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Slice earns half a million dollars for 14-second loss to Petruzelli

While Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson may have lost in the main event of EliteXC and CBS’ Saturday Night Fights against Seth Petruzelli as a result of a 14 second TKO, he still managed to walk away with $500,000. confirmed the information after obtaining copies of signed bout agreements from the Florida State Boxing Commission.

Petruzelli, who had originally been scheduled to appear on the undercard vs. Aaron Rosa in a light heavyweight bout, earned a total of $50,000 for the winning effort. EliteXC, which presumably had to negotiate a new salary agreement with Petruzelli after promoting him to the main event, paid him a guarantee of $35,000 and then an additional $15,000 as a win bonus.

Below are the salary figures for the notable fighters involved with Saturday’s show. It should be noted that the salary figures below do not take in consideration any bonuses the fighters might have received as compensation outside of their individual bout agreements.

EliteXC “Heat” Payroll Figures:

Kimbo Slice: $500,000  vs. Seth Petruzelli: $50,000 ($35,000 to show and $15,000 to win). Slice could have earned an additional $100,000 win bonus if he had defeated Petruzelli.

Jake Shields: $50,000 ($40,000 to show and $10,000 to win) vs. Paul Daley: $12,000. Daley could have earned an addition $12,000 win bonus had he defeated Shields.

Andrei Arlovski: $500,000 vs. Roy Nelson: $80,000. No win bonus awarded to either fighter. It is believed that the purses of both Arlovski and Nelson were underwritten by Affliction Entertainment but the documents we have received from the Florida State Boxing Commission does not confirm that.

Gina Carano: $25,000 ($15,000 to show and $10,000 to win) vs. Kelly Kobold: $6,000. Kobold would have earned $12,000 with a victory over Carano.

Benji Radach: $30,000 ($15,000 to show and $15,000 to win) vs. Murilo Rua: $35,000. Rua would have earned an additional $35,000 as a win bonus had he defeated Radach.

Cristiane Justino (aka “Cris Cyborg”): $8,000 ($4,000 to show and $4,000 to win) vs. Yoko Takahashi: $2,000. Takahashi would have earned an additional $2,000 had she defeated Cyborg.

Conor Heun: $5,000 ($2,500 to show and $2,500 to win) vs. Edson Berto: $6,000. Berton would have earned an additional $6,000 had he been able to defeat Heun.

  • Neil says:

    Does anyone else think it’s wild that Slice and Arlovski made up 76% of the total payout? Arlovski is worth a lot, but not that much. Slice is worth a lot, purely for his ability to capture people’s interest, but sure doesn’t deserve $500k for a 14 second KO.

  • HexRei says:

    One thing to note here, apparently Affliction paid the salary for Arlovski/Nelson. So EXC’s payout was actually more like 800k.

  • Barry says:

    If it’s true that salaries are based more on the ability of a fighter to sell tickets the Gina should have a made a lot more money. She is the second most marketable fighter in Eiltexc after Kimbo.

  • JollyDV says:

    Not only does a title fight not make the main event, but the title holder makes 90% less than a man who has only 4 professional fights. That is hard to swallow.

    Hey Kimbo, take all the money that you can get while you can. I would.

    I would have thought “the face of women’s MMA” would be worth more than 25K. I am surprised by that. Her female counterparts didn’t do well either. It would seem that Takahashi paid out of her own pocket for the opportunity to fight.

    I am against regulating fighters pay in anyway, but when I see this it make me wish there was a way to pay the up and comers a minimum set amount.

  • Loco541 says:

    dam how these promoters rip off fighters. i feel bad for carano, but even worser for cyborg. they got ripped big time.

  • IT HAPPENPS says:

    thats stupid that kimbo gets paid dat much he gets paid more dan brock lesnar and has under five fights. plus he hasnt beat anyone dats real good

  • Robert says:

    If Tito signs with EliteXC his pay will dwarf the rest of the fighters,but will be fair compared to what Affliction is paying Matt Lindland.

  • Rich S. says:

    you’re telling me the muay thai magician, Semtex, only made 12k?? are you serious?
    that’s ridiculous..
    bring him over to the UFC so he can make proper pay..

    AA’s payout is reasonable..
    but Kimbo’s is insane..

  • Stan the Caddy says:

    Seems to me that Kimblow is severely underpaid. Compare the numbers from the CBS shows that he was on to the one that he wasn’t on. Pretty significant difference. He is literally bringing in millions of viewers more when he appears on a card. Regardless of skill, the name of the game is promotion and Kimblow is currently the number one MMA fighter in the world for drawing viewership. Kind of a sad commentary on the current status of MMA, imho 😉

  • Get REal says:

    Kimbo should get paid that much…he was the main draw for this event hands down! So was Shamrock. These are two of the biggest names in MMA right now even though Ken has lost his last four fights he still has the name and that reputation. He has many fans that still adore him.

