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UFC 89 Live Round by Round Play by Play

Welcome to live play-by-play for this evenings UFC 89 event. The show, which takes place at The National Indoor Arena in Birmingham, England, is available live on Setanta Sports and will be broadcast free of charge on Spike TV in the U.S.A.

The LIVE show and results will start around 1:00p.m.ET and will be published prior to the tape delay broadcast on Spike TV. If you do not wish to know the results of the event prior to its broadcast in the United States please direct yourself away from this page.

You can press F5 on your keyboard to update this page and it’s comments.

( Editor: for those feeling brave post your picks now.)

Per Eklund vs. Sammy Schiavo
Round 1
Sammy Schiavo starts off aggressive and the two clinch on the fence. Eklund is floored by an overhand right. Eklund recovers and the two fighters clinch. After some grappling the fight has hit the canvas with Eklund back. Eklund attempts a triangle, Schiavo stands out of Eklunds guard. After some failed upkicks Schiavo returns to guard. The two return to their feet, Schiavo continues to pressue Eklund as the round comes to a close.

Round 2

Schiavo starts off aggressive in the second. Schiavo is again controlling the pace of the fight. The two fighters briefly clinch and Schiavo connects with an over hand right. The fighters again clinch and the fight goes to the ground. Eklund has taken Schiavo’s back and is attempting the rear naked choke. Eklund can’t get his hooks in and Schiavo escapes danger. Schiavo is in top position throwing punches in Eklunds guard and the round comes to and end.

Round 3

Eklund shoots on Schiavo to open the third. Eklund has now worked into full mount on Schiavo, it appears he is going after his left arm. Eklund is doing damage from the mount with short punches on the now bleeding Schiavo. Eklund again tries for the Rear Naked Choke. Schiavo Taps!

Winner: Per Eklund via Rear Naked Choke @ 3:13 of Round 3

Jim Miller vs. David Baron
Round 1

The round begins and the two fighters exchange low kicks. Miller catches a Baron kick and takes the fight to the ground. Miller working from half guard working to gain mount. Baron tries to escape, and Miller gains full mount. Baron turns over and Miller takes his back. Miller slips and stands, Baron stands only to have Miller jump on his back as the fighters once again hit the floor. Miller is trying to get the arm across the neck to complete the RNC, and the round comes to and end.

Round 2

The fighters exchange punches to open the second frame. Baron has backed Miller into the fence as the two exchange. Miller used a single leg take down and ends up in Baron’s half guard. Miller stands out of guard long enough to rain down a solid shot on Baron. Baron is trying to control Millers arms and ends up rolling onto his stomach. Baron is cut and bleeding heavy, he attempts to roll out of this position. Baron works his way into top position and is now in Miller’s guard. Miller is working on a triangle agains the cage as the round comes to a close.

Round 3

Once again the fighters exchange low kicks to begin the round. Miller again catches a Baron kick and takes the fight to the ground. Miller working ground and pound from the top on his bleeding oponent. Baron rolls to his stomach once again. Miller is able to sink the rear naked choke and Baron taps.

Winner : Jim Miller via Rear Naked Choke 3:19 Round 3

Sam Stout vs. Terry Etim
Round 1

Both fighters trade punches as the round begins, both men scoring. Stout floors Etim with a strong left. Etim recovers and lands a superman punch of his own. Both fighter defend for the remainder of the round.

Round 2

The second frame begins and Etim is doing a nice job keeping his distance and staying out of trouble. Stout looks frustrated and attempts a double leg takedown without success. Etim continues to connect with well placed shots, and Stout is landing the occasional heavy punch. Etim shoots takes the match to the floor. Etim takes Stout’s back as the round comes to a close.

Round 3

Etim looks confident and well rested as the round begins. Stout catches an Etim front kick and throws a punch. Etim moves to the centre of the cage and the two continue to throw punches with Stout clearly being the more aggressive of the two. Both fighters go the distance as the round has come to an end.

