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Seth Petruzelli discusses EliteXC bonus money; Kimbo’s posse threatening his wife; what it was like fighting Bob Sapp; and more in new exclusive interview

Seth Petruzelli’s last-minute promotion to the main event of EliteXC and CBS’ Saturday Night Fights this past weekend was not his opportunity at major exposure. In addition to fighting twice for the UFC, Petruzelli is also a veteran of “The Ultimate Fighter” reality show on Spike TV. He also fought in a well-publicized fight in Japing in 2004 for K-1 against former Chicago Bears offensive lineman Bob “The Beast” Sapp.

I initially felt that Petruzelli’s huge opportunities might be nothing more than a case of good timing. However, after conducting a full legth interview with him, it was easy to see that the guy is definitely not short on personality and that there’s probably a reason why he’s been put in front of lots of people on CBS, Spike TV, and the Saitama Super Arena in Japan.

Below is a full transcript of the interview Petruzelli conducted with

Sam Caplan: After the 104.1 interview, did anyone from ProElite or EliteXC contact you?

Seth Petruzelli: No, not at all. Honestly, when I woke up in the morning my words were jumbled and obviously my head was in a daze from drinking (laughs) the entire night. Reading the transcript, I actually now feel I worded it perfectly in what I wanted to say. I wanted to keep the fight standing and they offered a knockout bonus and I wanted to get the knockout bonus.

Sam Caplan: So all of the conspiracy theorists going around demanding an investigation and accusing you of having accepted a bribe are crazy?

Seth Petruzelli: Yeah, it’s pretty ridiculous. It’s always going to be crazy ass people after every fight, especially at this level, people are going to say all sorts of crazy stuff. But no, it’s been blown way out of proportion. (Laughs) I just wanted a knockout bonus and that’s pretty much it.

Sam Caplan: Regarding the knockout bonus, the bout agreement shows you were paid a total of $50,000 and that $35,000 of it was your guarantee and the remaining $15,000 was a win bonus. During the radio interview, you mentioned you received over six figures for the fight. What does the difference account for?

Seth Petruzelli: The knockout bonus was the additional money. And my sponsors — I added my sponsors in there too for it. So it was a knockout bonus plus my sponsorships that I got.

Sam Caplan: Would you have received a bonus had you submitted Kimbo?

Seth Petruzelli: Yes. There were submission bonuses, knockout bonuses, and a “Fight of the Night” bonus — just like the UFC does it. They just want an exciting fight no matter where it goes.

Sam Caplan: Did the submission bonus pay the same as the knockout bonus?

Seth Petruzelli: Yes. Every bonus is the same.

Sam Caplan: You’ve fought in the UFC and I’ve heard from fighters that have competed in the UFC that during rules meetings it’s not uncommon for a UFC official at the end to stress to the fighters that they expect to see exciting fights. When you were there did you ever hear anything like that prior to a fight card and at any point prior to your fight with Kimbo did EliteXC or ProElite give you a similar speech?

Seth Petruzelli: At the rules meetings, either Dana White, Joe Silva, or someone like that will come in and say “Hey, you guys are getting an opportunity, so make it exciting.” And that’s when he usually announces what the amounts are for the knockout and submission bonuses and that sort of thing. And actually that’s not even how it is with Elite. Elite never mentioned anything like that. UFC said that but Elite didn’t. They just mentioned the bonuses (and) they never said that you had to perform or anything like that.

Sam Caplan: What did you think of the whole Shamrock thing? You even felt compelled during the post-fight press conference to thank him. There are just a lot of questions about the nature in which he was medically disqualified.

Seth Petruzelli: The commission had to physically see him in person. He had to come in so they could examine him. It was legit. I mean, he had three or four stitches over his eye and they wouldn’t let him fight. He seemed pretty upset about it. I know that every night he was there he was seen training with two big ass guys so it’s not far-fetched that he got poked in the eye.

