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TUF 8’s Junie Browning addresses his behavior, life in the TUF mansion, whether he has a drinking problem, and more in new 5 Oz. interview

Going into a scheduled phone interview with Junie Browning of the current season of Spike TV and UFC‘s hit reality show The Ultimate Fighter, I had no idea what to expect. Actually, after having watched Browning’s antics on the show, I expected the worst. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Junie Browning I spoke to on the phone was a lot different than the person I’ve been watching on the show.

During the course of the interview, I asked Browning a lot of tough questions. Throughout the duration, he didn’t try and take an easy way out or offer spin. Browning responded to each and every question in a straightforward manner and he did so in a polite, professional manner.

So just who is the real Junie Browning? During an exclusive interview with, we tried to find out.

Sam Caplan: What made you want to become a fighter?

Junie Browning: To be honest, there pretty much was nothing else I could really do. The whole college thing wasn’t really going to work out for me and I thought that the funnest way to make a living would be to fight, as it was something I was naturally good at anyways.

Sam Caplan: What was your childhood like? Did you have a tough time growing up?

Junie Browning: I had a little bit of an anger problem growing up while in high school. I think that the only thing that really helped me was to start doing MMA. Once I joined the gym it helped a lot. I didn’t get into too much trouble after that.

Sam Caplan: While doing some research on you, I read that you have a brother serving in the Armed Forces?

Junie Browning: Yeah, he actually just got out. He was in the Air Force for five years. He just got out and now he’s back in Iraq as a civilian contractor.

Sam Caplan: I also read that you have another brother who is also a fighter?

Junie Browning: Yeah, I have two older brothers and one younger. There’s one that is in the Armed Forces and the one that is a year older than me is a police officer and the one that is below me, he fights to and he goes to our school.

Sam Caplan: You’ve garnered a lot of screen time thus far into the season and some have even speculated that some of your actions this season have been part of a calculated plan to ensure camera time. Is there any truth to that?

Junie Browning: Not necessarily. None of the stuff I did was pre-meditated. It wasn’t like I was intentionally trying to get camera time. I just told myself going on the show that I wasn’t going to be like a lot of other guys in the house. I felt like a lot of the other guys in the house were putting on a front because they wanted to appear a certain way in front of the camera for the benefit of the audience. I told myself going on the show that I wasn’t going to let the camera dictate the way I acted and I was just going to be myself completely. I wasn’t going to hold back. I don’t really care what people think, really. So I just did what I normally did.

Sam Caplan: So you felt there were some people with fake personalities on the show?

Junie Browning: I think pretty much everybody on there was. If someone was an a—— to someone that had an anger management problem, they’d just sit on the couch and kept their mouth shut and twiddled their thumbs. They were so intimidated by the cameras. What they were worried about was the way they were going to come off on TV. I didn’t really care.

Sam Caplan: When Dana White confronted you during Episode 4, you acknowledged that you had a problem with alcohol. Were you sincere in your answer and if so, how severe of a problem do you think it is?

Junie Browning: Back here at home I don’t think it’s that big of a problem. I go out occasionally to bars and drink but I never acted the way that I did on the show back here. I did back in high school a little bit and acted a little crazy and started fights, but that’s pretty stereotypical of how everyone acted at that age. But I think going on the show that the house turns you into an alcoholic. It almost felt like high school or being around a bunch of college buddies: all young guys instigating and acting crazy.

Sam Caplan: Do you feel the UFC is hypocritical in that they want fighters to carry themselves professionally but on the other hand they’ll lock fighters in a house and give them access to an open bar. Do you feel the UFC is to blame at all?

Junie Browning: No, I wouldn’t blame the UFC. I think the reality show isn’t a reflection of how the UFC is run. I believe somewhat in what Dana was saying, that they put it there so they could see the way you’re going to act. They wanted to see if you could control yourself and most of the guys aren’t as crazy as me. They would have a couple of drinks and didn’t act the way I did. I don’t put any of the blame on the UFC.

Sam Caplan: Right before Dana confronted both you and Shane in front of the house, did you expect the worst?

Junie Browning: Yeah, I was pretty much 100% sure I was going home. I’ve watched every season religiously and there’s guys that have been kicked off just for refereeing a fight. I was more than sure I was going home.

