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Silva’s friends in high places prove to be fair-weather

I cannot write this column without interjecting myself into it. It wouldn’t be fair to defend Anderson Silva without acknowledging that at one time I disputed UFC President Dana White’s claim that Silva was the number one pound-for-pound fighter in the world. Call me crazy, but I believe in making such determinations on my own and not having a promoter try to make them for me.

But the man who was most vocal in proclaiming Silva the pound-for-pound best is now the same man that is so disappointed at the fair-weather treatment of Silva by both his employers, select members of the media, and some of his so-called “fans” that he felt compelled to write the same article twice.

The criticism of Silva comes off to me as nothing more than sour grapes. White and the UFC bet the house on Silva on Saturday night and they lost. Despite presenting a paper-thin card to the masses, they still charged exorbitant ticket prices and the pay-per-view asking price remained in the $44.95-$54.95 range. Chances are the UFC felt they could push the envelope because of the presence of Silva. When blood-thirsty casual fans that can only appreciate a knockout were delivered Patrick Cote’s head on a platter, everyone would feel like they got their money’s worth. It was almost as if the UFC promised everyone a televised execution and when Cote didn’t fry, everyone booed.

White is the same guy who said anyone who disputed Silva’s uncrowned position as the number one pound-for-pound fighter in the world was “insane.” Yet because Silva fought like a true fighter and not a performance artist last night, White felt compelled to chastize him in public.

“I think he had a bad night,” White told Yahoo! Sports and ESPN Radio’s Steve Cofield. “I think he had a bad night tonight, and I think we saw that he’s human. Even he can have a bad night.”

Wait a minute; a bad night? Did I miss something? Did Anderson Silva not win last night’s fight via third round TKO? Did Silva not decisively win both rounds 1 and 2? Did Silva absorb virtually no damage in that fight against one of the most punishing punchers in the UFC’s middleweight division? Did the man not preserve his unblemished record in the UFC and improve to 8-0 inside the Octagon?

We saw that he was human? You mean as opposed to a robot who turns out highlight reel KOs on command? In that regard, Silva is human after all. Then again, Silva might have delivered the KO everyone was looking for had Cote not suffered a freak knee injury in the center of the Octagon.

But because Silva wasn’t able to carry the show, suddenly he’s not good enough for White and other members of the media that drank White’s kool-aid. Many of the same people that tried to place Silva on this magical pedestal that stood above the rest of the world’s best fighters are the same ones trying to discredit Silva’s legacy and oversimplify the challenges that are inherent to sanctioned combat. And some of the ammunition they are using against Silva is downright insulting.

I really do not understand how these “experts” can question Silva’s lack of command of the English language when many of them speak no other language than English. It’s real easy to sit on your soapbox and say “he’s got to start speaking English” without being fluent in any language other than your native tongue. If English is your first language, you cannot relate to Silva’s plight even if you know multiple languages because you’ve never had to learn English as your second language and thus do not know the challenges involved. For all we know, English could be much tougher to master than speaking Spanish, French, or Russian.

And what’s with all of these so-called “experts” questioning Anderson Silva’s body-language? Since when did they become experts in translating movements and expressions? Have they not seen Anderson Silva fight before? When the man is throwing punches, elbows, knees, and kicks from the clinch, it looks like poetry in motion. However, at other times, the lanky middleweight doesn’t always look so coordinated and at times lookes like an awkward teenager still growing into his body.

The criticism of Silva has gotten so insane that some have even resorted to treating an act of respect — i.e. Silva’s decision to offer Cote a hand to get back up on his feet — as if he had directed an obscene gesture in the direction of Cote’s mother. How did we get to a point where we treat a gesture of sportsmanship as the ultimate insult? It comes off as nothing more than the Vampires feeling a little moody after not having their thirst for blood quenched. Oh wait, Silva did make Cote bleed from the forehead. But it wasn’t enough. It seems like Silva is being punished for no other reason than he didn’t send Cote out of the cage strapped to a stretcher. Shame on you Anderson Silva for not decapitating Patrick Cote!

The angry mob is even questioning Silva’s bow at the beginning of the fight. Someone that would question Silva’s body-language in that situation hasn’t so much as sparred with someone. Before you compete against someone in a combat sport, whether it be sparring or an actual fight, you often do not know how you’re going to be received by your opponent. Often you let your opponent dictate the terms in which the fight will be contested because no one teaches you how to react to your opponent before a fight. As such, you often leave such areas of uncertainty to your opponent. If he holds out his glove, you hold out your glove. If he extends his hand, you extend your hand. And if he bows as you’re about to go back to your corner, you might decide to bow at the last second and it might not come off as the most coordinated gesture in the history of mankind.

The reality is that Dana White has created a mythological monster in Anderson Silva. He’s created a fighter that is received as a loser if he falls short of finishing an opponent in the first round. He’s put Silva into a situation where winning is no longer good enough. Is it any wonder why the man is considering retiring at the age of 35?

