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Petruzelli’s improbable victory raises many unanswered questions

Sunrise, Fla. — You could say it’s never happened in MMA but it did earlier this decade just prior to a UFC pay-per-view event in Atlantic City when Kevin Randleman tripped on a pipe just moments before having been scheduled to fight.

Yet Ken Shamrock’s removal from a headline fight just hours before show time is still somewhat unprecedented considering the exposure involved with televising an event on primetime network television.

What happened to EliteXC and CBS on Saturday afternoon was the equivalent to playing black jack at a casino and being dealt a 16 and then opting to hit and drawing an ace, leaving you at 17. Sure, you didn’t bust but your chances of beating the house aren’t especially strong.

Only a handful of people were oblivious to the fact that Kimbo Slice was going to lose sooner rather than later, but not in our wildest dreams did we imagine it would be Seth “The Silverback” Petruzelli. And when Slice would lose, I think the scenario most of us had envisioned would be via submission as opposed to knockout.

Slice deserves credit for stepping up and agreeing to fight a more dangerous opponent on virtually no notice. But did he have much of a choice? Had the show gone on without a main event, offering refunds to Slice’s devoted followers that had purchased tickets to the Bank Atlantic Center might have been the least of everyone’s concerns. And considering he’s chanted a mantra countless times that he was willing to fight anyone, anywhere, declining to save the day and take a fight vs. a 0-2 UFC fighter might not have played well with the media.

What happens next to Slice, Petruzelli, EliteXC, and CBS remains to be seen. During the show’s post-fight press conference, nobody had any immediate answers. And why should they? Was there any possible way to see this coming? Granted, there are risks whenever you entrust half of your main event to a 44-year old Ken Shamrock, but it’s one thing to break down in the midst of a grueling training camp and another to suffer a cut the day of what could be a fighter’s final major payday.

How and why Shamrock sustained a laceration is yet another question that this article will fail to provide a definitive answer to. Of particular interest is why Shamrock elected to go to the emergency room to have the laceration treated.

Once he stepped into that hospital, there shouldn’t have been any doubt about the repercussions. Speaking with several veteran fighters on Saturday, I was told that they would have handled the situation differently and that it is not uncommon to glue a cut shut and then apply makeup just prior to a pre-fight checkup with the commission.

Theories that Shamrock cut himself intentionally while looking for an easy way out have understandably spread through the Internet like wildfire. But Shamrock is a fighter with many financial burdens and he was in no position to sacrifice a six-figure payday. After all, if he was truly scared, he could have pulled another Buzz Berry and gone down at the first sign of contact.

However, if you find the whole nature of events that took place yesterday to be highly irregular and bizarre, you’re not alone. I can’t help but be reminded of the countless times a professional athlete claimed a freak accident caused a serious injury during the offseason only to learn months later that they really hurt themselves partaking in an activity prohibited by their employer.

The whole thing makes little sense: from Shamrock weighing in at 206.5 pounds to him sustaining a serious cut just hours before airtime.

While EliteXC Head of Fight Operations Jeremy Lappen refused to rule out the possibility of working with Shamrock again in the future, I can’t envision a scenario in which a major promotion will ever work with him again. If Shamrock wants to be involved with MMA from a grassroots level and fight for regional promotions, I’m sure he’ll have some options. But I’ve got to believe his days in the “Big Leagues” are over.

Slice took the loss like a man and appeared at the post-fight press conference. He thanked his family and supporters and also thanked Petruzelli for stepping up. Following Slice’s comments, the two embraced in a brief hug and a handshake and the former Internet street fighting sensation went on his way.

Lappen and EliteXC Vice President Jared Shaw both stated during the post-fight press conference that they still consider Slice a star and that he’ll be back. While he’s unlikely to retire, last night’s event could be the final time we see Slice headline a show. An enormous amount of weight has been lifted off his shoulders. However, finding good matchups for Slice was already a difficult task that has now become even harder. Realistically, where does a fighter go following a loss to an unproven such as Petruzelli?

Petruzelli has become a real-life Rocky Balboa but I’m uncertain whether a new star was born last night or if Petruzelli’s 15 minutes of fame have already begun counting down? Do you try and build him up further, or do you immediately try to transfer whatever momentum he has to a more viable entity?

