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Dana White shares his thoughts on latest EliteXC controversy

Those waiting for UFC President Dana White’s reaction to recent accusations that ProElite and EliteXC officials offered Seth Petruzelli a bonus not to take Kimbo Slice down to the ground during the main event of this past weekend’s edition of Saturday Night Fights will be pleased to know he has broken his silence.

In an interview published in the Oct. 8 edition of the Boston Herald, White did not hold back in regard to his feelings about the latest controversy involving EliteXC.

“It disgusts me,” White told the Herald. “I’ve been busting my (expletive) for 10 years flying all over the planet to show everybody what a great sport this is and what amazing people are involved in it. Then CBS throws this guy who fights at people’s barbecues on the main event because they’re trying to compete with us, and he gets knocked out in (14) seconds by a guy who didn’t win ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ and couldn’t fight in the UFC. Then the guy turns around the next day and says, ‘The promoters actually paid me to not go to the ground with this guy. They paid me to stand up,’ which I’m pretty sure is illegal.”

White didn’t stop there, as he expressed scorn for a promotion that has built itself around a former YouTube street fighting sensation.

“(Slice is) a joke,” the Herald quotes White as saying. “It was bound to happen. These guys have lost $60 million trying to get this thing off the ground. They’re building their promotion around a guy who can’t fight. It’s kind of (expletive) stupid, isn’t it? You’re in the fight business and you’re building your business around a guy who can’t fight.”

  • Nick Travaglini says:

    I know alot of people hate the guy, but I freakin love him! He may be more entertaining than some of the fights!

  • mike says:

    the man surely speaks his mind and i love it haha.

  • Nick says:

    Dana can be a jerk sometimes but he is right on the money here.

    Jared Shaw is an absolute tool.

  • Cinomed says:

    meh, the people that hate Dana don’t seem to appreciate what he has done for us.

    Don’t get me wrong, he ain’t perfect, he ain’t an angel, but UFC is mainstream, no small part because of Dana himself.

    Once you understand that someone like that has to temper their love of the sport with good business sense, he can be seen as a great guy……. kinda like Bill Gates and Microsoft, sure everyone LOVES to bash on them, even if they use a Mac or Linux, but FFS if it wasn’t for Microsoft the internet would be nothing compared to what we have now….

  • David Andrest says:

    I like Dana, but I like all the characters involved in the sport. For everything Dana does that I agree with, he’ll turn around and next Month tell you Fedor isn’t a top 10 HW…………I think people forget these guys are in the business of entertaining and promoting. I for one find them all quite entertaining.

  • MMA SKOOL™ says:

    “Then CBS throws this guy who fights at people’s barbecues on the main event”

    Dana has a big mouth, but he says some dang funny things sometimes.

  • sicmma says:

    Well he nailed that one………

  • Tim says:

    Personally I think Dana is great and has been the biggest advodate for the sport. He did alot to get MMA in the mainstream and helped get legislation passed in states that had it banned. He should be pissed at what was “alleged” by Petruzelli.

    He is also a very entertaining guy. His comment about a guy that fights at peoples BBQ’s is hilarious.

    Competition is good in any business and MMA is no different, but if EliteXC actually did pay Petruzelli to not take down Slice, it just shows how desperate they really are

  • Ertz says:

    Although I loved reading his comments, he kinda contradicted his own fighters. Dana is a big fan of Joe Lauzon and he and his brother were shown fighting in their front yard of an episode of Tapout. Even on Joe’s blog and on YouTube there is a video of the “2008 Lauzon Pig Roast.” ( What is more stupid, fighting in a backyard for money or fighting family in a public place at a freakin pig roast? Just something to think about.

  • Davey D says:

    I agree with David here. Zuffa has invested A LOT into the UFC. Their brand has become synonomus with MMA as whole in part because 1) they’ve been so sucessful and 2) their product basically has no equal. So…anything other event held in America on a large broadcasting scale will most likely be countered by the UFC so that the public who isn’t aware of the difference can take notice. There are plenty believe me. Dana White does not want to be considered in the same boat with any other org and rightfully so.

    I disagree with Mr. White’s take on Fedor Emelianenko. He knows the truth but won’t tell the public yet because FE doesn’t generate business for them…yet. One year is all it will take, I hope.

  • mburten says:

    Whoa, Dana, don’t be shy. Tell us what you really think.