  • the sheik says:

    i always liked your opinion but you’re wrong in this case

  • paddiosf says:

    I’m still shaking my head on this fight, SIlva was like playing around in the ring and I’m a huge fan but Wow I was disappointed in his antics as Great as he is..

  • jonb says:

    BLAH BLAH BLAH What fight did you watch? Silva was clowning around and goofing on Cote.

  • Jon says:

    Sam is absolutely right. You people who disagree are the exact people he’s talking about in his column. If Cote had not gotten hurt and Silva finished him later in the fight (which probably would have happened) then none of you would be bitching right now. What is the point of having a 5 round fight if you aren’t allowed to take your time and turn it on in the later rounds. Silva still had basically 15 minutes of fighting left.

  • Jeff L says:

    I agree with you completely. It’s mornings like this that make me hate this sport. The bandwagon jumping and severity of turn of opinon is sickening. As a fighter, you are either in the ivory tower or under the boot in the gutter with too much of the fanbase. It’s unreal to me. I’ve been a fan of athletics and sports my whole life and never seen anything like it.

  • Dylan says:

    im really getting tired of hearing people complain about the main eventand anderson silva and how disrespectful can chicago fans be the ufc should NEVER go back how dare they boo a man with an injury im glad the cubs and white sox lost

  • H.Diddy says:

    I was getting douche chills watching Anderson’s behavior. I think his behavior was mocking sportsmanship…not sportsmanship itself.

    I competed at NAGA yesterday and understand your point about the bowing, but once the fight started Anderson should’ve been all business. When he started running away in the first round, wtf was that?

  • Mark One says:

    Anderson is a god ! End of chat!!!

  • Davey D says:

    I tried to tell anyone who would listen that this fight would be a war. I thought it ended up being a very technical fight with an unfortunate ending. There was still plenty of time on the clock and no one could’ve predicted Cote’s injury. Shit happens and last night it did during a great battle. Anderson probably could’ve finished his oppenent but time didn’t allow it.

    Silva was clearly winning the fight before it ended. He respected Cote from the begining when not a lot of people did. Why? Because he is the one fighting and not you. I think Anderson Silva has a lot of class and isn’t afraid to show it. Silva threw many knee’s and punches that could’ve KO’d most people but Patrick found a way to continue until he couldn’t. I can respect that. Almost everyone reduced Cote to a tomato can and those people should be ashamed because there are no easy fight’s at this level.

    With all that, I hope we get to see the Spider fight again before the year is up. I would suggest a fight at 205 against Chuck Liddell.

  • dbess says:

    Look at who Silva was fighting. Everyone knows Cote wasn’t ready for this fight and it’s proven by his track record. Who has Cote fought that was in line for a title shot? When you put someone in front of one of the best fighters in the world who isn’t ready for a title shot this is what happens. Silva doesn’t need to fight these guys…what does he have to prove by defeating Cote? An underrated fighter who isn’t ready to be a champion.

    Prime example of a smart fighter is Micheal Bisping. He said after his last fight that he isn’t ready for a title shot against Silva…and he is right. He said he wanted to fight a few more fights before he feels like he can take on Silva. Cote wasn’t ready and will not be ready for a 2 years if you ask me.

    UFC desperatly needs to put Cheal Sonnen Against Anderson Silva. I can’t think of any fighter who is going to have a shot at beating silva. I think Cheal will give Silva a run for his money.

    I think the UFC needs to look at other org. in order to keep on testing Silva.

  • Shatner says:

    When are people going to see through Dana White’s bullshit.All of his comments are always designed to put the best spin on things for the UFC and most importantly himself.Saying Silva had a bad not that he’s human he’s trying to cover up for the fact that it was a bad night for the UFC in Chicago.The card really was’nt great and the crowd there was awful.I mean i did not love the fights last night either except Sherk and Griffin but the Chicago fans were booing anything and everything i mean without reason sometimes they were apparently filled up with a lot of beer and short attention spans.

  • Dermot says:

    Sam, i couldn’t agree with you more. This morning I’ve been reading articles on the MMA websites, especially Yahoo, and they are blasting Silva for clowning around. To me it seemed Silva didn’t get comfortable and find his rhythm with Cote. Maybe I’m wrong, but to blast Silva out of the water and say his performance was showboating is reporters wanting to bring down who they just weeks ago inflated.

  • Cathedron says:

    Totally agree with you Sam. The one thing that just pisses me off about this sport is how fickle and downright judgmental some of it’s fans can be. You heap unrealistic expectations onto them to the point that there’s no way they could ever live up to it. One win and a fighter is the next big thing. One loss and he’s washed up. If fight fans were baseball fans, they’d be switching teams every time their team lost a game.

