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Jackson vs. Silva III and Griffin vs. Evans for light heavyweight title confirmed for UFC 92

Three headlining fights for the what has become the UFC’s biggest show of the year during New Year’s Eve weekend in Las Vegas have been confirmed for UFC 92 on Dec. 27.

Season one light heavyweight winner of “The Ultimate FighterForrest Griffin will defend his UFC light heavyweight title vs. season two heavyweight winner of “The Ultimate Fighter” Rashad Evans; Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira will defend his UFC interim heavyweight title vs. former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir; and former PRIDE middleweight champion Wanderlei Silva and former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson will square off for the third time.

The UFC has yet to formally announce the fights on its website but news of the three fights being added to UFC 92 was first reported by Yahoo! Sports’ Kevin Iole.

Griffin will be defending his title for the first time since winning the belt following a unanimous decision victory against Jackson at UFC 86 this past July. It had been anticipated that his first defense would come against Chuck Liddell, but the undefeated Evans spoiled those plans and forced his way into the title picture after knocking out Liddell at UFC 88.

The matchup between Nogueira and Mir will be the culmination of their dual-forays into reality television as current coaches during the eighth installment of the hit series “The Ultimate Fighter.” UFC President Dana White previously announced that the winner of Nogueira vs. Mir will advance to face the winner of the UFC heavyweight title fight between Randy Couture and Brock Lesnar that’s slated for UFC 91 on Nov. 15.

For Jackson and Silva, this will be the third installment of a trilogy that began during the finals of PRIDE’s 2003 middleweight Grand Prix tournament in Japan on Nov. 19 of that year. After recording a stunning second round TKO vs. Liddell and spoiling a much-anticipated dream match between Liddell and Silva, Jackson faced Silva in the final, where he was TKO’d at 6:28 of round 1.

The two rematched less than a year later at PRIDE 28 in October 2004 and it was Silva who once again got the better of Jackson following a knockout at 3:26 of round 2.

The latest tentative lineup for UFC 92 is now as follows:

  • Forrest Griffin vs. Rashad Evans for UFC light heavyweight title
  • Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Frank Mir for the interim UFC heavyweight title
  • Quinton Jackson vs. Wanderlei Silva
  • C.B. Dollaway vs. Jorge Rivera
  • Dean Lister vs. Yushin Okami
  • Mustafa Al-Turk vs. Cheick Kongo
  • Brad Blackburn vs. Ryo Chonan
  • Ivan Serati vs. TBA
  • joey says:

    im no meteorlogist or anything but, im pretty sure its raining bitches! no seriously this card is insane lol

  • sPoOfee says:

    yushin will destroy lister!!!! go OKAMI!! , i hope forrest owns rashad as well and jorge rivera to KO CB dollaway YEA BABY! ih yea hopefully rampage doesnt get KTFO again by Wanderlei but i see it going rampages way or he gets hes head kicked in again with wanderleis vicious knees!!

  • Bryan M says:

    I like the three main events, but the rest of the card looks a little bit dead. Not that I care about big names, but none of the other matchups even intrigue me.

  • Rich S. says:

    UFC 92.. and 93.. together.. are like.. the greatest events of all time..

  • Sergio Hernandez says:

    Rich. S, don’t forget 94 which might have Penn/GSP II.

    In a little over a month, we’ll have:

    Griffin/Evans, Mir/Big Nog, Jackson/Silva III, Franklin/Hendo, Shogun/Coleman II, and Penn/GSP II.

  • David Andrest says:

    Sergio great point. It’s a great time to be an MMA fan.

  • ttttt says:

    i hope jackson looses again

  • egad81 says:

    We are getting a lot of RANDOM posters lately with not much to say (see ttttt)

    This could be the best card of the year…. I dont think Forrest vs Evans is worth the price of admission nor is Mir vs Nog

    Silva vs Rampage has fight of the night potential.

  • A$$hole says:

    I have a boner for the 93 card. Jackson is scum in my book and I hope Wandy destroys him in the worst way possible.

  • Ktru says:

    Sergio, dont forget about Serra vs. Hughes as well…..

    And just to think, I was just about to give up being a fan of MMA…….

    Then they pull off all these Blockbuster Fights!!!!

    As I need to note:
    Do not always take my opinions and statements seriously

  • bishop says:

    rampage is the man ,it sucks that his first fight back has to be against such a badass. I think they should let him build up to a fight of this calliber.

