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Affliction makes Fedor vs. Arlovski for Jan. 24 official

Through promotional materials on its website, Affliction Entertainment made official Wednesday what had been rumored for quite some time, which is that Fedor Emelianenko will defend his WAMMA heavyweight title against Andrei Arlovski during the promotion’s “Day of Reckoning” event on Jan. 24.

Also announced was the event venue, which will be the Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif., the site of the promotion’s debut event this past July 19. The event will be televised live on pay-per-view and will be promoted in association with Golden Boy Promotions.

Emelianenko headlined the July event against former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia. The former PRIDE heavyweight champion dropped Sylvia with a punch and then pounced on his grounded opponent, eventually finishing him with a rear naked choke just 36 seconds into the fight.

Arlovski competed on the July 9 card as well, recording a second round knockout over former IFL standout Ben Rothwell. He last competed on Oct. 4 against former IFL heavyweight champion Roy Nelson as a part of a co-promotion between Affliction and EliteXC. The bout, which was televised on CBS courtesy of its Saturday Night Fights telecast, saw Arlovski score a second round knockout over Nelson.

Thus far, Fedor vs. Arlovski is the only bout for Jan. 24 to be confirmed by Affliction.

  • Patrick says:

    Arlovski is more than likely about to be turned into borscht.

  • Steve says:

    Is Fedor allowed to fight again so soon? I thought we wouldn’t see him until 2010 at the earliest.

  • Odedh says:

    The most interesting thing is, that one of the Co-Promoters is Showtime

  • Tony Fennen says:

    I am cheering for THE PITBULL but I think FEDOR is an odds on favorite.

    Ever since Arlovski asked Tim Sylvia “How does my Pee Pee taste?” I have a new respect for AA

    People should really understand that SHOWTIME wants to be in the MMA business and they know that Golden Boy is just that.
    This marriage (Affliction, Golden Boy, Showtime) could be the one that stays around for at least a few years.

  • Loco541 says:

    as much as i love arlovski i dont think he will be able to take on fedor. I thought when arlovski was the champ of ufc and on his winning streak that he was the only one at the time to take on fedor, but after the losses to sylvia that all changed

  • Jon says:

    I just hope the Arlovski from July 9 and October 4 shows up, and not the other Arlovski that dances away from opponents for 15 minutes

  • Will Fedor still get to fight on NYE in Japan? Not that the sumo wrestler/bearded lady would injure him.

  • jdavis says:

    It should be pointed out that it’s Showtime Pay Per View listed as a partner. Showtime being the PPV provider is a big deal but people shouldn’t read too much into that just yet. Things could get inteesting in the next couple of weeks.

  • Patrick says:

    Rumor: He’ll be fighting Doink The Clown on NYE in Japan.

  • Loco541 says:

    not positive but pretty sure he ins’t going to fight on NYE

  • cornerman says:

    Andrei will succumb to the ground game.

  • Sergio Hernandez says:

    cornerman: I totally agree with you on that one. Fedor will take the fight to the ground and end up submitting The Pitbull.

  • Shatner says:

    Fedor is not fighting NYE in Japan this rumor was shot down weeks ago.Those of you discussing it.Is it Just to take a few cheap shots at Fedor’s NYE resume.You guys are better than that.
    Wait NO YOUR NOT!

  • KTru says:

    Funny thing is Huckaby,
    They took your comment bait, line, and sinker………

    I just think Fedor is over-hyped, and he wears GSP pajamas as well.

    As I need to note:
    Do not take my opinions and statements seriously

  • neijia says:

    Affliction should pick up some EliteXC fighters. Otherwise, what kind of undercards are there going to be? Of course, as a spectator, I really don’t care. Just want to see Fedor Arlovski

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    I still think Fedor should fight the winner of Barnett/Arlovski. And I don’t think Arlovski gets out of the first round unless has speed like Kaleb Starnes.

  • Venom says:

    “Arlovski competed on the July 9 card as well, recording a second round knockout over former IFL standout Ben Rothwell. ”

    The Affliction show was on July 19th, NOT July 9th. And Andrei won in the 3rd round, not the 2nd!
    Otherwise, great writing! :-)

  • ttttt says:

    im a big arlovski fan but i think fedor will win. should be a good bout tho

  • trangleman says:

    AA has a glass jaw! What happens the glass when a hammer hits it? Yup u guessed it! I luv AA, but Fedor is much like Urijah Faber right now, there is no one in the world at this point that can handle them!