  • Cathedron says:

    Also, I’m from the midwest. I know that Chicago is just a rude city in general. I wasn’t surprised at all by how much they were booing. Also, they are not very educated about the sport even though it’s only a 3 hour drive from the Quad Cities where MMA and wrestling are practically worshipped. The only thing Chicagoans really care about are the major sports.

  • glock says:

    I’m with you Sam. Anderson is class act, and for the most part respectful of his opponents. He showed that AGAIN last night.
    Every time he decided to press the action or probe Cotes reflexes, he made Cote look awkward a tad uncoordinated and well, a little slow .
    Cote showed he’s durable, and Anderson showed he’s got a sense of humor as well as honor, and as the best in the world,he can actually have some fun in a fight.

    I don’t think he gives a sh!t about stats like not getting out of the 1st or 2nd round or % of KO finishes. He’s the best because he figures out how and when to finish the people in front of him – pretty consistently. Who the [email protected] are we to say he wasn’t going about it properly, or that he should do (or was thinking) this or that.

    As for Dana, he’s a bit of an A-hole and we should regard his comments accordingly…as for Silva he’s a bit of a hero, a class act, and a bit better than all of us at what HE does, we should regard his actions accordingly.

  • mingo says:

    dude di silva give you a bj after the fight to pump him up in an article? Maybe dana is going to quit giving you free tickets and access to the fighters if you dont put a positive spin on this? Show some class and report the truth. Silva toyed, disrespected and showboated against silva and after rewatching the fight I am even more disgusted at silva

  • marc in bc says:

    Only an IDIOT would criticize Silva!!! Nuff said.

  • Mike A says:

    Wow you are all a bunch of tools critisizing Silva… Shut up about the showboating, he can do w/e the hell he wants. When your that good and your apponent doesnt evem come close to hitting you, you have to do things to keep in entertaining. He could have ended that fight whenever he wanted but he was toying around waiting for a big shot. Who cares. He would have won anyway. Cry babies

  • James says:

    cote should have taken his hand, got up, and punched him straight in the jaw

  • mingo says:

    funny I saw cote land more than silva

  • DT says:

    EXACTLY. just because Silva was fucking around doesn’t mean that he wasn’t owning Cote on every single exchange. Cote had a chin of steel, as he showed by eating knees and a kick straight to the face, and barely flinching. However, if Cote hadn’t suffered the knee injury, and the fight had carried on into the fourth or fifth round, do you really not think that Silva would have gotten the knock out? You have to be joking if you’re criticizing Silva for this fight. Boohoo, you paid $50.00 for the PPV! Maybe you should have looked at the card and seen how bleak it was in the first place… Stop sucking Dana White’s cock, the guy is an idiot and needs to stop talking shit 24/7.

  • Dave says:

    Whoever said it is right. If that injury didn’t happen and silva won in the 3rd round, it’s not that big of a deal. But when you dance around and play around for 2 rounds and then a freak injury happens in the 3rd, you open yourself to some critism. I think it was crappy of Anderson to do that personally. Seriously, what’s the point of all the crap he was pulling? To show that he’s a personality? You can show that after the fight, you don’t need to putz around in the octagon for 10 minutes.

  • Jeff L says:

    Fedor intentionally drags out fight with Coleman = praised
    Anderson intentionally drags out fight with Cote = disgraceful display

    Just admit it, most of you deriding Silva today are just made because it wasnt the violent “cage fight” you wanted. If the injury hadn’t occured, we wouldn’t be hearing a peep about this. Sam is spot on.

  • coulson13 says:

    Sam, it’s obvious that you’re an unadulterated fan of Silva’s. Who isn’t? He’s an incredible fighter with skills that MMA hasn’t seen before. But what went on last night was a joke to the informed MMA community, especially those of us that have seen all of us his fights and his career progression. It was obvious that he wanted the fight to go into the middle to late rounds. In past performances, Silva would have gone for the kill in the couple of situations where he actually connected and rocked Cote. He knew it was an uneven match-up. Silva showed no respect at all for Cote’s one punch KO power. It clowned it up and showed a complete lack of focus or determination last night. He had several opportunities to go for the kill in usual Silva fashion and backed off instead. Either the UFC told him to let Cote survive until the middle rounds or he felt he needed more ring time and didn’t go for the kill or he wasn’t geared up for the fight. I don’t see any other possibilities. To not acknowledge that it is showing a total lack of objectivity on your part Sam. Silva does odd things during fights from time to time, and he’s a truly class act, but the offering to help Cote up was odd. It didn’t relay a kill or be killed attitude that is usually a big part of his game. He was obviously not feeling challenged. Don’t take it so personally Sam, it wasn’t a compelling fight from the time the contract was signed.

