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Kurt Angle says he plans to show people he’s serious about MMA during Sirius Radio interview

During a guest appearance on “The Bubba the Love Sponge Show” Friday morning on Sirius Satellite Radio, former Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle intimated that he has signed a contract with an undisclosed MMA promotional company.

Angle would not elaborate on the identity of the company but did say that he will have to go to Nevada and pass a physical in order for the contract to become valid. He stated that “things with his MMA career could pick up in late-2009.”

Bubba pressed Angle for details and expressed a theory that Angle has been signed by the UFC for a possible pay-per-view fight next year against Randy Couture. Angle did not confirm or deny the possibility.

It’s uncertain just how serious Angle is about trying his hand at MMA. He has flirted with the idea of crossing over into MMA in the past but has never followed through. Angle also has broken his neck on multiple occasions and will turn 40 on December 9 so the odds of a successful conversion are not in his favor.

Currently a professional wrestler with TNA, Angle is presently involved in divorced proceedings with wife Karen Angle.

  • Danny says:

    I just dont see it happening… he may be an Olympic gold medalist, but that was more than 10 years ago!

    With his neck issues and the fact that this talk has been going on for ages, i doubt that this is going to happen…

    I think we have a better chance of seeing Fedor v. Randy than seeing Kurt Angle in MMA.

  • jim smith says:

    It will be like “The Longest Yard” (with Burt Reynolds) not thestupis one with Adam Sandler). “I THINK HE BROKE HIS FUCKING NECK!”


    A rear naked choke is NOTHING to be afraid of and getting hit with a steel chair (even with a pull away) hurts as much as getting jabbed in the face.

    No doubt is my mind that Kurt is tough… will he be an MMA STAR…maybe for 1 night

  • saerbarnet says:

    Oh dear.. Kurt will probably die if he steps into the octagon >.<

  • portland mma says:

    He doesn’t ever plan on actually proving he wants to fight MMA by i dont know say, fighting in MMA, but he plans on showing he’s serious about it on a radio show. Angle did this same crap like 2 years ago, I think he’s just jealous of Brock but doesn’t actually want to fight.

  • Brandon says:

    I think he is serious, not that I’ve really been paying attention to wrestling in the past 5 years but I’ve seen Angle on tv lately and he’s dropped about 30 lbs of muscle and it appears he’s finally off the roids… I assume he’s doing this for a reason.

  • Venom says:

    Is this guy serious? He was a joke as a wrestler and he’ll be a joke as an MMA fighter!
    Let’s stop talking about professional wrestlers on this site, shall we? At least until they actually step foot inside a cage!

  • Jason G says:

    I hope he pops a piss test

  • Jim says:

    Key phrase in this article:

    That Angle must “pass a physical in order for the contract to become valid.”

    Yeah. That’s going to happen with his neck. Sure thing, Kurt.

  • portland mma says:

    venom, while i also think Angle is a D-bag, this isn’t as if the Undertaker was trying to make an MMA career, Angle is an Olympic gold medalist. I don’t think he would be that horrible if he would have started working on his game like 5 years ago but I think his window has passed.

  • rob says:

    I think Kurt is serious – -but 5-6 years too late maybe. Wonder what kind of REAL striking skills he has now – and who he’s training with to be able to develop them farther – and can we dismiss this professional wrestler thing – I mean I agree with portland – let us forget that Ken Shamrock was a professional wreslter for crying out loud – this was the road open to them at the time (angle, lesnar, etc.) that could pay them big money – if MMA back then was what it is now – you think they would have thought twice about pro-wrestling?

  • Batman says:

    Kurt angle might last a year beat two or three guys by submission and go back to TNA wrestling.

  • Lord Faust says:

    I highly doubt he’ll pass the physical. He’s done some horrendous shit to his neck and has avoided spinal fusion thus far, but I don’t think any sane doctor is going to clear him.

    As for Kurt losing weight recently, it’s because he FUBAR’ed his neck (again) a while back, and was barely mobile. Instead of being sane and taking time off, he remained on TV and PPV.

    Kurt will get killed if he enters the sport, unless he fights cans that couldn’t even get booked for Kimbo’s first couple fights. I think he’s just envious that Brock Lesnar has put his money where his mouth is.

    Kurt will be back in the WWE before you ever see him in a cage / ring.

  • Venom says:

    I agree Portland!
    His time, if he had one, has passed!

