atencio is a fool. They must have a network TV deal or something coming out to keep having a plan of promoting their own MMA events besides their overpriced clothing line.They can’t survive forever without network TV and bigger PPV buys when their paying guys like Matt Lindland 300,000 dollars a fight.They better start selling t-shirts for 100 dollars a piece.

  • mattio says:

    Hey, dude, the end result of those failed negotiations was (allegedely) Lorenzo Fertitta calling one of the Affliction owners up and trying to set up a fist fight. You didn’t ask him anything about that?

    Besides, I thought it was Affliction going to the UFC, and offering to cease MMA operations in exchange for some type of merchandise contract. I tried to look up last weeks story at MMAweekly to double check, but I couldn’t find it.

  • Makea says:

    The t-shirts are practically $100 a piece!

  • HexRei says:

    yeah some of them are that much. if that scares you don’t even look at the jeans prices.

  • Scott Whitt says:

    After listening to Dana, Skala, Gary Shaw, and the other guy from Affliction; it is nice to seem that Atencio seems to be level headed and able to construct a sentence without using 8 expletives.

  • egad81 says:

    $100 T-Shirt in comparison to the $44.50 for a WACK UFC PPV is a bargain
    T-shirts can be worn again and again….. I will never watch that Silva Cote PPV again.
    What a waste

  • paddiosf says:

    I hate to say it guys like Mayhem said those t-shirts are all played out..All that skulls crap is so poser now, I can buy knockoffs from Walmart and Target..

  • Drew says:

    Rider get off the computer and do your chores before daddy gets home. Only queers and guidos wear womens designer garbage like armani and gucci.

  • HexRei says:

    Proof of what I’ve told people before in other threads here… Dana’s desire to shutdown the competition trumps his integrity and desire to improve and grow the sport. His goal is for this sport to be UFC, not MMA. He wants no competition unless they are subjugated feeder orgs like KOTC and Strikeforce.

  • JoHn says:

    RIDER you are an idiot, if you were going to talk about a watch it could have atleast been a presidential or something that cost more than $5500. and a $100000 a year isnt to shabby, it is the top 1% of the us population you fucktard

  • JoHn says:

    and rider come on gucci and armani, are you a queer, come on bro its not the late 80’s early 90’s, how bout z cavariiccis too you schmuck

  • derreckla says:

    I don’t get it. Are Dudes really turning into chicks (label whores)? Listening to some dudes about Affliction is like a male version of Sex and the City…

  • derreckla says:

    I don’t get it? Are these shirts more durable? Do they last longer? Are they gaurenteed to make women get wet?

    IT”S A T-SHIRT!!!!!!

  • HexRei says:

    Welcome to the world of fashion, my friend. Affliction isn’t even that expensive in the grand scheme of fashion trends.

  • jerkface says:

    yes derreckla, its a sad day in mma when theres an argument about gucci taking place. sad day.

  • ionceshitanentirepizza,toppingsfirst. says:

    have you ever gotten the “pee shivers”? Its an odd feeling, but i kinda like it.


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