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Oct. 10 ShoXC results: Dave Herman remains unbeaten while Jason Guida implodes in the cage

EliteXC completed its third show in three weeks last night from the Horseshoe Casino just outside of Chicago in Hammond, Indiana.

While it was a quality show, it was not anywhere near as strong as the promotion’s ShoXC event from two weeks ago in Santa Ynez, Calif., which many pundits believe was EliteXC’s strongest ShoXC event to date.

Last night’s show simply didn’t have as many exciting fights and lacked the same energy of the Sept. 26 show. Perhaps that is to be expected considering last night’s show did not have the benefit of a title fight to anchor the event and you can’t exactly snap your fingers and re-create the insane battle that David Douglas and Malaipet put on.

One thing that EliteXC and SHOWTIME officials might want to consider is further developing their 150 pound division so that in addition to a 140 pound title, the promotion will also be able to incorporate a second title into the ShoXC mix.

The fact that it was the promotion’s third show in as many weeks may have also contributed to the overall lack of energy.

Last night’s main event saw Indiana’s own Dave Herman improve his overall MMA record to 12-0 and his EliteXC record to 3-0 following a TKO due to strikes over Kerry Schall at 1:06 of round 1.

It was just another dominant yet unorthodox performance by Herman, who looked more like a competitor from Chuck Norris’ World Combat League than an actual cage fighter. The former college wrestler routinely fights with his hands no higher than his upper torso but it seemed more exaggerated than usual last night. He claims he has no formal martial arts training and if that’s the case, it wouldn’t be surprising if Herman is simply imitating stances and strikes that he’s seen in traditional martial arts movies.

The end came when Herman threw a counter punch from close range and muscled his way into a Thai clinch with Schall and began to deliver knees to the body. Replays showed that Schall was the recipient of not one, but two low blows. The first unintentional, but illegal blow, came following a high knee to the upper chest of Schall’s body in which Herman’s foot impacted Schall’s groin region. It did not appear that the blow did a great deal of damage, however, the second was far more egregious.

Aiming for Schall’s lower stomach, Herman’s knee made contact with his groin region and Schall appeared to have reached for the area while falling to the canvas. Herman pounced on Schall, who was visibly in pain, prompting the referee to call a stop to the fight.

Afterwards, Stephen Quadros attempted to conduct a post-fight interview with Herman, who gave curt answers in a potential attempt to be humorous. However, fight fans across the country were denied yet another opportunity to learn more about the enigmatic fighter who could find himself in EliteXC’s heavyweight title picture sooner rather than later.

Controversy was also involved with the night’s semi-featured bout in which Mamed Khalidov TKO’d Jason Guida due to standing strikes at 4:53 of round 2.

For Guida, last night’s fight was an opportunity to redeem himself after failing to make weight on national television during the qualifying episodes for the current season of The Ultimate Fighter. However, he did very little in the fight to endear himself to fans.

At one juncture, a visibly winded Guida lost his mouthpiece during an exchange on the ground. The head official paused the contest in search of Guida’s mouthpiece and began to panic when he could not locate it. After a prolonged stoppage in which Guida was given time to rest, the referee finally found a replacement mouthpiece and instructed Guida to put it in.

Guida refused the referee’s instruction and the referee then walked to the cage door and informed officials he was about to disqualify Guida for refusing the replacement mouthpiece. Seconds later, Guida’s original mouthpiece suddenly reappeared.

Despite the extended rest, Guida was still gassed and was finished with only a few seconds remaining in the second round after Khalidov pressured him against the cage and began to unload on Guida, who did not answer any of Khalidov’s shots. The referee called a stop to the bout and an upset Guida actually pushed the official in protest of the decision.

Replays showed that most of the punches Khalidov threw actually landed on Guida’s arms as opposed to his face but the fact remains that Guida used a duck and cover approach while pinned against the cage as his defensive posture and failed to answer any of the strikes with punches of his own.

In addition to his stall tactics and decision to put his hands on an referee, Guida showed a continued lack of sportsmanship by storming out of the cage before the official decision had been announced to the crowd.

Following the bout, SHOWTIME color commentator Stephen Quadros commented that while Guida might be a likable person outside of the cage, his conduct inside of it told a different story.

In other bouts, King of the Cage welterweight champion Anthony Lapsley relied on his experience and athleticism in earning a majority decision victory over Jeff Curran-trained Mike Stumpf. Two judges scored the fight 30-27 in favor of Lapsley while one judge surprisingly scored it 29-29. The announcers understandably had trouble understanding how one judge scored a fight even that clearly should have been a unanimous decision in Lapsley’s favor.

Russian fighter Alexander Shlemenko was successful in his EliteXC debut over Bubba McDaniel via TKO following the conclusion of the first round. Despite losing the round to McDaniel, Shlemenko rallied and landed a flying knee just as the round expired. When it became obvious that McDaniel would not be able to answer the bell, Shlemenko was ruled the winner.

In the television opener, Lyle “Fancy Pants” Beerbohm improved his record to 8-0 while handling Brazilian Rafaello Oliveira (5-1) his first-ever defeat by winning via TKO due to a cut at the end of round 1.

