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Phillipe Nover TUF 5 Blog: Junie’s antics; Anderson Silva; who he wants to fight first; and more!

The show started off as a continuation of Junie’s antics. We recapped the fight between Nelson and Efrain. Then Junie jumped over the cage and embarrassed himself, his team, and his coaches. It was totally out of line. At that point I remember standing and watching in total disgust. I remember thinking why doesn’t Mir just ask Dana to throw him off the show. If I was his coach I wouldn’t corner him, train him, or even allow him to come and train at the training center. That is the background from which I come. My coaches wouldn’t tolerate behavior like that. I also agree with Shane Primm saying that “It was Junie’s attempt to steal the spotlight. And it is the most disrespectful thing you possibly can do after a fighter wins a fight.”

Junie was sitting in the pool with Shane and said something along these lines: “So I hear you guys are trying to set Phillipe up with me next week if you have control? So is he the sacrificial lamb?”

That’s pretty funny. I did speak freely and openly to my teammates, coaches, and even some of the fighters on the other team that I wanted Junie next week as long a we sustained control. So he found out the plan. I wanted to fight him because I thought he was all talk. His fighting skills didn’t impress me at all. He did well against Jose Agallar who was a one-dimensional fighter that wanted to turn the fight into a jiu-jitsu match.

I just think Junie is overrated and I wanted to also put an end to his behavior by shutting him down in the cage. He was also first pick overall so I wanted to prove to everyone he didn’t deserve to be picked first. He knows I wanted him but you can see in the next episode he has control and winds up fighting someone other than me. That was odd being he presented himself as such a badass. Junie talked smack to everyone on the show — even to their faces. He never disrespected me to my face. He always called me a “Tough Filipino.” He either respected me as a fighter or he feared me.

As you can see the pranks got a bit out of control to the point where our coaches tried to get involved to put an end to it. I do admit that it was fun pranking the other team. Vinny really can’t take a joke at all. That was out of line. I witnessed him with my own eyes peeing on Efrain’s pillow. Luckily I had a extra pillow which I offered Efrain to keep. All I can say regarding pranks is that it only gets worse. You’ll have to wait and see.

Anderson Silva stopped by as a guest coach. While the man is an animal in the cage, he is a charismatic, smooth, soft-spoken, respectable guy outside of it. He shows the world that really good fighters aren’t knuckleheads and bar brawlers. They are professionals and take life seriously. I look up to him as an overall human being. The lessons he showed us was just what I needed. His kick, knee, and elbow combos were perfect for my game.

The fight between Shane and Eliot was a disappointment. I believed in Shane. He reached too far for that clinch and opened himself up to get body locked and taken down. He did fight the choke well, better than a lot experienced fighters would have. Good luck to him and I know he’ll be back. What was more disappointing to me is that our team lost control. If our team had control I would have faced Junie next. That’s what the plan was.

In somewhat recent news, I hear that the UFC is preparing overseas events all over the world. The Philippines seems to be what everyone is talking about. If anyone has seen Chuck Liddel’s latest video on it was him getting ambushed by 4,000 Filipino fans at an Asian mall in the Philippines. It’s simple: Filipinos love the UFC!

I trace my roots to my Filipino family on my mother’s side. I practically grew up there every summer. I take pride in having Filipino Blood running through me.

I believe Filipinos naturally have a liking for combat sports. All throughout Filipino history you will find times periods with invasions and turmoil. We have a very recent war-like history that still occurs to this day.I guess you can even say it makes us tough. If the UFC plans on expanding it’s reach as far as Manila, I’m 100 percent there if I am fortunate enough to make it into the UFC.

Overall, it would be a tremendous honor to fight in the Philippines! Hopefully I won’t pass out due to the hot Filipino sun! Haha, just kidding.