  • nate says:

    Fedor! Fedor! Fedor!
    What a great match up… the most anticipated Heavyweight fight in the world right now.

  • King James says:

    Fedor is ducking Josh Barnett. He’s been ducking him for years. Look at their records and wins. They’ve been beating almost the same people and have been in the same orgs. for years but they never fight. Barnett will TOOL Fedor.

  • ieatyouheartout says:

    whahaha i dont know about your homework but josh could fight fedor at shockwave 06 but he was to scared so whos duckin who??? whahaha sucker.
    and arlovski is another so-called ‘ufc champion’ that will be exposed like hmm 30 seconds? whaha

  • King James says:

    well after Fedor beats AA, he will have no choice but to fight Barnett & then YOU will be saying WAHAHA chump

  • Danny Boy says:

    Brock Lesnar would destroy Fedor. He has beat the Undertaker, Curt Angle, as well as The Rock. Fedor does not have the skills that Undertaker has. When he moved to MMA, he won his first fight easily. Then he got caught in a kneebar for his only loss, after destroying Frank Mir’s face. Then he destroys veteran Herring. Well I must say the Undertaker could choke slam any of those fools. Lesnar beats Undertaker, and by deduction, any heavyweight in the UFC, or MMA as a whole.

  • spanky735 says:

    All the respect in the world to the former UFC champ Andre Arlovski but Feydor is the best MMA fighter in the world, and he has already beat the current UFC champ Nogueira. Not many UFC fans know about Feydor but he is poised to captivate the American audience.

  • Danny Boy says:

    You spelt fedor wrong twice, but I agree with what you are saying. And he beat Nog twice in dominant fashion.

  • ANBUsquad says:

    What happened to barnett-arlovski?
    and why ” day of reckoning ” moved to next year?
    I was so looking forward for it…
    Anyways… Go Fedor…
    Arlovski is a top caliber fighter, but he has no tools to beat Fedor, unless, Fedor drops his gaurd and let Arlovski, hit him with his strongest punch… hahaha, but that’s not likely to happen…; P

  • Jens says:

    Well, I think Fedor needs to fight Randy Couture to get this over with. I know Randy will lose, but at least we’ll get to see a good fight for the first 3 rounds. Now lesnar vs fedor…LOL…Lesnar doesnt have the skills yet to beat fedor. The proof is that Lesnar will lose against Randy – and what’s worse, he will lose in a very ridiculous way just like he did with Mirr.

  • Ambrose Adams says:

    wow first off Andre Arlovski is great he is the best match up for fedor in the work out side of maybe Big Nog who has lost twice to Fedor. but there is know one in the world who is a better fighter ther Fedor so that barnett has no chance Andre Arlovski how a chance to bet fador becuase he is the most athletic 240 fighter in the world he faster then fedor punching speed. to be true i don’t think that he will win becuase fedor is the best but i think it will be a good fight if anyone can show fedor weakness is Arlovski but to bad he doesn’t have any outside paper thin skin

  • Cordog says:

    Who ever claimed that Brock was so great because he beat some wrestlers in the WWE needs to lay off the meth. IT’S FAKE. As fast as Brock is learning, he still would be no match for Fedor. Now when it comes to Arlovski, there is no one out there with more respect for him than me, and I really hope he can pull it off; but I do think the advantage lies with Fedor–especially in the ground game. If Fedor takes it there (like he should) he will certainly give Arlovski a hard time. We all know that AA has very technical boxing, but mere technicalities are not what Fedor relies on. Even though Fedor’s boxing may not be as technically sound, his aggressive style and God of War-like strength always make up for that. The only Arlovski that can beat him next month is the Arlovski that went wild on opponents early in his UFC reign, not the Arlovski that played it safe against Tim (part 3) and Werdum. If the real Pitbull shows up that night, then it could very well be lights out for Fedor. I can’t wait. Go Arlovski!!!