  • matt says:

    there is a great piece up on bloodyelbow about a interview with gary shaw. just to show how sleezy this was.

    ps. hexirexi…are you ready to apologize for being an asshole the other night when i said that this was a huge deal or do you still cling to the hope that nothing shady happened?

  • kingiefella says:

    like him or hate him….you know white speaks the truth!…….I know,….now Kimbo is gone maybe elite may want to put me up as their poster boy!….give me a couple of wet blankets to kick shit out of and let me earn a good few green and then put spme half decent fighter in there and let him kick shit out of me for 14 seconds for half a mil…….god elite are so fucking stupid!

  • darkmetal says:

    True Rules:

    You don’t build your organization around 1 man. And this extends to ALL corporations. What happens to Apple’s stock if their head guy suffers a heart attack? The stock divebombs. You need people to know that there are great people in the wings, or you are doomed by a mishap.

    White is completely right. Seth Petruzelli is not a bad fighter, but he is not a world class fighter of the type that the UFC cultivates. He was plucked out of the audience and beat the “Undefeatable” (sarcasm) Kimbo Slice. I give Seth much credit for taking and winning the fight, but he was only selected because EXC thought he would get KO’d in short order.

  • Jason G says:

    I was always wondering how much it would cost to have Kimbo fight at my bbq. I’ll wait til his career is over so he won’t try to charge $500k.

  • jamo says:

    fu*king love dana!! lol his language is fu*king sh!te though the [email protected] potty mouth lol

  • paddiosf says:

    I’m a Dana White fan also, I’m on these fights sites because of him..He bulit this sport from the Ground up and when you watch that crap over on EliteXC it kills me and I can only imagine who he feels..People need to be more apprecitative of what Dana has done for this sport..Thank You Dana White

  • paddiosf says:

    Haha, excuse that bad diction, this is what happen when you wake up without having your coffee and reading shit like that about EliteXc..

  • joey says:

    Editor’s Note: Post deleted. Wishing death on someone is crossing the line.

  • Imbecile says:

    Nothing Dana White said there is untrue, and I can see why he would be understandably frustrated by this.

  • joey says:

    My bad, I dont wish death on him. I just wish he’d not ruin this sport.

  • Venom says:

    I agree with Joey, except for the death part. :-) Dana is a piece of shit that doesn’t deserve a bit of the success he’s achieved. I understand what he’s done for the sport in the past, elevating it to national status. But his only concern now is the UFC’s bottom-line. He doesn’t care one F’N bit about MMA and advancing the sport, just advancing his brand. The reason the NFL and MLB are such great organizations is because ALL the owners collectively try to bring about change and policies that help the entire sport, not just their teams.

    And as far as Dana ALWAYS speaking the truth, PLEASE! This is the same man that said Fedor was “irrelevant”. Dana needs to get his head out of his ass and realize that there’s quality MMA outside of the UFC.

  • disappointed in Dana says:

    I’m actually a Dana fan. I’ve thought he was funny ever since the first season of TUF. Now, I think he’s a complete hipocrite. He says:

    “I’ve been busting my (expletive) for 10 years flying all over the planet to show everybody what a great sport this is and what amazing people are involved in it.”

    OK, that’s true. But how do you reconcile that statement with lettling Junie Browning assault several people on TUF last night, and let him stay on the show? What image does that give the sport? Come on.

  • JoHn says:

    say what you want, but i love that s.o.b. Dana. he speaks his mind and if you can navigate yourself through the profanity and focus on what is being said, he always speaks the truth. Riding the Dana White bandwagon from day 1

  • JoHn says:

    I agree with your statement regarding the Fedor comment but of course he is going to day that about Fedor, but you also have to realize Fedor hadnt fought anyone in a long ass time when that statement was said, secondly the only thing lately that we have to base on Fedor truly being relevant is his devestating beating he put on ‘”who” Tim “the lamest and lasiest FIghter” Sylvia. ok Fedor is relevant but Dana does care for the fighters and takes care of his fighters, if he and zuffa paid all the fighters Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture money they would be in the same sinking ship as all the other organizations. Where would that leave us the fans? i’ll answer that one. Sitting on our asses on a saturday night watching SNL or Mad tv or out spending alot of money at a bar or club or even worse watching boxing.i would rather be at my own home watching the fight on my 61 inch tv, playing pool upstairs and drinking my own beer

  • Joseph says:

    Dana speaks the truth!!!
    When it benefits the UFC ONLY obviously.

