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5 Oz. of Pain Presents: The DUEL

Welcome back to another edition of The Duel. This week we have a special guest in the form of the host of the creatively named Jordan Breen Show on Sherdog, Jordan Breen. Battling him is a not so special guest but someone that enjoys sniping back and forth with him, 5 Oz. Michael Huckaby. We’ll be previewing EXC on CBS as well as recently announced bouts between Franklin and Henderson as well as the obviousness of Rua and Coleman. Let us Duel:

1. Kimbo Slice will absolutely destroy Ken Shamrock.

Breen: FALSE. Anderson Silva absolutely destroyed Chris Leben. Georges St. Pierre absolutely destroyed Matt Hughes in their rematches. BJ Penn absolutely destroyed Joe Stevenson. Those are prolonged, one-sided emasculations. Meanwhile, Ken Shamrock routinely fills the loss column courtesy of flailing slaps from Sakuraba and painfully pushed punches from Buzz Berry. If and when Mr. Ferguson wins, I fail to see a way he could put on a convincing clinic and “absolutely destroy” Shamrock, since if he lands one serious punch, Shamrock will be beamed directly to Queer Street. Unless Kimbo is going to keep beating on him when Shamrock inevitably leaps up to protest the stoppage, I don’t see a way for absolute destruction to transpire.

Huckaby: TRUE. Oh I see what you did there, stating “absolute destruction” must take a bit of time and is more of a dismantling. My dictionary says “destroy” means to demolish, do away with or, in case of an animal, put it to death. I suppose you’re right on your definition but the fact is Shamrock will probably try to roll for a kneebar or clinch up immediately. Ferguson will then more than likely toss him off like a rag doll and unload several punches, one of which will put Ken Shamrock on a stretcher. I love how cocky Shamrock is about this by the way…. or atleast the way he’s talking about it. Good luck with that.

2. Joey Villasenor deserves the next EXC MW title shot against Robbie Lawler on November 8th.

Breen: FALSE. Joey Villasenor “deserves” the next middleweight title shot more than any other guy EliteXC can drum up for November. However, he was plunked by Ninja Rua, who was everything short of forcibly penetrated by Lawler, and should have lost to Riki Fukuda, but was awarded the win by a panel of judges featuring a guy who was legitimately busier arguing with a broad in the crowd and talking on his cell phone than watching the fight. Ryan Jensen and Phil Baroni are nice plumes for your chapeau, but don’t really make you “deserving” unless you’re dealing with the unfortunately low relativist standard imposed by EliteXC.

Huckaby: TRUE. It is referring to the low relativist standard imposed by EXC. Plus I’d like to see if Villasenor can come back from that embarrassing loss to Lawler at the PRIDE USA show a couple of years ago. While no one can argue Villasenor is Paulo Filho or Matt Lindland, they can’t get Paulo Filho or Matt Lindland so I’m not really sure what else they could have done here. I’m sure someone will name someone else who is available we’re spacing out on but as far as I’m concerned EXC only really has three or four middleweights at the current time that they can face off against one another on the main card.

3. Jake Shields will retain the EXC WW Title over Paul Daley.

Breen: TRUE. Paul Daley is young, dynamic and top-notch in the trash talk department. Unfortunately, he’s the same guy who was soundly outwrestled and outgrappled by a desperate Luiz Azeredo. While I would have hope if not faith that he’s worked on his ground game in the span since, he’s facing a guy so much better than him in that regard that unless he’s going to tag in Andre Galvao or Marcelo Garcia when he gets taken down, he’s going to be completely outclassed on the mat. Props to Daley for a wickedly transparent fake retirement to escape from the trashy clutches of Cage Rage, but he’s not going to make it to the end of the first round.

Huckaby: TRUE. I don’t know what else to add to that as it’s pretty much spot on from beginning to end. I also have to say he probably won’t make it through the first round as the classic “puncher’s chance” fights rarely to never go that way and it’s only a reason to argue for an outcome that’s fairly unrealistic. Shields will clinch him up against the cage, get a trip takedown and work from there for the armbar or choke. Sorry if I’m totally shocking anyone with that. It’s alright for Daley, as Breen said he’s very young and as long as he continues improving his ground game the sky could be the limit.