While Petruzelli is a great story, he’s still viewed by many as nothing more as an 0-2 UFC washout with little upside. Do you rush him back for a Nov. 8 show against Rafael Feijao in a bout for the vacant EliteXC light heavyweight title, or do you try and showcase him several months from now against a lesser opponent?

In an ideal world, Slice’s first loss would have come to a more visible fighter such as Brett Rogers, but CBS and EliteXC had few options thanks to Mr. Shamrock’s questionable judgment. It was either go with Slice vs. Petruzelli as the main event or continue with a show sans Slice.

How this loss affects EliteXC and CBS is also uncertain. Rumors of a potential sale continue to circulate; as do rumors that CBS’ vision for Saturday Night Fights will be altered going forward. Instead of putting eggs in only a few baskets, it is believed that an anticipated deal with Tito Ortiz and a possible long-term partnership with Affliction could bring legitimate star power to the fledgling franchise.

Even if Kimbo had won, his days as the primary focus of the promotion were likely over. The promotion also has a Shamrock in its stable that never fails to deliver in Frank Shamrock. And despite being a fixture on the first three CBS telecasts, we’ve yet to see him compete on primetime network television. The SNF franchise isn’t exactly dead if you’re able to feature fighters such as Frank Shamrock, Tito Ortiz, FedorEmelianenko , and Andrei Arlovski.

There are so many questions with so little answers. But this is the sport of MMA, where the only thing you can expect is the unexpected.

  • JacRabbit says:

    Good read!

  • kingiefella says:

    I feel by the way kimbo looked last night he knew the game was up for him. Kimbo took it like a man and now hopefully if he wants to carry on fighting he will now be able to start fresh and learn more and build himself up the ladder with elite or without them. I say good luck Kimbo…the party is over, the big money making is now over, the headlining fights are over….now go out there and prove yourself a fighter and get banged up from the bottom to the top like all of them…………c`mon…..we all knew it would just take someone…even if it was a light heavyweight that knew anything in this game would beat ya.

  • Jesse says:

    Thanks for a good read Sam, I always enjoy your commentary whether I agree or not. This one though, I agree. And your summation says it perfectly – in MMA, expect the unexpected. I have to say that I’m happy the curtain was pulled back on Wizard Kimbo but I would have prefered to see it happen via sub. It just would have felt better. Well, maybe now we can concentrate on real MMA fighters – and maybe the public can, too.

  • Dave says:

    We all knew it was coming, but just didn’t know when and by whom. Any fighter can win any fight in MMA. One little slip can mean the difference between losing and winning. These are supreme athletes, no matter what their record may reflect these athletes know one fraction of a second can effect the outcome of an MMA match. Kimbo slipped up as all fighters do one time or another and got caught. He’ll be back, if anything, he’ll be back stronger than ever.

  • Solomon says:

    I am not convinced that we have seen the last of Kimbo Slice or Elite XC as this show probably got excellent ratings which is probably enough to keep Elite XC afloat in the short run. Lets face it Kimbo’s appeal is not due to his fighting ability, he is a celebrity and is probably still a very good draw despite this loss. You can tell he is still well liked as the crowd showed him alot of repsect during the post fight interview. They were booing Petruzelli like crazy but once Kimbo started talking they quieted down. If Elite XC wants to re establish Kimbo credibility they can first feed him a super bum to get a win, than set up a rematch with Petruzelli and hope with proper training time he comes out the victor. If Pro Elite continues with their current business model of hyping up indivdual stars to bring attention to their product they should complete a deal with Tito and enter a long term relationship with Affliction. Maybe this event will serve as a wakeup call to them not to put all their eggs in one basket and perhaps drastically change their business model. MMA is way to unpredictable to depend on only a few stars to carry your organization for the long run. The only proven method to run a profitable MMA org is to market MMA as a whole to the uneducated public , and put on competitive cards that hook them to the sport. If you do that the stars will rise to the top.

  • mike says:

    this is probably the best thing that could have happened to EliteXC to be honest. the hype train is over. they can’t focus all their attention on one fighter.

    One thing the UFC has been so great at is hyping both fighters in a headlining fight, and in all fights actually. so no matter the outcome, it’s all good. EliteXC is lucky their “face of female MMA” didn’t lose too or they would have no one.