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    It was cool to see Big Nog suggest that Junie was scared.
    His attempts to stop the pranks were noble ,but I don’t think they’ll work.
    I’m enjoying seeing the meeting of cultures.
    It appears the Brazillian fighting culture is more about brotherhood and mutual respect,and right now it’s clashing with the TUF brotherhood of partying and pranking.
    Junie’s in a weird spot .
    I remember in the season previews something about Dana saying to someone ,”I shoulda kicked you off 3 times already”,or something like that.
    I want to see him lose ,to see if it humbles him a bit,and I want to see him win,to see if it relaxes him a bit.
    I mean he’s a dickhead with issues but maybe he changes during the season and becomes a man afterall.
    In some small (very small) way he kinda reminds me of how they said Ali was afraid of Liston and Foreman,so he pumped himself up in public and during interviews because he had to.
    Then he put himself in a postition where he was forced to go out and prove it.
    But whatever.
    Dana keeps him there for his potential.
    You looked good training with Silva.
    And your sardine smearing technique wasn’t bad either.
    Thanks,and stay focused.

  • THORAZINE says:

    My guess is if Anderson Silva’s combo’s are perfect for Nover’s game Nova must be who White said is the next lightweight Anderson Silva… that’s quite a compliment. Nover couldn’t pick a better guy to want to model himself after with Anderson Silva.

    Oh’ and Junie wants no part of Nover’ that’s why he stays clear of him… he’s sized him up and doesn’t like what he sees’… he’ll pick fights with other guys he thinks he can beat … that’s a classic imature bully.

    Efrain showed a lot of class approaching Junie…when Junie should have been the one approaching Efrain and apologizing…. kill the bully with kindness… Efrain’s keeping a level head by not acting up in retaliation for all the bullshit that was sent his way.

  • THORAZINE says:

    Oh’ and thank you for the prompt write ups Nover’ they are very cool and we look forward to them every week… keep on writing and fighting!

  • Glen McCoy says:

    I did not think I would live to see a punk like Junie make a BITCH out of Frank Mir.Mir told junie he made him look bad.Junie said ok wont do it again then Fank biced out and said ok.
    ps Frank Mir is my favotite fighter.

  • Eric says:

    Meltzer had said earlier in the week that Eliot was the next Anderson Silva that Dana had talked about.

  • Brian G says:

    I spent a lot of time in the Phillipines and think that it’s one of the greatest places on Earth. People there are for the most part warm and respectful, the family always comes first, and they act more how you would expect humanity to behave than they do in the US. With that being said, Nover, I hope you rip Junie’s arm off if you get the chance.

  • Tim says:

    Phillipe does an excellent job with his recaps/blogs. Lets hope he does an equally good job in kicking Junie The Punk’s ass.

    Junie, if you read these columns, your a nothing but a PUNK.,

  • Guy Gaduois says:

    The thing that struck me, that I’ve always heard, is that the Brazilian fighters have a serious-as-cancer work ethic . . . watching A. Silva spar with these guys also dazzled me with his speed. His record and in-cage work shows that he’s an amazing fighter, but his fluidity of movement in sparring and training just blew me away.
    His speed made it look like he’s a superhero.
    Once in a lifetime opportunity for these guys to stand in and spar with Anderson, completely amazing and cool that he did it, and congratulations to the guys who stood in and learned and sparred and did not go wee-wee.

    Also of note: Nogueira’s complete shock – the shock that all of us normal folks feel – at seeing these fighters in the house jerk around with their once in a lifetime opportunity.
    Here’s a man of incredible work ethic, incredibly grateful for the opportunities his hard work has produced for him, trying to ask these jerks to take this golden ticket opportunity seriously, and they treat him with contempt.

    The fact that Dana doesn’t value Nogueira’s heart for the sport, heart for the guys, and heart for the opportunity speaks volumes about the image the UFC will continue to convey. For Dana to laugh off Nogueira’s efforts was also disrespectful.

    The conduct towards Nog and Mir begs the question: Why would you want to coach for TUF? It will end up being compulsory/contractually obligated. Junie made Mir look like an ass, and 60% of the house treated Nog with disrespect.

    That was horrible. It is never okay to piss on a guy who’s trying to help you out. Never.

  • saerbarnet says:

    Tim: Nover is not fighting Junie, Delgado is. They showed that on the closing vignette of last nights show.