    The man is a sales man.
    Hell say whatever he can to make the UFC look better and sell it to the fans.

  • ned says:

    i think dana white look stupid for responding at all.

  • Jackyl says:

    The hatred of Dana White is a classic example of people hating whoever is at the top. Take Microsoft for instance. Everyone likes to hate on Microsoft because they are this big evil empire, and maybe some of the stuff they do is underhanded. But everyone forgets it’s because of their innovation that we have so many cool things in our lives that were not possible 20 years ago.

    You can apply this to the MMA industry. MMA was a dead sport. As Dana says, no one would touch it. Dana and the Fertitas are the ones that started working with the athletic comissions and started getting the sport some legitamcy. Then they put out TUF. And I have said this before. It has nothing to do with being a ‘reality” show. People don’t watch it because it’s a reality show, they watch it to get to know the fighters and when you know the fighters a little better it makes you care more about the outcome. Any company’s goal is to mainstream their brand so when you think about their product , that’s the company that comes to mind. And let’s all face it. There are some great fighters and some great matches that happen outside of the UFC. But watch almost any UFC card and then watch any other promotion’s card. The UFC is light years ahead in the quality of matchups and the quality of fighters.

  • Joey says:


    Nice name, please stop wishing death to people with it though.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    White kills me. I don’t always agree with what he says, but he’s laugh out loud funny sometimes. Regardless of what he thinks about Elite or Kimbo, he better pay attention to the tv ratings, which suggest there is an audience for MMA even if its not the same quality as UFC. If fans focus on Elite because its on a major network with greater exposure, UFC could lose market share, especially in ppv’s. The market moves quickly, and UFC cannot coast.

  • egad81 says:

    dana white vs kimbo slice (biggest PPV in the history of the world!)

    Slice would take that fight…. would dana? NO CAUSE DANA CANT FIGHT!

  • Dana Poulin says:

    Long live Dana White

  • Dana Poulin says:

    Dana White was an amature boxer so I think he’s got a change even though Slice is a much heavier guy.

  • Sergio Hernandez says:

    Venom, your comparison to the NFL and MLB is flawed.

    The UFC IS the NFL and MLB of MMA. EliteXC, Strikeforce… they’re the Arena Football Leagues and United Baseball Leagues of MMA.

    As long as those companies are making peanuts and are no threat to their respective sporting organizations, Roger Goodell or Bug Selig could give two shits about them.

  • Justin Van Hook says:

    Trying to show everyone what amazing people are involved with MMA huh? Guess that’s why Junie Browning is still on TUF, because he’s such a shinig example of those amazing people. I guess it’s ok for Dana to exploit a tool like Junie but when someone else uses something other than a fighter’s fighting ability to get people to watch, it’s somehow wrong.

  • Johnny Lawrence says:

    HAHAHAHA, outstanding Dana. I think more Companies need Presidents who speak honestly like him.

  • Eric says:

    Dana by 1st round KO against Slice if it ever happened.

  • Sam Bronx, NY says:

    The comparison of the NFL & MLB is more than flawed, it is flat out wrong, especially comparing the UFC to the NFL. The NFL does not give a darn about the CFL or Arena football because they are no threat, the NFL is the real deal and main stream. Not to mention, what venom has to say, every team in the NFL is a part of the NFL, duh. Every MMA organization is not a part of the UFC. That said, obviously as the head of the UFC he would not have any reason or interest to advance all of MMA, not his job.

    Only a loser, unsuccessful person can see a successful person and say they are just lucky…just lucky? Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie are just lucky, Dana White is just good at putting UFC in the mainstream.

  • Sonny says:

    Dana, I’ve got a lot of respect for your business sense and everything but when I read:

    “I’ve been busting my (expletive) for 10 years flying all over the planet to show everybody what a great sport this is and what amazing people are involved in it.”

    the day after I watched you allow Junie Browning to continue to stay on TUF, it doesn’t hold water. I realize that Browning is a ratings grab but at the same time, is that worth risking making MMA look even worse to its opponents?

    Like I said, I respect White’s business sense but as far as Browning’s concerned, HE is the one making this sport look bad, not guys like Kimbo Slice. Cut your losses, Dana.