    They need to really begin to hype other fighters. where is the Jake Shields hype?? He’s a human BJJ instruction manual for god sakes!!

    If they can begin to hype guys like Jake Shields, Tito (as much as i hate the guy, he has name recognition), Frank Shamrock, Nick Diaz, and others, one expected loss by Kimbo wouldn’t seem like the end of the world.

  • William W. says:

    Excellent read Sam. Of course, we all know you doomed the card yesterday when you published an article about “big surprises” that could be in store! :) Seriously, this will hopefully make EliteXC rethink their strategy in hyping Kimbo.

    On a related note, I’ve never seen such unplanned chaos befall a company on so many occasions. Bizarre.

  • Imbecile says:

    Sam, I’m not really sure where EliteXC goes from here. You talked about CBS having a different “vision” for SNF, but I wonder what that could be.

    As for a new partnership with Affliction, or Tito Ortiz coming in to save the day, I wonder how long Affliction can pay their fighters’ overblown salaries on a network fight instead of trying to increase PPV revenue. Similar problem with Ortiz.

    If Pro Elite doesn’t have enough funding to make it through the end of the year, how will they pay for these big name fighters? Will Affliction be so eager to loan its PPV stars to SNF merely as an advertisement for its own PPV? If so, those stars eventually need to fight on an Affliction PPV.

    I really don’t know where EliteXC goes from here.

  • Imbecile says:

    On another note, Sam…

    I would really be interested to hear thoughts on the entire broadcast. I thought some of it went off very well, like the pacing and the walk-outs. But some of it I thought was very poor.

    For starters, the had Kimbo, Carano, Arlovski, and Shields walking out in a promo that all but said, “Hey, these are our stars, and in case you didn’t know, we want them to win.”

    I also thought Frank Shamrock did a very poor job, which was a bit uncharacteristic. I thought his criticism of Ken, whether warranted or not, was done in an unprofessional manner for an announcer. When in an announcing role, he isn’t there to start hyping a future fight or to add fuel to a family feud.

    Also, I found Frank’s fight commentary to be a off point for some of the fights. He would say things like, “That folks, is pure jiu-jitsu” when they were simply going for double-leg takedowns.

    I especially disliked a comment he made after the Kimbo fight that I thought disrespected Petruzelli and the sport, in general. Frank said something along the lines of, “He {Petruzelli) was giving a golden ticket tonight, and it just goes to show you folks, that in this sport, if you step into a cage and just start swinging wildly, you too can be a star.” I thought it was disrespectful to all of the training a professional athlete like Petruzelli puts in, as well as making the sport sound like little more than a Tough Man Competition.

    Also, I am curious if you know when in the day Shamrock was injured, and when EliteXC knew about the injury.

    Lastly, I thought it was funny that nobody bothered mentioning that Petruzelli was moving up from Light-heavyweight. Small point, but somebody could have mentioned it that evening.

  • BigDave says:

    Great commentary, however here are my 2 cents:

    The only reason that a fighter would deliberatly injure himself on the morning of a huge payoff fight (instead of taking a quick loss, let’s say) – is if he knew that he’s going to fail the post fight drug tests.

    P.S. The borderline weight could very much be related to this…

    If someone can come up with a more logical expalnation to this “freak accident” – I’m all ears.

  • SlickRick says:

    First off some of the people leaving comments don’t really know what you are talking about! in a sense you do, but your not getting to the point of what your saying! KIMBO IS A BEAST! Yes we all know that nobody is invincible, and that everyone has their “match”! But I don’t think that there is honestly a person walking this earth that would beat kimbo in a real street fight! Even in the cage, if they took away all the martial arts to it, and just made it a light weighted glove boxing match, then kimbo would def run the program! you all know it! His biggest problem as we all know is working from his back, well when he is on his back, all he is thinking about is getting up! he isn’t focused on what he needs to do except get up! Once he keeps training and can do all of this, just watch you all will be eating your words! He will own the elite! everyone will be intimidated as they already are! This guy is a beast! Why can’t everyone just realize that and quit bad mouthing the man that has actually made the elite what it has become now! Everyone slips up and his slip up is remaining focused on getting up from being knocked down! KEEP IT UP KIMBO! YOU DA MAN! IT”S ROUGH IN THE STREETS!