  • Justin Van Hook says:

    Thanks Phillipe, for an excellent write-up and most of all for representing mma with class and respect. You are definitly the type of ambassador the sport needs. I don’t watch the show anymore, largely due to the inexplicable hypocricy Dana White has exhibited in letting that ass clown junie stick around, but I will always read your write-up.

  • mmac says:

    I, too, am most disappointed at Dana this season. His level of hypocrisy by leaving that idiot Junie around is exactly opposite eveyrthing he’s done in the past with this show. One of the positives of the show was that there WERE rules, and even though ‘boys will be boys’, there are some rules that cannot be broken. Since this was filmed way before the poor ratings showed up, I have no idea why he would let this happen. In any event, it’s a shame.

  • Guy Gaduois says:

    What I wonder about the hypocrisy is this: on other reality shows, like ‘Survivor’, you sign off an extensive waiver . . . there is an ‘decapitation clause’ that says you will not hold the producers, network, constestants liable for any harm that befalls you while taping the show.
    I’m not kidding, the waivers are extensive, all designed to hold the production harmless.

    Is such a waiver in place for the participants of TUF? If so, it could explain why there is a different standard outside the house than in. Last season, Jesse Taylor assaults and batters people on the streets of Vegas, well, TUF doesn’t hold any waivers for the citizenry of Vegas. They will hold TUF and UFC culpable for damages in a big, big way.

    Have the participants of TUF signed away their rights to safety by participating in the show? It may be that life is cheap on the plains of the Serengeti and in the TUF house – and all the players/fighters knew that risk when they signed on.

    They have as much rights on the show as the furniture has.

    I would not be cool with this at all, but it sure explains a lot.

    It explains the disregard for Nogueira – ‘easy for him to say, he doesn’t live in this ‘Clockwork Orange’ house’.

    It doesn’t explain the great restraint shown by the guys who didn’t turn Junie into a liquified mass of white trash.

    Regardless of the motivation, the UFC is allowing an abysmal portrayal of its best product, and that is inexplicable from a business sense. Unless they’re done growing the business to the widest market possible.

  • BJJDenver says:

    I wonder if Meltzer realized that Eliot is a LHW and Dana referenced a LW as the next Silva.

  • nick says:

    The guy who Dana White referred to as “the next Anderson Silva” was Joe “Hybrid” Duarte. He lost his fight to get into the house so I dont know why Dana keeps changing his mind on whos the next Spider.

  • tallsforeverybody says:

    You’re a classy fighter…keep up the good work and looking forward to your next fight.

    Guys like you, Silva, Big Nog, etc…these are the kinds of people I wish were promoted more and offered as examples of how professional fighters are expected to act.

  • RJA says:

    well obviosly junie’s sticking around for ratings,let’s be honest it’s pretty exciting season because of junie.I’m sure dana realizes that, why else would he still be there,junie makes chris leben look mellow.And i know dana said grown men should be allowed to have a few drinks,but clearly that place is loaded with alchohol for a reason…….makes for good TV.

  • Justin Van Hook says:

    RJA…………While I agree keeping junie on is being done for ratings, I think the plan has backfired a bit. I, along with a lot of mma fans I know, have stopped watching the show altogether. For me personally, it is because of this junie garbage. I think it makes for horrible tv, it’s not entertaining to me in the least to watch this kid make an ass of himself, the UFC, and the sport of mma as a whole. For a sport that just a few years ago was described by John McCain as “human cockfighting” and already has an undeserved reputation for being full of thugs and bar room brawlers, it just seems like a poor example for the UFC to set. This is afterall how a lot of new fans find the sport, is that really the first impression you want to leave them with?

  • charlbert says:

    Phillipe…… thanks for being proud of your roots…. Mabuhay ang Pinoy!!!

    Junie respects you man… Tough Filipino…..

  • Jones Rep'n says:

    First of all Dana white was not talking about Joe Duate Everyone thought he was but As you can see He did not make it on the show.. Dana White Said this Guy was Destroying Everyone on the show… The guy has to be Philip Nover. Dana said the Guy was 24 Yrs old and destroying people So that Lefted Nelson, Nelson, Junie Browning. As we can see It wasnt Shane Nelson and For awhile I thought It was Junie Cause I asked Matt brown From season7 if he knew who dana was talking about and he said i know exactly Who he is I actually helped to get him on the show. So Junie Is from Lex Kentucky And Matt brown is from Cincinnati Which is right next to each other but i dunno For some reason I just think Its not Junie one reason is Cause i dont think he is 24 and number two is i heard Philip nover is a beast to but we will find out soon enough

  • timepants says:

    Thanks for the great incite and I enjoy reading your blog after every show. I really hope you make it to the finals and win the whole thing.

