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Phillipe Nover’s TUF 8 Blog: Junie is full of surprises

The one thing I can say heading into this episode was that Junie was really dying to fight ASAP. He was going to explode if he didn’t get in that cage soon.

As you all can see, Junie decided to pick Delgado. It was a smart pick for him. Delgado didn’t win his fight to get in the house so Junie thought he would be an easy kill.

On the show, the editing made Delgado’s black belt look really fake. From first hand experience rolling with the guy, I can say he really did deserve a black belt. Black belts come at all different levels. He
might not be in the ranks of Vinny or Elliot on the show, but he sure did feel like a black belt. I also do think he had way better Jiu-Jitsu then Junie. That’s why during the fight Junie never wanted hit the ground with Delgado.

Junie is just full of surprises. The incident where he pulled out the black belt and spit on it wasn’t just disrespectful to Roli; he disrespected the art itself and all the black belts in the room.

All I remember is Anderson Silva that day looking really pissed off and saying something in Portuguese that probably meant “That guy Junie is a an asshole.” Anderson Silva is the last person you ever want to piss off. Junie doesn’t seem to have a problem with that. Even Mir himself didn’t approve of his antics. However he also didn’t punish him for it. If I was Mir I would refuse to teach him and corner him.

I never understood the concept of disrespecting your opponent. That is downgrading your opponent’s abilities before the fight to make yourself look better. What this actually does is make your opponent look
unskilled and if you beat him, so what? You just beat someone who you said “sucks” anyway. So how much better can you be if you accused your opponent of “sucking?”

A smart fighter must never underestimate an adversary. Instead, praise him up for being well-skilled in his craft and formidable in the cage. This way when you beat him it only makes you look better because you beat someone who is good. Anyone can beat a scrub so why call your opponent a scrub?

The fight between Junie and Delgado went the distance. I didn’t think Junie had the conditioning to go the full three rounds but he did.  With all that drinking alcohol and eating frozen pizzas he still managed to pull out a victory. Junie is pretty athletic but he would be so much better if he just focused and cleaned up his act.

I really wanted Delgado to win that fight.  I have to hand it to them; they both fought there hearts out. For the days following the fight they were both really beat up limping around the house. I know Junie went to the hospital for an almost-broken ankle and Delgado had two black eyes.

  • jaydog says:

    I wish Delgado had gotten it to the ground. Why no clinch whatsoever? Clinch and trip takedown. That seemed like a natch. Anyhow, Junie’s flush shots to Delgado’s dome really made me think the fight could be over at any moment. Sure, Delgado used his reach and footwork, but ironically, he needed to get inside and never did.

  • johnny eigenmann says:

    I haven’t watched the fight yet but from the blogs I’ve read, seems like Roli lacks power in his takedown attempts. That would have changed the outcome of the fight if he (Roli) was able to take the fight to the ground. Junie is just like Leben. KO power on both hands, but no legit ground game.

    Hey Nover! How’s it goin? Aren’t we gonna see you fight anytime soon? That’s what I’ve been waiting for… C’mon, man! Spill something out! LOL!

  • Patrick says:

    Roli is in a poor position in that he needs to put on some muscle and then start cutting weight to get to 155 or 145, he just doesn’t have the mass to apply himself in a no-gi type of situation from what I’ve seen (mind you, this is during a fight, I’m sure he’s just fine rolling no-gi normally).

    His takedowns didn’t have anything behind them, and aside from some relatively beautiful knees and a couple good jabs… he really didn’t throw anything behind his standup either.

    I was really rooting for someone to put Junie in his place, Delgado came close and that was good enough for me this time (Phillipe, we’re counting on you to finish the job!)

    Junie didn’t look very good at all, after all the antics, disrespect, and bullshit; the best he could do was throw some loopy poorly angled punches at Roli’s head, and some relatively clean and strong body shots. Either Delgado has a much better chin than we thought, or Junie had no gas behind those arms.

    There was a horrific sound byte from when both Junie and Delgado kicked at the same time and both landed on the shin (made me wince when I heard that).

    I definitely agree that talking trash is retarded, all it really is, is an expression of fear from the guy actually talking shit, if that’s what they have to do to get themselves pumped and get the butterflies out of their stomach… fine. It makes it all the sweeter when they lose.

    Anderson Silva should have asked Junie if he wanted to receive some free Muay Thai lessons.

  • Robert N. says:

    Hey Phillipe, this comment is late, but I just wanted to say that I get a good vibe from your writings and what has been revealed of you on TUF so far, very Tao of JKD-ish, I hope to see you continue developing, to further evolve MMA and what it means to be a martial artist.

  • THORAZINE says:

    Daaamn” Nover is really speaking his mind, I guess no one really likes Junie, he does occasionally show signs of a nice guy behind that immature personality but overall he needs to be re-born much like TUF 1 Chris Leban… I guess that takes time and lots of effort (devoted to the sport) after being humbled a few times.