Sam Caplan: I interview Shane a few weeks back and he took responsibility for his actions. But he said that the cameras didn’t show his apology the next day. Was there an apology made on your part after the events of that night that the audience didn’t get to see?

Junie Browning: Yeah, it was pretty much like the first episode in the house where I was back and forth. That was pretty much the entire night (laughs). After I did something I was like, “Sorry guys! Sorry!” And then five seconds later someone would say something else and I would attack them and say “Sorry guys! I’m so Sorry! Wait, what did you say!?” I always tried to apologize to the guys but I don’t think a lot of them were having it after I started acting dumb as often as I did.

Sam Caplan: If Dana had kicked you out, was it something you would have complained about?

Junie Browning: No, it would have killed me. I would have lost a part of myself after that. But it was something I would have had to accept, the consequences for my actions.

Sam Caplan: Do you feel that it would have been justified on his part?

Junie Browning: Yeah, completely. I was watching the show as if it wasn’t me and the whole time I’m watching it I was like “Damn, they really should kick that a—– off there.” Then I realized it’s me.

Sam Caplan: What’s been the reaction from some of your family and friends?

Junie Browning: The lifestyle around here is a little bit different. When they watch it over here, they love it. They’ll give me high fives. And I have the biggest fanbase over here than anywhere else. I think I was the guy that had sat on the couch and talked about the economy, I don’t think people around here would have been too thrilled about the show.

Sam Caplan: Right before your qualifying fight against Jose Agallar, they showed an interview clip of you saying that the difference between you and the other competitors was that you could fight and they were there to just get free TapouT shirt. During the course of the show, did your opinion change?

Junie Browning: You know, I knew pretty much everybody could fight there. I just don’t feel like any of them were as good as me. And a lot of them, they come off a little nervous. A lot of them seemed so timid when it comes to the fights, they were nervous and stuff. I really just didn’t give a s—. I would have fought any of them at any moment. I didn’t really care.

Sam Caplan: Is having an edge right before you fight one way to counter some of the nervousness that a fighter might experience?

Junie Browning: Most of it was just to entertain myself. It makes the fight a little more interesting when a little s— is talked. It’ll make me fight harder if someone isn’t very happy with me (laughs).

Sam Caplan: So in a way, you’re trying to back yourself into a corner?

Junie Browning: Uh, I guess so.

Sam Caplan: Do you find yourself getting recognized a lot these days?

Junie Browning: Yeah. Most of the time I feel like someone is going to come up to me and say something negative but I’ve never actually received a negative comment in public before. Everyone seems to love it. Pretty much everywhere I go now I get recognized.

Sam Caplan: Do you have any regrets about any of the things you said or did on the show?

Junie Browning: At the time, yeah. I pretty much regretted everything. But looking back, I don’t really care. It’s entertaining to me, at least. I mean, if it wasn’t for me acting like a fool on TV, then it would have just been a bunch of guys eating organic food and talking about the weather. Last season was boring. Last season was so boring that I am sort of glad it didn’t turn out like that.

Sam Caplan: At any point did you get encouragement from the camera?

Junie Browning: No, nothing like that at all. They don’t encourage you. They don’t even talk to you. You’re not even allowed to talk to anybody. You’re not even allowed to talk to the camerman, or nothing.

Sam Caplan: Phillipe Nover does a weekly blog for our website after each episode. On one of his blogs he was kind of surprised that you referred to him as a “sacrificial lamb” behind his back. Then he said he was surprised that when you had a chance to pick him as an opponent to fight, you didn’t. He wrote, “He never disrespected me to my face. He always called me a ‘Tough Filipino.’ He either respected me as a fighter or he feared me.” Can you comment on that?

Junie Browning: He said I feared him?

Sam Caplan: He said you either respected him as a fighter, or you feared him.

Junie Browning: No, I didn’t fear him at all. I respected him, completely. Even the sacrificial lamb comment was more of a joke. Shane Primm was telling me that was who they were thinking about. It wasn’t him as an individual. Pretty much anybody on their team that they would have given me would have been a bad decision on their part. It wasn’t him individually. I knew he was a good fighter, day one. I liked him, a lot. It wasn’t any disrespect. I would have said it no matter who they were talking about.

The decision to fight Roli wasn’t something I picked. Frank always picked the fights and we’d just agree. The way I was looking at it was that I was going to be fighting everyone anyways so it didn’t really matter who I fight. So when Frank asked if I’d fight him, I said “yeah.”

