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Report: Shamrock Brothers sign to fight each other

Estranged adoptive brothers Ken Shamrock and Frank Shamrock have both signed contracts in principle to fight each other in 2009, according to a new article by Michael Woods of

The two have expressed a public interest in fighting each other for the past several years and plans appeared to be in motion earlier this year to stage a fight between the two sometime in 2008. However, the proposed bout was put on the back burner following Ken’s first round knockout loss to journeyman heavyweight Robert “Buzz” Berry during a ProElite-promoted Cage Rage event in London this past March. Shamrock was released from his ProElite contract following the loss.

A further shadow of doubt regarding the bout was cast after Frank suffered a broken arm in a TKO (medical stoppage) loss to Cung Le during a co-promotion between EliteXC and Strikeforce later the same month.

Whether the bout comes off is far from certain, as Frank Shamrock went so far as to launch a “Blood Brothers” website earlier this year with a countdown to a pay-per-view event that was never formally set. However, the younger Shamrock is quoted as telling that both have agreed to move forward with the fight.

“We’ve both signed a contract to fight each other,” Shamrock, 35, is quoted as telling “Ken is down with it. We talked about it two years ago, and we’ve agreed materially to fight.”

Older brother Ken, who is 44, doesn’t often agree with his brother but apparently is on the same page publicly for once.

“Will the fight happen? Absolutely,” the older Shamrock told “He’s got a buttkicking coming to him. Everything I’ve learned, everything I have bottled up in me, is going to come out on him. I’ve still got love for Frank, but I’m angry at him.”

As of now, the report should be taken with a grain of salt until a promotion attaches its name to the bout. Both Shamrocks are highly-skilled in the art of self-promotion and this latest news could be nothing more than a case of the cart being put before the horse.

However, it does appear that officials with ProElite and EliteXC could have potential interest in the bout.

“They’re talking about doing it and we’re interested in the fight,” EliteXC Head of Fight Operations Jeremy Lappen is quoted in the article. “It’s a storyline everyone can relate to, Cain versus Abel.”

If ProElite moves ahead as the promoter of record in regards to the bout, the event will likely have to be distributed on pay-per-view as opposed to CBS or SHOWTIME. After Ken Shamrock was medically disqualified the day of a planned main event last weekend vs. Kimbo Slice on CBS’ Saturday Night Fights, Lappen refused to rule out working with the older Shamrock again. However, a source close to CBS speaking on the condition of anonymity informed that the network had no interest in ever promoting a bout involving Ken Shamrock again.

Trying to sell a Shamrock vs. Shamrock feud without a marketing partner such as SHOWTIME and CBS could be difficult. While Lappen has been quoted in recent months as saying that EliteXC plans to hold several PPV events next year, it remains to be seen whether it could properly promote such a bout to the general public in its weakened financial condition.

It also remains to be seen just how accepting the public will be of seeing two brothers resort to violence in order to settle a grudge that has lasted for years. Both Ken and Frank are the adoptive sons of Bob Shamrock, founder of the Shamrock Home for Boys, a safe haven for troubled teenagers. They weren’t introduced to each other until Frank’s late teens and according to both brothers, neither ever shared a particularly close relationship. However, it was Ken who helped bring Frank into the sport and served as his primary mentor until the two parted ways in the mid-90s. According to Frank Shamrock, the two severed ties over philosophical differences regarding the direction of Frank’s fight career while Ken Shamrock has attributed their issues to Ken’s perception that Frank disrespected their adoptive father on multiple occasions.

  • sabotageMMA says:

    Prediction: Frank Shamrock wins by doctor’s stoppage due to braces cut over Ken Shamrock’s eye.

  • HexRei says:

    lol, I am almost 100% sure the commission wouldn’t let him fight with them on anyway. but that’s a funny image.

    call me a mark but im pretty stoked for this fight. Obviously ken is way over the hill and frank is going to manhandle him (especially since ken now seems to weigh no more than Frank), but its still two legends going at it and I’ll be excited to watch for that reason if no other.

  • blake says:

    At least this will probably make them friends again. A good fight can do that.

  • Robert says:

    I am with HexRei on this one I can’t wait to see this fight.

  • RJA says:

    Me too it’s a novelty fight but i still want to see it.And maybe when frank kicks his ass ken can finally hangem up like he should of after the first ortiz fight.

  • matt says:

    i would also love to see this fight but there is no way i am going to buy it on ppv, this fight should be on showtime or cbs, the only ppvs i buy are the ufc ppvs

  • HexRei says:

    I think this would be a big enough draw to warrant a CBS show.

  • RJA says:

    Yea i can’t understand why they wouldn’t be able to maket it.It seems like it would market itself.

  • Rich S. says:

    Ken didn’t sign a contract to fight his brother.
    he signed his own death certificate..
    hope you been workin’ on that will Ken..

  • Nick Merra says:

    How the hell can two brothers swap knuckles like that? What a family…..

