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UFC 89 Full Results

UFC 89 was an event filled with highs and lows, as some of the UFC’s veterans and new faces were in action. The event took place at The National Indoor Arena in Birmingham, England and was broadcast live in England and on Spike TV via tape delay.

In the nights main event Michael Bisping counter punched and moved his way to a unanimous decision victory. Bisping used superior foot work through out the 15 minutes to land shots and move away from Leben. At times in the fight Leben was noticeably frustrated with what appeared to be Bisping’s unwillingness to stand and trade.

During his post fight interview Bisping said,”That was my plan: stick and move and get the unanimous-decision victory.”

With the victory Bisping improves his overall record to 17-1 and 6-1 in the UFC.

In the nights co-main event Keith Jardine scored a split decision victory over Brandon Vera. Jardine pressed the action throughout the fight, and appeared to be in control for the majority of the contest.

Full Results of UFC 89

  • Michael Bisping def. Chris Leben via unanimous decision
  • Keith Jardine def. Brandon Vera via split decision
  • Luis Cane def. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou via TKO (strikes)– Round 2, 4:15
  • Chris Lytle def. Paul Taylor via unanimous decision
  • Marcus Davis def. Paul Kelly via submission ( guillotine choke) — Round 2, 2:16
  • Dan Hardy def. Akihiro Gono via split decision
  • Shane Carwin def. Neil Wain via TKO (strikes) — Round 1, 1:31
  • David Bielkheden def. Jess Liaudin via unanimous decision
  • Terry Etim def. Sam Stout via unanimous decision
  • Jim Miller def. David Baron via submission (rear-naked choke) — Round 3, 3:19
  • Per Eklund def. Sammy Schiavo via submission (rear naked choke) — Round 3, 1:47
  • val j says:

    Great free fights can’t wait for next week. im calling it now, cote will ko silva in the 3 rd.

  • egad81 says:

    Not as good as the last EliteXC but Marcus Davis should have fight of the night.

    I got Silva by KO next week

  • Ertz says:

    Not only did Paul Taylor get robbed, they even called him Paul Kelly during the fighter intro video (way to go Goldberg).

  • jamo says:

    gono entrance was funny as fcuk!!!!!

  • triangleman says:

    Brandon Vera is far from the Truth!!!! He looked soft at heavyweight and he looks frail at LHW. BTW Silva will knock Cote out or Submit him in Round 1! I was looking forward to seeing Shane Carwin tonight. Whats up with that? I was under the impression that he was on the televised card. If you want to build up the hype for your Heavys then show the up and comers on TV!

  • kmac1138 says:

    Bisping said,”That was my plan: stick and move and get the unanimous-decision victory.”

    While Bisping fought a classic “Box the brawler” fight extremely well, did anyone else get the impression Dana was cringing when he heard this?

    I understand the statement: Leben’s chin it too good for him to knock him out, and Bisping clearly wanted nothing of the ground game. It’s just sounds like a bad statement to make, regardless.

  • banditt2 says:

    The Lytle/Taylor fight was the best fight of the night hands down!

  • Johnny Lawrence says:

    Vera never ceases to disappoint. How much longer will the UFC put up with his boring style. For being a former MT champ, he sure doesn’t explode like it. I swear he always looks like he’s going 50% and just warming up.

  • weoweoweo says:

    im a filipino, and a big vera fan. But his fights since he came back from the contract dispute are really disappointing. I wonder what excuse he’s gonna use now? no broken hand, no dumb stoppage, no 2 week notice.. He didnt pull the trigger, there was no sense of urgency. f*ck man houston knocked out the guy in a minute and he didnt even try hard.

  • Anton K says:

    Lame. Lame. Lame.

    If Bisping’s style epitomizes the current evolution of the sport interest will wane.

  • Milliniar says:

    the Shane Carwin fight was on the live broadcast on rogers sportsnet after teh Chris Lytle and Paul Taylor fight……i wonder why it wasn’t on spike….

  • JOe K. says:

    I can’t wait too see how much Vera gets paid. He is the most over-rated/over-payed fighter.

    Taylor got ripped off. Even Lytle knew it. I hope he gets fight of the night. If he continues to lose but continues to get fight of the night I don’t think he’ll have to worry about not having a job.

    Bispings strategy was weak, he caved to the pressure of wanting to win. Forrest Griffen admitted to it after his loss to Jardine. They fought not lose as opposed to trying to win

    I wanted Leben to cave his face in by the end of it. Leben putting his hands down at the end was a great taunt. I can see why people get frusterated with Machida’s style but I think Machida’s style is not a conservative strategy as much as it is apart of fighting style (i.e. making it not cowardly).

  • JOe K. says:

    regarding the card on spike. I would rather spend the money on a ppv. If I see another preview for Saw V I am going to explode.

    the commercials in the televised cards really mess up the flow and feeling of the event. I don’t want to see and exciting round then no replay because I am watching the same Bud Light commercial I just saw the same 10 times before.

    However, I would not buy a card that would begin at 2pm in the states (I didn’t do it for Hughes/Alves). So the fact that it is free is a good move on their part. I am grateful the cards are free but I prefer them on PPV. Not too mention I don’t get Spike in HD.