  • steve m says:

    This is probably the wrong forum, but…

    I think the real “winner” last night was Affliction. During commercials, they showcased Fedor several times – enough times that the casual MMA fan should be left wondering, “Who’s this Fedor guy?” Plus, Affliction’s most marketable star – Arlovski – was impressive in victory last night. How many millions of casual fans watched last night remains to be seen, but I’m positive Affliction’s brand just received a huge boost.

  • The Truth says:

    Are you kidding me? This article is a JOKE

    Kimbo will not be a main event anymore? HA

    Kimbo will ALWAYS be a main event fighter (unless he shared a card with Fedor)…Kimbo is arguably the most mainstream MMA fighter around (yes, more so then the Iceman).

    He is not only a youtube legend, but he has been exposed to millions of fans at both CBS shows…he has the mystique, he sells tickets, and he will always be the MAIN EVENT.

    For an article that is supposed to evaluate Kimbo’s current value…you sir have struck out. Kimbo did lose, but he will be back. I’m always willing to bet $ he will be on the next EliteXC show in November, and AGAIN he will be the headliner.

    Who do more people know…Kimbo or Nick Diaz? Kimbo or Frank Shamrock? EXACTLY, all signs point towards Kimbo.

    He is going to be around for a while…GET USED TO IT

  • (Post deleted due to factually incorrect statement.)

  • egad81 says:

    Everyone is talking about KIMBO…. and Seth “Neo Rocky” Petruzelli.

    What about Gina, Jake & The Pitbull all of which had great fights last night.
    Am I alone in thinking that that was the BEST card on free television to date?
    KO’s, Submissions…. not to much lay and pray on the main card either.

    EliteXC will be fine. Stock is up $.75 since the last show (Buy in now!)

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    Comparing Seth to Rocky is an insult to Carl Weathers.
    Kimbo ain’t no Apollo Creed.
    But I have to admit it became funnier after watching and hearing it over and over again.
    The other one liner was,”the biggest victory in the history of MMA!”.
    Gus forgot to add,” MMA on CBS.”
    I can’t wait to see what happens next with Elite XC.

  • […] there’s enough strange shit surrounding this situation to raise a lot of questions. Here’s Sam Caplan: Of particular interest is why Shamrock elected to go to the emergency room to have the laceration […]

  • Rich S. says:

    they’ve ALREADY STARTED to blame the loss on “taking the fight on short term” or “training for a completely different fighter”
    all they have to do is keep mentioning that and the hype train continues..
    it’s not over people..
    it seems like if anyone would get that it’d be the EXC haters..

  • Cathedron says:

    Aside from my annoyance with the 3 min rounds in the women’s fights, I thought that was a really good show last night in every way. Lots of good fights (even if it’s from mostly B-level fighters) and I got to see the Kimbo-hype machine exposed by a UFC washout. Anyone who is still on the Kimbo bandwagon should feel really stupid right about now.

    How Kimbo comes back after that loss will decide his future, but it ain’t looking good. The hype is wearing off and it’s becoming obvious that he isn’t even close to being a pro. Everyone was making excuses for his loss even before the fight began, but it was a fair fight where both fighters weren’t ready for each other. Hell, Seth had all the pressure on him. He’d never had a fight that big and Kimbo at least LOOKS intimidating. Even if they do the Kimbo/Shamrock fight, I think the majority of casual viewers won’t care. Then again, there are still tons of people who think Tito Ortiz is a good fighter…

    Anyway, now that Kimbo’s career is dead, we can get back to the real fighters… and Tito Ortiz.

  • derreckla says:

    I thought it was all a set up for Elitexc to get the most exposure then have Shamrock not fight because you know he cannot pass a post fight steroid test. For the same fishy reason he fought in England last time where they don’t test…

  • Simon Cason says:

    “Kimbo Slice was going to lose sooner rather than later, but not in our wildest dreams did we imagine it would be Seth “The Silverback” Petruzelli. And when Slice would lose, I think the scenario most of us had envisioned would be via submission as opposed to knockout.”

