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What I learned from UFC 89

Shane Carwin needs an opponent. No disrespect intended towards Neil Wain but Carwin is in a different class. Carwin is in a different class than many on the UFC heavyweight roster it appears. It is time for Joe Silva to step up and give Carwin a challenge.

Luis Cane is just as good as I thought he was. Cane walked through Sokoudjou’s kicks as if they were not there. While it it unfortunate for Sokoudjou to have taken such a beating, I would hope people give Luis Cane the credit he deserves rather than try to tear down a quality fighter such as Sokoudjou.

Marcus Davis is fun to watch. Even in his fight this evening, there was always a sense that something was going to happen and Davis did not disappoint. His guillotine victory over Paul Kelly was one of the better fights on tonights broadcast.

The UFC needs to spread out their Pauls and their Thiagos and not have multiples of either on the same card, It’s to confusing for Goldberg.

The UFC announce team of Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan really need to call the action they are watching , and stop trying to promote the company agenda. The very things Dana claims to hate about EliteXC are the same things we are forced to listen to from the UFC.

It’s time to face it. Brandon Vera is just not that good. To listen to Goldberg and Rogan tonight one would think Brandon Vera was the second coming of something great. This is a fighter that has never shown up for a top level fight. Tim Sylvia smashed him, Fabricio Werdum man handled him, and now Keith Jardine with a injured knee made him look ridiculous. I’ve heard all the excuses, and the reasons why he hasn’t shown his potential and I am not buying any of them.

If someone was stupid enough to take the commentary of the UFC to heart, you would have thought of Jardine as some type of underdog in this fight. A man who has defeated both Forrest Griffin and Chuck Liddell an underdog to a man who has never won a big fight. The way they talk about Vera you would think he might be the best hope to promote the UFC in a new market or something….

Speaking of best hopes to promote the UFC in a new market, Michael Bisping crossed over into very boring fighter territory tonight. Mark my words, Michael Bisping will never sell pay per views outside of the UK. Any fighter who says…………and I quote “That was my plan: stick and move and get the unanimous-decision victory.”

What we need next is for the UFC to award a “Stick and Move” of the night bonus. I was about to say, I got what I paid for, but after watching that fight I’d have to say Chris Leben is the only reason I’m not going to send in a bill for my time.

But again, I hear the praises being sung, Bisping looks great at 185……quick…….athletic…..ect… Um, No he doesn’t look great. He looks quick while moving backwards. Is there anyone in their right mind who thinks Bisping handles Franklin, Henderson, and god forbid Silva? I know we’re thirsty for new blood to face the champion but if things get any less realistic we might as well break down and hire Jim Ross to call the play by play.

I suppose it’s not exactly Bisping’s fault they are trying to force him on the masses as a star. We have all seen it before done by various promotions. They find the fighter they would like to be a headliner, the one that is easy to push to the desired audience, they build video packages to hype him up as a contender or unstoppable force. The announce team calls his fight as if they have lost all touch with reality.

Tonight I have learned Michael Bisping will not headline a show that people will pay for.

  • darthcrab says:

    Lol, what a retard writing this blog…. “Michael Bisping will never sell pay per views outside of the UK”

    I gues this dick forgot UFC 78, where…. he did just that, sold ppv’s.

    so, you dont like that Bisping had a gameplan?? ahh well, stop crying, he won, Leben got his faced messed up by a back tracker….

    Idiot website!!

  • BadMonkey says:

    I’d agree with all of that. Vera looked like crap and it’s questionable as to whether he’ll ever be a contender. By the second round he was basically just standing there waiting for Jardine to come towards him.

    Dead on regarding Bisping as well. I don’t want to hear one more sound byte from him about knocking anybody out in the first round, or knocking anybody out period. He fought a decent fight, but his whole game is based on taking the fight the distance and trying to win a points decision. Boring!! That style will never sell ppv or gain him any fans. Just look at how Leben just walked forward with his hands down the last 10 seconds of the fight!!! You could see he was so frustrated he just wanted Bisping to go ahead and hit him. Leben impressed me in this fight, and if he could have cut the cage off more effectively he would have won. Bisping on the other hand, blah. What’s he going to teach as a coach on TUF? How NOT to finish your opponent???