Winner Terry Etim by Unanimous Decision

David Bielkheden vs. Jess Liaudin
Round 1

Liaudin starts off aggressive and Bielkheden clinches, and Liaudin drops him with a knee. Liaudin gives Bielkheden room to stand, Bielkheden attempts a takedown and pins Liaudins back to the cage. Liaudin works his way back to his feed. Bielkheden takes the fight back to the floor. After an unsuccessful omaplata attempt by Liaudin, the two continue to work on the ground as the round comes to an end.

Round 2

Bielkheden takes the fight to the ground to open the round. Liaudin opens his guard and once again attempts an omaplata. The two fighter stand and circle in the center of the cage, Bielkheden again shoots for the takedown and lands in Liaudin’s guard, Liaudin is working for a triangle choke. Liaudin is starting to look gassed. The ref stands the fighters. After another takedown attempt the fight goes back to the mat with Liaudin in top position landing shots into Bielkhen’s guard, the round ends.

Round 3

Bielkheden, takes Liaudin to the mat to open the third. Working from closed guard Bielkheden lands and elbow that opens up Liaudin. Bielkheden lands some big shots from guard and the action slows a bit. The ref stands the fight up. Beilkheden attempts a single leg , and as the fight moves to the floor Liaudin sets up a Kimura. The round ends……….

Winner David Bielkheden by Unanimous Decision

Neil Wain vs. Shane Carwin
Round 1

Both fighters come out swinging. A clinch in the fence leads to Carwin taking down Wain and landing in side mount. Carwin quickly takes full mount and begins to beat Wain into a bloody mess. The ref steps in to save Wain.

Winner Shane Carwin via TKO 1:31 round 1

Akihiro Gono vs. Dan Hardy

( for those scoring at home, Gono did enter the cage while dancing with his entourage all outfitted in curly wigs in classic Gono style)
Round 1

Hardy comes out very aggressive with a combination of low kicks and punches as the fight starts. Gono is fighting a very defensive fight againt the Brit. The two continue to trade kicks, Gono lands a front kick that puts Hardy on the ground. Hardy is allowed back up. The two continue with Gono fighting off his back foot and Hardy clearly controlling the pace. The two exchange spinning back kicks to close the round.

Round 2

The second round continues the same as the first with Hardy the clear aggressor. Gono’s face is beginning to show signs of wear, Gono clinches and the fight briefly goes to the mat. The two are back on their feet and Gono continues to try and work from a clinch. Gona appears to be tired, as Hardy looks fresh and confident. The two enchange blows as the round comes to and end with Gono avoiding a knee thrown by Hardy.

Round 3

Gono starts the third far more agressive and lands a left hook to the body of Hardy. Hardy fires back from a distance Gono is landing precision punches and Hardy is opened up over his eyes. Gono take a kick to the gonads and the fight is halted briefly. The two fighters exchange flurries and the fight briefly goes to the canvas. Gono lands an illegal knee and is warned by the ref. Hardy looks dazed and the fight starts again from the feet. Gono lands a right that appears to rock Hardy. Hardy recovers, the two fighters continue with Gono appearing to try to jump guard, jump into an armbar, but he fails and lands flat on his back to end the round.

Winner Dan Hardy via Split Decision

And the Televison portion of the fight card begins now…………..

Marcus Davis vs. Paul Kelly
Round 1

The fighters circle and feel each other out to start the first. Davis throws an inside leg kick that lands with a snap. Both fighters feel cautious, as the crowd chants for Paul Kelly. Davis throws some jabs to measure the distance. Kelly moves in and out as he throws some sloppy punches. The fighters continue to measure and Davis shoots taking Kelly to the ground. Kelly attempts a choke on the way down that isn’t successful Davis moves to sidemount and punishes Kelly. After a brief scramble both fighters return to their feet. Davis keeps Kelly at a distance with a series of leg kicks and the round ends.

Round 2

Davis measures with some jabs to open the frame, and the two fighters continue to circle. Davis is noticably faster, and crisper in this bout. Davis continues to throw jabs and low kicks. Kelly continues to throw combos that are not landing. Kelly shoots the double and takes Davis to the ground and exposes his neck in the process. Davis grabs the guillitine and chokes out Kelly. Kelly Taps.

Winner Marcus Davis Guillitine Choke at 2:16 of round 2.

