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TUF 8 cast-member Phillipe Nover shares Week Four thoughts about Junie Allen Browning and drinking in the house

After watching the episode a few times I was appalled to see how much focus was given to Junie’s and Nelson’s antics. I hope the people watching can separate that type of a so-called MMA fighter from the new age professionals that truly deserve to be on the show.

The UFC and MMA in general have blown up to incredible proportions in the last 10-to-15 years. The only thing stopping MMA from getting main steam are the politicians and conservatives who believe MMA is “to barbaric and violent.” Junie and Nelson particularly brought evidence to that point.

They got drunk and inner-thoughts of violence broke out. They started breaking things like delinquents as a way to show how angry and cool they can be. That is not how a human being should act and even further not how a professional fighter should act on  television.

The incidents that occurred on the show brought us back a few years politically in the struggle to bring the UFC to every state. Even in my hometown of New York, MMA is banned! MMA is not about bar brawls or street fights. The people who still think it is, now have someone to look up to: Junie! Young kids and parents will watch that episode and be turned off. I would not want my kid to be involved in something like that.

I feel ashamed of the two cast members. At one point I almost felt sorry for them but those feelings ran dry after realizing that they weren’t genuinely sorry for their actions. As you can see I haven’t been getting much face time on the last few episodes. I try to stay away from drunk violent behavior not only on the show but in life in general. People like that have nothing to offer. I was sleeping tucked in my bed during that pool incident. I made sure I slept early almost every night so I can the most out of training the next day. I got on the show with one goal in mind. And that didn’t include drinking like a imbecile in front of five million people.
Junie should have been thrown out right after he threw that glass at Kyle. That was assault. He should have been arrested. I wasn’t comfortable sleeping in the house with a drunk on the loose. Thoughts of him pulling out a kitchen knife and stabbing another fighter crossed my mind. Sorry Junie, but if I was Dana you would have been gone!

Junie jumping over the cage after Efrain’s fight was just a way to get more camera time. He will now be the person America loves to hate. Just the plan he had in mind.

I really hope the fans can learn something from this episode. And that is it: drinking alcohol is just poisoning your body and it will hurt you.

I think Nelson’s performance was great for the first three minutes. After that his tank was close to empty and he couldn’t give it his all. He knows he could have done better and he knows its mostly due to his conditioning level. Efrain looked great in the fight. His take downs were on point. He had solid knees. He looked great in the scramble also. My hat goes off to Efrain for keeping his cool and winning the battle in the cage (where it matters) and not with his mouth!

  • Patrick says:

    Good to hear that someone in that house is not feeding into the alcohol fueled idiocy that runs rampant there.

    Good blog as always, gives a little insight to a sane mind in the house, and it’s always good to hear a fighter who takes training and the opportunity given to them seriously. Also nice to know other guys training and fighting don’t drink or smoke, good to hear man, inspire folks so the boozing can stop.

  • sven says:

    I’m down with poisoning my body. Then again I can handle my booze without acting like a jackass 99% of the time.

    Other than that I agree with everthing else Phillipe said. I hope he goes far this season.

  • Gabber says:

    Junie should have been booted from the house for the throwing of the glass. Talking shit to Efferin about who subbed who and then jumping the cage to start shit should be enough for this loser to be given the boot. If he stays, it’s a total ratings grab. I think like Phillipe said, he sends a bad message to sport that is dying to be legit.

    Junie’s gotta go!

  • Jason G says:

    I think these guys should’ve been kicked out the first time they screwed up and as little time as possible should’ve been spent showing that they are a waste of life. Maybe if Zuffa and the producers at Spike used some more creativity they could find a more respectable way to earn ratings than show these pieces of crap act like idiots and make the sport look bad. For instance, on the next episode they show Anderson Silva coming in to teach some guys. Instead of us hearing the cast members talk about how much of a badass he is what if they showed techniques. They could show millions of fans training techniques and intense sparring sessions.

  • Guy Gaduois says:

    Dana loses a ton of credibility, and with regards to the standards and practices of TUF, I don’t think there was a ton in the bank.

    Phillipe – if you don’t want to be generalized as an MMA fighter, please don’t generalize toward those who may oppose the sport. There are politicians who oppose the sport, and some are conservatives – some are also liberals. There are private sector folks, liberal and conservative who oppose MMA, just as there are liberals and conservatives who enjoy, support and participate in MMA.
    You are an MMA fighter, but nothing like Junie; I am a conservative, but nothing like those who may oppose MMA.

    I think Phillipe is an excellent example – when bad stuff starts going down, get out of there. You don’t want to be associated with it and you don’t want to be collateral damage . . . not when so much is riding on this opportunity. Well played, sir.

    They should have duct-taped Junie to the basketball hoop upright. Everyone does it, ‘Murder On The Orient Express’ style, so that Dana has to throw everyone else out and keep Junie.