Sam Caplan: If you were in that spot and there was a six-figure payday at stake, and say you had gotten cut the day of the fight, would you have gone to the hospital or would have you not gotten the stitches and gotten it glued —

Seth Petruzelli: (Interrupts) Oh yeah, I would have glued it shut and probably not said a word. But then again, I don’t know. If I wouldn’t have said anything and then they saw it there they might have been more upset at the fact that you didn’t mention something and that you tried to sneak it by them. I guess you’re pretty much screwed either way at that point. You can’t blame him for what he did, I guess.

Sam Caplan: Do you think Ken would have beaten Kimbo?

Seth Petruzelli:
Uhhh… my heart was pulling for him, let’s put it that way. I really wanted him to win.

Sam Caplan: But you don’t think he would have?

Seth Petruzelli: It would have been an extremely tough fight. If it would have got it to the ground and would have shot in on him and done what I know he could have done, he would have beat him easily, yes. If he would have traded him, he could have caught Kimbo. I mean, anybody can lose. It would have been a tough fight but I was really pulling for him.

Sam Caplan: What’s your contract status with EliteXC? If the UFC and Dana White wanted to do business with you again would they be able to promote your next fight?

Seth Petruzelli: No, I don’t even know if I would want to. EliteXC has taken care of me very well. I signed a four fight deal with Elite but obviously I am going to try and re-negotiate for more money and things like that. But outside of that they’ve taken care of me, they’ve been extremely nice, and they’ve just been great to work with. I have no reason to go anywhere else.

Sam Caplan: Has EliteXC given you any indication about what might be next for you? And do you have a preference at competing at light heavyweight or heavyweight?

Seth Petruzelli: The only thing that’s in my head right now is if I want to go back up to heavyweight or go up to light heavyweight. I could do both. That’s something I think I want to take my time with and figure out. I’ve been pretty much undefeated as a heavyweight and when I’ve dropped to 205 that’s where I’ve had my couple of losses. That’s something I’ve got to think about, for sure.

Sam Caplan: I believe EliteXC has an opening on Nov. 8 for a light heavyweight bout vs. Rafael Feijao. There has been talk of him competing for a title. I know you mentioned interest in fighting Tito Ortiz for the light heavyweight title but would you have any interest fighting Feijao for the title and coming back early next month?

Seth Petruzelli: It’s kind of short but I would have no problems doing it. Whatever they want me to do, I’ll do for them. I don’t think they want me to fight until after the New Year, but we’ll see what happens. But I don’t see myself fighting again until the beginning of 2009.

Sam Caplan: Your fight vs. Kimbo wasn’t the first time you competed against a major media sensation. In 2004, you competed against Bob Sapp in a K-1 kickboxing match. How did you do in that fight and did that experience help you at all this past Saturday?

Seth Petruzelli:
The thing about Bob Sapp was that he was hyped to all hell. Giant guy. Huge in Japan. And it’s funny because if it had been MMA, the fight would have actually ended the same way (as the Kimbo fight). I caught him the exact same way, right on the chin. I knocked him out in 29 seconds. If it had been MMA, I would have jumped on top of him and all out punched him but obviously it was K-1, so you get a standing eight count — which was actually more like a standing 15 count for him. And then the doctor stopped it like 10 seconds after that because I had a stinger in my arm and I couldn’t swing with my right hand whatsoever. So it was ruled a doctor’s stoppage, which was kind of crappy. But as far as the fanfare of that, it was almost the same type of thing.

Sam Caplan: Are there any similarities between Sapp and Kimbo?

Seth Petruzelli: (Laughs) Yeah, they’re two gigantic black guys (joking).

Sam Caplan: I guess I should have phrased that differently. I mean aside from that, Sapp seemed like a guy who never really wanted to fight and was just doing it for the money and never lived up to the hype. Do you feel like there’s any substance to Kimbo?

Seth Petruzelli: No, there is. Both Sapp and Kimbo are super-awesome guys. Sapp was the nicest guy in the world to talk to before and after. Kimbo was extremely humble and nice after so I see Kimbo bouncing back from this. I think that he wants to become a well-rounded fighter and I see him learning and trying to better himself. I don’t see him just trying to make his money and then quit. I think he’s in it for the long run.