Chris Lytle vs. Paul Taylor
Round 1

They both come out swinging wildly. Lytle is landing some solid shots, Taylor responds with a some quick kicks. Brutal start to an exciting fight, the fight moves to the cage with Lytle working over Taylor with knees. Back to the center and Lytle throws a looping right, Taylor closes the gap, and Lytle takes him to the mat with a hip toss. Taylor returns to his feets as the fighters trade positions against the cage in the clinch. The fighters exchange and both land some very strong shots. Lytle backs Taylor into the cage. Fighters dirty box and continue to punish one another. The fight briefly returns to the center of the cage, both men continue to throw kicks and punches. Taylor lands a big right hand with :15 seconds left in the most action packed round of the night.

Round 2

Kicks are exchanged and Lytle lands some heavy shots. Neither fighter is holding back as every punch has bad intentions. Lytle takes Taylor to the floor, Taylor reverses and takes top position briefly. Lytle reverse and puts Tylor into a guillitine. Both fighters back to their feet. The action continues without a moment of pause by either fighter. Taylor attempts a take down, Lytle stuffs it. The fighters clinch and move back to the cage. Both fighters exchange shots and Lytle may be showing signs of getting tired. Taylor throws a good leg kick, and follows is with a misplaced inside leg kick right to the nuts of Chris Lytle. After a brief pause we are back in action. Both guys are throwing bombs as the enter the clinch once again. Lytle backs Taylor into the cage. Lytles corner can see their fighter gas, and call for the takedown. Lytle attempts , Taylor stops it. We end the fight with both men punishing one another against the cage.

Round 3

The third round start like the previous two. Both fighters exchange blows. The fighters clinch, and move to the cage, each taking punishment as the reverse positions. The move to the center of the ring, Taylor looks fresh, but Lytle continues to throw HUGE shots. With under two minutes remaining this fight is too close to call. Both men continue to beat each other as Lytle completes a take down with about a minute and a half remaiming. Taylor works back to his feet and back to the center of the cage. Both fighters are throwing blows trying to end this fight with :20 seconds left. Lytle takes a huge uppercut and keeps moving forward. The horn sounds and this fight has come to an end.

Winner: Chris Lytle by Unanimous Decision

Luis Arthur Cane vs. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou
Round 1

Both fighters start out cautious. Sokoudjou thows and inside leg kick that lands.Cane throws a right and Sokoudjou with a body kick. Sokoudjou is pressing the action as Cane moves back. Cane with a body kick. Sokoudjou moves forward and throws some heavy shots. Cane defends himself nicely. The action slows a bit and Cane appears to be measuring the distance. Cane throws another strong body kick. With :10 seconds left both continue to circle.

Round 2

The round starts with Cane backing up Soko. Cane throws an inside kick and hits Soko below the belt. After a brief pause the fight restarts. Sokoudjou throws a Jumping front kick that looks impressive but does no damage. Cane is picking his shots and landing jabs with frequency. Sokoudjou throws another hard body kick that appears to have no impact on Cane. Cane throws some combos and Sokoudjou appears to be breathing heavy. After some measuring out, Cane lands a strong knee. Sokoudjou is down. Cane jumps on him and pounds him out.

Winner Luis Cane via TKO 4:15 round 2

Brandon Vera vs. Keith Jardine
Round 1

The round starts and Jardine immediatly takes Vera to the ground. Vera works for a Kimoura, and jardine is cut on top of his head. Jardine escapes the kimoura and starts dropping elbows on Vera. Jardine takes a elbow from Vera from the bottom but continues to drop damage. The ref decides to Stand the fight for some unknown reason. The fighters clinch and seperate. Both fighters continue to exchange blows and size eachother up on the feet. Jardine gets cought and is dropped, he bounces right back up and floors Vera. Vera is hurt and Jardine pours it on and the Horn saves Vera.

Round 2

The fighters start cautious and exchange a few kicks. Jardine continues to land leg kicks. Jardine shoots, Vera stops it. Jardine trys a high kick and gets cought by Vera and taken to the floor. Jardine works his way back to his feet and eats a knee in the process. The two men continue the chess match with jabs and kicks . Jardine continues to try and engage, Vera continues to evade. The two briefly clinch, and exchange punches. And the round comes to a close.