  • Leo says:

    Cordog, sarcasm escapes you doesn’t it?

    Anyway I’m stoked to see this fight and I agree with you Cordog on the fight breakdown. I’m an AA and Fedor fan, however I want to see him upset Fedor in convincing fashion. Then after I can read on all the message boards that how the fight was obviously fixed and how a friend of a friend told them they saw “The Don” giving cash money to AA (in a drug dealer like fashion) just before the fight. I mean come on, a (yuck) UFC fighter beat the beloved (the only REAL fighting org) Pride superstar. No way in hell can that happen fool!!!!!

    Just kidding. Everyone don’t get all bent out of shape.

    I predict AA in the second by TKO.

  • ivan says:


  • ivan says:


  • jomar says:

    It will be an exciting fight compared to Tim Silvia Vs. Fedor. Everybody knows that Arlovski is a better fighter……

    Fedor and Cro Cop will be best match together!


  • mark says:

    i think fedor will kick arlovski arse,for one reason and one reason onlly,fedor isan all round better fighter. not taking anything away from arlovski hes mixed it wth some great fighters.but credit where credits due, its fact fedor has it all.seriously

  • pete says:

    arlovski will win im tellin ya

  • BillyBoB says:

    I am really looking forward to this fight, I would love to see AA win, but in head is telling me Fedor will.

    I would like to see Frank Mir fight Fedor, since his recent victories it seems like the old Frank is back and in the same form he was before the accident. If anyone can beat Fedor my moneys on him.

  • john says:

    ok, fedor has fought some less than elite competition in the past, but come on. watch some of his fights. he finds a way to win. arlovski had a few fights that were less than entertaining, but dont deny the viscious power he has, especially in those wicked uppercuts…..depending on the arlovski that shows up for the fight, i would say either a dominant perfomance by the last emperor, or a war that ends up on the ground with fedor still victorious.

  • guillo says:

    Arlovski will win he is the better fighter its all about team pit bull

  • Jackvan says:

    The coming fight is exciting, but I am more excited to see other organizations like Affliction Entertainment competing against UFC which has been monopolizing this kind of business. This is the reason why many UFC fighters especially those veterans have not been getting paid well because the UFC president has had an upper hand in the entertainment.

    Now that Donald Trump is here with Affliction Entertainment, Dana White (the UFC president) has about to see the real threat.

    There is a saying that “everything Trump touches turns into gold”. With his unique entrepreneurial mind, Donald will be able to make Affliction more popular than UFC or at least both organizations will be even. Guess what Dana White would do if Affliction is indeed a serious threat to his UFC, he would buy the Affliction like what he did for PRIDE in Japan or offers to merge the two organizations.

    Hey, business as usual. Mainly, fighters are trained to fight; business men who are the CEO of the said organizations are trained to capitalized their profits from pay per view and other sponsorships.

  • Shawn says:

    OK, here is the difference, Fedor fights as though he is fighting for his life, he fights as though it’s the end of the world and if he wins, he will save it, he fights as if his family has been taken captive by killers and if he wins, they will be set free and if he loses, they will be executed in front of his face.
    With Arlovski, he fights because he likes the attention and loves his own image. You tell me who will win?
    To me, it’s that simple! You take a man with no fighting skills and put him in a life and death situation, you will see him do things that will amaze you.
    No one fights with the heart that Fedor fights with each and everytime he enters the ring. Go and research what he says about his fights, hear the words straight out of his mouth, he speaks what he believes and that is what makes him the Ultimate Champion, the best fighter on the planet, bar non folks!
    Arlovski will not win, absolutely 100% and I recommend everyone to go by this because this is a guarantee.
    Good night Arlovski, your going to be eaten up and spit out, enjoy the hype, cuz once the fight starts, the reality begins.

  • jj says:


  • John says:

    all this talk and fedor demolishes aa in just over 3 minutes. nothing left to prove for the all time undisputed king of fighting.

  • perfecto says:

    Arlovski was picking him apart until he got a little to comfortable and went for a damn flying knee and got caught by one of Fedors looping right hooks right on his chin. I dont see Fedor as the better fighter but I agree with what Shawn said Fedor fights with all out determination and that makes him good. I still think Randy has the answer for him though.


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