  • Lord Faust says:

    I agree for the most part, but didn’t have as much of an issue with Bisping as the author did. Leben could have tried for more take downs, could have tried to adjust; instead he tried to brawl the whole time, and his opponent would have none of it. Yes, it wasn’t the most exciting fight ever, but I don’t see why Bisping should have thrown himself in positions to get KTFO by Leben just for the sake of entertainment — we have way too much tape to prove that people who exchange with Leben, and aren’t named Anderson Silva, take very uncomfortable naps.

    Bisping’s job is to win. He did it just fine. If anyone is to ‘blame’, I’d look at Leben; if he had more to bring to that fight that fist strikes, it may have ended differently.

  • tpolarbear says:

    Bisping is very boring to watch and I think if he would have faught Leben instead of taking laps around the ring Leben would have won. Bispings chin looks to have a crack in it Leben hit him with a couple of good shots and Bisping ran for the rest of the round I think Bisping never been hit that hard I hope they feed him to Silva I say K.O. at 1:30 thats after Anderson chases him down Bispings reach advantage wont help him in that fight for eeking out a unanimous-decision.

  • steo says:

    bisping won that fight clearly, by having a game plan ! And how can you call a fighter who finished both his last 2 fights in the first round, the writer is most likely the same guy that comes on here compliang about machida, i mean come on what idiot goes punch for punch wit leben , thats not smart! If bisping had the more power in the punches he through it would have been lights out for leben , which its something bisping can work on . This is coming from a irish man so it hurts to even say that,

  • HexRei says:

    Yeah, Bisping fought the smartest fight he could have given that he would have lost if he had engaged more often. It really was a fairly boring performance, the guy made Machida look like an aggressive brawler.

  • Bryan D. says:

    Bisping: The ufc will never let us forget this guy. They are trying to expand into Europe,, …..and he is…..European. What better way to get into Europe, than to have a European Champion??? He will never beat Anderson, unless, that is, the UFC makes Anderson throw the fight.

    Vera: First of all, that was a really shitty fight. However, that was the side of Jardine that beat Chuck & Forrest, and he could not beat Vera. We all watched it, and they were even. One Judge (the same judges that gave Bisping the win over Matt Hammel btw) Gave the entire fight to Vera, neither of the other judges gave that to Jardine. The fight should have been far more exciting, but Vera showed that he can hang with ranked contenders.

  • Goomba says:

    I suppose you hate Machida, too?

  • David Andrest says:

    Nope, I don’t hate Machida OR Bisping OR Sherk.

    I just wouldn’t pay to see them fight assuming they were the Headliner.
    They will inspire me to part with 55 bucks, and sadly it doesn’t look like they ever will

  • LiuLang says:

    You make SOME good points, but the overall article proves why Sam Caplan is the only person who writes on this site that’s worth reading or taking seriously.

  • David Andrest says:

    By all means post your opposing viewpoint. And I agree Sam is my favorite read.

    PS. which one of your favorites did I insult? …….my guess is Vera.

  • Jackyl says:

    I think you guys are being a little hard on Bisping. What is your explanation for Chris Leben’s face? I bet you’re the same people that said Brock Lesnar “layed” on Heath Herring the whole fight? He kept his distance and used his speed to pick Leben apart and frustrate him. And if Leben wanted to put his hands down and walk forward, why would he do it the last 10 of the fight? Why not do it with a few minutes left? It says nothing to me if he does that right at the end of a round. He was just trying to save face in the loss. What is Bisping supposed to do, stand and trade with him? Look what happened to Terry Martin and he was a lot bigger than Chris. I don’t see what is wrong with having a winning game plan and doing what you have to do to win the fight. I have seen WAY more boriing fights than the one last night.

