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UFC could make Dublin, Ireland debut in January

A report by Yahoo!’s EuroSport reveals that the UFC is close to finalizing arrangements that would bring the American-based promotion to Dublin, Ireland for the first time.

According to the report, UFC 93 could be scheduled for January 17 and emanate from the brand new O2 Arena in Dublin.

The UFC has yet to release an official comment regarding the report, which goes on to indicate that the show could be headlined by a light heavyweight bout featuring Rich Franklin possibly taking on either Chuck Liddell or Mauricio “Shogun” Rua.

A grudge welterweight bout between Matt Hughes and Matt Serra is rumored as well.

If UFC 93 in Ireland becomes a reality, it would mean that the UFC’s planned Super Bowl weekend show in Las Vegas on Jan. 31 to be headlined by a welterweight showdown between Georges St. Pierre and B.J. Penn would be re-numbered as UFC 94.

  • Caidel says:

    This rumour could be true. After all – January 17th is also term planned for Affliction 2 and so it makes a lot of sense for UFC to make some rescheduling and try to set an event for same date (unfortunately).

    Next time I would recommend guys from Affliction to wait until UFC sets their event dates and then slip into the free space… (and not doing anything in Las Vegas :)

  • joey says:

    They have already been to Ireland lol. Anyone remember Belfast? come on now get ur info right

  • davey says:

    They’ve been to northern ireland not the rep. of ireland!!

  • Northern Ireland and Ireland are two completely different countries. Northern Ireland is a part of the UK. Ireland is just … Ireland.

  • Jeremy says:

    Antonio Mendes already has said he’s been offered a fight with Andre Gusmao on this card.

  • KTru says:

    I like seeing Franklin’s name up against either Liddell or Shogun.
    Serra vs. Hughes would be great to see. But I read that Hughes will not be back until March or April.

  • Scott says:

    MMAJunkie is reporting that Franklin vs. Dan Henderson is actually more likely. Maybe that means Shogun and Liddell would be available to fight each other on the same card.

    Franklin vs. Hendo
    Shogun vs. Liddell
    Serra vs. Hughes

    …now that’s a pretty impressive UK card.

  • Craig says:

    Franklin Vs. Hendo probably wouldn’t be at 205. That is a fight i would rather see at 185. That is the natural weight for both fighters.

  • Scott says:

    I’d disagree that 185 is the natural weight for either Hendo or Franklin. After UFC 88, Franklin mentioned in an interview that he’s much more comfortable at 205, and that the weight cut is much easier on him. Of course, “more comfortable” could also refer to the fact that he’s no longer getting his face kneed inside out by the Spider 😉

    Hendo has also says he prefers to fight at 205, but he’s willing to move back and forth between 185 and 205 depending on the opponent.

    If this fight happens in Ireland, I think it’s very likely that it will be at 205.

  • Panama says:

    Sam, I have to correct you. The UFC has been to Ireland already so this wouldn’t be their 1st time in Ireland. UFC 72 was held in Belfast, Ireland.


    “UFC 72: Victory DVD

    June 16, 2007 at The Odyssey in Belfast, Northern Ireland. UFC Middleweight contender Rich Franking meets newcomer Yushin ”The Wolf” Okami. “

  • James says:

    Did anyone pay attention in geography class? Belfast is not in Ireland its northern Ireland, Ireland is its own country. Its like saying west virginia is virginia.

  • KTru says:

    I know I will catch heat for this.
    But what sense does it make for Liddell to fight Ace or Shogun?
    Iceman really needs to fight a low level fighter so he can get a “W”
    He has lost 3 out of 4, throw him a can like Eastman or Lambert.
    Let either one of those guys be a headliner. Just think it would do Chuck some good.

    Franklin does not want anything to do with Hendo…..

  • Robert says:

    What are the chances Marcus Davis and his stupid nickname will be on this card.

  • Dath says:

    please people ireland is not the uk!!!
    ireland = ireland

  • Barry says:

    i live in ireland an went to ufc 85 in london and now its finally comming to ireland.ive been waiting a long time 4 dis!!! the card sounds great love 2 c liddell fight that was d whole reason i went 2 85 bt was gutted when he was love 2 c him in a great comeback fight.LIDDELL 4 IRELAND!!!


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