Sam Caplan: If Mir had given you the choice to fight anyone, who would you have picked a that point?

Junie Browning: I probably would have picked Delgado. Because the way I look at it, I think the best people should fight each other in the semifinals and finals. I don’t understand why you would match up some of the best people early on and the way I look at it, me, Efrain, and Phillipe were probably the best three left. It wouldn’t make sense. If you want the best people fighting, it should happen in the semis or the finale.

  • Brent says:

    Wow – interesting interview, Sam!

  • darkmetal says:

    Great interview, Sam, as expected.

    I think we might use an old Sir Winston Churchill quote to define Junie, as he seems to be something of a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.

    Volatile, at times seemingly childish, always entertaining, and in this interview having surprising honesty and depth. This is Junie Browning.

    I can see why White broke his rules for this guy, as he seems to have that “something” that might evolve to MMA stardom. In his last fight he seemed to evolve and change his game as the fight went on. I wouldn’t be surprised if Junie gets a lot better by the end of the show; I don’t think he took his cardio seriously prior to the last TUF episode.

    For good or bad, Junie seems to be a staunch individualist in a world of sheep. He makes his own way, and accepts his actions without making excuses.

    I have to say it is somewhat refreshing.

  • Nick says:

    I could beat this drunk punk-no problem! And I am a 47 yr. old with just 5 fights a couple of years ago. He’s no wrestler and I would “double leg” this doof in less than 30 seconds. The poor other dude sucks as well. Neither of them belonged on the show. For the record, I am calling them both out. It should be a req’t that you be a former wrestler. These 2 stunk up the place.

  • Guy Gaduois says:

    He seems as much of an ass in print as he is on the show.

    There is something worse than a “guy who talks this much sh!t and then backs it up”, and that is a guy who talks it, doesn’t back it up and then justifies both talking it and not backing it up and has a firm commitment to continuing being a prick.

    Well played, you tool.

  • John says:

    I completely disagree with darkmetal. Junie is a lot like Vladimir Putin, the Prime Minister of Russia; he can be a complete jerk, and everybody knows it, but he has such a silver tounge that you’re always walking on coals when trying to figure him out. But that doesn’t make him less of a jerk- only more of one.
    Also, I would’ve liked to hear Junie’s opinion about being called “bipolar.” It’s interesting to think about what he feels about that.

  • Nick says:

    This Drunk Punk is a clown in the most literal sense. I could whip him or the other poor doof and I am 47 yrs. old w/ on ly a couple of fights a couple of yrs. ago. With that, I am calling out either of these”scrubs”. I could throw a double leg or a back souflet (sp?) on June bug easily. Come to Minn. June Bug and let’s fight. In addition, I believe it should be a req’t that all participants have had to wrestle in H.S. or college. I’ll hang up and listen.

  • ctownhood says:

    John, the difference is Putin would mess Junie up!!! (he’s a 6th degree BB in judo).
    After seeing his fight with Roli, I am so underwhelmed.

  • Charles says:

    “I believe it should be a req’t that all participants have had to wrestle in H.S. or college.”

    Your a 47 year old skid mark in the pants of mma.If you think wrestling should be a requirement (this how you spell the big word by the way).Does it give you a better chance of corse but if it were a requirement then you would never see people like GSP and he can take just about if not anybody down.

  • Nick says:

    Charles- Three things…

    (1) This is how you spell the big word “course”
    (2) If you think wrestlers don’t dominate MMA you are a c__ stain in
    June Bug’s pants
    (3) Any time-Any place and I”ll show you what a souffle’ is wanna be

  • charles says:


    I’m glad you can count to three first off.

    1. I never said wrestlers don’t domanate MMA.Wresting is the best base you can start with in MMA no doubt and if all those exiting lay and pray fights wow awesome go wrestling .This is Mixed Marshal Arts not the WWE

    2.That’s a cute nick name you gave your partner there.I’m sure you would love to double leg him.Skid Mark.

    3.As for you showing me anything .I don’t want to see you lay on anyone for 3 rounds and no I’m not a want to be ( or wannna be in your limited spelling).

    Please in the future instead of calling people because your the old washed up has been. Read what you write.

  • HexRei says:

    Wow, you’re challenging strangers on the internet and people you saw on your TV? You’re the clown Nick.

