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Josh Koscheck confirms plans to fight at both UFC 90 and UFN 16

During a conference call to promote UFC 90, Josh Koscheck confirmed that he plans to fight twice in the next sixty days. First, Koscheck takes on Thiago Alves in the co-main event on October 25th. Then, If Koscheck comes out unscathed, he will have a six week turnaround to prepare for Yoshiyuki Yoshida on December 10.

There are some very interesting sub-plots going on though. One of the main reasons Koscheck took the short-notice fight with Alves is that Koscheck believes the winner will be the number one contender for welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre. However, Koscheck will be fighting Yoshida in the interim. Should Koscheck lose to Yoshida, it would seem highly unlikely that he would still receive the title shot.

Next, Alves is a very good fighter who has already had a huge 2008 that included victories over both Matt Hughes and Karo Parisyan. The odds of Koscheck coming out of the fight without injury in order to make such a quick turn-around would seem unlikely. That brings the next question as to who would the UFC replace him with in a TV main event match? Former Ultimate Fighter alums Diego Sanchez and Mike Swick are out due to injury. Typically, Spike likes to feature former TUF competitors on their shows, but that doesn’t seem possible in this case. That would leave Parisyan as a possibility since he and Yoshida have been rumored as opponents in the past. However, it’s hard to believe a Parisyan – Yoshida bout would be of that much interest to Spike, but Spike hopes that is not an issue. They want Koscheck. If Koscheck makes both fights, it will be a very impressive feat.

Koscheck has the chance to really change what the fans think of him. Typically, Koscheck has been heavily booed in his matches. Fighting Alves (who severely missed weight against Hughes) will make him the crowd favorite by default. Plus, stepping up on short notice to replace Sanchez to save a show that is a pretty weak card in terms of star power should endear him to the Chicago fans. Then, he will be coming back in six weeks to take on a Japanese fighter at a U.S. military base. Certainly, the crowd will be 100% behind him.

Koscheck has always been polarizing figure for the UFC. Some people like him and most people hate him. But it is this showing of guts and fortitude that could quickly make him one of the most popular fighters in the UFC.

  • EJ says:

    Actually I think a Karo/Yoshida fight wouldn’t be much of a problem for Spike. Karo has been on UFN’s before and has put on some good fights his fight against Diego is a classic and had another good fight with Fickett plus he was winning the fight with Thiago until he got dropped. Whoever steps in to fight Yoshida it should be a pretty interesting fight either way but I seriously doubt Kos will make it out of the Silva fight without some injuries.

  • Work says:

    “Fighting Alves (who severely missed weight against Hughes) will make him the crowd favorite by default.”

    This couldn’t be further from the truth. Alves has a much more crowd-pleasing style than Koscheck.

  • Jason G says:

    I’ve got no problems with Kos, he’s expanded more over time from his lay n pray tactics. Alves used to be one of my favorites but its hard for me to feel that way anymore when he tested positive for a diuretic and recently didn’t make weight. He probably needs to lose some muscle so he can make weight. Like maybe no weight training for a few months or something so he’s not so heavy when he has to start cutting.

  • Jim says:

    Having been around youth wrestling for the past 20 years, Koz was always a cocky, arrogant, SOB – but those are the traits that drove him to get better.

  • Bill says:

    Kos is a great fighter. I was disappointed when I first heard Dieago was out, but Josh is, I think, the best possible replacement. Josh is not going to want to stand with Alves, so it could turn into a boring fight if Kos can get Alves down.

  • detroit_fan says:

    I can’t stand Josh, but props to him for stepping up and saving this card. If he can beat Alves and Yoshida in 60 days it will be pretty impressive.

  • Acidman says:

    Best outcome is KOS loses. Not because of any dislike for him but he is not ready for GSP. I have trouble seeing him even getting close to beating GSP.

    Having Alves win would be benefical in that there is a new opponent for GSP and that sets up a grudge match for Sanchez vs Kos 3 for a title shot.

    Kos has really step’d it up in his last few fight however.

  • Ben says:

    Why couldn’t Marcus Davis replace Kos in the Yoshida fight if need be. He is TUF alum and if he wins Saturday and without much damage he should be good to go by then. Plus, he’s a gamer so he would take it on short notice.

  • Scott says:

    What about Fitch vs Yoshida for the UFN card? Don’t know if Fitch is still nursing any post-GSP-beatdown injuries though.

    Personally, I’d love to see Fitch vs. Karo on an upcoming card, so I’m rooting for Koscheck to be in decent enough shape after tomorrow to take on Yoshida in December.

  • Lethal says:

    Nothing personal against Josh but I’m a fan of Alves so I want to see him KO koscheck in their fight, so that would mean that Koscheck would be medically suspended for a fight with Yoshida

  • dave says:

    you go boy

  • Grappo says:

    Both Alves and Yoshida would whoop Kos, let alone GSP.

  • Travis says:

    dude koscheck is the shit not only from fresno but gunna fight two fights with in 60 days thats bd ass


  • Braccia says:

    It’s been really hard to root against Kos in his fights following the GSP loss. He’s been incredibly aggressive (in some cases recklessly so) and really brought the fight to Hazelett and Lytle. Is he ready for GSP? Well, is anybody aside from Penn and Anderson? Alves, on the other hand, has lost to much lesser competition than Kos, and his two big victories (while brutal) came against talented opponents at questionable stages in their careers. Karo obviously lacked focus and had been looking beyond his opponents to a title shot and the aging Hughes hasn’t evolved along with the sport. Dangerous as he is, Alves has jumped the ranks by defeating men on their way down. Additionally, Alves weight issue is infuriating to me. With weight classes being so broad in MMA (compared to boxing) coming in heavy is really inexcusable. We’ll see if he makes weight for Kos. If he doesn’t, I hope Kos is wise enough to stay out of the cage and let Alves suffer the embarrassment.

    If the fight does happen, Kos’ Octagon intelligence should snag a decision IF he can resist the impulse to stand and trade every time Alves wants to…

    It’s going to be very, very, very interesting. Between this and Cote/Silva there’s a pretty good chance we’ll have a crimson canvas by night’s end.

  • Shatner says:

    Travis fighting two fights within 60 days how about the guys in the Dream and Sengoku tournaments fighting twice in one night that’s bad ass.

  • derreckla says:

    Alves beets both of them then pummels GSP! lol


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