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Official bout sheet for Saturday’s EliteXC “Heat” event

EliteXC issued a press release late Monday night detailing the finalized bout sheet for Saturday’s scheduled 11-fight “Heat” event to emanate from the Bank Atlantic Center in Sunrise, Fla.

The complete bout sheet (in order of scheduled bouts) is as follows:

  1. Lightweight (160 lbs.); Three 5-minute rounds: Jorge Boechat (3-2), Lakeland, Fla. vs. Nicolae Curry (debut), Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
  2. Bantamweight (140 lbs.); Three 5-minute rounds: David Gomez (debut), Miami, Fla. vs. Brett Jackowski (1-0), Boca Raton, Fla.
  3. Welterweight (170 lbs.); Three 5-minute rounds: Mikey Gomez (7-4), Orlando, Fla. vs. Lorenzo Borgomeo (4-0), Miami, Fla.
  4. Light Heavyweight (205 lbs.); Three 5-minute rounds: Aaron Rosa (11-2), San Antonio, Texas vs. Seth Petruzelli (9-4), Ft. Meyers, Fla.
  5. Lightweight (160 lbs.); Three 5-minute rounds: Edson Berto (14-5-1), Tampa, Fla. vs. Conor Heun (7-2), Los Angeles, Calif.
  6. Catchweight (148 lbs.); Three 3-minute rounds: Cris Cyborg (5-0), Curitiba, Brazil vs. Yoko Takahashi (13-9), Tokyo, Japan
  7. Middleweight (185 lbs.), Three 5-minute rounds: Murilo “Ninja” Rua (16-8-1), Curitiba, Brazil vs. Benji Radach (18-4), Orange County, Calif.
  8. Catchweight (140 lbs.); Three 3-minute rounds: Gina Carano (6-0), Las Vegas, Nevada vs. Kelly Kobold (16-2-1), St. Paul, Minn.
  9. Heavyweight (265 lbs.); Three 5-minute rounds: Andrei Arlovski (14-5), Chicago, Ill. vs. Roy Nelson (13-2), Las Vegas, Nevada
  10. EliteXC welterweight (170 lbs.) title match; Five 5-minute rounds: Jake Shields (21-4-1), San Francisco, Calif. vs. Paul Daley (18-6-2), Nottingham, England
  11. Heavyweight (265 lbs.); Three 5-minute rounds: Kimbo Slice (3-0), Miami, Fla. vs. Ken Shamrock (26-13-2), Reno, Nevada
  • Panama says:

    I dont understand why EliteXC would put the Shields/Daley fight after the Arlovski fight. I would have at least placed Arlovski as the 2nd to last fight due to Arlovski being a big name in MMA and former UFC HW Champion.

    You want your viewers to stay tuned because the card gets better and better from start to finish. Arlovski really should be the main event because he’s a world class fighter and Kimbo’s not but I also understand that the addition of Arlovski to this card is a last minute deal.

  • Brent says:


    10 bouts and one work.

  • Caidel says:

    Panama: You forgot two things: a) Arlovski and Nelson aren’t EliteXC fighters, so it makes sense promote own fighters more than “rented ones” by placing them higher. b) Shields-Daley is a title fight, so it shouldn’t be that much lower on the card.

    Ideally I would like to see that card like (skillwise): 1) title fight: Shields-Daley, 2) Arlovski-Nelson, 3) …

    – But at the same time I think, that current order of the fights is best they can make from EliteXC POV.

    BTW: Does anyone know, which org will pay Arlovski and Nelson and how much it will be? (or contract issues with EliteXC)?

  • JJ says:

    why isn’t the title fight the main event? what the hell is wrong with EliteXC, do they want to make their titles actually mean anything?

    Is the Arlovski vs Nelson fight really following the women’s rules of three 3-minute rounds? or is that a typo?

  • Rob says:

    Kimbo is way more marketable then Arlovski although his talent is light years ahead of Kimbo its all about the money. I wouldnt be suprised if Ken is beating Kimbo and some controvercial sttopage happens to favour the golden boy Kimbo Slice Elite xc is based around Kimbo and Gina!! And Sheilds is probably a top 5 fighter in the welterweight world and is on a 10 fight win streek I think he deserves his spot!

  • Tertio says:


    I use to visit your site a couple times a day. With the new layout i am afraid i will have to stop. I find it very clogged and having to click on the story (slow computer and slow internet) only makes the experience painful.

    Looks too much like Sherdog !

    Too bad cause i really like your writing.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Sorry to hear that having to click on the story is going to deprive you from our great content.

  • Robert says:

    Brent your an idiot.

  • Caidel says:

    Truth is, that I find new design not so synoptic or well-aranged as the old one. But I have a fast connection and I can cope with it… problem is, that I just do not see on the first glance what’s new here, as before (now I must check 2 or 3 different places on this web..)