    That was a really bad move, Dana. If the #1 guy in an organization says he wants one image of MMA conveyed and jettisons Jesse “The I.Q” Taylor and yet keeps Junie “Jerry Springer Reject” Brown, then Dana’s judgment went completely bad and he’s a total hypocrite.

    Run your business how you want; but if you’re going to run it like that, you better keep the proceedings behind closed doors, otherwise, you look like an ass.

  • Jason G says:

    I think he’s gonna keep him on as long as possible for ratings. Even so, Dana will probably be forced to kick him off soon or risk Junie doing something really bad. Shane is just a punk and probably won’t cause too much trouble with his pal Junie out of the house.

  • darkmetal says:

    Guy is correct. All the Conservatives I know support MMA, and most Conservatively leaning states allow it. Compare this with the recent attempt by Zuffa to get very Liberally leaning New York to allow MMA and the fact that they shot the whole thing down, and you see my point.

    Conservatives (real ones) believe in the freedom of Gun ownership, fighting sports, property, the use of public lands for offroad sports such as ATV and 4WD driving, ect. If it is fun and manly, we generally like the hell out of it.

    Compare this to the feminizing forces of the Left, and I am sure that you will find out that those most likely to pan MMA are generally Liberal. It would be funny to ask the gals on “The View” about their “view” on MMA, wouldn’t it?

    Great comments otherwise “Nova”, keep them coming and good luck with your MMA career.

  • Is this guy Junie serious? He has no money and is an unproven talent and is a raging drunk! What is going to happen if he calms down but then wins, gets the money and publicity???? I tell u what. He turns into Chris Leben!!!

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    From what I’ve seen, Junie has more talent at this stage of his career than Leben had when he was on TUF. Sure, Junie’s acting like a jackass, but I’m intrigued to see if his big talent compensates for his tiny brain. My bet is that the tiny brain and lack of self control are his undoing, but I could be wrong. Gonna watch and see, though.

  • marc in bc says:

    Agree that keeping Junie is just a ratings grab. Anyone notice that Junie does a blob on the UFC site. Seems pretty stupid to associate themselves any more than they have to that idiot. Maybe they should send Junie to all the athletic comissions with the tape while they’re at it and have him lobby to legalize MMA!!!

  • Vinny says:

    Mind you Phil the kid from Brooklyn is the peaceful one. I went to highschool with Phil and I can’t see him getting caught up in all that mess on the show, though I have full confidence that if Phil fights Joanie he will destroy him.

  • yo says:

    he should have been kicked off the show, he is an idiot, my boy Efran would smash that kid, and if we ever see that cat on the street, he will get smashed. he is an idiot, and dana just kept him around for the rating, I dont see him staying after what he pulled at the end of Efran’s fight. he is toast, and if he is not, Dana is an Jackass and should not talk sh!t about Kimbo, cause he got some retard like that on the UFC!!!!!

  • Toque says:

    Good to see you using your mursin’ skills.

    Please, please tell me you got to fight Junie and handed him his fucking lunch?

  • Jesse says:

    Phillipe, you sir are a class act and a true representative of the sport. I couldn’t agree more. We’ve got love for you down here in Philly bro. Good insight on the show and good luck.

  • zeitgeist says:

    Well said Phillipe. They should have at least shown you sleeping during the pool incident. I would’ve probably done the same if I was on the show. Why waste time on such nonsense when you could be someone great in MMA.

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    Ya know ,the whole situation reminds me of Johnny Cash’s “A Boy Named Sue”.
    If my folks had named me ‘Junie’,I’d have gravel in my guts and spit in my eye, too.
    Anybody know if Junie’s dad is still alive?

    Thanks Phillipe,stay focused.

  • Brian Sloan says:

    Here is the question everyone wants to know.

    Are you the next Anderson Silva?

  • Phillipe Nover says:

    Thanks for the support guys. I’m glad I have backing in regards to my ideas on what a real professional mixed martial artist represents. My apologies to Guy Gaduois. I didn’t mean to categorize all conservatives in that manner. May I correct my sentence . I meant more conservative minded people. Acceptance of MMA is based on personal opinion and not so much a political standing.

    MMA is well accepted in many states but for some reason not New York. I take the subway everyday and I get off at 34th st and Penn Station (Madison Square Garden.) There is a big billboard in front of MSG with a TUF 8 advertisement. I stand there and stare at the sign. (People walk by me and don’t recognize me. It’s pretty funny.) I dream of fighting in my home town of New York. In Madison Square Garden which is my modern day Colosseum. That day will come.

    Brian Sloan asked me if I’m the so called “Nest Anderson Silva?”

    We’ll I wouldn’t categorize myself with the world champ. He’s a beast with much experience. And he is better then all the fighters in the house. Anderson is Anderson. The only person who can answer that is probably Dana White himself. As for me. I’m the next Phillipe Nover.


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