  • 5percentbodyfat says:

    Sam we agree sort of,

    Today I’m utterly pissed off because I was wrong. I thought that we were all better than this, here it is a sport goes mainstream and gets a nice solid fan base, but the problem is they are not into the sport for the same reason we are. I’m into MMA because I like seeing the skill of a fight, the balance between control and aggression, like watching Bruce Lee or Kobe play ball, or Ray Lewis make a sack, or a brilliant chess match.

    Instead we got this……. blood thirst. Ironically we got “bone splitting” action but that wasn’t enough. Simply, the growth of the sport has killed MMA, and has booed UFC Legends. So although White caused this mess, he certainly can’t be blamed for the outcome.

    I know I hit u in the past regarding your choice of GSP as P4P, and the truth is that Silva is. And although he is my favorite fighter, the UFC has forced him into a string of bad fights.

    41 seconds in a fight. How is this ok? Yes he caught a guy’s leg and punched him in the face. Spectacular? Isn’t this the most common move in second grade.

    And now, he has to toy with a fighter, to make the other fighter look good. Actually I shouldn’t really say that, because I have no idea what he was thinking. I saw an unfamiliar Silva, and in a since that goes into who he is, creativity. The problem is that the public has settled for the “My 5 year old can paint this” art and the “It took years to paint this” masterpiece

    Simply, he was eventually going to knock the guy out and we couldn’t tell when. We got 11 minutes out of a 20 minute fight, but do we really expect every fight to be bundled up in a Youtube clip? That’s the problem. But if you hated last night and wanted to watch a quick KO…..

    please type in “Kimbo Slice” into youtube, I’m pretty sure that work of art isn’t copyrighted.

  • Ft. Dub says:

    There is some middle ground here. I do believe that Silva is a respectful fighter, but that doesn’t mean that he didn’t toy with and mock Cote. He treated it like a sparring match where he would simply engage whenever he got bored dancing.

    The dude is obviously supremely talented, but if the lesser fighter refused to engage for as much of the fight as Silva did we would all be saying we didn’t want that person in the cage ever again.

    SILVA IS BETTER AND CLASSIER THAN HE SHOWED LAST NIGHT. The fight shouldn’t have gone long enough for the knee to blow and wouldn’t have it Silva hadn’t been working on his clowning more than his fighting.

  • 5percentbodyfat says:

    I’m done.

    The fight should have ended before his knee blew? I feel that if his knee blew at the beginning of the third then people would still be saying the same thing. Its random.

    Its random that a guy knee blows, its random that a guy goes down at the result of a jab.

    The fight was a five round fight, could it be that a fighter plans for such an occurrence. Maybe Silva’s fight would have been like GSP’s last fight? Silva’s gameplan we would never know, but if you want to actually talk about someone’s fight plan, how about you say (and I hate to do this) maybe Cote should have tried to finish him before his knee blew. He knee about it in the second, so shouldn’t he have laid it all out on the line?

  • clarkiefromcanada says:


    I guess fortunately I didn’t have to pay to watch this event last night; I will admit that I am Canadian (though not Quebecois) up front. I enjoyed the two rounds last night and while Cote did not have Silva hurt at any point it certainly didn’t appear that Cote was on the verge of going away, either.

    Sadly, the deification of Anderson Silva (via Dana White, some mma media and the casual fan) has reduced him in many ways to a Kimbo Slice like carricature of what he once was. When Anderson Silva fought Rich Franklin and later even Dan Henderson the “competition” of those fights was paramount. As much as people thought that Silva would beat Henderson, for example, there was a real chance that he would lose (and he did lose the first round). Sadly, the media and many “fans” had reduced Patrick Cote to a tomato can role prior to the event last night. Indeed, you can criticize who Cote has beaten but he’s never been knocked out. He didn’t look out of place at all in that fight last evening prior to the injury and he had the legit “punchers chance”.

    If people expect Silva to provide a “performance” rather than participate in a fight where there is “competition” then they will be disappointed. A month ago this public and media perception bit Kimbo Slice in the ass and last night Anderson Silva. Dana shouldn’t be angry but he should learn the lessons of Elite XC and their top heavy “performance” based cards and see how that’s worked out for them.

    Aside from this, I’ll look forward to the rematch.

    Best wishes all.

  • ocd says:

    Sam, you are EXACTLY right in this case, and I don’t agree with you very often.

    When Machida does it, it is a skill and a technical fight. When Silva does it, he is a low performer having a bad night.


  • Lawdawg says:

    “Yet because Silva fought like a true fighter and not a performance artist last night” – that has to be the most ridiculous statement I have read on this site in a long time. Everything Silva did last night was from a “performance artist.” How was anything he did last night, that of a “true fighter?” Was it the dancing? Was it the silly arm movements? At least when Rashad Evans does it he backs it up.

    To me, offering a hand to Cote while on the ground was not an “act of sportmanship” but rather an act of disrespect. When has any fighter ever done this? What if Silva had punched him? How many times have we seen a standing fighter sweep in and either kick or punch a fighter trying to get up in the same situation.