    Roli really needs to just pump lots of straight iron along with all his other training, right now”’ he need s a good 10 -15 lbs of muscle more before he can mix it up at the UFC level. I like Delgado though he can take a good shot for havings such a skinny neck, he just got really weak there and couldn’t stick n’ move anymore, I wish he would’ve won. If he’s not gaining muscle right now as we speak he has no further business being in MMA… time to pump it up Roli! Once again Nover’ thanks for the insight”’ saw u kicking the bag Anderson Silva style there for a brief moment… loooooking gud!

  • CMT says:

    Junie is an A**hole. With that said, I was impressed with his stand up. Most of his punches were crisp and he has good power and athleticism. If he had “disciprine and focus” he would be great. Delgado looked like gumby with his head snapping back and his loopy slap shots. Delgado can take a punch though. I don’t know why delgado did not work the legs more, clinch, and set up for a take down. When you shoot in like a white belt there is no chance in a take down. All in all it was a decent fight. It looked like Junie may have matured by the end of the fight. We will see if his ground game is exploited in the semi’s.

  • darkmetal says:

    Nova, while I don’t know what makes a Blackbelt level in BJJ in the US, Roli said he got his in Brazil, where I hear that it is a supreme level that very few elites achieve. That being said, I didn’t see anything that makes me believe that Roli is at that level. The few chances that he had on the ground he didn’t seem to capitalize on BJJ tactics, and he didn’t seem all too eager to engage Browning on the ground, favoring standup. And Junie, although gassed from his poor training and aweful eating habits, looked a lot better in that category.

    I am just stating why many have doubts about Roli’s “Black Belt”, even Mir, who stated he had to break Tim Sylvia’s arm to achieve his status.

  • flassassin says:

    Here’s my prediction: No disrespect to Nover, but judging by the intensity of his emotions when writing about Junie each week- I think Junie fights Nover in the semi and wins. Perhaps a controversial win, but I think that’s how Nover leaves. I’m not rooting for that conclusion, just picking up on that based solely on his blogs.

  • TerribleT says:

    I’m confused about Delgado because supposedly he has a black belt in BJJ, right?yet he was content to slug it out with Junie for 3 rds never once trying to take Junie down to use his BJJ on him. Very f***ing dumb in my opinion. On the other hand ole’ Junie looked like shit and if he would’ve fought any other lightweight other than Delgado he would’ve lost. Too bad he wasn’t fighting Efren instead. Junie has all the tools to be an excellent MMA fighter but he is going to ruin his chances to be great by letting his emotions run wild. He is continuously shooting himself in the foot so to speak + he thinks he’s already the best. He needs somebody to teach him how to be humble and he needs some counseling to get his anger and aggression under control or he is going to self-destruct. That’s a guarantee!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • trrfrrll says:

    I wish Junie would just mellow out and quit running his mouth and starting shit with everybody. If he could just stay off of the alcohol and just train his ass off.He has a damn good chance on winning the contract if he can do these 5 things.

  • Ron says:

    Ok. Delgado needs to work on his sprawl. If he is a BJJ black belt, he should of at least taken him to the ground. His punches seem as if there is nothing behind it. Also Brown needs to step up his cardio & his agressiveness. He saw that Delgado was hurt & he should of finished him off in the 2nd round.

    As for the black belt incident, this was a total disrespect to all black belts. Frank Mir should of stuffed his @$$ in a corner. Im surprised the other black belts didnt scream in outrage.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    Delgado’s striking problems are much greater than his lack of muscle and power. He was carrying his hands very low, and I kept waiting for Junie to take advantage of that. Clearly, Junie had enough chin to absorb any punch Delgado threw. He should’ve waded in and thrown with abandon. Maybe he had jitters and/or was gassed from cutting weight.

  • rudy says:

    Junie beats nover. Finals are Junie vs. Effrian

  • Guy says:

    Nover please change “there” to “their” in your blog.

    And You really killed Duarte which I thought is going to be the best on the show so you now become the best candidate.

    good luck your good to the sport with your attitude and Manners


  • HexRei says:

    Junie is in the finals for sure, I’m still not sure if its Efrain or Nover that goes to the finals with him tho.

  • johnny eigenmann says:

    nover used to respond to posts here in his blog. he hasn’t posted anything for like 2-3 days already. maybe he is busy training for the finale.

    junie is in the finals for sure? i’m more confident that nover is in the finals than junie. maybe they’re fighting each other. maybe… maybe… maybe… lol!

  • HexRei says:

    Johnny, I have an extremely difficult time believing Junie is not at least in the semifinals, and more likely the finale, since the UFC has him as their only blogger for this season. Why would they choose him, alone, if he didn’t even make it that far?

  • johnny eigenmann says:

    you have a point there, hex. but based on attitude & talent, my money is on nover. have you checked nover’s website?

  • Phillipe Nover says:

    Hey boys!

    Thanks for reading my blogs. I love the responses. Being that I know what already happened, reading all your predictions is great! I love it! ahhah. Check out my site and show some more support at

    Thanks again!

  • johnny eigenmann says:

    hey nover! spill something… c’mon! LOL!


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