    Are you crazy? WE have been saying all along Kimbo would lose. Kimbo would lose by K.O. And Kimbo would lose by K.O. to just about anybody. Seth Petruzelli fits into this category. Kimbo was destined to lose to anyone that could throw more than a 1-2 combo and had any knowledge and training in either wrestling or jits. No matter how shallow that training was, anyone was going to beat Kimbo. To say what you said doesn’t give credit to all of us fans of the sport who have followed it for longer than 15 years. It lends credit to anyone following the sport for the past 5 years and no longer. These people call themselves experts now. And with this crap you wrote, your just empowering them even more. You might not have seen this coming, But WE seen it coming. And thats what really matters.

  • HexRei says:

    derreckla on October 5th, 2008 5:11 pm

    I thought it was all a set up for Elitexc to get the most exposure then have Shamrock not fight because you know he cannot pass a post fight steroid test. For the same fishy reason he fought in England last time where they don’t test…

    Nah. Why do you think he was so light coming into this fight? He wasn’t juicing because they are now doing random pre-fight tests. He hurt himself rolling before the fight, simple as that.

  • Simon Cason says:

    5%bodyfat….Your as ignorant as Sam Caplan is. Kimbo doesn’t fight anyone anywhere anytime. SOOOOO many people have challenged Kimbo to no avail. Brett Rogers is still waiting to knock Kimbo out, Ken offered hisself up to replace his brother. When they were looking for opps. and settled on old assed Tank Abbott, EX/C could have gotten Ron Waterman to fight, but they turned him down. The list is long and Kimbo hasn’t chosen a single test to his ability yet. Last night it was chosen for him….Only after asking for and recieving a significant pay increase and even then, when EX/C started the show and came out claiming Kimbo had taken the Seth fight, it was announced later that he had only signed the fight agreement about an hour before the fight. EX/C almost made a huge mistake by announcing the fight without it being signed….

  • Simon Cason says:

    sorry about that, meant Frank offered hisself…

  • Simon,

    Personally do I think Kimbo would fight anyone anywhere, yes. Does EliteXC and his handlers (who aren’t the same guys who were with him when he was streetfighting) want him to fight anyone anywhere, NO. No manager in his right mind would just accept a fight from any fighter. Yes Brett Rogers challenged him, but why would anyone take that fight when they could get more money for fighting Fedor.

    Btw, lets all understand one thing about Petruzelli, the UFC obviously saw something in him to give him a fight contract no matter how small the contract, so he’s no bum. Heck, UFC devoted an entire season of Ultimate Fighter to guys who have lost in the UFC. So the fact that Kimbo lost to a guy with little to no talent is almost moot.

    1 more point that needs to be made, about this fight and I don’t think it could be stressed enough. Everyone gets knocked out sometime, personally I just didn’t believe it would come off a jab. A Freaking JAB. The only time I’ve ever seen a guy go down from a punch like that was Ali-Liston. But it just goes to show you that on TV or even in the stands, you can’t really tell how strong a punch is.

    Because of that can we really blame Kimbo? Can’t we just say that shit happens. If you want to critique Kimbo please point out the flaw in his fighting last night.

  • HexRei says:

    But it just goes to show you that on TV or even in the stands, you can’t really tell how strong a punch is.

    This. If you’ve ever boxed you’ll know that sometimes a punch doesn’t look too hard but really rings your bell. And sometimes that big punch that looked so loaded up lands square and doesn’t even make a guy flinch.

    Anyone that is simply observing and making statements about a strike’s power and effect is just guessing.

  • cornerman says:

    Kimbo was moving in hard when the punch landed. In super slow mo you can see that Seth reacted in the right way as he kicked Kimbo’s right hand can opener and delivered a picture perfect palm down strike to Kimbo’s chin. MMA training as opposed to brawling.

  • screwface says:

    i have to think that this was the best thing that couldve happened to tito. with kimbo slice being beaten by some1 most didnt know about. now elitexc needs a big name to step up more than ever, and this will give tito more leeway in demanding what he wants in contract negotiations. im betting the deal will go thru now and next main event we will being seeing tito return to the cage.