    If you don’t watch it in HD then you can’t see the fighters donkey dicks jostle around in their skimpy shorts. jk

  • Imbecile says:

    The Lytle/Taylor fight was fantastic! It was everything that he Bisping/Leben fight should have been, but was not. I don’t understand why everyone gives wrestlers a hard time for laying on top trying to get a decision, but it is okay for someone like Bisping to just circle and try to score points with jabs for a decision win. He even said that was his gameplan! He said his gameplan was to use his speed to get a unanimous decision win. That is pathetic!

    I would much rather watch guys like Lytle, who very easily could have taken that fight to the ground and schooled Taylor, but chose to stand and give the fans a show. I’m a fan of the ground game too, but that was a great fight. Both Taylor and Lytle did a great job. I actually agree with the judges decision and I thought Lytle took that fight. I think a lot of people that think Taylor got robbed are judging it on the fact that Lytle was gassed. But Taylor didn’t take enough advantage of that, and every single round Lytle scored more shots and heavier shots on Taylor. He just did in in the first half of every round, so it seems like Taylor was in control by the end of each round. But hit for hit, I think Lytle did more.

    And LOL @ egad81 for saying it wasn’t as good as EliteXC. That is hilarious! I don’t think a single fight on the EliteXC card had better than -450/+350 odds, and most were much more skewed than that. Totally non-competitive matches, amateurish female fights that we are supposed to say “stole the show” but only really watched because Gina Carano is hot, a main event that didn’t happen, and the poster-boy getting KO’ed in 14 seconds by a nobody that isn’t even in his weight class. Yeah, EliteXC was a great event! LOL!!!

  • TEACHER says:

    I must say that I was more impressed by the newcomers to the UFC than by the four fighters who headlined the co-main events. If nothing else, the Vera-Jardine bout confirmed my belief that Vera is highly overpaid and that Jardine and his management must demand a lot more money when contract re-negotiations come due.

  • Mr.PIBB says:

    elite xc WAS a great event!

    for me to poop on

  • Cathedron says:

    Decent free event. More professional than EliteXC on CBS, but oddly, not quite as exciting. It left me with a slightly bad aftertaste, though. Not unlike drinking a diet soda.

    Sokoudjou finally made me admit that his success was the result of surprising opponents and having a little luck (not too unlike Houston Alexander). He’s in over his head in the UFC. He needs a few years and another half dozen fights before he’ll be ready. He blew his wad in the first couple minutes (as usual) and got picked apart pretty quickly after that. I’m further convinced that the UFC only has him because they know he’d be a huge star in EliteXC (where the “C” stands for “Cans”).

    Lytle is a good gatekeeper, but that’s all he’ll ever be in the UFC. He’s tough, he never quits, and he’s highly experienced; but the UFC even mentioning that he could be a title contentender? Is that a joke? I realize they have to hype fights and make them seem important to the casual fans, but please don’t insult my intelligence.

    I’m really sick of the Brandon Vera hype train. Everyone kept talking about how he was the next Jesus Christ of MMA and I was always left wondering if his fan base were watching a totally different bunch of fights. I can see the comparison on a certain level since Vera’s been crucifying himself for a few years now, but beyond that, I don’t see what his appeal is. He’s boring to watch, he’s a sloppy, he’s unlikable… I really want him out of MMA even if it means I can’t go to heaven.

  • Rich S. says:

    ohhh man..
    pretty good fights..
    Luiz Cane is STILL crazy.. and STILL a beast.. love that dude..

    and as for Vera..
    his problem isn’t strength, or speed, or stamina, or anything like that..
    there’s obviously something wrong in his head..
    you can tell he’s not confident anymore..
    he used to just flow..
    now he is tense..
    and as lengthy as he his, he didn’t throw near as many head kicks as he should’ve.. there were opportunities to KO Jardine with a kick, and he kept punching him [and missing]

    Paul Taylor wasn’t robbed..
    he was clearly overpowered and controlled in the first round..
    and he was taken down in the second..
    Just because Lytle was tired doesn’t mean he wasn’t scoring points..
    Paul won the 3rd, and 3rd round only..
    if you think he got robbed, you and Cecil Peoples need to go have some coffee together..

  • Ross says:

    “If Bisping’s style epitomizes the current evolution of the sport interest will wane.”

    I couldt agree more- wtf happended to wanting to finish a fight……decisions dont bring in ppv dollars, the ufc will find that out soon……no one wants to watch a points fight, if we did we would still watch boxing for christ sake.

  • CMT says:

    Bisping and Leben was boring. I had a better time watching olympic boxing and it was also free. Bisping was more worried about pretty boy photo shoots than standing toe to toe. Yeah, sure he cut Leben, but come who has’nt. Leben was willing to put it all on the line and Bisping ran. Lytle / Taylor was great. Overall I am glad I did not have to pay for this. If you don’t want to watch commercials invest in a DVR, beats the hell out of watching Saw V plugs and 5 minutes between rounds.

  • Mr.PIBB says:

    Thank you Ross. I totally agree with you. Although the Lytle-Taylor fight was an all out slobberknocker and you’ve got to give those two guys credit.They layed it all on the line and both of them have chins of adamantium. great fight.