Sam Caplan: In your post-fight interview you mentioned that you backed up at the opening of the fight because Kimbo came at you like a truck. Were you intimidated by his aura at all or did you have total confidence you were going to beat him?

Seth Petruzelli: I had total confidence. I said in a couple of other interviews that as soon as I saw him on the screen and talking about Ken Shamrock backing out and his feelings that he was going to fight me, I could see he was visibly nervous and disturbed so at that point I got a lot of confidence. Yeah, it’s always intimidating to see a giant guy rush at you like that but at no point was I scared to get hurt or anything like that. If anything it’s a worry of losing and disappointing people, not about getting hurt.

Sam Caplan: I also couldn’t help but notice that you were dancing to Kimbo’s music. Were you just trying to keep things light at that point or were you trying to get into Kimbo’s head?

Seth Petruzelli: It was a little bit of both. You know, I never listen to rap music. I’m more a classic rock type of person so I thought it would be funny for me to dance to that type of stuff and getting out there and having fun with it and riling the crowd up and getting into Kimbo’s head. So all of the above, pretty much. I was just trying to have a good time.

Sam Caplan: Can you talk about the aftermath? That was a pretty crazy scene around the cage with Kimbo’s crew. At any point were you concerned for your safety?

Seth Petruzelli: Oh yeah, 100 percent. Afterwards, and I didn’t know it at the time, but my wife had got threatened a few times. My corner had got threatened a few times. I had stuff thrown at me from the crowd. As soon as I had got done circling and screaming, the athletic commission told me I had to calm down because the crowd was getting crazy. So I calmed down and said listen, “You’ve got to get me out of here.” And I kind of started to get worried about my well-being at that point (laughs).

Sam Caplan: Did the threats against your wife and your corner come from Kimbo’s fans or his corner?

Seth Petruzelli: It was some of his posse that was around the cage. Not all of them were like that but there were a few that were talking some crap that I wasn’t very happy about.

Sam Caplan: (Laughs) Do you have any idea what they possibly could have been mad at you about aside from doing your job?

Seth Petruzelli: I have no idea. I heard this one kid, he kept saying “You cheated! You cheated! You cheated!” (Laughs) And I’m like, how the hell did I cheat!? I mean, what are you talking about!?

Sam Caplan: The Kimbo fight was your first fight in almost a year. You mentioned in the post-fight interview that you started a business while you were away. Can you tell us more about that?

Seth Petruzelli: I took a year off putting up a Smoothie King franchise with my wife here in Winter Springs (Florida). It’s doing all sorts of business. Things are going great. We’re opening our second Smoothie King is downtown Orlando within a few months. So I’ve got to think of life past fighting. It’s definitely a good investment and if anyone wants to meet me, I’m there all the time. I’ll make you a smoothie (laughs).

Sam Caplan: I assume the win has helped business?

Seth Petruzelli:
Yeah, I’ve gotten notes dropped off at the place and all sorts of stuff. I’ve been there like 15 minutes since, just because I didn’t want to go in and see everybody yet but I’ve endless day of phone calls and all sorts of stuff.

Sam Caplan: When you walked away to start the business, did you think that maybe you might be walking away from MMA for good?

Seth Petruzelli: No, I always knew I would be back. I wanted to take a little break to get some investments started so that way when the money wasn’t coming in from fighting that I’d still have money. You can’t fight forever and you’ve got to live off what you do. But I always had plans to come back. Things have never been as big as they are now. Now it’s definitely going to be more of a full-time thing and not so much a part-time thing.

  • banter says:

    Seth Petruzelli: Elite XC ‘didn’t want me to take’ Kimbo Slice down

    “My original plan was to throw out push kicks, have him think that I’m gonna throw them more, and then to shoot in on him, obviously. But the promoters kind of hinted to me, and they gave me the money to stand and trade with him. They didn’t want me to take him down, let’s just put it that way. It was worth my while to try to stand up and punch with him.”

  • Jason G says:

    I didn’t know about the Bob Sapp stuff, good interview.