Round 3

The third round starts and we again start off by exchanging kicks. The two circle and both fighters throw combos. Jardine shuffles in and lands a looping right. Vera counters with an inside leg kick. the crowd begins to boo as they are thirsty for action. Jardine shoots Vera fights the take down. Jardine is throwing some nasty punches from the clinch. The crowd becomes restless as the two fighters continue to circle and throw the occasional leg kick. :10 seconds left and Jardine throws some bombs. It’s in the hands of the judges. This fight sould clearly be awarded to Jardine.

Winner Keith jardine via Spit Decision over Brandon Vera.

Chris Leben vs. Michael Bisping
Round 1

The fight starts with a leben inside leg kick. A missed superman punch by Bisping leads to another Leben Kick. Leben continues to throw kick after kick to the retreating Bisping. The two exhange puches and clinch for a moment. The fight then moves to the center of the ring. Bisping nails Leben with a right hand, Leben walks right through it. Leben continues to attack Bisping. Leg kick after leg kick, Bisping lands another good punch that doesn’t affect Leben. Bisping is starting to land some shots, that are not hurting Leben. The crowd begins to become excited. Leben moves Bisping to the cage and lands some big shots of his own. Leben is bleeding from the nose. Bisping is looking sharp while countering. Leben throws a big shot, Bisping tries to shoot and the round ends.

Round 2

The second round begins with the two fighters exchanging blows. Leben is haviing a hard time breathing though his nose, and is now cut under his eye. Leben continues to move forward, Bisping continues to counter punch while he retreats. Leben throws an inside leg kick to Bispings groin. After a brief stoppage Leben is back on the prowl. Bisping continues to be effective while moving backwards. Leben continues to move forward with leg kicks. Leben now continues to chase Bisping who appears satisfied moving backwards for the remainder of the round. Bisping looks gassed, Leben moves forward and asks Bisping to punch him as the round comes to a close Leben throws a looping left.

Round 3

The round starts with Leben moving forward and he lands a big left. The ref stops the fight to remove something from Bispings eye. The fight is then restarted. The two exhange kicks. Leben moving forward, Bisping remains on his bicycle countering. Leben lands a looping Left as bisping continues to move backwards. Leben shoots the double leg and takes Bisping to the floor. A scramble to the feet and the two exhange punches. Bisping puts the car back into reverse and works his counter punches. Leben is not happy it’s clear he puts his hands to his side and asks Bisping to hit him. Bisping with a head kick and an punch that Leben walks through as the horn blows on what is sure to be a UD victory for the love child of Kalib Starnes and Machida. Horrible. Just horrible

Winner Michael Bisping via UD.

  • eazye says:

    Schiavo, Miller, Liaudin, Carwin, Hardy, Davis, Lytle, Soku, Vera and Leben

  • Hemming says:

    FYI – Rogers SportsNet HD in Canada is carrying the UFC live @ 3pm EST for the main card.

  • randy says:

    Chris Leben
    Keith Jardine
    Luis Arthur Cane
    Chris Lytle
    Marcus Davis
    Dan Hardy
    Shane Carwin
    Jess Liaudin
    Sam Stout
    Jim Miller
    Per Eklund

  • mason says:


  • HexRei says:

    Michael Bisping Vs. Chris Leben via TKO in the 2nd

    Keith Jardine Vs. Brandon Vera via decision

    Rameau Sokoudjou Vs. Luiz Cane via KO in the 3rd

    Paul Taylor Vs. Chris Lytle via sub in the 2nd

    Paul Kelly Vs. Marcus Davis via TKO in the 1st

    Dan Hardy Vs. Akihiro Gono via decision

    I also see Carwin, Bielkedin, and Stout winning their fights. Not gonna call the rest of the undercard since its already occurred.

  • rob says:

    well I’m late to the party – but
    Leben – Jardine – Sokoudjou – Lytle – Davis – Hardy – Carwin – Liaudin (the other fights are over – unless I can cheat -LOL!)