  • Robert says:

    Dana White WISHES he was a fighter that’s why he talks tough and tries to look like a fighter in these magazine photos.Truth is he was a washout out as a boxer and quit.I would like to see Dana in the cage getting the living shit beat out of him.Afterwords I’m sure his tough guy act would disappear.

  • egad81 says:

    Whoever made that point that Kimbo is heavier then Dana…. You need to get glasses. Dana might only be like 5’6 but he looks over 230. Fat ass rich bastard.

  • Simon Cason says:

    Thank you Dana. If no one is willing to listen to us, goddammit they sure as fuck listen to you. Thanks for all you’ve done and all your still doing. If it wasn’t for you guys, MMA on CBS would be just 3 letters away from being called a wrestling promotion. Thanks for not making MMA look like a joke, and instead giving credibility to MMA.

  • Simon Cason says:

    Kimbo weighs in at 265, meaning he prob walks around 280-290. Not only that but Dana is on a strict conditioning program, so it’s not like hes out of shape, he’s just short and stocky. They don’t put you on the cover of mens fitness mags for being out of shape. Jack ass

  • Robert says:

    Kimbo weighed 234 his last fight do you know anything about this sport or are you simply a UFC fan since 2005 and know nothing about mma “Kimbo walks around at 280 or 290” how dumb can you be!

  • Ronnie Liddle says:

    dana missed his calling – he should do stand up.
    that line about the BBQ had me snort coffee out my nose.

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    The best way to get back at Dana White is for you to stop buying UFC PPV’s ,and stop watching TUF ,UFC Fight Nights,UFC All Access,UFC Unleashed,and free broadcasts of UFC PPV’s,etc.
    And never ,EVER go to the UFC website.

    Stick it to him where it hurts the most.

    Yah,that’ll show him.

    I’m thinking Seth’s comments may have been misinterpreted ,with the idea of getting bonus pay for a KO and being paid extra to keep the fight standing being mixed up.

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    The best way to get back at Dana White is to stop watching UFC PPVs,UFC Fight Nights,UFC All Access,UFC Unleashed,TUF,free broadcasts of UFC PPVs,etc.
    Also,never, EVER go to the UFC website.

    YAHHHH,that’ll show him.

    I think Seth’s comments were misinterpreted.
    Something about getting a KO bonus being mixed up with being paid extra to keep the fight standing.
    More importantly,I think Elite C accountants should investigate how Kimbo gets paid $500,000 for 11 seconds of spectacle.

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    I know, I know,Elite XC.

    By the way can’t we all just get along and call the almighty “G-Dash”?

  • darkmetal says:

    Some comments on Dana White:

    Venom, to say he doesn’t deserve what he has smacks of jealousy. White didn’t win the lottery by buying one ticket, he and the Fertitta bros. bought a dying company that was part of a dying sport and built it into an empire via 12 days, and incredible risk. Had he failed, White would still be a small promoter or manager in the boxing realm. Say what you wish, but he didn’t get where he is by not having vision.

    On White “Boxing” Kimbo Slice: It would have been interesting to see White fight Tito Ortiz, as he actually trained hard for a fight with the form UFC Champion. Too bad that Tito Chickened out. Why did he not show? Because he new that it would be unlikely he could beat a former boxer in his favorite type of fighting. This makes me think that Tito truly thought that White could win, and I think Tito could outbox Kimbo. So in the end, the truth is that if he were to fight Kimbo in a straight boxing match (not street fighting) he would probably win.

  • Justin Van Hook says:

    noticed no one bothered to address my comments, guess I must be right.

  • steve says:

    david andrest, when dana said that about fedor it was when he hadnt fought anyone worth mentioning after pride, as soon as he was told he rompted on sylvia in under a minute he openly said he was very impressed

    i think that was a good point he made and pretty much admitted he was wrong

  • steve says:

    well justin van hook that is a good point, lets look at what dana said about tito ortiz, he said when he was a good fighter he put up with his crap and when he wasnt a good fighter he didnt have to. I agree and its the same thing w kibo and junie

    atleast junie can fight…. kimbo just cant fight at all…. junie looked like the most technical LW on the show from his one fight

    so its kinda like when ur really good at something u get a pass like junie when u cant fight and ur also a tool, well thats just uncalled for


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