  • Echolocating says:

    Great interview, Sam.

    Seth seems really down to earth; something I wasn’t expecting.

    He so has to make a signature smoothie now to mark his high profile win. 😉

  • seth says:

    let the smoothie gimmick be that its ready in 14 seconds or your money back lol

  • TDotted says:

    Threatening Seth’s wife??? That is unreal. I hope Kimbo finds that member of his entourage and either fires him or makes his new sparring bitch. I think all fighter would agree that treats to a wife or girlfriend is way off base. Who ever made these threats needs to realize his nothing more than a uTube fighter’s groupie.

  • Venom says:

    He could sell a “Kimbo-Colada” that has exactly 14 fruits in it. And every napkin that comes with it will have a different death threat printed on it.

    I’d buy one! :-)

  • nugentmania says:

    The entourage thing doesn’t surprise me. All these lowlifes have going for them is their association with this internet street brawler. Watch the Sean Gannon/Kimbo fight on youtube. His “crew” are losing their minds that Kimbo is getting beat…..

  • Batman says:

    That sucks that he got threatened by a bunch of thugs. I hope that there isn’t a retaliation of any sort towards Seth.

  • JoHn says:

    THE KIMBO smoothy, blended with “SLICE” of banana

  • egad81 says:

    Kimbo vs Petruzelli 2: Welcome to the Jungle!

    Coming to a Smoothie Shop near you

  • fightfan says:

    With regards to the treats to to Seths WIFE &CORNER,I was sitting ringside by the exit door of the cage.Seth’s wife went over to say I LOVE YOU & I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT at that it got ugly.The BIG FAT BLACK GUY WITH A GOATEE IN KIMBOS POSSIE is the one that was making the THREATS to Seths wife and THROWING SHIT at SETH.I was sitting right beside him.I actually got seths wife away from them.There was another lady with Seths wife and they were making THREATS to her as well.

    That was uncalled for.KEVIN”Kimbo” should do something about it as he lost alot of fans over it.
    I guess the people that are with Kimbo think they can do or say anything they want to, but they do not understand that their actions reflect on KIMBO.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    Nah, a Kimbo slice smoothie would have to be a large cup with lots of air and not much stuff. And it would have to be hyped as the best smoothie EVER!

  • Lyle. says:

    Excellent interview.
    We all know that Sith is a journeyman but I think most people are happy that he gets his 15 mins. He deserves it. I hope he can make 6 figures next time and buy another Smoothie franchise..

    Its also unfortunate that the webs are filled with fightlinker and morons of the sort who thrive on TMZ/Perez Hilton tactics and spend more time on filling their sites with conspiracy theories about Shamrock cutting himself than interviewing fighters like Radach and Seth who have great stories or even great fighters like Shields who get no press.

    Its interesting that this is the first that I have read about the events that happened at the fight. When a wife get threathend by the other crew, that’s crossing the line. When a trainer or even in the case, the fighter get threathened, this should ABSOLUTELY be covered.
    There will always be an unsavory element associated to the fighting world, let’s not avoid talking about it. But when the crowd starts throwing things and the athletic commission is afraid for the safety of the fighter, then I think there should be some questions asked and answered. Should promotions send fighters to potentially dangerous locations to fight? Should security be better and more visible in events where the criminals element is higher?
    How the heck is this not talked about?

    Bob Sapp could actually lift his leg on a high kick and is a monster next to Kimbo. He was 6-5, 375+pds and ripped, not the usual NFL lardass/sumo. Kimbo is puny next to him. So Seth wasnt overwhelmed by Kimbo’s size and has now beaten two media creations.
    Lesnar and Lashley are next.

  • HexRei says:

    The Kimbo Fruit Blast Smoothie*

    *contains no actual fruit

  • dave woodruff says:

    Bob Sapp is a terrible fighter, he doesnt have a chin. I will say I was surpised by the knockout, but I hate it when fans throw stuff at the performers. Even if you do not like the outcome a person shouldn’t throw stuff at the ring. Good interview!