  • Venom says:

    I agree Portland!
    His time, if he had one, has passed!

  • David Andrest says:

    “if MMA back then was what it is now – you think they would have thought twice about pro-wrestling?”

    If they wanted real money they sure as hell would have, If they wanted sport, no.

    Angle and Lesnar have made more in pro wrestling than 99 percent of most any MMA fighter.

  • Jennifer says:

    I’m a wrestling fan as well as an MMA fan. I don’t agree with all of these wrestlers coming over to MMA, personally. While I LOVE Brock Lesnar and have been a fan of his since he was in the WWE, I don’t really agree with how much they’re pumping him up by giving him a title shot so early. I feel as if their careers in the WWE shouldn’t become part of their “history” in the MMA… they should start at the bottom like everyone else does who have been in MMA their whole lives. I’m also tired of hearing about how he was an Olympic gold medalist. Yes, it was a great achievement but it was 10 YEARS AGO. Since then he’s had many injuries, some of them serious and I just don’t see how he can take the beating that he will no doubt receive.

  • Neil says:

    Why does this sound familiar… OH YEAH, because he said once before (I think upwards of two years ago) that he was going to get into MMA. I see a few problems with this..
    1) His body is to beat up to pass medicals, or even compete
    2) He’s getting into it too late in the game
    3) He will NOT pass the drug tests

  • portland mma says:

    Its a good point Jennifer, but what sells tickets…sells tickets and if someone has a broad fan base i.e. Kimbo or Brock Lesnar they are going to exploit that to get these people to buy the PPV’s, or in Elite XC’s case maybe push the casual fan into watching one of their free events on basic cable.

  • SHUTUP says:

    Ugh….would this ass just shut up! I’m willing to bet we won’t hear another thing from Angle….until Sept of 09 when he calls his buddy Bubba again to tell him his MMA career will begin late in 2010. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN

  • Sabotage says:

    Sorry, Kurt, I have no interest in watching you step in the cage.

    Pure wrestlers lead to long stalemate matches. It is called “Mixed Martial Arts” for a reason. The fans want to see a mixture of talent both on the feet and the ground for a balanced fighter. I would appreciate you keeping your “lay and pray” back in TNA.

  • ttttt says:

    not another 1. what makes him think he will even stand a chance. i hope if he trys it he get seriously injured his fist fight so that no other wrestlers will think about joining mma

  • portland mma says:

    ttttt thats not bush league at all

  • finkrod says:

    Yeah, I guess guys like Josh Barnett, Minoru Suzuki and Kazushi Sakuraba never belonged in the ring either, eh ttttt? Nice brain you got there.

  • portland mma says:

    what a moron, look how many people in MMA have wrestling backgrounds. Figure out what your talking about before you prove to all of us your genius again tttt.

  • HexRei says:

    I don’t want to see Angle in the UFC for the same reason I don’t want to see him playing at Wimbledon.. He might be pretty good at tennis, but he hasn’t earned that level of competition. He needs to fight in some half-ass org like EXC at least a time or two before he gets in the UFC or they are going to be tossing their last shred of credibility out the window.

  • ttttt says:

    i have no problem with wrestelers in mma i have problems with guy like lesnar and kurt joining up and them getting specal treatment just because the were a star in wwe or what ever show they did. Although most people with wresteling backgrounds dont make for too exciting fighters.

    lol dont get mad from peoples coments on the internet kiddies

  • Randy says:

    I must say you all are sounding pretty stupid and biased. Does everyone already forget who the most dominant fighters in mma are…. ummm guys like Randy Couture, Josh Koshcheck, almost all of the guys named Thiago, and even G.S.P. What is the strength in their backgrounds? oh wait its wrestling. And if any of you actually knew about Angle ud realize he is a submission specialist(not talking the angle ankle lock) and hes been in serious training on the side from TNA with Frank trigg and others. Believe he has even spent some time at team Couture. Someone made a comment about the Undertaker…. even he would have been dominant in the UFC if he would have tried like 10 yrs ago. With his professionally trained world class striking and various colored belts held in a cpl different disciplines with his highest belt being in ju-jitsu. yeah hed suck as well. Can anyone actually say that a guy like Tim Sylvia would be able to knock the Undertaker out? Go to the ground and taker would twist u like a pretzel. Do ur research and know what u are talking about before u all make arses of urselves. The only negative against Angle in this is his age… but then again look at the age of Couture and there is no comparisson between angle and couture. angle is in way better shape. Hes in better shape than most people (including fighters) half his age. I say go for it Angle and prove all of these whining crybabys wrong

