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Gina Carano naked and Ken Shamrock shoves Kimbo Slice: Watch the EliteXC “Heat” weigh-in video here

Courtesy of, here are some highlights of Friday’s weigh-ins from the BankAtlantic Arena in Sunrise, Fla., including Gina Carano weighing in behind the shroud of a towel and Ken Shamrock’s “playful” shove of Kimbo Slice after Slice had turned his back.

  • blase says:

    LoL….You probably just got about 15,000 extra hits from the Gina Carano Naked line….

  • Eric S says:

    According to google’s keyword tool, 480 people per month search for “gina carano naked” – that’s funny. hopefully this page will rank #1 for it.

  • ronnie liddle says:

    the way it was explained this morning was – ken screams ‘dont turn your back on me’ and shoved kimbo and sceonds later it was an all in brawl. Bas was even in there at one stage… truth be told – it was good old ken – hyping up the fight for a few extra PPV buys and mania went along for the ride.

  • thomas182 says:


    its not on PPV

  • Johnny Lawrence says:

    Poor Ken…it’s like watching Michael Jordan play for the Wizards…

  • Eric S says:

    “Poor Ken…it’s like watching Michael Jordan play for the Wizards…”

    Ken in his prime was no MJ. And MJ on the Wizards was still a top 20% player (or better).

    A more accurate analogy would have been: “Poor Ken…it’s like watching Michael Jordan play baseball for the White Sox…’

  • HexRei says:


    Go ahead sam, delete it again even though it makes no sense whatsoever to do so. It’s part of the damn WEIGH-INS video!

  • robtek says:

    ken shamrock is such an idiot, for someone who gets his ass kicked constantly hes sure a lippy dumbass

    i predict shamrock knocked out in under 40 seconds and thats being generous

  • Rich S. says:

    the “Gina Carano Naked” line was genius..

  • RJA says:

    I have dialup so you mean she’s not naked.Just want to know if i should wait the 1 hour for it to download lol.

  • Gina naked brought an intersting moment into mma history, Great video!

    As for the Shamrock shove, whatever, and damn Kimbo has some guns!

  • hindsightufuk says:

    i hate to be disrespectful and all, these ladies are professionals and should be respected and appreciated as such, but i could watch the female weigh ins all day man, kelly looked good too

  • HexRei says:

    hindsight, nuthin disrespectful about being attracted to a woman and saying so. I know plenty of women who get all gaga-eyed over the ripped guys of MMA.

  • HexRei says:

    Here’s some BREAKING NEWS Kimbo vs Shammy may be off! Shammy got a bad cut over his eye in the last 24 hours and now EXC is having trouble getting him cleared to fight!

    Latest reports are that they may have found a doctor who will clear him but even if he is able to fight, these is just one or thing for him to worry about in a fight where he is already going to have problems.

  • Briandbri says:

    Jackass…That was her dad holding up the sheets.

  • fedor911 says:

    poor kimbo he was exposed.i am so glad people are off this guys bandwagon,he sucks as an mma fighter ya he’s tough and he can beat up random guys in alleys and shipyards but he’s a joke.

  • fedor911 says:

    grade A certified joke.if that bum beat him in 14 seconds think what a real heavyweight would do to him.fedor would kill this chump.he sucks and i feel bad for people who thought he was a real mma fighter


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