  • JTM says:

    The “you cheated” comments *might* be on the basis of the alleged back-of-the-head strike Petruzelli landed that I saw from footage online. Fair enough.

    But – you can’t say Kimbo wasn’t suckered into getting his chin found out by wandering in after that feint / teep/ push-kick Seth was doing. Even to me that looked like a major error on Kimbo’s part to put himself in there like he did.

    If I was Kimbo’s corner, I’d be working on those sorts of flaws right now, rather than talking smack about Petruzelli or his family – pointles, and unprofessional.

  • Rich S. says:

    i just saw the Sapp fight..
    that was really wierd..
    he had Sapp wobbling over to his corner, wondering where the hell he was..
    and then next thing you know they’re fighting again, and Seth’s arm just drops to the mat..




  • HexRei says:


    Believe it or not, this is real. Not sure if any of you saw Seth’s “interesting” pictures, but there was a lot of buzz on the forums about his sexual preference. Now, we all know he has a wife, but hey, I thought I ‘d get it from the horse’s mouth. I Myspace’d him.

    So, just for kicks I myspace’d seth and here is what went down. This was before I found his wife’s myspace via Sherdog:

    Seth “The Silverback” Petruzelli

    Date: Oct 7, 2008 8:15 PM
    Subject: RE: hey dude

    Body: i am 100% not gay! i have a wife!! u can quote me!
    -seth petruzelli
    —————– Original Message —————–
    From: HexRei
    Date: Oct 7, 2008 2:51 PM

    so, everyone over at ..MMAforum.
    com.. (and other places) saw all those pics and now all of the dudes are convinced you’re gay. are you? I just want to be able to have a quote from you to post on the forums either way.

    I also saw that old-timey pic of you with a girl and figured that was your lady, is that true? cause I thought you’re just a goofy guy who’s comfortable with his sexuality to do some crazy stuff but a lot of these people don’t seem to think that’s possible and have decided you have to be a homo.

  • x con 13678 says:

    I feel really angry about the threats to seth’s wife from kmbo’s bimbo’s, if kimbo wants to bring theese clowns to his fights then, if they act up kimbo should fined
    and the guys making the threats should be banned, i’d like them to try and threaten me instead of a female, they would soon enough be put in thier place,
    and as for seth feeling intimidated by them for doing his job and exposing a guy with no mma talent yet, is terrible elite xc get it sorted, nothing like this would happen in the ufc

  • Rick says:

    Bob Sapp was a beast physically, but he was on roids/HGH no doubt. He’s from the right era in the NFL and he certainly had all of the charactaristics of this…bulging belly that was not fat, cartoonish muscles, huge head…It’s unproven, admittedly, but i’m just sayin…

  • darkmetal says:

    The thugs in Kimbo’s “Posse” really don’t surprise me with their behavior. After all, they had their hero beaten….badly. If Seth’s wife had not been in danger, I think he should have called out the fat guy with the goatee and said, “If you want to step in the ring right now, I can knock your ass out, too!” Even though I really can’t stand Tito Ortiz, does anyone think he wouldn’t have done that?

    All the losers in Kimbo’s “Pussy Posse” would probably crap their oversized pants if they actually had to fight one on one without their buddies to back them up. The simple fact that they are cowards is that they needed to threaten a woman when their “dog” just got decimated.

    Actually, I don’t see how Elitexc could allow a gang of jerks threatening their fighters families, and it just goes to show you how incredibly poorly run their organization is. Would Dana White allow it? Hell no.

    Thumbs up/ Down comparison:

    Thumbs UP:

    Seth, Taking the fight with no preparation time and still beating up the giant soup can.

    “The Ultimate Fighter” TV show. For producing yet another fighter who has gone on to make headlines, leading to….

    Dana White: While predicting Kimbo Slice as being a joke who would lose easily to BJ Penn, even if he fought him at 155. We now see this is true, even though Kimbo was fighting a fighter who is half the fighter of Penn. No offense, Seth, but its true.