  • skwirrl says:

    If you combined 92 and 93’s main event line ups you’d have a damn good PRIDE card. As it is pretty lame.

    Griffen vs Rashad meh who cares.
    Nog vs Mir – fraudulent putting Mir in this fight and pointless as Nog will school him at what Mir does best.
    Jackson vs Griffen 3, not long ago I would have said pointless but maybe Jackson will learn enough to avoid getting murdered with knees now that hes out of Juanito’s camp.
    Franklin vs Hendo could be good. But if Hendo does what he does best, it will be boring. WAR HENDO though
    Shogun vs a non roided Coleman dropping to 205 at like 100 years old, good warmup fight for Shogun, better than forcing him right back in against Lyoto. Good way to get Shogun over to the American fans and thats all it is. A kill shot for him.
    Penn/GSP 2 Alright now we’re talking a blockbuster fight

    So really the only 2 that interest me at all out of these is Penn vs GSP 2 and Rampage vs Wand 3. Other than that they have big names but more than likely won’t be insane fights.

    Give me JZ vs Hansen and Aoki vs Akiyama or Eddie Alverez/ Akiyama vs Yoshida + maybe Kawajiri vs Uno and Mirko Overeem rematch. Also let Fedor stay busy against Ishii and put Tokoro against another action fighter and I’d gladly pay twice as much instead. This is the quality of the cards that DREAM has put out in DREAM 3 and 5. Personally I find them FAR superior to all but UFC 84 as far as events have gone.

  • skwirrl says:

    (this year that is)

  • Sergio Hernandez says:

    Alright… Zach Arnold always goes on and on about the Zuffa Myth. I’m about to coin the Pride Myth. The Pride Myth is that every Pride card was salivated over when announced and blew our minds once it played out.

    That’s ridiculous.

    Most of the cards, on paper, blew but ended up being pretty good. Some cards were pretty good and ended up being shit. And some cards were somewhere between blowing and being pretty good and ended up being amazing.

    These rose colored glasses that MMA fans are looking through when talking about Pride is starting to get ridiculous.

  • Robert says:

    Card looks fairly predictable at the top Griffin and Nogueira and i really think Rampage wins this 3rd fight which i have no idea why it’s happening there are a lot of other match ups to come up with than a 3rd Wand vs. Rampage fight when it’s not even best 2 out of 3 .

  • TheSomberlain says:

    Why does CB keep getting all this push from the UFC? He lost TWICE. To the same guy. In basically the same way. If thats not ignorance than I dont know what is. I wouldnt be surprised if they kept feeding him cans and hyped him up.

  • Robert says:

    People who keep bringing up steroids when it comes to Coleman, Randleman, Kerr,Arona, etc. should really have a needle put through their eye.Get over it people if someone took steroids it does not make them the lowest form of life there are a helluva lot of worse things you could do, and don’t give me this crap about sportsmanship either that’s a joke.

  • Binners says:

    I can’t believe Rashad gets a title shot I thought Bisping and Tito beat him, one lucky punch against an old looking Chuck and he gets an immediate title shot.

    The UFC are putting on some amazing cards but I couldn’t care less about Griffin Evans, Rashad has to be the most overated fighter in all of MMA right now.

  • Ronny Badass says:

    From Dec to the Superbowl card is going to be the greatest 60 days in MMA history!!!!!

  • Again other Stacked card from The Empire (UFC)


    Griffin vs Evans (pick it)
    Big Nog
    Rampage / Wand (pick it)
    Mustafa Al-Turk vs. Cheick Kongo (pick it)

  • Nate says:

    This is like MMA heaven. UFC 91/92/93. Absolutely incredible.
    This is the best YEAR for MMA fans, so many fantastic fights. I’ve easily spent at least $400 on PPV. I love this sport!

    Sergio Hernandez, there is no pride myth. To this day, PRIDE FC has the only DVDs where I am glued to the whole event & not just certain fights. 3 of my top 5 matches of all time are still in PRIDE FC. Knees on the ground, stomps, and yellowcards (to push the fights) made a huge difference in excitement, imo.

    As much as I love the PRIDE FC format, I’ll always love UFC because they were the ones to discover a way to make MMA profitable and bring it to America.

    I HATED Pride… for only giving me the option to watch fights online because they werent televised here and then waiting for months to get the DVD to watch in fullscreen. The organization was horribly managed in the states.

    Ahh the paradox.


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