    With that said, you can’t blame the fighters for getting that much money. I’m sure the UFC would love to have Kimbo, even after this loss. So, it’s all about who pays the most right? Just like in baseball, football, boxing, etc…big names get big money. It’s all about who will draw the largest audience.

    Slice will continue to draw crowds…this won’t hurt him too much. People realize he’s new to the MMA world so they will still support him. I think this will make Slice even better.

    As for Ken, this didn’t do him any good at all. Now, if he fights Slice again and wins…then people will say, “Oh Kimbo is not ready for the MMA yet and Ken won’t get the credit. If Ken loses his career is over, period. So, I don’t think Ken is really in a good position right now. If HE would have beat Slice in the same manner Saturday night then he would have saved face and people would have said, “Wow, Shamrock really is something!”

    Wacky huh?

  • JoHn says:

    personally, i think if someone is good enough to fight someone who makes $500g’s they should get paid as much

  • Lawl says:

    JoHn: Sadly, it’s not about talent. It’s about who can reel in the most viewers. That’s why Kimbo and Arlovski got 500g’s. Why Carano didn’t get more: I have no idea. But I bet she’ll get a hell of a lot more next fight.

  • ttttt says:

    Can some one say over payed. (for kimbo of course Andrei deserves it he is a good fighter)

  • Tdotted says:

    Half a million for 14 secs worth of work….HOLY SHIT on a money per second basis Kimbo did better than he could having done if he robbed a bank that night. Especially before the 700 billion dollar bail out.

    I wonder how much Shamrock’s injury cost him?

    The other mind blower to me that Ninja made more than Gina. I like ninja and all but me think a few more people tuned in to see Gina than the FORMER middle weight champion.

  • Mark One says:

    $500K is a lot of money but how much of that will Kimbo actually get to keep after everybody has had their cut… not a lot i would imagine!

  • Echolocating says:

    Seth Petruzelli says he made 6 figures from his fight. I’m hoping Gina and a few others made a bit more on the side as well.

    I’m all for fighters making a fare wage and I don’t think half a million dollars is unfair for the top names… but I hope it doesn’t get out of hand, like in other sports.

    I do have an issue with athletes getting paid solely on marketing. In a perfect world. fighters would be paid based on their performances.

  • yuushi says:

    Well, I’m not surprised since Slice is their biggest draw. Though I am surprised that Gina Carano isn’t making more than 25k. I think she’s just as big a draw as Slice at this point.

  • House says:

    $35,714 Per second………… ShamWOW. So Tito said something a couple weeks ago about training camps costing 30 thousand (My numbers might be off a bit) But it is not just a training camp. Its Bas, so lets assume it might cost a little more 45,000. Manager…..50,000? But then there is the merchandise “Team Kimbo” Someone with a little more info break this down. I need to see some COGs for the whole package.

  • Tim says:

    Kimbo made $500K and didn’t even have to worry about a takedown and still got trashed in 14 seconds by a 1/2 jab.. Only in America..

    Not Kimbo’s fault, blame the EliteXC & CBS hype machine for this one.

    Gina got robbed !! She deserved alot more than that.

  • House says:

    One more thing. It has been almost three days and Dana is still laughing. But on a serious note, where are the Dana White quotes. I figured we would have some colorful reactions from Mr. White.

  • Las Vegas Sports News says:

    Well 500K is a lot of money for an inexperienced fighter but Kimbo draws millions of dollars in revenue just for stepping in the ring. True fighters would never run into someone chin first which will almost always end in a knockout. I doubt Kimbo will stop fighting b/c he gets paid so well but he better hope he wins the next fight or his career might be stopped short.

    Las Vegas Sports News

  • screwface says:

    gina in underpaid, i can only hope hef gives her an offer she cant refuse one of these days :p

  • Tony Fennen says:


    She had one of the best fights of the night!
    At this point I would say I am ready for an ALL FEMALE fight card (fighters must provide DNA evidence they were born female)
    This guy I once knew back in the day is now a girl named Samantha…. go figure

    Kimbo wont get that paycheck next time. I wonder what SHAMErock was getting?

  • fitnessKing says:

    Ok I have read all of the “Kimbo’s done” blogs, blurbs and articles out there. I did not however find ONE that was an accurate depiction of Kimbo and his career. So I had to write something real for everyone. And no I do not work for Affliction or Elite XC either.