  • HexRei says:

    Jackyll, Leben dropped his hands like that multiple times throughout the fight when he saw what Bisping’s plan was.

  • David Andrest says:

    Jackyl, I think Bisping is a decent fighter. And he certainly “won” that fight. My point is with that style, and going in looking for a decision, I find it hard to believe he will ever be a PPV draw.

    Machida is probably one of the top 3 in the world at 205 and he can not headline a PPV. The UFC knows this. Just watch how long his road is to the title shot.

    I’ve just grown tired of the agenda. Cover it as it was.

  • steo says:

    if you watch the silva leben fight, were did silva do the most damage ? When he was BACKING AWAY!

  • Jackyl says:

    According to Sherdog. Bisping will fight the winner of Franklin vs Henderson and coach against them on the next season of The Ultimate Fighter.

  • David Andrest says:

    That will be entertaining. Yeah, Dana confirmed Bisping for TUF 9 on thursday. He was quite sure Bisping was going to make it past Leben.

  • Itshisownfault says:

    5oz – this guy David seems like a pretty big departure from your other bloggers. While I prefer Sam Caplan, I do find your other writers enjoyable. However, this guy? Well, this is the first post I’ve read of his – but the guy is too damn alarmist. Almost as if he doesn’t have the ability to describe situations so he goes over the top. Michael Bisping will never…Brandon Vera was made to “look ridiculous”. Utter crap – I understand opinion, but I’m left with head scratching “WTF is this guy thinking?” thoughts running through my head.

    Don’t get me wrong I agree with the content of what he was saying, which to me was “Bisping shouldn’t just be out to win by decision”, and Vera hasn’t stepped up against the upper echelon – just not the way he tries to get his point across. Maybe this is a fluke (or an alcohol induced post ;)) and the guy isn’t so sensationalist all the time – we’ll see.

  • Grappo says:

    agree with most of the comments in the piece, though funnily enough, I find Machida interesting, and Bisping boring.

  • Shatner says:

    I find it funny there was talk of a Keith Jardine title shot at the post fight press conference the guy has Zero ground game and has been brutally knocked out twice in his last four fights.Obviously there is something wrong with Brandon Vera he is not the same fighter who i saw destroy Eilers,Mike Whitehead,and Frank Mir.

  • Rob says:

    Finally someone who saw the same fight as me! Everyone praising Bisping needs to watch that fight again, how does “counter punching” or as I would call it, running win a fight? Leben won that shit in my eyes, and I can’t wait to see Henderson, Franklin, or Silva tear Bisping apart!!!

  • SLTrooper says:

    Hey, have you ever checked some of those shows on cable?? You know the ones, where the drunks jump out the crowd and throw haymakers until one drops?

    What about giood old bum fights? You want to see someone get KO’d right? Thast what you pay your dollar for correct?

    The fact that Bisping put on a clinic against Leben upsets you that much?

    Bisping will sell PPV because he is an excellent and intelligent fighter.

    Send me your bank account details and i will send you back your PPV costs as long as you promise to keep your opinions to yourself.

  • Binners says:

    Who the hell is David Andrest?

    The quality of this site has really nosedived in recent months, how can you complain about the main event, that was a really good fight hardly any lulls in the action lots of big shots, just because it didn’t end in a KO apparently it sucked!

    I thought this site was about trying to educate MMA fans not print the mumblings of some idiot who just wants to watch guys walk straight forward with their hands down blocking punches with their face.

    David Andrest should stick to Elite XC its clearly more his scene !

  • Cash says:

    Sounded like the issue was with how the fights were sold to the audience to me. He doesn’t think Bisping will sell ppv’s with his go for the decision style. doesn’t seem to crazy to me.

    But that’s just me using that crazy reading and comprehension again.

  • glock says:

    My sentiments exactly. very clever matchmaking by Silva.I don’t know why, I just don’t get- it he’s not a total paper tiger as he has some skills, but (maybe survival skills) but after every fight I wonder what I had just seen.