  • HexRei says:

    Nick, they aren’t blood brothers, they are adopted. IIRC Frank didn’t even meet Ken until he was a teenager. They’ve had bad blood for years now since Frank left the Lion’s Den, and have said some pretty nasty things about each other. And lastly, I’ve fought with my brother a few times and there was no giant payday involved either…

  • RJA says:

    I can definatly see the two of them kicking the sh it out of each other,both there ego’s are way to big for 1 cage.We all got to give ken props for what he’s done for the sport ,but he should of retired a few years ago.He thinks he’s randy or something.I bet he’ll fight till he’s 50.

  • craig says:

    don’t forget…in the CBS show, Frank seriously dissed ken, saying pulling out of the fght with kimbo brought shame on the shamrock family. frank is a hype machine!

  • Eric says:

    Ken may still be fighting to pay his bills. I don’t know what his financial state is right now but I do remember a few years back he had some problems with the IRS. Maybe he doesn’t have the drive anymore, but for him, fighting is his only option to make a decent amount of money.

  • So will this be at middleweight, or light heavyweight? Ken shouldn’t have a problem getting to LHW, as he essentially weighed in for it at the Kimbo fight. I guess Frank could move up.. I guess it doesn’t really matter though, Frank will KO Ken early regardless.

  • HexRei says:

    I’m sure it will be LHW. Frank has said he “always weighs 191 lbs” and cuts to 185 from there. So he’s already a LHW, and I don’t think he will need any more weight to beat Ken soundly.

  • Q Tip says:

    Ken is tryin to grap any attention he can get. His past fights over the past two years and His performance on U F season 3 changed the way I see this x world most dangerous man(lol).When you take away the Steriods and Marketing he’s nothing but a big mouth who as of late hasn’t backed it up.

  • doubleA-ron says:

    i would rather see the klitsco bros fight each other in boxing, but thats not gonna happen so this one will be ok. frank wins easily!

  • Matt Cava says:

    Frank is a total hype machine. Here’s my version of how this plays out. Brother vs brother fight happens late 08 or early 09. Frank turns on the hype machine full throttle to build it up. Then kicks the crap out of Ken. During this time Tito is recovering from back surgery and signs with EXC. After Frank whips Ken, Tito steps into the ring and challenges him. They schedule the Tito vs Frank Shamrock fight for the early spring 09. The event could be called: CBS/EliteXC: Egomaniacs

  • darkmetal says:

    Zzzzz Frank beats Ken via deeply exhaling on him, that is if Ken doesn’t KO himself while shadow boxing first.

  • dave woodruff says:

    if marketed correctly this could be a pretty big draw for elitexc, hopefully the won’t wait until 2 weeks before to really start promoting the fight…..when would ken be able to fight?

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    There is only one fight in the world that Fedor would be lucky to be on the undercard of.
    Even HE knows it.

    Will they build a special YAMMA like pit for it?

    Or even better ,a Lion’s Den ….YAHHHHHHH!!!

    This is IT!
    I think Elite XC is the only company with the balls deserving enough to allow this fight to happen.
    Please,please PULLEAZZZZZZE make it a Whocaresweight fight.

    In fact ,I am so potentiallllllly happy about this latest update on this old,old announcement,that when it happens on CBS,I will personally pay for everyone’s PPV costs who posted before me.
    Man,I LOVEZZZZZ the Elite XC.
    BUT ,and I mean BUT,if there’s even a whiff of a rematch, I want my effing money back!
    And they better call it Elite XC:BEST THING EVER!
    Come on smarter Shaw,make this happen.
    Frank vs.Ken on CBS.
    I have my droolin’ bib on already!

    And a word of warning.
    I love 5 oz. of Pain.
    But I’m warning you,Sam Caplan,if I ever see the 4 words ‘Shamrock’ , ‘in’ ‘Principle’ and ‘Shamrock’ ,in the same article again, I just might spill the beans that you offered me money to stand with Kimbo,and I will be so convincing that YOU will be banned from your own website.

    Please,please,please,please etc………………

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    Matt Cava ,
    Good call on the Tito twist.
    Sometimes I wish I was the third Shaw.

  • MMA SKOOL™ says:

    BOOORRRING. Those guys are both clowns. Ken’s always been the bad guy, and the more crap I hear that comes out of Frank’s mouth the more I don’t like him.

    Ken is a dinosaur, and Frank should have taken more real fights and not burned his bridges while he was still in his prime.

    I hope they KO each other at the same time and have to retire.

  • cornerman says:

    I can see a catch weight fight too, Frank is gonna embarrass his bro on national TV, I hope he does the “sleep” charade to him before he K’s him TFO.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    Make it really interesting. The loser has to admit that dad was right to love the winner more. Maybe the winner gets a belt that says “Dad loved me best.”

  • jimmy says:

    i still want to see ken or frank fight matt hughes

  • jonb says:



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