  • Justin Van Hook says:

    Awesome!, A tough guy internet fight.

    If it’s possible, I think I hate Junie even more after reading that interview.

  • Jay K. says:


  • HexRei says:

    Also Nick, why do you keep threatening to use baked goods as a weapon? Or perhaps you mean a “suplex”?

  • Patrick says:

    I’m totally scared of Nick, he’s going to croissant me to death?

    What the hell? Nick, you are either drunk as hell when posting that stuff, or you’re just plain retarded. Wrestling is a good base, it’s certainly not the only base and if you look at a lot of the best fighters in the world… wrestling is not their base (Anderson Silva, B.J. Penn, Fedor, Wandy, etc etc etc… I could list quite a few.) All primary bases, whether it is jiu jitsu, muay thai, boxing, wrestling, sambo, etc. are effective in their own ways, the trick to MMA is putting things together and not only being a one trick pony; The sport has evolved past the single style fights of the past.

    I can almost guarantee that you’d get your ass handed to you violently by any fighter of similar weight to you that has competed on TUF, or fought in any first or second tier organization. There’s a lot of shit you can say on the internet about how tough you are or how you could handle a lot of these guys etc etc, but the truth is that you have no clue whatsoever as to how intense the training for these guys is, how difficult going 3 rounds is, or how much discipline it takes to stick to a gameplan or style during a fight and not just flip out on people.

    I’m honestly not sure why I just spent the time pointing out the obvious, I just felt it was warranted I suppose. Nick, please find Junie or Delgado and attempt a double leg on them, see what happens when it hits the ground with Delgado, or when Junie pushes your nose to the back of your head, if you’re at all near their weight, I can most assuredly tell you they’ll wipe the floor with you.

  • Hg says:

    Nick, ur 47 years old.. You should realy know better.

  • Nick says:

    Yeah chuckie real wrestling is really the WWf. Hexy what’s wrong w/ challenging on the internet if you’re serious. Also, hexy I am sure you are some wimp who lives through the MMA. Oh, and laslty Hexy who wouldnt want to challenge Junebug after his low class drunken antics? Also, nice pic what the fu– is it a mouse trap. Back to Chuckie who is proud to be called his full name–I can tell you never grappled. You are probably a Basket ball wimp –the sport where you get a foul for touching another guy.

    No more comments for the Butt Buddy’s Hexy and Lexy!

  • garth says:

    comments degenerated fast.

    this Junie character doesn’t have a firm grasp on reality, whatever “manner” he displayed.

  • HexRei says:

    Nick on October 23rd, 2008 1:37 pm
    Hexy what’s wrong w/ challenging on the internet if you’re serious. Also, hexy I am sure you are some wimp who lives through the MMA. Oh, and laslty Hexy who wouldnt want to challenge Junebug after his low class drunken antics? Also, nice pic what the fu– is it a mouse trap.

    It’s fucking embarrassing to see a 47 year old acting the way you are. Grow up and stop trying to be an e-thug. You’re pathetic.

  • David says:

    Nick you old fart, I’m calling you out. How you wanna do this?

  • Charles says:

    Nick (the Skid Mark) D Bag

    This is the last time I acknowladge an over the hill douch bag such as yourself.Frist off I know more then you think there douchie and just to let you know just about every sport has fouls you retard.Sounds like you and Junie have more in common then you think both of you OVER hype yourself and seem to be full of crap.The diffrence is this kid has time to develope and become something besides a 47 year old reject that got lives through his high school wrestling days.

  • Rich S. says:

    how about you guys attack each others opinions rather than your horrible inabilities to count and spell..

    why should High school or college wrestling be a requirement in a sport where wrestling’s just ONE of MANY ways to win or impose your will?

    There are people out there like the forementioned GSP, who started out on Karate, and went on to outwrestle Matt Hughes [arguably the greatest wrestler in the history of the 170 division] and Kos [one of the best wrestlers currently at 170]

  • Charles says:

    I agree with nick

  • Charles says:

    I mean I agree with Rich S .I just believe there are a lot of people out there right now that have had no wrestling experience and now are better then some of the known fighters that just rely on just there wrestling (Sean Sherk ).

