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Sobral: Ortiz is still my dream fight

After defeating Mike Whitehead at the last Affliction show, Renato “Babalu” Sobral made it very clear who he wanted to fight next. He publicly stated that Tito Ortiz is his dream fight.

Ortiz appeared destined to sign with Affliction after finally parting ways with the UFC. However, to this day, Ortiz and Affliction have not come to terms on a contract. Sobral has still not wavered on a potential match-up.

“That is my dream fight,” said Sobral, “I’d fight him for free. I’d whip that ass for free.”

Sobral and Ortiz undoubtedly had multiple opportunities to get to know each other. They both fought in the UFC for many years. Apparently, that time didn’t go very well.

“I don’t like his attitude,” said Sobral, “it would be awesome to fight him.”

  • Rich S. says:

    i would love to see Sobral take a few Ortiz Elbows..
    i’ve never liked Sobral..
    think he’s a jerk to be honest..
    he annoys me..
    i want nothing more than for this fight to happen.. and for Ortiz to get a finish..

  • Robert says:

    Ortiz needs a fourth fight with Shamrock.

  • ttttt says:

    Id like to see that fight . However i dislike both of the guys but i dislike Sobral more.

  • Ronny Badass says:

    I’ve been saying this forever make this fight happen.

  • Charles says:

    I read some where that Tito was suppose to be saying who he signed with at the end of September.Guess he never decided to sign with anyone ……

  • KTru says:

    Tito is a bum, never was as good as he thought he was. Babalu isnt the greatest guy to side with either. Therefore, I hope they both knock each other out …..

  • the truth says:

    Tito is a joke, he spends more time running his mouth than his girl Jenna does using hers. Babula would whip that ass

  • the Levi says:

    i would like to see Tito back in the UFC,just so the Axe Mureder could whoop his @$$.

  • HexRei says:

    Why would anyone dislike Babalu? Over the choke he held a little long, the same thing BJ Penn, Frank Shamrock and others have done before?

    I like Babalu alot, he is an exciting fighter, very well-rounded, a badass banger but with top-flight submissions as well, I’d love to see him kick Tito’s ass.


    EliteXC or AFFLICTION…. who will host this fight?

  • ozz_the_powerful says:

    Tito is a bum? He runs his mouth? Hmmmm…….Let’s look at some facts here, gentlemen-

    He is a 6 time light heavyweight champion.
    Longest reign in any division in the ufc……3 1/2 years as title holder.

    Notable wins over–

    Jerry Bohlander (UFC 12 Lightweight winner)
    Guy Mezger (UFC 13 winner)
    Wanderlei Silva (4 time Pride middleweight champion)
    Evan Tanner (UFC Middleweight champion)
    Ken Shamrock (3-time UFC Superfight Champion)
    Vitor Belfort (UFC 12 heavyweight winner, UFC Light Heavyweight Champion)
    Forrest Griffin (TUF 1 winner, Current UFC light heavyweight champion)

    Coach of TUF 3
    Biggest Pay-Per-View draw of 2006
    CEO of Punishment Athletics
    Author of “This is Gonna Hurt”

    I guess he is a bum…….

  • JollyDV says:

    I would love to see this fight!! I think Babalu would dominate Tito, from start to finish.

  • KTru says:

    That is why I like this site……
    No Tito backers here!!!

  • jjdnb says:

    I back Tito…but Sobral would wupp dat azz

  • Sergio Hernandez says:

    Well, I can’t argue with someone who wants to kick Tito’s ass…

  • HexRei says:

    ozz_the_powerful on October 1st, 2008 6:05 pm

    Tito is a bum? He runs his mouth?

    I don’t think KTru was literally suggesting Tito slept in doorways and ate out of dumpsters, lol. And yeah, Tito runs his mouth like CRAZY. If you don’t know that, I can only assume that your knowledge of him begins and ends with his wikipedia page.

  • rob says:

    …..little bit of a low blow there – – but seriously what’s Bablu’s biggest win? Chael Sonnen? Ninja Rua? Not trying to be an AH, but if Tito’s a bum – is Babalu really that much better? I would love to see this fight myself……

  • HexRei says:

    Actually, that’s Shogun Rua… and thats the old pre-injury Shogun who was considered the #1 LHW by many. Beyond that, Babalu has wins over Pele, Big Mo, Horn, Prangley, TK, Sinosec, Sonnen… and its not just his wins. This guy also took Fedor to a decision (albeit loss) which is an accomplishment in itself.