    First off Kimbo “Kevin Ferguson” is an MMA rookie – a novice. The guy has less than 5 pro fights. Over the past 10 years the game has developed by leaps and bounds. The guys fighting now are professionals. Well rounded – MMA professionals. Even if it’s a professional “journey-man”. They are not street punks or someone just looking for a fight – like some of the Youtube goons. I have read where people wanted him to get into the ring with MMA veterans and champions to fight – now! You have to crawl before you walk – children even know that much. You practice, learn and fight your way up. Kimbo’s size, strength and tenacity show that he has “potential”. Some lack 2 of those 3 qualities – while other’s have none of the 3. This is why we all wanted to watch Kimbo fight. This potential is why he blew up on Youtube and why he’s already headlined cards. Not because we thought he was the best on the planet – right now. Let his pro fight game progress – don’t give up on him yet.

    Kimbo was in a no win fight Saturday night. If he beats Ken all of you “bandwagon” reporters, writers, bloggers, followers – say “he should have beat old-a** Ken Shamrock – he’s 44 and blah blah”. So Ken get’s hurt warming up – now Kimbo takes another fight on short notice. Listen if you’ve watched a fight in your life you know any man with an MMA glove on can hit someone and knock them out. You can’t “build” your temple muscle to keep from being knocked out. You can’t do chin workouts so you can take a hit better. If you get caught you go to sleep – especially if you are a heavy weight. Also we’ve seen a guy get stunned – recover – realize “hey I can’t screw around with this guy” and kick his butt. Being that this was the “headline” fight – give him a chance to get in his guard and recover. Most of you were watching to see Kimbo lose anyways. Mostly because he has made a name for himself, you are jealous and he could kick your couch potato butt any day. So for you true fight fans – don’t give up on him yet.

    Go back and look at the past champions from MMA or boxing – 99% of them have lost at least once. Why can’t Kimbo lose a fight without being written off? Why can’t Kimbo lose a fight without being written off? (No it’s not a typo – I meant to write it twice) Tito Ortiz, Ken Shamrock, Royce Gracie, Andrei “the pit-bull”, Tim Sylvia, Randy Couture, Matt Hughes, BJ Penn all MMA fighters – all with at least one loss. Should they have quit too when they lost their first fight? Some of those guys are legends, others champions – all losers at some point. You keep working on your game, learn from your mistakes and fight again. Ali, Foreman, Tyson, De la Hoya, Jones Jr., Hopkins, Mosley, Holyfield, Leonard, Lennox Lewis all great champions – all losers at some point. Should they have stopped putting on those gloves after they were defeated? Think about how many great fights we would have missed out on if these guys had quit after their first loss? So don’t give up on Kimbo yet.

    Seth Petruzelli did not land a lucky punch. He is a pro fighter. He meant to throw it where it landed. A pro fighter beat another pro fighter? Isn’t that what normally happens? Someone wins – someone loses. After the fight Kimbo showed that he was humble – even congratulating Seth in his victory. Kimbo is not a champion – never has been. Kimbo is new to the pro-fighting game. I named over 20 fighters – all with losses. All beat some good opponents during their career – after they were ready. Ali probably doesn’t beat Foreman if it’s his 2nd or 3rd pro fight that night in Africa. Instead Foreman probably pummels him and quickly too. The cageyness that brought on the “rope a dope” was learned from years and years of getting hit and getting hit hard. Some of those champions I named lost late in their careers after they were established too. Lennox Lewis gets knocked out by Hasim Rahman in 2001. Remember what happened later that year? Lewis knocked Rahman out and took his belt back. Lewis is still a great champion – one of the best ever. He lost to a journeyman, redeemed himself and we have since forgotten about it. Give Kimbo the same chance – don’t give up on him yet.

  • matt says:

    eliteXC is a pathetic underhanded organization who only want to look out for there meal ticket in this case its kimbo . they are trying as hard as they can to paint this as a swrewjob for kimbo slice because they cant accept the fact that theyre golden boy got his ass kicked fair and square

  • Tony Fennen says:

    Hey FitnessKing….. glad you took all that time to write but what was the point?

    didnt Chuck just get KOed by Rashad? I dont hear people screaming CHUCK HAS BEEN EXPOSED.

    I said it before…. MONEY TALKS.
    I’m 6’2″ 225 (Couch Potato of Sorts) but you throw some money at me I will fight Kimbo,Seth, Chuck,Rashad…. Hell I would fight FEDOR.


  • BIG DADDY FRY says:

    damm right gina should have made more $ than kimbo cause not only can she kick ass she”s also sexy as hell

  • chris says:

    Not a lot of money for sure, but compared with that cheapskate Dana White, these promoters are total philanthropists…


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