  • GassedOut says:

    I don’t agree with a lot of folks that said Bisping was boring. He was clearly counter-punching, much like Chuck Liddell. (Okay, maybe not much like Chuck, I’m talking concept.)

    Anyway, a fight I’d like to see for Bisping: Jason MacDonald. Joe Silva! I need to see this fight! Both are well rounded, both can adapt to a given style, please make this fight!

  • Glen says:

    Has this idiot even steped in to a cage/ring and fought if he had done then he would no that the plan that mike and his team worked out wasnt somthing that is easy done when chirs leben is chasing ya with that big left coming at ya you move and moving out the way aint easy and to look at both fighters after the fight id say that mike done a lot more damage.

    If you aint got anything sensible to say then say nothing at all

  • Shatner says:

    I am glad Bisping is going to be on TUF as a coach so he won’t be involved in any UFC events for months.Did someone already say this?

  • MMA SKOOL™ says:

    “The UFC announce team of Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan really need to call the action they are watching , and stop trying to promote the company agenda. The very things Dana claims to hate about EliteXC are the same things we are forced to listen to from the UFC.”


  • Patrick says:

    MMA SKOOL, an example would be how they were hyping up Vera (because of the infiltration into the Philippines), promoting him so greatly when his performances as of late have been lack luster and he hasn’t pulled the trigger in a while.

    P.S. This is a completely objective statement as I’m a huge Vera fan (Virginia needs more fighters!) but it’s plainly obvious that the UFC is hyping him in the commentary.

    An explanation could be that Joe Rogan knows how amazing Lloyd Irvin and that camp is so he thinks that Vera will perform better, Vera is just not consistent though and until he really becomes consistent he shouldn’t get such high praise (regardless of who he trains with).

  • jamo says:

    i was there and bisping was dissapointing to watch,how the person can say he doesnt finish fights id never know (i.e mcarthy and day) ok they werent top oppents granted!! leben looked in shape,like seriously in shape!!! so why in the hell would bisping want to go and steam out and trade with someone who is know to punch harder?? leban was a mess by the end through his counter punching,ok granted boring to watch (we had i heart in or mouths everytime leban came forward) but thats the fight game,sometimes you have to use a different style and bisping proved he had more to his game then leben by making his frustrated!! now im english,i luv to watch mike and cheer on someone who is 1 of ur own,but im under no illusions that if he stands in that cage with silva its over in less then a round!!

  • ihateemo says:

    “we have way too much tape to prove that people who exchange with Leben, and aren’t named Anderson Silva, take very uncomfortable naps.”

    Haha, I couldn’t have put it better myself! Bisping didn’t run away from Leben the way Starnes back away from Quarry. He fought an intelligent fight and gave Leben’s face a beating with some good punches and knees despite never having him in real trouble.

    But it takes two to tango, no? It was a pretty dull fight due to Bisping’s game plan but Leben never had an answer for it and just pressed forward hoping to get into a slug fest. Anyone else would have been trying to put Bisping in the only position where he couldn’t back away – on the mat! – or trying to counter his counters. The fans should blame Leben just as much, if not more, than Bisping for his one-dimensional game plan. Sure it would have been exciting to watch them brawl but we all know which fighter THAT strategy would have favoured.

    I think the reason most people are vilifying Bisping – and rightly so, in my opinion – is that he ADMITTED he was going for a decision win. I mean, who ADMITS something like that? It explains why Bisping never went in for the kill, but why couldn’t he say something along the lines of how he’s seen Leben knock out game opponents and didn’t want to be staring at the lighting rig and the opening never presented itself, rather than admit that he was planning to put us through three rounds of Machida-esque back-and-counter fighting?

  • Patrick says:

    Here’s the thing, Bisping didn’t just stick and move, there were moments of the fight where Leben would press forward and it looked like Bisping just hopped back and ran away with a worried look on his face as he grabbed onto the cage for moral support.