  • Jay K. says:

    So no baked goods? *sniffle*

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    In an odd sort of way, all this internet smack talk is appropriate after an interview with Junie, especially if the involved parties were staggering drunk. And I have an odd craving for baked goods, too.

  • jerrymacwire says:

    If the guy ever gets into the program and straightens his life out he will see what an ass clown he was during the show. Nobody who is sober or sane would act out like that.

    All huff and puff and when the fight comes he barely gets out of a three round decision over a guy he stated that he was going to outright dominate.

    Expect to see him in bottom tier MMA shows across the country, kinda like the strippers you see whose claim to fame was that they were on Jerry Springer.

    Very sad.

  • JollyDV says:

    Some of you posters are nuts! (not you hexrei, you are cool) but a few others just saw Junie Browning in the title of this article and boom! Suddenly acting like Junie. It is kind of funny. A middle aged man calling out others to fight from an online comment section! Really!! I better shut my mouth before he come through my computer screen after me. lol.

    As for what Junie said in the article, if he were a family member or friend of mine I would have been honest with him and not think it was so funny as he said those close to him did. I would have been brutally honest about how his lack of self-control while drinking and even when not drinking was not acceptable behavior for adults. He is a ticking time bomb. Those who care for him should try to get him to some anger management classes. With that said, I haven’t a clue what the stress level in the TUF house is. High I would assume.What someone else may think is okay, may not be something I think is okay, so I don’t mean to be too terribly judgmental. If he is gets the chance to stay with the UFC I sure hope things fall into place for him.

  • Jay K. says:


    In the honest opinion of Junie, if that’s you in the avatar…more pics of yourself are necessary before you post again.


  • CMT says:

    I am calling the Nick/Charles fight – “The Old Man and the C”. It is part of the newly created PatheticXC. I have Charles souffling(sp?? I can’t bake) Nick in the 1st and Nick tapping with a broken hip. If you want to watch wrastlin’ then go watch WWE. I am tired of the ball sniffing lay and pray wrestlers with no stand up. I sucks when you pay 50 bucks to watch a takedown and some HS wrestler squirm all over his opponent like he is dry humping some poor sophmore girl. Nok if you are so into wrestling I think they have underground wrestling at the bingo hall and when you finish you can slam some Ensure and talk about how roll.I suppose you want to fight me now. Meet me down at Denny’s at 4PM and we get the senior discount before rumble.

  • Jay K. says:

    Word in teh locker room is that Charles has possibly coerced into just baking brownies in his scrap with Nick. Source T.J. Thompson says he’s seen the baking flour and knows for a fact that the oven has been preheated to bake 350.


  • jeff the drunk says:

    Wow. Awesome posts Nick. I think that everyone here would take you more seriously if they knew that you wrestled for Polk High and graduated with gridiron legend Al Bundy. Your “souflet” reference was pure grammatical gold. I haven’t encountered a wordsmith like you since I first heard “souflet” used on Georgia Championship Wrestling back in the early 80’s. You are a complete badass Nicholas, both on the keyboard and on the mat. You are the man !!

  • nate says:

    Sam, thanks for the great interview.

  • KevinKanker says:

    What a dooshbag this guy Junie is. He is just a crybaby attention whore who needs to be on meds. The only reason noone from Kentucky has said anything negative is because you’re all a bunch of inbred rednecks. And by the way, your last fight on TUF sucked.! You’re not a good fighter. The only reason they brought you on the show is to kick you off it, you inbred manic loser.

  • HexRei says:

    Ah yes, I’m sure Junie will be reading the replies here and he will feel SO BAD cause of all the names you called him! you showed him bro, high fives!!!!!

  • brad says:

    Nickkk I want a piece of u!!!!! im gonna kick the fuck out of u nicky…tr to wrestle me ill choke u to ur death

  • hahahahaha says:


  • mark says:

    All i have to say is Junie i give the guy a great deal of respect. Junie may be a crazy guy but being with all the MMA fighters in the house and listening to their BS everyday who wouldnt snap after a while. I think Junie is the most advanced MMA fighter on Team MIR. Me and a lot of friends and family watch UFC and we get a kick out of Junies snapping points hahah but so far jumping the cage Junie was the sh\t. Thanx Dana for giving Junie another chance we are all glad to see that you also see the potential in Junie’s MMA career. Keep the fight alive JUNIE!!!!! From ur Fans in Orillia. Ontario,CANADA


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