  • HexRei says:

    I didn’t consider this victory improbable. I predicted Seth for the win and even posted a link to the place where I made the prediction (I don’t know if you clicked that link before you deleted it though Sam 😉 )

  • Mike Alaimo says:

    I’m making no excuses for kimbo but anybody knows fighting or wrestling or any sport for that matter is 75% mental I know kevin from high school and I know what type of athelete he is did you see him in the pre-fight interview he is usually fired up going to the ring in the ring when the bell rings he is always fired up Mentally he was not in the fight dont get me wrong he got knocked out but he is a competitive person to come from were he comes from he’ll be back. After the fight in his corner he looked like he was upset because from were we are from he did not want to let his family down! Thats ok we still love ya and he will be back

  • eric says:

    Kimbo is a bum..plain and simple.Elite XC has done everything they could to assure the kimbo win,im willing to bet that the cut on kens eye was planned so they could put kimbo in a safe fight with a man 30lbs lighter.seth shocked the world and especially elite xc.even further back with the thompson fight why hadnt thompsons ear been drained?in closing im saying Kimbo is bullshit…

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    I agree with 5%’s point about the knock out punch. It didn’t look to me as if Petruzelli had too much behind it, and his punches after Kimbo hit the deck looked like glancing blows. I always thought Kimbo would lose his arm someday to a submission, but I assumed he had a better jaw than that.

  • Simon Cason says:

    5%bodyfat…Who the fuck said anything about Kimbo fighting Fedor. ANYONE who says that retarded ass statement dont know shit about MMA. Fedor would
    M-U-R-D-E-R Kimbo. Not only that I dont even think the fight could get sanctioned in the US. The difference in their record and ability is nite and day. Im sick of hearing this crap about Kimbo fighting Fedor. If that happens, mark my words, I’ll actually do what Cro-Cop promissed and Tar and feather myself naked and run thru the streets of Miami. Promise. It wont happen, stop talking like it will happen. Thats like saying Anderson Silva and Sam Caplan should fight. It makes no sense and people should just shut up about it.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    HexRei, there’s a HUGE difference between the definition of improbable and upset. Regardless of whether you predicted Petruzelli to win or not, it’s still an improbable victory because as of 5:30 p.m. ET that day, Petruzelli was still scheduled to fight Aaron Rosa on the undercard. The idea of Petruzelli getting promoted from the undercard to the main event and winning on primetime network television was a legitimate improbability, was it not?

    And you’re not alone in predicting the upset. Many others, such as myself, knew Kimbo was facing a tougher opponent than Shamrock and that Petruzelli was a better fighter than Slice. That’s why I don’t need to click on your link in order to take your word that you also predicted Petruzelli to win.

  • Jeff says:

    My theory is that ken wouldn’t take a dive for Elite Xe,So they pulled him from the fight. Knowing their big money maker cant lose yet, they still need watchers , and kimbo has a huge fan base so they let him fight people they new kimbo could beat for the right price. Petruzelli put down a fake ghetto hero.Kimbo Prove yourself and fight a real fighter Like Brock Lesnar .

  • HexRei says:

    In that sense sam, you are correct :)

  • Derek Petruzelli says:

    hold your tounge boy……..A 0-2 UFC wash out wtf check his record buddy fought tough opponents beat tough opponents and had 2 fights where he didn’t perform at the top of his game……so take it easy

  • Tank says:

    Yea it was great there was still a headline. Aaron should have fought. They saw the stats and got scared. I like Kimbo, but thats what he gets for thinking Aaron was a nobody. Then gets KOed in 14 second by the sliverback.

    Aaron you will get your dawg. Know Pain baby!!


  • 5percentbodyfat says:

    Do you follow MMA, really do you? What I said was that Sam suggested that ‘Kimbo could beat Fedor’ which he did in his ‘5 guys that could knock out Fedor’ article posted on CBS or here (it’s someplace).

    Secondly, a Fedor vs. Kimbo fight was heavily discussed over the past couple of months by Affliction and EliteXC. Why the hell do you think you saw Affliction joining up with EliteXC for this card? I would link you over, but out of respect for Sam and his site, I won’t. Just google the follow string: “Kimbo Fedor Affliction EliteXC talks”

    Please know your “stuff: before you start giving ppl a hard time and spewing off at the mouth.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    5Percentbodyfat, you need to get your facts straight. I never wrote any such article for CBS and never ONCE have I claimed Kimbo could knock out Fedor. I wrote an article last summer for FIGHT! magazine titled “Five who COULD beat Fedor” (emphasis on COULD) and the five were: Josh Barnett, Brock Lesnar, Gabriel Gonzaga, Antonio Silva, and Randy Couture.