    It wasn’t a good fight, it wasn’t Machida (who circles, doesn’t go backwards) and Leben made Bisping look like an idiot.

    Bisping doesn’t have any power behind his hands, knees, or elbows at 185 and Leben decided to prove that to everyone after Bisping refused to throw anything but jabs while hopping backwards.

    It was embarrassing for a main event, Leben should have been given more points for octagon control (he owned the entire cage… Bisping never once showed any sort of aggression or attempts to move in any direction except for away from the fight).

    This wasn’t Machida, and for those who think the style was the same… you need to watch some tape, there are similarities and that’s about it.

  • 580 says:

    All u Bisping haters. Bisping had a great gameplan. He fought technical and smart. Thats what u do against a brawler You dont exchange with them and risk geting knocked out. Maybe if Leben wasnt a err one trick pony, it would have made for a more exciting fight. Forrest Griffin fought Jackson the same way. Its called respecting yor opponents power. Bisping vs. Franklin! This would be a great fight. Franklin would have trouble with Bispings foot work and head movement. Bisping sure as hell wouldnt stand there and take a beating like Hamill. That fight was garbage. That proved nothin for Franklin at 205.

  • roger says:

    Best commentary yet on this event. Bisping made a fight I was anxiously waiting for into a painful 15 minutes.

  • braveheart says:

    Shit topic! we dont get ppv here in the uk u fucking tit! all events are on cable tv

  • Chris says:

    1. Jardine is obviously good against fighters who stand and trade (Griffin, Liddell, Vera last fight), and very bad against bull-rushers (Alexander, Wanderlei Silva). That said, Vera sucks altogether.

    2. Bisping _ran away_ the whole fight. That’s fine, that was his plan. But tell me how he wins all 3 rounds for an unanimous decision without so much as a takedown? Leben had a couple of takedowns and still didn’t get a point. I was glad to see Leben offer up his face as a punching bag for the last 10 seconds of the fight – I knew even if Bisping cranked up his hardest punch he’d never even hurt Leben in the slightest. Bisping is a weak and overrated fighter. I can’t wait to see Henderson or Franklin end his charade.

    3. Why are you guys attacking the writer of this article? It’s a good, interesting article. Go write your own if you can do better. Somehow I doubt you can.

  • djd says:

    I agree with most of the stuff this guy wrote in this post….Leben moved forward the whole fight….No way should Bisping get a title shot….His next fight should be Jason Mcdonald, Okami, or Damien Maia or however the hell u spell his name….If he should beat one of them…take on Dan Henderson or Marquardt…..If he is lucky enough to beat either of them…get a title shot in which he will get knocked out by round 2 for sure by the spider….

  • dsid says:

    Bisping clearly won the fight and yes, he had a game plan and executed it well. But those saying it was BORING are right on the mark.

    Bisping seemed like a much more exciting fighter earlier in his career. Now he just runs, runs, runs, while trying to out point the opposition, which is just weak.

    And no, it’s not sour grapes at Leben losing (I don’t even like Leben and I don’t think he’s a very good fighter). Trying to out point a guy by running is fine for boxing, but lame for MMA. And that goes for freakin’ Machida, as well. He’s good, but his fights are boring as hell.

    Here’s a vote for any fighter that actually steps in there trying to end it. And forget the guys who just want to play it safe and win a little decision (that goes for the lay and prayers, just it does for hte runners like Bisping & Machida).

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    Vera’s style didn’t lend itself exploiting Jardine’s weakness. Jardine has a hard time with fighters like Houston and Wanderlai who aggressively push the pace. Vera is more of a counter striker, and that plays to Jardine’s strengths. Ask Chuck Liddell. Is Vera overrated? Interesting question, but that doesn’t give Jardine the credit he deserves imo.