Complete results are as follows:

Televised Main Card –

  • Dave Herman via TKO (strikes) over Kerry Schall at 1:06 of round 1
  • Mamed Khalidov via TKO (strikes) at 4:53 of round 2
  • Anthony Lapsley def. Mike Stumpf via majority decision
  • Alexander Shlemenko via TKO (knee) over Bubba McDaniel at 5:00 of round 1
  • Lyle Beerbohm via TKO (cut) over Rafaello Oliveira at 5:00 of round 1

Preliminary Card –

  • Matt Jaggers def. Orville Smith via unanimous decision
  • Jared McMahon submits Jacob Hey via rear naked choke at 3:11 of round 1
  • Tiawan Howard submits Johnny Hughes via rear naked choke at 3:42 of round 1
  • Josh Barnes via TKO (strikes) over Jeremy Norton at 2:22 of round 1
  • Deray Davis submits John Kuhner via rear naked choke at 3:53 of round 2
  • JoHn says:

    overall the production sucked, steven quadros sucks, i think the refs name was Manley.. he sucked. the camera angles sucked. my wife even asked me why the hell i was watching this,, and she watches every “ufc” with me.. i just cant have any part in this promotion any longer

  • Matt says:

    I really enjoyed the show. Got to see some fighters that I’ve never seen before and some technique I’ve never seen before. That said, the officiating was an embarrassment and makes me never want to see an MMA show in Indiana again.

  • Stan the Caddy says:

    EliteXC’s lack of depth is really starting to show. They just don’t have a deep enough talent pool to put on this many shows. Call me an elitist but I’m just not interested in seeing the level of competition that occurs on the ShoXC shows. I understand the concept of the shows and what they’re trying to accomplish with them but it’s just not my cup of tea. I also thought Quadros was brutal. The in cage interviews after the fights were incredibly awkward.

  • mike wolfe says:

    Of course it wasn’t UFC in terms of production quality, etc. But it was free, and that covers a multitude of sins in my book. Also, if Elite is going to build itself as a brand, it has to work with what it has. Maybe I’m just getting worn down, but I didn’t think Ranallo was as annoying as he has been. Quadros may not be broadcast hall of fame material, but he’s ok.

  • lsrobinson85 says:

    Is this going to replay? I wanted to watch the McDaniel fight – I thought it was on tonight instead of last night.

  • Joey says:

    Mamed is one exciting ass fighter, period. I’m happy I got to see him. Rolling knee bars, spinning heel kicks, he tried everything.

  • derreckla says:

    Good night of fights with 4 out of 5 being controversial/shady…but that’s EliteXC

  • derreckla says:

    I also really enjoyed the Cartooning/hyperbole of Arullo (or however you say the worst annonuncer in MMA) has been toned down a lot without saying anything too lame. LIke when they were in Stockton and he said …Everything is Fine in the 2 0 9. LAME

  • Rich S. says:

    Dave Herman is just unfair.
    the guy’s an absolute monster.
    he packs all the power a HW should.
    yet has the speed of a MW.
    if they announce another no-name to fight him i’ll merely worry for that no-name’s health..

  • I don’t know what the gripe-fest is about the production quality; this ShoXC is as good as any of the other ones, and for a Showtime freebie it’s unfair to complain.

    Guida, on the other hand, is ridiculous. The guy is a crappy fighter, plain and simple; he sucked at Adreninline, he sucked tonight, and from the looks of his now 17-18 record, he’s sucked for a long time. He gasses into the first round, and then acted like a child (not unlike his performance on TUF) when they tried to give him another mouthguard. I would love to have seen him get DQ’d for that, and I really want to see him fined, or suspended for pushing the ref. I don’t think that he was going to get KO’d, but the fact that he didn’t do anything but stand there (ie intelligent defence) is enough for me. Reminds me a little of Chuck v. Tito.

  • alkatraz says:

    these fights were real good.i don’t know how someone can say they were horrible.all you ufc guys keep killing me.ufc is god,ufc has great production,ufc has the best commentators,ufc fighters have the biggest cocks.jeeze stop the bullshit.ufc is good but they have all the same things that happen with other promotions and they charge a hefty fee.the ufc has bad stopages,the ufc has boring fights,the ufc has contraversial endings,the ufc pushes people who r not worthy of getting a push.the ufc does all these things that i hear all these negative people complaining about these other orgs do.yes ufc is the best but stop being so ufc blind and think all they care about is the fans and the fighters.take off the blind fold and see it for all it is.companys trying to grow a product and make a little money.just like the ufc.

  • jj420 says:

    I enjoyed it, that flying knee to the ribs was devastating!

    Entertaining fights. I didn’t mind the production quality, it was the ref that could have been better. Not everything was the ref’s fault though.

  • Robert says:

    I always enjoy these ShoXC cards,but they need to get someone else to do the after fight interviews Quadros is much better calling the action.He just seems like he does’nt know what to say when he’s asking the fighters questions afterwards.

  • HexRei says:

    I hate listening to Quadros talk… his knowledge these days is inarguable but he is self-congratulatory, smarmy, cheesy, and just pushes all the wrong buttons with me.

  • UFCfightking says:

    I’ve watched Dave fight since day one… he’s an amazing fighter and I love watching his skills grow everyday. He’s a fighter at heart… no training necessary.


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