    The entire UFC middleweight division is a complete joke. I like Cote but the fact that he even got a title shot shows how truly weak the division is. Silva is a fantastic fighter and it is not his fault that the division sucks. But Caplan and others need to quit ignoring the fact that only one of Silva’s fights is truly against one of the all-time best fighters, Dan Henderson. Everyone likes Rich Franklin, but he built a career, again, in a MW division that is horrible. Marquardt has made improvements since the first fight with Silva, but again, not exactly top flight competition.

    Criticism of Silva and the UFC will continue until the MW division is either revamped to include fighters like Frank Shamrock and Cung Le, or until Silva is forced to step up to LHW and fight in what is probably the deepest division in the sport.

    Caplan is normally a great writer, so he deserves a pass for this joke rant.

  • HexRei says:

    I thought it was a great fight- I felt like Silva wanted to show off a little and let the fight go into the later rounds- I mean he dispatched his opponent in under thirty seconds last time, what kind of a fight is that? Certainly it was impressive but there is something to be said for a fight going longer. Silva wanted to put on a real show, demonstrate just how much better his game is than Cote’s. It’s Cote’s fault that he slipped and TKO’ed himself, I am confident Silva planned to finish Cote in the 4th or 5th.

    Sam, I agree with you completely on this article.

  • Powers says:

    To all you retards who thought silva was clowing around. STFU. He was playing the Machida game.

  • Sven says:

    He wasn’t clowning around!

    He always fight like this, more or less. It was typical Silva. He punished Cote quite a bit, Cote did nothing back.

    So he fights the guy which is generally perceived as the number one contender in the organization , albeit not a top ten ranked fighter, he clearly outclasses him and show the utmost respect during the whole fight. And you complain becuase he didn’couldn’t finish the fight before Cote’s knee broke in a freak accident?

    It’s simply aburd.

  • Dave says:

    Caplan, you are an obvious Silva fanboy. Nobody would be complaining if silva just fought (not killed) for 2 rounds and that happened to cote. People are mad because silva d*cked around for 2 rounds and then a freak injury happened. Even if he were tenative and circling it wouldn’t be a huge deal, but he chose to make an a*s out of himselves and then ultimately the fans lost.

  • James says:

    I think some need to distinguish that a lot of us didnt lose respect of anderson silva’s skills as a fighter but rather that of a sportsman, a face of mma, and a true champion.

  • matt says:


    Please explain to me how this was a paper thin card?

  • Evadmils says:

    Everyone so serious……Take a breath and relax.

    +1 On this kid | I didnt think it was a “paper thin” card at all.

  • 5percentbodyfat says:

    After saying that I was done, I checked back just to see what the response was and I basically got:

    -Silva being compared to Kimbo Slice with little explanation

    -Ppl expecting Silva’s gameplan to be like always. Listen, if you so the Hendo fight, Anderson didn’t really get started tell very late in the game. If anything hendo provided a way for a guy to get through Silva’s “Testing the water” time.

    -Ppl who have rarely seen Silva before. He dances and does this in all of his fights, just for shorter amounts of time.

    Lets talk more about how there are advertisements, I mean FULL MOVIE TRAILERS in a Frekking PPV !!!

  • kirby says:

    I didn’t watch the fights so I can’t say anything about the fight. I do live in central Illinois and I would like to second what someone wrote earlier. Chicago is a rude city.

  • David says:

    I couldn’t agree more, Sam. I liked the fight and thought it was on its way to being one of my favorites all year until the unfortunate end and I’m really surprised to see all the hate on the net about it.

  • Goomba says:

    “Did Silva not decisively win both rounds 1 and 2?”

    Obviously not, as one of the judges gave Cote the first round.

    And how was it paper-thin? The undercard looked like a full-fledged Fight Night card. Not every card can have 3 title fights and 6 number-one contender matches.

  • dola says:

    Thank you.

  • Grappo says:

    In agreement with Caplan nearly completely.

  • cocoonofhorror says:

    caplan, you are hugging Ando’s nuts too hard. someday he might want kids, and if you dont let up on that kung fu grip, that wont happen.

  • ThatsRowdy says:

    Not all Chicago fans are classless. Yes, all the booing was bad, but not everyone was doing it. Some jerks sitting by me starting booing ME and giving ME the finger for cheering for Patrick Cote when he got injured. I’m a girl and these asshats were booing me!!! These jerks aren’t a good representation of the MMA fans of Chicago. These are the meatheads that just showed up for the UFC name. They aren’t the real fans that showed up last year for the IFL nor are they the ones that show up consistantly for the XFO fights. I have nothing but respect for each and every fighter that steps into that cage, and its a shame that not everyone does.