    The Bisping fight was boring? Not to me. Only Anderson Silva has ko’d Leben, who has an amazing chin. Bisping’s game plan was right on the money for any fighter other than the best pound for pound fighter (Silva) on the planet. Leben was frustrated and largely ineffectual. Supposedly he ‘s working on his ground game, but he didn’t make much of an effort to take Bisping down. Bisping has finished other fights, so he doesn’t deserve criticism for failing to ko Leben. I’m no Bisping fan boy, but his striking looked pretty good.

  • Imbecile says:

    What I learned from this article: very little!

    You overstate your case on Vera, and completely discount what a talent he looked like in his first several fights at HW. Sure, he hasn’t looked good recently, but you make it seem like there is no cause to think he is any good. Overhyped…maybe. Your criticism overstated…completely.

    Same thing with Bisping. He fought a boring fight, for sure. And saying your gameplan is to go for a unanimous decision is just pathetic! But that doesn’t discount that he is a talented fighter, and until this fight, he did destroy his opposition at 185. He even stated himself he isn’t quite ready for a title shot, but apparently he will get a step up in competition with the winner of Franklin/Hendo, so we will get to really guage his skills then. But you make him sound like he is some kind of joke, when the reality is he is a talented fighter on the cusp of top ten status at 185. I didn’t like the way he fought last night, but if he keeps improving, he may be a big headliner one day.

    The consistent theme of this article is that the UFC is doing the same thing as EliteXC and hyping fighters who deserve no hype just so the can score with a target audience. Does the UFC want to have successful British and Philipino fighters for their shows in these countries? Sure. But to compare it to Gary/Jared Shaw’s nonsense with Kimbo Slice is just stupid.

    Maybe, just maybe, Joe Rogan really thinks that Brandon Vera has the skills to be a monster in the UFC, whether Vera showed that or not.

    Maybe Mike Goldberg really thinks Bisping has looked fantastic at 185.

    Those things are pretty reasonable things to think. What is not reasonable is to say Kimbo has the best stand-up in MMA, and if he were to box, he would be a top ten HW boxer right now. I don’t think Gary/Jared really believe that nonsense, and nobody thinks it is reasonable to say those things. To compare the too is idiotic. To add to how stupid that comparison was, you only saw what you wanted to see, and neglected the positive comments made about Vera and Bisping’s opponents.

    Were it not for your insightful blurb about Luis Cane/Sokoudjou, I would be sending an invoice along for the time I spent reading your poorly thought out opinions.

  • Stan the Caddy says:

    This is the type of writing I’ve come to expect from this blog. Filled with lots of hyperbole and not much substance.

  • AdamsFamily says:

    What frustrates me about this sport and its fans – is how we seem to expect every fight to be the greatest fight we’ve ever seen and represent fantastic value for money. I dont really follow a team in (UK) football, though I know the game well enough, and 80% of matches are very dull and uneventful (and they last nearly two hours) and this is one of the most successful finacial games in the world if the most.
    So we all would like to witness exiting fights – but I cant help feeling the majority of people who post comment here are looking for quick standup fights with spectacular KO’s only between american fighters preferably. They will do down any fighters who implements a gameplan and stick to it.
    I think you have to look at the event as a whole to judge it objectively. On the televised fights we had a (good) submission, a (good) war, a (decent) T knockout (carwin) and a technical fight even if it was the headline. All in all – I’d say that an evening of Mixed Martial Arts. If you are obsessed to see bloody KO’s time afrter time then go to a pub in the north of england after a football derby.
    And whats more Randy Couture fights numerous technical 5 round fights with a specific gameplan – nobody complains and pays to see him.

  • Rich says:

    I would just say to Anrest that you are obviously not a fighter. Styles make Fights.

  • Shatner says:

    What I learned from UFC 89 is that it’s right up there with the worst UFC events ever!

