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EliteXC confirms that Frank Shamrock volunteered to fight Kimbo Slice

Reports that former UFC champion Frank Shamrock volunteered to replace his adopted brother, Ken Shamrock, in the main event of this past weekends Saturday Night Fights on CBS are indeed correct.

The news was confirmed in a press release issued by EliteXC late Wednesday night in which the promotion’s Head of Fighter Operations, Jeremy Lappen, stated that the reports were true.

“… Reports that Frank Shamrock volunteered that evening to fight Kimbo Slice are true,” Lappen is quoted as saying in the release. “Frank is a competitive fighter and he was willing to step up for his organization and the MMA fans. His offer was very greatly appreciated, but everyone in the room knew when he made the offer that it wasn’t a realistic possibility on such short notice.”

Some of the hurdles standing in the way of a Slice vs. Frank Shamrock fight could have been the ability to get Shamrock medically cleared on short notice; work out a compensation package that EliteXC’s shrinking budget could afford; and obtain consent from Slice’s camp to accept the fight.

As dangerous as Seth Petruzelli was to Slice’s perfect record, Shamrock would have been an even greater threat. Slice’s camp was able to negotiate a $500,000 payday for him to fight Petruzelli on short notice and it is likely they were in a position to command even more against the younger of the two Shamrocks. has also confirmed that in addition to Petruzelli and Shamrock, another option was considered as well. The man Petruzelli was originally supposed to face, 11-2 light heavyweight Aaron Rosa, confirmed to us via e-mail that he had been asked as well if he was willing to take a fight on short notice vs. Slice.

“… I was the fifth fight of the night so right as i was warming up my manager, Monte Cox called me and told me what had happened to Ken and asked me if I would fight Kimbo,” Rosa revealed. “I thought about it for two minutes (and) asked my corner Kyle. He said it (was) a big opportunity (and) then I said ‘yes.’ Monte told me that he was going to charge them $100,000 for me to fight him. Then I really wanted the fight (but) Kimbo’s team and CBS to pick between who they wanted to fight and they went with Seth.”

Despite being denied an opportunity of a lifetime, Rosa was still able to put the events of this weekend into perspective.

“Seth did a great job — it was the perfect punch,” Rosa wrote. “The stars aligned for him that night. I was mad for awhile that I didn’t get picked to fight Kimbo but G-d knows what he is doing.”

  • sicmma says:

    The stroy should have been” tons of fighters line up to beat on Kimbo and get PAID….
    It would have been fun watching Frank fight him. It would have gone longer than 14 seconds since Frank would have played with him and done some of his ring antics before finishing him.

  • micah says:

    they had to edit the word “GOD” to “G-d”??? this world is pathetic

  • dpk says:

    They would have had to pay kimbo at least a million to fight Frank, because Frank would have embarrased him for a few minutes before finishing him off.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Micah, it is a religious thing. I’m sorry if you are unable to respect my religious beliefs.

  • kscott says:

    sounds like aaron rosa would have been a nice replacement…he actually makes good comments to the press.

    not to mention he looks like superman..could have been good for elite xc marketing

  • TheEngineer says:

    Micah, the world isn’t pathetic, but it looks like five ounces of pain is. Look on the bright side, at least they capitalized the “G”. It’s pretty sad they won’t even spell the word out when quoting someone else. I used to like this site, but if their “religious beliefs” are to be disrespectful towards God, then no, I don’t respect them at all and I’m done with this site.

  • darkmetal says:

    Sam, I have to go with Micah on this one, “God” is not profanity, just as the words “Allah”, “Buddha”, or anything of the sort. I would also say, that many unreligious people probably said, “Oh my God!” when they saw the situation of Kimbo slice being KO’d or the general level of their 401K accounts at this point in time. People often use it as a passionate exclamation, and a very unprofane one at that in a time when pretty much everyone uses profanity.

    On the situation of Frank Shamrock fighting Kimbo, it is now pretty clear that two factors were involved in selecting Petruzelli:

    1. He should not have a very good chance of winning. Frank was too strong for Kimbo, and they knew it.

    2. He should be as cheap as possible: If you are paying your pet thug $500,000, you don’t have a lot in extra funds on paying his next “victim”.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Dark Metal, you have no idea what you’re talking about regarding your first statement. Maybe you should do some research on the Jewish religion and its practices before you open your mouth? At no point did I say I added a dash in reference to G-d because I perceive it to be a profanity. I find both your statement and Micah’s to be pretty ignorant. Furthermore, I think it’s immature for both of you to be trying to make an issue of such a minor point.

    Now, is there anyone else out there who’d like to persecute me for my religious beliefs?

  • micah says:

    I can understand it if it were used as a profanity. or if it were used in vain. but in reference to only the Almighty knowing, i dont think thats discounting His name. i am a christian, and i know the differences in faith between the two. my original statement was in ignorance as i thought you had edited it out of agnostic reasons (which i have no respect for.) so i do owe and offer you an apology.

  • micah says:

    i’m retarded, i typed agnostic when i meant athiest

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Micah, are you a U.S. citizen? If so, how could you have an issue with someone who is atheist or agnostic? They are entitled to their beliefs just as much as you or I. From this point forward, you need to keep religion out of this thread.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Engineer, from my perspective, it’s you who are pathetic. Way to show your ignorance. According to certain branches of the Jewish religion, it is actually disrespectful to write out the word G-d. According to my beliefs, I am showing G-d true respect by following the teachings I learned. I’m not knocking you for your beliefs, so why knock me for following mine? Your comment shows an extreme lack of class and if my decision to use a “dash” when I spell out the word “G-d” is enough to make you want to stop reading the site, then I think we can make do without someone such as yourself.