  • dpk says:

    I don’t remember the exact quote, but Marvin Hagler once said something to the effect of, it isn’t easy to get out of bed in the morning and train when your sleeping on silk sheets. I think that may explain why Vera has just been average since he got his big contract. I’m sure he is training hard, but he bought into the hype, and once he got the big contract, he believed that he had already accomplished something. I think he has 1 fight left on his contract, so I imagine that UFC will keep him around just to fight in the Philippines (maybe against Soku), unless he signs an extension for less than he is making now.

    To the guys who said this isn’t as good as the EliteXC show, all I have to say is that just about any fighter from this show would go to EliteXC and be in a title fight with-in their first 2-3 fights (I’m not saying they would win, but they would be one of the top 5 as soon as they signed their contract).

    Just a few more things, I think Carwin v Herring or Congo should be made, this guy needs a serious step up in competition. The Miller brothers can both fight, that was a good signing by UFC. Cane is right in the category with Thiago Silva and Machida at this point, can’t wait to see more of him.

  • kurt cobain says:

    brandon THE TRUTH vera rules.

  • mmac says:

    I agree with most of the above posts. Bisping has GOT to go – his kind of style is a cancer in the growing sport of televised MMA. The Machida-style hit and run is frustrating for the casual fan to watch, and the experienced fan is shouting at the TV by round 2. I can’t believe Dana is having this guy be the next coach on TUF – talk about tunnel vision. Dana, this doesn’t HAVE to be US vs UK, you know. Try US vs. Brazil – there’s lots of good fighters there! I bet the fanbase is better, too!

    Vera, likewise, has got to go. I was a fan of his a few years ago, something I bet lots of people are saying now. He’s just lost the edge, and I don’t see how he can get it back with only one more fight left on his contract. LHW is already stacked; you just don’t need him around.

  • Imbecile says:

    @ Ross – absolutely agree that the style employed by Bisping is a very poor evolution in this sport, and it will end up hurting it in the long run. You shouldn’t fight with the goal of “Unanimous Decision” being the result. Jardine fought the same type of fight on Saturday, and he was boring, as well. Machida is the one who showed this can work, and in my opinion, it is the striker’s version of LNP. Problem is, there are things an opponent can do, or learn to do, against a LNP wrestler. If someone wants to be “elusive” on the feet, there is nothing you can do, since they can just backpedal and pick their shots all day. There is just too much cage to effectively cut it off.

    @ Rich S. – Agree with you on everything! Vera just lacks confidence and looks like a different fighter. The skills are there, but the killer instinct is gone.

    However… one small defense of Vera’s performance is that Jardine emploed a Bisping/Machida style strategy, and there isn’t really a way to look exciting against this type of fighter. IMO, Jardine should be taking the same flack Bisping is getting for this, but everyone is focusing on criticising Ver (and rightly so), and not focusing on Jardine.

    Also, you are 100% right about the Lytle fight. People are judging it by who looked o be the fresher fighter, but Lytle clearly scored more points in the first two rounds, and for me, round 3 was even a toss up.

    @ dpk – great Hagler quote, and I think Carwin getting a shot at Herring or Kongo would be a great way to give him the step up in competition he needs, and also bring him onto the televised card. Carwin needs some television time, because eventually he is going to face Lesnar in a big money match.

  • Patrick says:

    Carwin vs. Kongo please.

  • Rich S. says:


    you have to be effin’ kidding me!

    good lord people..

    what’s this crap about Bisping’s “style”?

    The guy has put on exciting shows since day one in the UFC, and as soon as he gets his toughest, heaviest-handed, and most experienced opponent yet, he decides to play it safe..

    in 18 fights Bisping as gone to 3 decisions..
    and one of those was a loss to a current title contender..

    he had the gameplan of a CHAMPION, in that he wanted to stay away from Leben’s power..

    chances are, if he didn’t counter, he would’ve gotten rocked, or KO’d, THUS, he did the SMART thing, and avoided power shots..

    good lord..

    the man plays Machida [who, for some reason, gets all the respect in the world] for a night, and he’s spat upon with comments like “Bisping has GOT to go – his kind of style is a cancer in the growing sport of televised MMA.” and “If Bisping’s style epitomizes the current evolution of the sport interest will wane”

    those comments make me absolutely sick to my stomach..

    what Bisping did in this fight [ that is, stayed away from any power shots and picked leben apart the likes of which we haven’t seen since his lost to Silva] was a FIRST-TIME-OCCURENCE in Bisping’s career to this date..

    and you people call it his “style”?

    i’m embarrased for you..

  • Tim says:

    Some thoughts I have from UFC 89..

    Enough of Brandon Vera, the guy bores me to death. Does he even want to fight ?

    Marcus Davis has incredible hands and now his ground game is catching up. He is so much fun to watch and easy to like

    Bisping is very good, whether anyone likes him or not, he is a very good fighter.

    The Taylor vs Lytle fight was excellent and even though I wanted Lytle to win, I didn’t think he did.

    The Spider will KO Cote this weekend.


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