    If you lie again like that then you’re going to be banned from the site and I am removing your one post since it is a total FABRICATION.

  • snake says:

    Kimbo is a fraud and everyone who knows MMA knows it. He didn’t have time to prepare? For a light-heavyweight undercard fighter? If Slice was anything but a fake he would have been the guy scoring a 144-second KO. Getting floored by half a jab and being unable to protect himself was a disgrace.

  • David White says:

    I love my brotha but Iam happy this happened because yes this guy can throw knockout punches but this guy is over rated to the max he doesn’t have ground game and he cant last that long so this was just a wake up call to all of america dont put your faith in a guy who cant take it to the mat when he needs to

  • Beat Down says:

    Lets be real about 1 thing all arganizations have hype stars from kimbo 2 brock brock lost his 1st fight with all the hype they gave him because he fought a premier heavy weight n Frank Meir then beat heath Hairing not a top ranked heavy weight now fighting Randy Coture also a 44yr old man like shamrock how long will his hype last the point is you can’t justify someone’s skills off of 1 fight shit happends even though kimbo would have lost sooner or later because they where babing him as long as he is not another houston alexander itsgood even thoug houston lost three fights n a row he matained his celibrity for all three loses just like kimbo will keep so saying he is done is crazy talk because his following out ways the ney sayers.

  • Beat Down says:

    By the way if anybody wants to talke conspiricys about what happened with shamrock heres one

    Since Tito is going to be part on EXC they had shamrock do what he did so he could purposly not get cleared because if he realy wanted to fight he would have hid the engiry they went to seth n hopes he would beat kimbo being younger and more experienced or paying kimbo 2 take a dive because everybody knows kimbo can take a hit you seen it on alot of different occations from streetfighting to the cage an a jab drops him no no nooooooo now they will have a fight between Tito VS Seth an when Tito wins hes the next big name with EXC because he has a bigger following than kimbo and Kimbo can only be babied for so long its all about the all mighty dollar big names mean BIG BUCKS

  • BIG PAPA says:


  • Unquestioned Answers says:

    Beat Down…Spell Check lately? Better yet, Fact Check Ever?

  • NJMMAFAN says:

    He is still a huge draw, he’s still going to be on tv as much as possible, he’ll still fight nobodies until he proves he can fight tougher opponents, and like it or not people who wouldnt care otherwise are now watching mma to see kimbo. He himself never came out and said he deserves more, or that his competition should be more stiff, think about it from his point of view if a company lets you know you’ll be making a shit ton of money to fight guys who arent notable and they wanna promote you every chance they get, are you going to say no? hes riding a wave the promotors created, hes still hustling, fighting people for money, and if EXC wants him to beat up bums who cares its still fun to watch. without kimbo we wont be getting SNF for much longer, and the card was better than most ive paid for.

  • slayer says:

    i would be telling a lie if i said i thought kimbo was going to be the new face of MMA like Elite tried to hype him up to be. he is a 34 year old man who had a good street fighting background. it would be crazy to think this old man could come in with these young guys who have been training there whole lives and be productive. its pretty obvious they were feeding him washed up stars of MMA and making people believe kimbo was a great fighter. the fact that they called Petruzell a UFC veteran was funny , he was 0-2 int he UFC. now elite xc will move forward to there next nobody fighter in Tito Ortiz. i think elite xc should give up. you’ll never be the UFC your fighters don’t even compare. hey maybe you should set up another Tito vs Shamrock and have kimbo ref that fight. now were really talkin. lmao

  • fltmike says:

    Kimbos days of being spoon fed easy washed out fighters are over! Now its his turn his turn too get beat down.but by a dude that wieghteb 30 pounds less with pink hair!

  • ed says:

    well here we go. everyone is missing the bigger picture. affliction, and elite are going to have an amazing partnership. the cbs exposure, and the backing behind affliction is unreal, these to organizations together could def challenge the ufc. kimbo is def a crowd favorite, and his trainer, Ruten. make him def a viable future star. all they need to do now is to recruit kurt angle and really mainstream this whole thing.


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