4. With the rematch now official we’ll go back in time. Shogun Rua’s arm injury in their first fight was a fluke and not a special wrestling move.

Huckaby: TRUE. While I can’t believe we have to wait all the way to January for the bout but I think this will once and for all quiet those psychopaths that argued Coleman’s tackle TKO win in PRIDE was not a fluke but a clever wrestling maneuver. Oh it was a wrestling maneuver I suppose but it’s to trip a guy, not for him to fall awkwardly and snap a bone. Many people, myself included, have wanted this rematch for some time to finally get some clips of that post-fight brawl all over TV again. Go forth Shogun and show them what really should have happened the first time.

Breen: TRUE. Obviously. It was a nice finish on the takedown, and it was Rua’s own fault for attempting to post on his arm while falling on his face, but, “special wrestling move?” This statement sucks, Huckaby. I really would’ve rather done Pulp or No Pulp. (editor’s note: Jordan is referring to a proposed question of which type of orange juice is better.)

5. Also official, Rich Franklin vs. Dan Henderson would be the most exciting fight possible in the current UFC MW division. (note: I accidentally wrote middleweight originally even though I answered knowing it was at LHW and forgot to change it.  Sorry.)

Huckaby: TRUE. People have wanted this fight from the time Dan Henderson came over from PRIDE to the UFC. No Anderson Silva fight is going to be very exciting at this point — unless you consider a 10 second knockout exciting. Personally I find excellent top tier fights to be the best, even if they’re boring because you usually don’t realize it while you’re watching, and Hendo and Franklin are the best outside of Anderson Silva. I can’t wait for this fight and I’m sure I’ll be giving much more commentary when my excitement wears off and I can clear some thoughts. I don’t really see Franklin finishing Henderson, though after his outing against Silva who knows. Fighting it at 205lbs is probably the best move as I think Henderson belongs there and Franklin doesn’t have much else to do. This will be more of a test for Rich Franklin at a bigger weight and his future there. A Franklin win is probably best for the UFC as he can go on and face the best 205lbers while we’ve already seen Henderson lose to Rampage.

Breen: TRUE. Partially, first of all it’s excitement factor at 185 is irrelevant since the fight is taking place at 205 pounds. Secondly, I’m not sure that it’s a fight I would single out for balls-out, straight-fire in terms of action. However, it’s two high level guys who have been left largely aimless due to Anderson Silva merking mooks, and therefore it makes complete sense. On top of all that, the style match-up is thoroughly interesting. Henderson has trouble with guys who have striking versatility, and Franklin definitely has the tools to be aggressive, to counter, and force Henderson to be a one-dimensional right-handed windmiller from the outside. Conversely, Franklin’s chin is always murmured about as iffy, and he has a propensity to get tagged with power shots against guys with less power in their right hands than Henderson. I’m all for it.

6. HDNet acquiring IFL’s assets makes sense.

Huckaby: TRUE. I actually changed this from false when I saw it was only for $650,000 and liabilities. Sure it would have been nice to get some of the fighters but we all know they’re doing this for the video library and more television. In that sense I can’t really compare this to EXC apparently going deep into the red recently and I think it all started with their happy purchasing powers of smaller shows among other mistakes. I guess time will tell but for a channel like HDNet which could use more programming and currently has plenty of money I don’t see how this is going to hurt them.

Breen: TRUE. More programming options are better than less programming options, and as you pointed out, the price tag isn’t exactly exorbitant. However, fans really don’t care about the IFL at this point, and it’ll largely just serve as something you can throw on if you’re stone bored and you have an HD TV in front of you. I guess there’s no way to spin it as “bad”, but I really can’t meet this with anything more than abject ambivalence. We could have done Prairie Dogs vs. Gophers, or at least discussed the best up-and-coming 86-pound blue chippers out of Indochina. Don’t you want to be relevant?

And that does it for another Duel. Again, my bad on #3, I’ve been scatter brained all week. Breen put up with him and was his usual annoying self.

Join us next week when two other MMA writers will battle it out in the Duel!


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