  • Shatner says:

    Goomba the judge who gave the 1st round to Cote must be the same judge who scored the Evan Tanner Kendall Grove fight for Tanner.

  • Imbecile says:

    Wow, Sam! I hope that was fun. You certainly vented a lot of frustrations out there to make your point, even though your point was very hard to follow throughout this piece. I usually enjoy your pieces tremendously, and I have to say that if I read your overall point correctly as saying criticism of Silva following this fight was too harsh, then I tend to mildly agree with you. But this article seemed more like a stream-of-consciousness rant, where you built up a bunch of straw-man arguments that didn’t really exist in the manner you created them, only so that you could knock them down to score points against those who disagree with you, and more specifically against Dana White.

    Even though DW pushed the idea, I hardly think he was alone in calling Anderson Silva the PFP best. I also think he was hardly in the minority in criticizing Silva’s bizarre performance on Saturday. Maybe it was showboating, maybe it was careful strategy… but it was definitely different than what most have seen before. However, it is quite a stretch to title an article claiming that Silva’s friends are fair-weather simply because they criticized a single performance.

    You include some critical quotes from Dana White, and then follow it with this line: “Many of the same people that tried to place Silva on this magical pedestal that stood above the rest of the world’s best fighters are the same ones trying to discredit Silva’s legacy…” The clear implication is that DW is the one leading this effort, yet none of the quotes you included (nor any I have read from DW from other sources) lead me to believe DW has jumped off of the Anderson Silva bandwagon and is ready to feed him to the wolves. Wow, really great work in tearing down that straw-man!

    So DW was critical of a fighter’s performance. He has been critical of Chuck Liddell in more than one fight, but still lauded him in his following fights. Can he not be critical of fighters? Would you not be critical of DW if one of his fighters had a lackluster performance but he ignored it with no criticism and instead praised that fighter?

    It seems in your eyes White cannot win, and if he lauds a fighter, you say he is shoving them down your throat. If he criticizes them, he is trying to tarnish their legacy. Talk about taking things to extremes!

    And then you get into very strange tangents about totally unrelated topics. Silva’s lack of speaking English? Who criticized that? Someone might say he would be more marketable if he spoke English, but that is pretty obvious. Another straw-man down for Sam!

    And criticizing critics of his body language? Is it really absurd to watch that fight and think all of his wing-chun hand movements were showboating? Maybe they weren’t, but critics aren’t being totally unfair in suggesting that they might be. Just like the critics you criticize, YOU are not an expert on body language either, and he very well could have been showboating!

    And your final suggestion that Silva is retiring because of White’s unrealistic expectations is absurd and totally unfounded. Sure, Dana White helped build the monster that Silva is, but there is someone else who really created that monster, and that person is Anderson himself. Nothing mythological about that!

  • babalu says:

    yap your right! in other words dana is a monster fucking bitch!!!!!!!!!!!

  • horton says:

    Very well said ,most sites do not critize Dana enough!! they are “afraid” to speak their mind like you did .For whatever reason.
    Also I wanted to know if everyone else noticed they were running behind because of all the undercards fight when the Mc feries fight came on the first thing Dana siad on his blog was “this will be fast” and it only lasted under a minute.
    is Dana a genie ? how did he know it would be Quick?
    I think and and some might agreee by his bully tactics that he may have a hand in what the fighters do
    the fact that De Santos was a huge underdog and won ,how many people won big on that fight? Since the Fertittas are having money issues
    Just my thoughts………
    Sam can you comment on this since it seems you have the balls to do so

  • Schlegel says:

    Sam, very well said, I will leave it at that, you were right on.

  • fastfoodandbeer says:

    You spoke of the instance where Anderson Silva offered to help Patrick Cote up. If it was the end of the fight it makes sense, but not in the middle of the fight. Come on. That’s being a dick. “Here let me help you up so I can knock you the ‘eff out, you’re wasting my time lying there.” The polite sportsman thing to do in that situation would be to step back and have the ref make him get up. I’m not going to say that Silva didn’t perform well. He was doing well but he was clearly acting like a dick.

  • HexRei says:

    No. Being a dick would have been actually hitting Cote while helping him up (which he did not do) so he was not being a dick, just unusually polite.

