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Rampage attempted to recruit Wanderlei’s former Chute Box coach?

Former UFC light Heavyweight Champion Quinton Rampage Jackson may already be playing a Chess match in his mind for his upcoming fight against his arch-nemesis Wanderlei Silva at UFC 92. Defending the clinch, knees and barrage of offense Silva can produce has always been a concern for Jackson in his two losses. Rampage may have also had in his mind the old saying “If you can’t beat em, join em”, when he unsuccessfully attempted to recruit Silva’s former Chute Box coach Raphael Cordeiro to prepare against Silva.

Cordeiro told Tatame while giving his insight on the upcoming fight between Silva and Jackson, he heard Rampage was attempting to recruit him but he could not accept the offer out of loyalty to Silva.

“I’m sure it’ll be another knockout,” Cordeiro is quoted telling Tatame. “If Wanderlei shows the same game he always showed, he’ll bring to Brazil another victory. He knows Quinton’s game, but unfortunately Quinton knows his too, but he may had bad memories of that… In fact, when I was here I heard some rumors that Quinton wanted to train with me, and when I knew that it was his preparation to fight with Wanderlei I didn’t accept. Everybody is professional, but there are things that money can’t buy. I heard this rumors, I have nothing against him, I’m a professional, but not that much, train someone to fight someone that already trained with me.”

Cordeiro also gave his prospective on the upcoming bout between Mauricio “Shogun” Rua and Mark Coleman at UFC 93 as well.

“I think Coleman came down (in divisions) for this fight, but I think it won’t be a mystery for Shogun. He’s more versatile, he always showed that, and if he fights him like he did in his best times, this fight won’t pass the first round…” the Chute Boxe trainer tells Tatame.

When Cordeiro was also asked if he felt a win would avenge Chute Box or Shogun’s earlier loss by injury to Coleman at Pride 31 Dreamers.

“No, I don’t think it’ll have that revenge taste,” said Cordiero,” What happened there at the ring is that Coleman and his team wanted to come fight with us, and we went there. It was very emotional, but I don’t think it’ll be a revenge for Chute Boxe… If we start waiting to get a revenge against everybody that beat us we’ll live out whole life with enemies, we and who we defeat. It’s past. Coleman is a great athlete, still fighting with more than 40 years old and I pray God bless them, but I believe Shogun may win. And I believe it’ll be on the first round.”

With both of Rampage and Wanderlei’s fights motivated by pure hatred and passion, yet still ending the same exact way (Silva winning) it is not far fetched as to why Rampage would attempt to recruit Cordeiro. Rampage and Wanderlei’s fights are on par with the Yankees and Red Sox rivalries except for MMA fans. The two have even attempted to fight after Rampage defeated Kevin Randleman by KO at Pride 25, when Rampage called out Wanderlei who was sitting in the audience. Wanderlei and Rampage both were restrained and separated after attempting to knock each other out.

Shogun's arm break up close

Shogun's arm up close

Coleman and Rua’s first fight on the other hand had a post fight melee that resembled one of the Yankees and Red Sox bench clearing brawls as well. When Coleman landed a successful take down attempt Rua’s arm landed directly on the mat with the point of his elbow breaking his arm. Coleman was unaware of the injury attempted to keep hitting Rua while down, which did not sit well with Shogun’s brother Ninja who was cornering him. Hell broke lose as members from the two prospective camps of Coleman (Hammer House) and Rua (Chute Box) entered the ring and began brawling, Phil Baroni landed a take down on Wanderlei Silva and Mark Coleman wound up stepping on his throat while being restrained by Pride officials. Needless to say both of these fights will add another great chapter to their rivalries, when Wanderlei Silva and Rampage meet up at UFC 92 in December and Mauricio Shogun Rua and Mark Coleman meet up at UFC 93 in January.

  • hindsightufuk says:


  • jamo says:

    sounds like this could be fun!!!

  • HexRei says:

    Oh please. He “heard rumors”? And he “didn’t accept”? Sounds like he just wanted to diss Rampage.

    Hey guys, I heard a rumor that Laura Prepon wants my knob, but I turned it down.

  • Jay K. says:



  • screwface says:

    rampage is an amazing fighter as is silva. but some fighters are just kryptonite to anothers superman. cant wait for this fight and im a huge rampage fan but having said that, silva just has his number. good luck tho slampage, please prove me wrong.

  • Narcisistic says:

    Re- hindsightufuk. Just writing it has me looking ahead to this fight, but there are so many solid fights in the upcoming months that its hard not be pumped up for any UFC, Affliction or EliteXC event.

  • Narcisistic says:

    Re- HexRei it was probably a strategy on Page’s part

  • Why so Serious says:

    I like both Rampage and Wandi but I think I want Wandi to win so I can see a possible Wandi vs Forrest fight. As for Coleman… he is to old school to even bother a well rounded modern fighter like Shogun. 1st rd sub to Rua.
    And Rampage for the last time NO! I wont train you.


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