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Matt Hughes says fight with Matt Serra could take place in April

In a recent blog entry on his personal website, former UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes stated that his long-awaited grudge bout with nemesis and fellow former UFC welterweight champion Matt Serra could take place at a UFC event in April.

“This week, I talked to Joe Silva at the UFC and a possible date for (Matt) Serra and I is in April,” wrote Hughes. “I don’t know the exact date right now or venue. So, that is something that I can look forward to and I can set my training up for that schedule.”

Hughes and Serra have a long-running feud in the media that gained additional fuel while both were coaches for the sixth season of The Ultimate Fighter, titled Team Hughes vs. Team Serra.

The show’s live season finale was timed in accordance with a proposed UFC welterweight title defense by Serra against Hughes at UFC 79 last Dec. 29. However, while the show was still airing, word spread in November that Serra had suffered a back injury during training and would be unable to fight Hughes.

Hughes remained on the card and lost to a fight for Georges St. Pierre that was contested for the newly-instituted interim UFC welterweight title. St. Pierre won the interim belt following a second round submission over Hughes and then went on to unify the titles after recording a second round TKO against Serra at UFC 83 this past April.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    Who cares? Hughes has lost to GSP and Alves, and the loss to Alves was brutal. Serra’s only claim to fame was his upset win over GSP, and his decisive loss in the rematch proved it was a fluke. This fight would have been interesting before those losses and while the rivalry was still a current topic. The more time that passes, the more this feud seems like a couple of old gaffers arguing down at the barber shop.

  • doubleA-ron says:

    two words! NOT INTERESTED!

  • Shatner says:

    More than two words very interested hope Serra beats the hell out of Hughes who is about as nauseating as a human being can be.

  • HexRei says:

    Although this fight is meaningless to the sport really, I’m pretty interested just because of all the drama that went down before. I am curious to see who will take this one, although I predicting a win for Hughes because that is often how it goes when he fights guys with good BJJ but poor top control like Serra.

    I like Serra a lot more and would love to see him take it but I see this UD for Hughes.

  • BadMonkey says:

    WAR Serra!!

  • lee says:

    i hope they score a miraculous double knockout.

  • Tdotted says:

    The UFC had better not try to pass this as a main event. Serra’s 15 minute of fame has been stretched out long enough and Hughes seems to be on his retirement tour.

  • NJMMAFAN says:

    i hope this fight is on the undercard cause if it took the place of a fight i paid for id be pretty pissed

  • Shatner says:

    Tdotted Serra’s 15 minutes of fame are over?He’s been fighting in the UFC for 7 years!

  • dpk says:

    April would be around the time that TUF is premiering, so it could be the main event on the kick off show, at least it would be free. I’m interested because like him or hate him Hughes has had a great career, and this is probably his last fight.

  • Jay says:

    Serra is overrated and Hughes is done.. However this will be fun to watch and then they can both retire to their schools.

  • Serra may be been in UFC for 7 yrs but why do u think he was on TUF second chance with Shonie Carter and the other guys? Because they were @ best journeyman! Name me one person from that show of veterans besides Serra that has done anything? He clipped GSP and deserves his props, BUT he will get dominated by Hughes. Why do u think he hasn’t been active? The UFC and Serra know they have to be wise and take adv of the few fights with him they can sell

  • Jason G says:

    this fight should’ve happened yesterday. serra hasn’t fought in forever and hughes hasn’t fought since june so why are they waiting til next april?

  • Shatner says:

    Serra has’nt been active because he was healing from a back injury.He last fought at the end of April I would hardly say that it’s been forever since he fought.

  • ihateemo says:

    I’m still excited to see this. I don’t think it’s main even calibre but I would definitely love to see these two finally clash in the cage, even if it’s just to resolve a feud that was more interesting a year ago.


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