  • monsoon says:

    Well, I agree wit the point in the article that the reason for making Bisping vs. Leben the main event was marketing in the UK. And I don’t care whether a fight is announced ‘main eivent’ or not.
    Much of the talking through the comments on the article seems a bit uneducated to me – just like the article paragraphs of Bisping vs. Leben fight itself: the fight was not agreat fight, since the two fighter each had only one strategy, Bisping to ‘counter’, Leben to brawl. Non of them really succeded, and other than by interpreting the face of Leben the decision was absolutely not convincing. Of course, Bisping lokked less damaged in the fight, but as far as I remember UFC judging rules the decision could easily have favoured Leben. He was trying to win by finishing Bisping, Bisping was not trying to finish Leben. Hence ‘octagon control’, ‘agression’, and takedowns should have counted for Leben. Obviously he knew in advance that the only way he could have won on UK soil was by finishing Bisping – just compare Bisping vs. Hamill.
    The ‘boring fight’ and the complaints for Bisping not trying to finish the fight should rather be dircted to UFC rules and fighting system than to Bispings strategy. He knew he would win the decision if not obviously dominated by his opponent (on the ground) or knocked down severly every round… he was fighting in the UK for UK marketing. So, why take the risk and trade direct punches with Leben? On the other hand, Bisping obviously had no tools to get Leban into serious trouble – not once.
    Solution: adopt PRIDE fighting system and judging system, and/or encourage judges to rate bouts without a finish as even (after an overtime period), or re-introduce tournaments with multiple fights one night/without much time in between.
    Alternative Solution: count on spectators that want so see a sports event rather than a bloody bar-style brawl of pure agression and a KO (in the obove comments: not too many, but some e.g. ‘adamsFamily’ a few post obove this) – but i assume that would lead MMA back into a finacial decline: most people love these MMA events just for ‘brutal action’, bloody elbows and KOs… sad but true.

    So, my opinion on the article: neither Vera nor Bisping or Leben looked bad in their fights. If Vera was that overrated, Jardine looked bad in having so much trouble to earn a decision. Bisping (so far) and Leben are not real good fighters, both are more or less one-dimensional, Bisping shurely is being protected and marketing-wise built on. Both will never be amongst the top 10 of their weghtclass (well, Bisping might be young enough to advance a bit if being protected long enough).

    Jardine on the other hand is a potential top ten fighter who will always hav the chance to win against anybody – but with his arsenal shown recently not in a sustainable way. Just like Lidell, their Styles where good enough (so this did not result in any title chances for Jardine in the past) as long as striking/stand up tactics where underdeveloped in the UFC. There always was a good chance for quite educated punchers an kickers with good takedown defence against brawlers as well as technically poor punching wrestlers and ground wizards. With guys like Evans, Griffin, Jackson and many other at LHW there chances seem fairly diminuished. In so far Vera did’t appear that bad against Jardine, anyone who does’nt quit or get finished while trading with Jardine does quite well. But Vera doesn’t have the tools for title aspiratinons yet, obviously.

    Over all: markteing to a ‘fighter from my country/region’ group as well as a ‘knock out highlight’ mass audience, combined with a technical decision-oriented-game-plan favouring judging system will lead to fights like bisping-leben an the likes. At least implement clear (as far as possible) Point systems, at least. I don’t need to hear any more discussions like “is an attempted submission more worthy in the eyes of the judges than a submission escape?” from Goldberg/Rogan or reasoning about the favors of “backpedaling”. I always read in these areas the judging should account for “aggression” and “effective striking”, not he overall game plans of the fighters.
    UFC and company, since you won’t quit on the mass marketing strategies, Change the rules! No more 10-point-must rounds! 10-minute first rounds! Draws and rematches if necessary!

  • JBAR says:

    Having been a fan since UFC 1 the only thing that saddens me a bit is that the sport has evolved to the point where a strategy to stick and move and work for a decision victory can work. I think most of us appreciate a fight strategy if it is a plan to finish a fight either by KO or submission. I would not be nearly as upset if Bisping had said his strategy was to stick and move forcing Leben to get overly agressive so he could KO him. The same go’s for the lay and prey, I do not mind a technical ground battle if the fighter is working to finish the fight versus just holding his opponent down and controlling him.


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