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Shamrock OUT! EliteXC in search of replacement? (UPDATED)

EliteXC’s scheduled main event tonight between Ken Shamrock and Kimbo Slice has been canceled due to an injury suffered by Shamrock. No announcements have been made regarding a potential replacement for Shamrock or replacement fight to take the main event spot. However it appears some moves may be taking place in the undercard to fill the void created by the injured fighter.

It has been made official. Seth Petruzelli will replace Ken Shamrock and fight Kimbo Slice in tonights Main Event.

  • Stan the Caddy says:

    The Trojan horse has done its job. Viva la UFC!!!! Petruzelli will embarrass Kimblow.

  • HexRei says:

    Yeah I think Petruzelli has a MUCH better chance than Ken. He’s younger, a lot heavier, and has better boxing as well as better takedowns. He’s not incredible or anything but I think he has a strong chance of a GnP victory over Kimbo in the third.

  • hody says:

    shoulda been aaron rosa…that kid would beat kimbo

    seth will be scared

  • saerbarnet says:

    if nothing else Petruzelli winning would be comedy gold in my eyes.

    Can anyone say worst main event ever?

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  • HexRei says:


    Not the worst ever.. Remember Slice vs Cantrell?

  • canuck says:

    elite xc puts in a pretty funny circus, but i wouldn’t say worst main event ever….. tito and ken were a couple of the worst main events ever….
    actually – i’d say ken not fighting tonight takes this card out of the running for worst main event ever.

    he did great things for the sport back in the day, but its time, enjoy your retirement ken

  • Nick Merra says:

    How did Shamrock get hurt from the weigh-in until now????????? What was the injury???? Training is over at that point and time…. Anymore info on this???

  • HexRei says:

    Nick, he said it happened while rolling with a training partner. He said they weren’t going at it very hard or anything, he just caught an accidental headbutt on his eyebrow. Required six stitches and it looked pretty big to me on camera. He seemed genuinely disappointed that the fight wouldn’t happen.

  • Jack says:

    Kimbo just his ass beat.

  • Neil says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that Shamrock (or even some EliteXC) official did this to put a stop on the fight? Shamrock came in way under, just .5lb short of light heavyweight… the cut is legit, that’s for sure, I would just love to see on video how it happened.

    And if it DID happen during training, what was Shamrock training that hard for? Do some warmups, stretch those old bones, and be done with it. Frank dogged him pretty bad on the air, and I think he hit it spot on.

  • GEoff says:

    No way that Shamrock did this on purpose. If there’s one thing we’ve seen from Shamrock in the last few years, it’s that he’s happy to take his beating like a man and cash his check. Check the two fights against Tito.

  • Robert says:

    HexRei Slice vs. Cantrell was not a main event remember Diaz vs Noons was the headliner on that card.

  • HexRei says:

    sure it wasn’t the “co-main event”? :)


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