    Thumbs DOWN:

    Kimbo Slice: Getting beaten in 14 seconds by a fighter in a lower weight class, and not having the honor to control your band of pukes while threatening a woman. It’s all down hill now for Kimbo Hype.

    EliteXC: For being dumb in promoting a thuggish bozo and saying he is an actual figher, as well as asking Seth to “Keep it standing” as a way of hopefully guarding their prize can.

    Ken Shamrock: KO’ing himself before the fight, and then actually admitting it knowing that they won’t allow you to fight, meaning that he missed the chance to prove that a spark of old Ken still exists. Get thee to a rocking chair, Ken, it’s all over now.

    The Kimbo Posse: For threatening a woman instead of actually challenging her husband to an MMA fight. Let’s face it, none of the “Pussy Posse” could beat Petuzelli without the aid of a blinged out ‘Slade” for a driveby shooting. Stick to selling rock boys, your days of hero nuthuggery anywhere but in back alleys is now at an end.

  • RA says:

    That lady with Seths wife was his Sister..

  • Patrick says:

    All the Kimbo drama shit with his posse etc etc just proves what Frank Mir said.

    Congrats to Seth who sounds like he’s got a good head on his shoulders and has a serious sense of humor.

    So sick of Kimbo and the Kimbo’esque shit in EXC bringing down this sport and art form.

  • fightfan says:

    I have been to several events over the years and ringside at all. I have seen the crowd through shit and say stupid shit but not someones corner or possie. there was no security there when this stuff took place. if you watch the repaly your will see the man in a white shirt tell seth we will get you out safe because of the crowd. It was not the crowd doing all of the shit it was KIMBOS THUGS.Thet should ban the ones that were throwing shit and making the the UFC events you see policy officers in uniform all over ringside.I did not see one ringside.You were not allowed to have alcohol inside the baricade(ringside) at all. I saw the commision telling the event staff and elitexc staff there are to be no alcohol inside about 2 dozen times.

    this is the kind of stuff that is bringing the sport down!

  • FEDOR hid this DVD from you! says:

    Good interview, thanks! Seth has really surprised everyone: so far I have to hand him upset of the year.

  • FEDOR hid this DVD from you! says:

    Oh yeah, I hope he doesn’t become way too gready with his contract renegotiations… Winning Kimbo hasn’t like taken him to the top-5.

  • tex mex says:

    sickening that Kimbos scum bag posse made threats to his wife….

  • Unquestioned Answers says:

    “my wife had got threatened a few times. My corner had got threatened a few times. I had stuff thrown at me from the crowd”

    And all you experts out there said we needed the casual fans in order for MMA to get mainstream. This crowd was was than the Atlanta crowd. If this is what we get, an uneducated about the sport type fan, who only cheers for the guy that’s winning or the hometown internet senstation, then you can keep your casual fan. Us real fans will sit back with the mute button on when the crowds start getting all retarded and shit.

  • anon says:

    dude was up against the cage with his leg up for defense he was obviously scared lol i want to see a rematch

  • big fists says:

    A good punch can send any one to the canvas, no matter the size. Congratulations, Seth. Kimbo has to work on his defense

  • Re-yo says:

    “All the losers in Kimbo’s “Pussy Posse” would probably crap their oversized pants if they actually had to fight one on one without their buddies to back them up. The simple fact that they are cowards is that they needed to threaten a woman when their “dog” just got decimated.”

    Obviously, you have deeper issues w/blacks than Kimbo’s people being poor sports. I’ve really tried to get into MMA, but It’s this kind of ignorance & the ELITIST attitude of most MMA fans that turn me off

    Why don’t you approach the next “dog with oversized pants” you come across & tell them how you feel about them?????? This way you can put everything you’ve learned being an MMA Nazi to good use!! (& catch “a Kimbo”)

  • fightfan says:





  • tom says:

    I think this has to be brought up because its really eerie that Sam is the ONLY MMA writer to even mention this:

    Why are the threats to fighter/corner/wife, the lack of security around the ring, fear for the safety of the figher in the ring not even covered by other sites?
    Im not even saying why doesnt the athletic commission or Elite investigate and ban/fine/arrest the guilty parties.
    Im saying why isnt this story covered by the myriads of sites that cover (not well) MMA?