    Tito Ortiz is not as dominant as he once was (I mean it’s been over two years since he’s beaten anyone but grampa Shamrock) and he has clearly not been able to round out his standup and submissions the way Babalu has. I see a win for Babalu coming out of this fight, should it ever happen.

  • BJJ in VA says:

    Babalu by crushing head scissors until Mazzagatti is picking giant pieces of Tito’s skull out of his mustache.

  • ozz_the_powerful says:

    My knowledge of Ortiz isn’t stemmed from Wiki, however I did get a good laugh out of it! I’m simply stating that toward the end with the UFC, he was pissed about this and that, so yeah, I believe he had a right to run his mouth. Who cares? I’d rather hear a fighter complain rather than a baseball player that’s pissed off b/c he only got 31 million instead of 36. I read so much “Tito hate” and can’t really understand why. He doesn’t only bitch about money, but how ALL the fighters get treated. (He actually thanks the troops too) He’s made a valid point about how fighters’ pay isnt fair and lop-sided. I totally agree. I think the fighters should be making at least 3x what they currently do. I also wouldn’t call the guy a bum. Could he beat Chuck or Randy? No, but there aren’t many who can. I believe Tito is still a good fighter- given the proper fuel and motivation- and still has a few years left in him and some exciting fights.

    All- feel free to blow me out of the water, but I know there has to be a few that kinda get what I’m saying here.

  • BJJ in VA says:

    Oh by the way, Shamrock and Frye have fought before at Pride 19, it was actually the best fight either one of them ever had.

    Very evenly matched, how sad is that.

  • Robert says:

    BJJ whats sad is you think that FRYE VS Shamrock is the best fight they have had. Have you even seen any of their other fights i am guessing NO?

  • HexRei says:

    ozz_the_powerful on October 2nd, 2008 5:48 pm

    I never said Tito was wrong 100% of the time, but he does run his mouth a lot. He has generated more drama in the UFC (and out) than pretty much any other fighter I can think of, including Diaz and Couture. The guy tried to fight Dana, even let a special get made about it. Then backed out, lol! I’m not anti-Tito at all, I think people like him draw viewers to the sport and that’s important no matter how you look at it. but the dude loves to talk, and specifically, talk shit. Remember his many shirts?

    And as for his future, I think Tito does have several good fights left in him. His wrestling is good, his cardio is good, the problem is that his subs and striking are only OK and that hasn’t really changed much over the last five years. And I don’t think it’s likely to. The problem isn’t that he is not good, but that he seems to have reached a ceiling of sorts. Nonetheless, his skills will be a good challenge to any comer for possibly another decade.. Still, I don’t see him beating Babalu :)

  • BJJ in VA says:

    Robert, I have seen all of their fights. This is why i am sure that Frye, Shamrock and Ortiz’s best days are behind them, and there is no shame in that. Just like there is no shame in you admitting that you are a little too emotionally invested in the careers of said geezers.

    Frye lost to James Thompson for fucks sake, and he got beat by Butterbean!

    Shamrocks last notable win was over Bas Rutten in 1995!

    Let go of the past kid, theres plenty of C and D level fighters for you to parade around for.

  • ozz_the_powerful says:

    HexRei- Agreed! I still put Ortiz above him though. As stated before, given the proper fuel and motivation, Tito can still be a devestating fighter. I think Ortiz would take this personally and “bring the thunder”

  • Robert says:

    Ortiz would beat Babalu with his elbow strikes and pinning him up against the cage for three rounds then he could line up another fight with Ken Shamrock.

  • HexRei says:

    Robert, Babalu is a good wrestler and a great BJJ practitioner. He’s never been beaten in the manner you describe, mostly just by decision or on the feet. There is no way Tito is gonna outbox Babalu, and Babalu has faced better wrestlers than Tito. However, I can’t envision exactly how Babalu would finish Tito. Tito is a tough guy to finish.

    Babalu by decision.

  • Shatner says:

    Remember how Jason Lambert pounded out Babalu? Tito’s ground and pound is a helluva lot better than Jason Lambert.Babalu is going to have a hard enough time finishing off Southworth at the Strikeforce show.Let alone thinking about beating Tito.


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