    Kelly Pavlik by 11rd stoppage – leaving for that fight now –

  • randy says:

    stout was robbed

  • randy says:

    matt hammil style

  • Duncan Hamilton says:

    Is the main card starting in five minutes or an hour and five minutes/

  • randy says:

    Leben robbed. They need to make him british and let him coach the UK vs. USA tuf. That will be one I dont watch (The 1st)

  • marcus says:

    nah leban just sucks, he is gay and bisping kicked his ass

  • David Andrest says:

    Good God that was brutal. But I have a theory, Vera lost because he was so distracted by the lips firmly planted on his ass the entire fight by Goldie and Rogan.

  • ttt says:

    how was leben robbed? his plan was to rush in and get the big hit but Bisping was more elusive and did more damage

  • mason says:

    leben got bashed!!

  • kingiefella says:

    looking forward to watching the fights later

  • hindsightufuk says:

    glad bisping didnt get carried away when asked about a title shot, he is no where near. landed some good punches but there is conter fighting and running away, it was almost of kalib starnes proportions but with more punches.
    vera looked pretty shite, i missed most of that fight as i had to shit. lyttle and taylor was hella entertaining, suprised lyttle got unanimous tho, thought taylor may have nicked it with a split, great fight tho.
    paul kelly, looked pretty shite, couldnt land a punch, sokoudhou looked pretty shite, notice kristopz whatever from TUF in his corner? luiz cane looks dangerous. joe rogan had a cool beard. the main event took up the best part of an hour? fuck off. unnessecary.

  • sol says:

    from what i was watching, Leben didn’t look like he was in any trouble at all from what Bisping was doing and a couple points in the fight, Leben definitely looked like he nearly caught Bisping out.

    Leben was definitely more astute then normal he had his hands up and was much more technical although to close out the second round he was just walking with his hands by his sides and throwing the looping right punch..

    Vera still looks too scared to engage. The card was decent overall.

    P.S. Did anyone else see Wain expose Carwin’s standup game? Carwin did not want to stay standing with him.

  • HexRei says:

    sol on October 18th, 2008 6:46 pm

    from what i was watching, Leben didn’t look like he was in any trouble at all from what Bisping was doing and a couple points in the fight, Leben definitely looked like he nearly caught Bisping out.
    agreed, unfortunately despite that Bisping outscored him on points. I felt that it was hard to argue that Bisping didn’t win the first two rounds.

    Leben was definitely more astute then normal he had his hands up and was much more technical although to close out the second round he was just walking with his hands by his sides and throwing the looping right punch..

    I think that was an intentional tactic, to both bait Bisping and show the judges that he wasn’t scared of Bisping’s hands.

  • JBAR says:

    I can’t imagine Dana being happy with a fighter who plans to stick and move (jab and run) and plans on going to a decision.

  • NJMMAFAN says:

    i thought taylor earned at least one round, same with leben, and i agree JBAR, he did kind of machida/starnes leben a bit, plus when a guy is walking toward you with his hands down giving you a free shot take it and get your KO bonus…unless bisping just couldnt do it…in which case no title shot soon for him

  • KTru says:

    Dana is fine with Bisping winning. Thats his British ambassador. Im not happy with the result or the fight in general. But at least Bisping can coach the next TUF season.

    And Wain exposed what?!?!? You mean the 1:31 of the actual fight? or when they scraped his body off the canvas after the fight? Im not saying Carwin is at his full potential yet, but to say a dude that got his ass whipped in under 2minutes, exposes nothing.

  • Shatner says:

    I actually fell asleep during the Vera fight and missed the end of the show.Glad Bisping will be tied up for months with TUF,also Wain was’nt exposed he had no business being in the cage with Carwin if the fight was’nt in England he never would have been on the card.

  • nate says:

    Rameau Sokoudjou dangit, how can you lose? I know Cane is a baddie, but still…

  • Mark Correale says:

    Leben was robbed! Should I believe the judges, Dana White, Leben, et. al. and those idiotic, unloved third cousins in the London crowd, or my own eyes?

  • Mr.PIBB says:

    I hate it for Chris Leben. Who would have thought that Bisping would go all Machida on us?I don’t know what to think of Vera now.I think he’s the Shaun Alexander of mma.


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