    But biggest complaint I have is about posting results in no-need-to-click form or using spoiler headlines after a big event. Somehow, I cannot enter here (and unfortunately not just here) few days after the event until I’m able to somehow see it just because of spoilers…

  • CW says:


    I don’t believe it’s so much about “clicking the story” (which we had to do before, anyway) as organization of new content. A lot of sites seem to be increasingly moving *away* from the “magazine” format in favor of the “blog” format, which some people see as good and others see as bad.

    Personally, I’m not into the magazine layout and it does make me visit the homepage itself less often. It would be nice, for example, if one of the right side column slugs was a “Latest Content” list that just showed the most recently posted items, regardless of category. However, as long as there is an RSS feed and the content quality remains high, I’m happy (:

  • flyingogoplata says:


    I also find the new set-up of the site to be difficult to follow. Why separate stories into News, Exclusives, and Features? I used to be on this site 2-3 times a day and loved being able to look at the top to see what was new, period. I find myself going to other sites more often now that have that type of set-up.

  • Sam Caplan says:


    While we appreciate the concern and wish we could satisfy everyone, it’s just not going to happen.

    Moving forward, we’re not going to let people harp on the switch and allow off-topic posts. The time for public comment was in the announcement we made explaining the switch several weeks back.

    This is the last time I am going to comment on the switch because a lot of people just want to beat a dead horse. But we’re not going to be switching back and operating a blog was no longer creatively fulfilling for me. Running a traditional magazine-style website is what I’ve wanted to do for a long time. We just didn’t have the design resources to do it until recently.

    Furthermore, I really don’t understand some of the criticism. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but so am I. The complaints about the chronological order do not make sense because everything is still in order, it’s just broken down into three categories. We’re producing a lot of content and we needed a better platform to display that content.

    If I spend a lot of time writing an opinion-piece or if we do fight previews, we shouldn’t have to worry about it being pushed off the main page in 24 hours. We’re publishing a diverse series of content with breaking news, exclusives, and features, and a blog format was no longer an ideal way to present it. And don’t be surprised in time when you see other blogs make the switch to a more traditional format.

    If people truly value the quality of content and the time we put into operating this site, they will begin to view this site with more of an open mind. If not, it’s your right to no longer view the site. However, you’re going to be missing out on a lot of great content you can’t get anywhere else. It also needs to be noted that we’ve heard from a lot of people who enjoy the new format. As I said earlier, we can’t please everyone.

    Again, the debate is over and there will be no more off-topic posts allowed. If you feel compelled to comment, you can refer back to the site announcement we made several weeks ago and post in that thread.

  • woooburn says:

    “Is the Arlovski vs Nelson fight really following the women’s rules of three 3-minute rounds? or is that a typo?”

    i’m curious about this as well

  • I like Kimbo but I also think a title fight should be the MAIN EVENT.
    They are giving Shamrock the main event … hopefully its a going away present.

  • JOHO says:

    You idiot correct me if I am wrong but alot of the money comes from sponsors and sponsors pay top dollar to the websites that are visted more often and alot of people do not like the new set up which means they look else where and there are alot of other sites,So why wont you listen to the marjority???????
    I agree with the others keep it simple jackass

  • Robert says:

    People really hate change don’t they? Try and adapt to the new site and get over it.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    You know, I love MMA and I’m always hopeful that orgs besides UFC will flourish. The more the better. But it is seriously ass backwards for Elite to have Arlovski and Nelson third from the top–not even second billing, for the love of pete!–and Ken Shamrock and Kimbo at the top of the card. Yeah, yeah, I know, both Ken and Kimbo have name recognition, but that verges on carnival sideshow stuff.

  • Davey D says:

    I think the order of fight’s listed are just fine. AA/Nelson is a co-promotion bout, EXC has it right. Those two most likely aren’t fighting for them again soon.

    They’ve got one of best WW’s in Jake Sheilds and have to promote him well. Paul Daley is no slouch either. Even still, they aren’t the breadwinner’s here.

    Kimbo is fighting in his hometown again. He is getting ton’s of press, is fighting a Legend in Ken Shamrock and EXC will probably still go over the 2 hour mark. I expect an excellent show on Saturday night.

    I hope we’ll get to see Cris Cyborg again. That should be the swing bout because EXC will have a gem on their hand’s should Carrano and Santos be victorius.

  • egad81 says:

    In all honest… there should be a place on the site for complaints or suggestions (not that anyone is going to listen)


    Kimbo is only the main event because of Shamrock

  • jaydog says:

    I just wanna say that I’m really excited for this weekend’s fights. The card looks great (although I agree with Sherdog’s Jake Rossen about the Kenbo fight). Can’t wait to see this event and I’ll be sure to push my coworkers and neighbors to watch it to. FREE mma isn’t always good mma, but in this case it is.

  • Rich B says:

    If you don’t like the new design, view it from RSS.

  • mmablaster says:

    I am rooting for Shamrock, but we’ll probably see Kimbo knocking him out quite early.

    Shields v. Daley will be a good fight.


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