  • TerribleT says:

    You can’t tell me that Silva wasn’t clowning around,you just can’t do it.I don’t know why he was but he was and nobody is gonna tell me any different,PERIOD!!!! I guarantee you one thing,if it would’ve been a 3 rounder he wouldn’t have been f***ing around like that.Bottom line is the fans watched 10 fights and they only saw 1 KO and 2 submissions.That’s not what people pay for when they drop big bucks to go see a UFC event.Then to have just maybe the best fighter in the world goof off and dance around as if it were Dancin’ With The Stars all of a sudden is bullshit.He could have steamrolled Cote at any given second if he wanted and because he waited Cote lucked out and took himself out first .IT was a fitting ending to a worthless fight card!!!!!!!!! :(

  • Duty Guy says:

    I agree with you Sam. Although, I think Silva himself was disappointed in his performance. He never wants to end a fight without a decisive finishing by his hands. You can see it in his eyes. His loss by DQ was when he was on his back and made an illegal head kick. You could see in his eyes that he feared losing respect if he didn’t finish it. Same here. He would have finished Cote given more time. However, Cote’s leg buckled and the fight ended. He was chopping him down and would have probably submitted Cote in the 3rd or 4th after wrecking his front leg with kicks. I think Silva shares the same attitude and expectations as Dana White with regard to Silva fights. They talk enough. I don’t really think Dana is dumping on him. SIlva is a legend and wants to go out on top . . . . unlike some other “legends.”

  • blah says:

    “Is it any wonder why the man is considering retiring at the age of 35?”

    It shouldn’t be to anyone who has followed Dana White and his way of doing business over the years. The boy has a reputation for shitting on his fighters behind the scenes and then trying to smooth everything over in the public eye. Dana White’s idiocy and the fact that nothing is being done about LnP and “Elusiveness”/RUNNING in the fights is why I no longer buy the PPVs.

    Although, if Dana’s comments were limited to what you wrote in this article, I’d have to defend him in this case. 1) The comments weren’t really that bad. 2) The comments he made were accurate for a change.

    Personally, I got irritated with Silva’s adoption of the so-called “elusive” tactics that have become contagious in recent UFCs. Silva in his previous fights = elusive in the true meaning of the word. Silva in the Cote fight = running and waiting for Cote to trip over his own dick. Silva is an amazing fighter, but he didn’t show it this weekend.

    As for fans whining about the bow and offering to help Cote up. Fuck ’em, that just exposes them as haters. That and a few flashes of Silva’s brilliance were the only positive moments in an otherwise boring fight.

  • monsoon says:

    You’re right, Sam. Nice to still find some people who don’t just go for stats, knock-outs, and that sort of entertainment.
    No idea what Silva really thought, but any of these “plying around” assumptions is without proof. Cote did not simply jump on Silva (only once, and he ended on the ground) and Silva played a masterful game – as did Cote as far as his options allowed. I’m really sorry the fight could not continue.
    As far as I remeber, none of the two fighters played the boring and usual “i will knock him out in the second round” loud-talking game, and so was the fight: interesting, always full of tension, much better though than most of the other televised bouts.
    MMA itself is not about knockouts, blood, brawling and the like, although popular events sell it like that and this also effects much of the fights. MMA is about winning a fight (ok, I dislike the scoring and judging system in the ufc/United States and prefer japanese versions or better the old gracie-like “till the very end” system).

  • JOE says:

    I won’t even bother reading the other comments. You were right on about everything. There’s nothing left to say. Props.

    Joe, from Chile

  • batman says:

    silva is all hype he beats the crap out of the ufc middleweight division yet that division is the worst in my eyes. Silva needs to move up to light heavyweight so he can get his a** beat by the best.

  • madheartmma says:

    Who knows what Silva’s game plan was or what he was thinking!!?? (NO ONE) Maybe he had someone call Vegas, and bet that Cote would make it till the 3rd round and won a huge bet for $1,000,000!!! Ha ha. Cote wasn’t doing that bad. He took some hard shots, and landed some shots on Silva as well. And the middleweight division IS thin. Silva’s beat the 2 top guys in Henderson& Franklin. So Cote was next because he won his last string of fights, and KO’d a couple guys. I’m glad Cote was such a GAME opponent ! He wasn’t scared @ all. And he DID have a punchers chance, I mean that’s why they fight…cuz you NEVER know. Remember Serra vs. GSP ? And remember the 1st Couture vs. Belfort?(UFC 15) When everyone thought Belfort was unbeatable, & Couture was an older, unknown wrestler…ya NEVER know. I (my opinion) still think that Silva has to beat a couple more top- notch guys before calling him the BEST Fighter EVER? GSP has beaten(*=Champions) Karo Parisyan, *Matt Hughes… twice, The Great *BJ Penn, Josh Koscheck, *Sean Sherk, Jon Fitch, and other guys that where higher caliber fighters than what Silva has faced (Besides Henderson & Franklin) so far. Just My Opinion. Silva is definitely one of the BEST EVER, but the middleweight division is thin, let him fight guys in 205 like Liddell, Rampage, Rashad Evans, F.Griffin, Machida…etc.,etc.and all the others. Don’t throw him a James Irvin, throw him Keith Jardine, or S. Bonnar, then you could make a better case for “THE BEST FIGHTER EVER, IN THE HISTORY OF MMA”! I heard the spider walks around @ 215lbs!! (Joe Rogan) When him and GSP fight, that will be epic! But, GSP walks around at 185-187lbs though, so the advantage will definitely go to Silva. And another thing …WTF is with these SORRY ASS Ref’s??!! Where the F#%K Did the UFC get those clowns!!! When Jr. Dos Santos KO’d Fabricio Werdum, the ref was looking up at the big screen!! Then after Werdum was already buckeled up and folded, knocked –out obviously, he let him take 3-4 more BIG shots, Werdum was on queer street, he though he was still fighting 1 minute after the fight was over!Good job ref. And when Rich Clementi & Gray Maynard where fighting, the ref kept saying “let’s see some action, I’m gonna stand you up, you gotta do something, you gotta work” It’s like WTF do you think they are doing? It’s called Mixed Martial Arts dick-weed! You know jujitsu? Wrestling? Submission attempts? I think MMA refs should practice MMA or JUJITSU, or at least be more educated about the sport. Yeah you don’t want guys laying on each other, and you want action, but these guys where working for positions. Bad refs messed up that fight with “Big Country” Roy Nelson vs. Andrei Arlovski.(EliteXC-CBS) Nelson totally was working on a submission attempt on Arlovski, and totally had him in BIG trouble and then the ref stands them up! And about the fight card being paper thin?? The pay-per-view was paper-thin, we didn’t get our money’s worth. Thanks Dana White. But the card, with Spencer Fisher, Hermes Franca, Marcus Aurelio, Josh Burkman, Pete “Drago” Sell. Good fights, but Dana White jips every one, by showing the same pre-fight hype clip, about only 2 of the fights, over & over for 30 minutes. Come on man, if the fights don’t live up to the some more free, better know fighters! Oh yeah, he wants you to pay $1.99, and watch them from the UFC “vault”. Give more in-depth info on all the fighters .( Records, backgrounds etc.)The UFC is worth a BILLION $$. Give us what we pay for, like 8 out of 10 fights. You already raised the price on PPV. Dick.

  • chamber says:

    Last night was weird for Silva, He looked a bit disinterested, i think he is at a point of his career now that he has so few challenges left that he lacks the same drive and motivation he had at the start of his UFC career. He has basically dominated everyone they have put in front of him so i don’t blame losing that edge. He also started talking about retiring sometime so that is another proof that he is loosing his drive a bit. I do however think that he Cote did injure his leg Silva would of then turned it back on and wipe the floor with Cote, i think this was a 5 rounder so there was a lot of time. We would all then be praising Silva on how he can play around and still kick the ass of other fighters.

    Props to Cote though, was never impressed with him before but at least he did not seem as afraid or in awe of Silva as som of the others.

  • neosamurai says:

    Cote has a monster chin and a huge right hand. Two things that Silva would have considered when putting together a gameplan. I think it’s ridiculous to critisize that performance. To many people sit by the keyboard and type shit about how Silva should have just rolled through Cote. Wake up call people!!!
    Silva is always methodical until his opponent presents an oppurtunity to him. Cote took all Silva’s shots well and continually moved his head thus limiting striking opportunities for the Champ. In my opinion Silva did NOTHING wrong at all but then again I was never on the bandwagon for Silva being P4P King. Fedor holds that title clearly. He’s never lost (cuts don’t count) where as Silva has lost four (including a sub to Daijiu Takase). Enough said !!!!!!!!

  • Danny Boy says:

    so many dream fights, penn pierre, couture fedor, liddell silva blah blah, but what if couture beats lesnar, any possibility of couture meeting silva in a catch weight at 205? couture might not be the best fighter, but he has the best name, and both fighters could easily get to that weight…….couture can close the distance, clinch for a second, then expose silvas wrestling weakness…….someone please tell me what you think, and if you agree, start this rumor, every other ufc gets claimed as “biggest in ufc history”, this one might make sense

  • Danny Boy says:

    and neosam, i agree, silva didnt play around vs cote in my opinion, i told so many people somthing strange was in the air, that cote was going to lose but to great against silva and mabey even pull of the upst of a lifetime, with all the clips around of silvas 2 knee strikes and great straight punch, i see no clips of cotes counter punches that landed. and there were a few. conspiracy theorists are stupid, silva doesnt throw rounds, get a life,,,

  • darkmetal says:

    Sam 1/Dana 0

    I agree totally, Sam. But I think we sometimes miss Dana White’s tactical badmouth in relation to fighters. We know that Anderson is considering retiring, and it does make me ponder whether Dana isn’t telling Silva that he has so much talent he should use it and keep fighting. It might be a verbal challenge to the world’s numero uno p4p fighter to keep going or just retire.

    Silva is an amazing specimen and he has so much he can still do in MMA, I would hate to see him toy with his lesser opponents for a few fights and then retire. He can do so much MORE and achieve even higher levels by moving up a weight class.

    Perhaps this is what Dana White was saying, in his own rather irritating way. I wouldn’t put it past him.


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