    I talked to a few MMA loving friends about this and they all surf the web and all claim this is the first they’ve heard of it.
    Im not doubting Sam who I respect more than most nor Seth but how weird is it that one writer prints this and the copycats from around the web are silent?
    Anyone who didnt know Sam could be be mistaken for thinking that this was exaggerated or didnt happen because we all know if its not in the news, its didnt happen.

    If you visit other sites, please drop them a word and put them on the spot about this slience on this important matter.
    I wrote two emails, … still waiting for a response. But considering the amount of time they are spending on Seth’s ‘gay’ pictures and whether he was offered a bonus or not, I presume they cant do two things at once.

  • darkmetal says:

    Ne-yo, I call them as I see em’
    If Kimbo’s “pussy posse” weren’t actually a bunch of street punks, I would not make those claims.
    Let me ask you a question: Would you be impressed if some white dudes with shaved heads, who I would label “skinhead jerks” were to threaten the wife and sister of Rampage Jackson? Of course, in your mind this would be different, because your racial beliefs are scued.
    I judge people on their actions, and the actions of these people are something they learned from the Hip Hop world that is killing thousands of African Americans via “Thug life”. It is not respectable OR honorable.

    You, my friend, need some soul searching to examine your own deepseated issues.

  • Re-yo says:


    “Would you be impressed if some white dudes with shaved heads, who I would label “skinhead jerks” were to threaten the wife and sister of Rampage Jackson?”

    No, i would put him in the same ignorant category as yourself!
    You answered this question FOR ME, proving your ignorance.

    I also judge people on their actions, and the actions you displayed by using Kimbo’s loss to get all your frustrations w/people of color & their music out is fucking DISGUSTING. People like you keep the ignorance train running – FULL STEAM AHEAD!!


    It’s something you WOULD NOT UNDERSTAND because OBVIOUSLY you are not from there. Don’t comment on shit you don’t understand!


  • Re-yo says:

    To fightfan …

    NO, I don’t condone ANY of their actions! I also don’t see how these peoples’ actions makes it open season for all the Closet Racists to start spewing all their hate….

  • Mr. Stick says:

    I’ll whoop Kimbo’s ass, he ain’t shit! That fight proved Kimbo can’t take a punch. He got hit once and he went down, game over. Kimbo should have kept fighting homeless bitches off the street like he was famous for. Nothing makes me happier than to see one these punk ass niggas that talk all that shit about how bad they are with their in yo face attitude get the living fuck beat out of him. Why do you think Kimbo bolted so fast after the “fight”? He wouldn’t even do an interview, instead pulled that lame “It’s all good, I’m going to the after party” bullshit. Somebody please tell Kimbo his 15 minutes are up!!! Same shit goes for when he fought Gannon! Gannon whooped his ass and would have knocked him the fuck out too, but Kimbo’s crew had to go jump in because he was getting his ass beat. Kimbo’s crew ain’t shit either. Let’s get rid of these thug ass sideshow pieces of shit and concentrate on the real fighters already. Big props to Seth for kicking the shit out of Kimbo!!!

  • HexRei says:

    mr stick, anyone can get knocked out. Liddell has gone down from no more damage than that not once but twice, i suppose you can take him too?

    you’re a fucking joke dude, you should stop posting on this site.

  • Mr. Stick says:

    Kimbo showed he has no skill or ability to hang in MMA arenas. That was my point. He didn’t show any type of defensive tactics whatsoever.

  • Braunchy Bunker says:

    Stick is right. Kimbo ain’t shit. Kimbo thinks he is with his thug ass handlers, but when it comes down to it he can’t last in MMA circles. Fighting people on the street that clearly didn’t size up doesn’t mean you can fight in the cage. Kimbo should look to WWE where he’d fit right in. They could get a feud going with Mark Henry. He’d probably make more money and fit in better as an entertainer than a real MMA fighter. Kimbo is a perfect WWE character.


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