    Vinny is a big bitch and I hope him and Junie get smashed.

    PS. I liked your hat.

  • Tim says:

    Hey saerbarnet.. I understand Junie and Delgado are next up. I am hopefully that Junie wins and in the next round Phillipe gets a chance to kick his ass.

  • randy says:

    Let me give you guys some insight into what happens. Junnie wins, nover gets beat in his next fight and junie will be fighting on dec 13th. This quote is also an indication he does not fight junnie

    I just think Junie is overrated and I wanted to also put an end to his behavior by shutting him down in the cage.

    No fight between these two.


  • Mike D. says:

    “Tim” – you will get your wish! Junie is going to play with Roli like a cat does a mouse, then when he tires of of him he will crush him – quite definitively. Bet on it and make yourself a little beer money – if you can find anyone to take that bet.

    In reality though, I do kinda feel a lil sorry for Roli because he’s not just gonna get beat, he’s gonna get humiliated ….. and possibly hospitalized.

    Junie might be a bit unstable with his short fuse, but he’s the real deal. I can’t see the final turning out any other way than Junie vs Phillipe —- and I can’t wait to see that battle! Phillipe has some serious skills so it should be GOOOOOD!!!!

    Thanks for the recaps, Phillipe ~

  • Patrick says:

    At least we know Roli has a legit black belt… however the video of his test is a little… odd?

  • Phillipe Nover says:

    Hey guys

    I’m reading all your responses. I have to say I enjoy reading them on my down time. Thanks again for the support.


  • johnny eigenmann says:

    oh man… i posted this first on the episode 2 blog. i’ll post this again here…

    whoa! i didn’t know that you are filipino until i watched TUF online last night and i saw the hat that says, “mahal kita…” lol!

    so i started googling and i confirmed that you really are a filipino. i’m so proud of you, phillippe! too bad brandon vera lost to jardine. seems like brandon lost his touch but i’m not giving up on him yet.

    meanwhile, you phillippe, yes you… you give pride to every filipino that watches mma.

    do you speak tagalog fluently? if yes, check out the song “noypi” by bamboo. it would be a nice entrance song for filipino fighters.

    good luck to you and your mma career.

    johnny eigenmann from manila

  • Phillipe Nover says:

    Looked up the song Johnny. My girl friend showed me this before. Its a great song man. Pinoy pride!

  • johnny eigenmann says:

    Wow! This is so cool… You actually responded to my post.

    Good luck to you. I really think you are the “next Anderson Silva” that Dana was talking about. Of course, being the “only Phillippe Nover” is way better that being the “next Anderson Silva”.

    Sana ikaw yung nanalo sa TUF. I know you can’t tell but I have a hunch that you won the whole thing. Hahaha!

    Good luck ulit sa yo, pare… Uwi ka dito sa Pilipinas, inuman tayo. :-)

  • johnny eigenmann says:

    LOL! I meant I have a hunch that you are in the finals of the TUF LW division. I hope you win the whole thing and whoop BJ Penn’s, KenFlo’s, & Sean Sherk’s butts one day…

    I’m so proud of you, kabayan…

  • larry says:

    phillipe nover will be the greatest martial artist and ufc champion in the world.they will talk about him even in the next century.

  • dayo says:

    Phillipe, You look up to some great fighters in MMA… as a Pinoy I think a lot of us look up to you and I think you are one of the MMA fighter that will bring out Pinoys name together with Brandon and Munoz… I don’t agree with Dana that you will be the next Anderson or St Piere… I think you will be better… I think you will be who you are… If you look at the martial arts history… Pinoys are made to retire fighters… just like PACMAN and Villa and many more…. I think you’ll win the final… You don’t need luck… just be safe…


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