  • PoMoPunchDrunk says:

    I guess this is what struggling MMA promotions are going to have to do to keep casual interest. As an MMA fan, this is a joke. No disrespect to what Kurt Angle accomplished, but I don’t believe you can get a late start at MMA. Even Lesnar, who’s much younger, bigger, stronger and a very accomplished wrestler, will never be in the same breath as Nog or Mir when it comes to BJJ. He sells PPV. That’s what Angle will do. But that will never grow your promotion. Oh well, maybe I’ll get to see Hulk Hogan vs. The Macho Man Randy Savage in the octagon one day…

  • alkatraz says:

    a lot of u people on here kill me.if thats what he wants 2 try who r we to say he can’t. dont watch it but its not a joke. most of u r the jokes sitting here talking shit about people.if he wants to try anything in life thats up to him,tune out if u don’t want to c it.but to call the guy names and say all the shit u say.whatever.if he wanted to play mlb,nba or nfl sports he could try and if he fails thats on him.most of u don’t even have the balls to try what u want to do 4 a stop talking shit and go lock yourself in your room and look at porno all day.but of hipocrates.don’t cast stones if you have a glass house.

  • HexRei says:

    way to miss the point completely alkatraz.

  • ttttt says:

    Sorry for not watching the WWE like you do Randy. I could less about any of the wrestlers that wrestle for show and not in real a real sport.

    Im not saying that there anything wrong with real wrestling but i hate the WWE type stuff and by someone acting in that make me dislike them.

  • Greg Urban says:

    I think it’s gonna be the UFC….but we shall see. The IFL commish said he thought Angle was scared of mma after coming in to see a live fight..

    I just want Angle to either put up or shut up.

  • Mike A says:

    why the fuck would he fight randy in his 1st fight….

  • HexRei says:

    I dunno Mike A but that is a fight he would DEFINITELY not win. I think he’s assuming that a fight with Randy would basically be a wrestling match and thus play to his strengths, but Randy’s striking and clinchwork would give Angle fits.

  • Randy says:

    Kudos to u Alkatraz… u r one of the few on here that I believe actually has an informed opinion and u make it clear that it is just that… an opinion. And HexRei, do u even watch the sport? u think coutures striking would give Angle fits? ummm wasnt couture knocked the frick out the last cpl times he tried to strike with someone? not including his lucky strike on Tim Sylvia( which was 1 and only 1) after that it was all on the ground with couture lying under tim jhust holding him there. Couture is an extremely smart fighter and does what he needs to do but im sure even he would agree that striking is not in his interest if he wants to win other than the ground and pound. And ttttt…. its ok for u to have ur opinion that u dislike professional wrestling but 1 thing u should never take away from them is that they r exceptional athletes and there are very few professional athletes out there that can put up with the abuse that a professional wrestler puts up with on basically a daily basis. Lets not forget… those guys are “working” 300 days a year. Angle is 40ish and does it with ease. I would like to see an MMA fighter cross over and see how long he lasts. oh yeah its been tried by ken shamrock and he left and went back to mma cuz he said the “wrestling” was too hard on his body both physically and mentally. Do i think Angle will dominate if he enters mma? no i do not. but do i think that he will be a joke? again i do not. I do think Angle has maybe waited too long to attempt this. His age will somewhat be a factor but he is also pretty much a freak of nature, so who can really say till he gets in the octagon. The real Joke in MMA is pumping up and promoting Kimbo Slice. Why not put him in the octagon with Frank Mir like they did Lesnar but instead they only line him up with total stand up fighters. A ground guy will kill him. Lesnar destroyed Herring, but still showed that he really needs ground work. Only time will tell, but I cant wait until angle makes fools out of the majority of u, except for me and Alkatraz it seems. The only 2 that seem to have open minds on here.

  • ttttt says:

    LOL Everyone else is wrong and your right. being a good athlete doesnt mean you can fight.

  • alkatraz says:

    randy u r right i just get upset at all the negativity sometimes.i belive the cream always rises to the top and a lot of peole can have an opinon about a fighter.however all the name calling and disrespect that goes on is wrong.i believe anyone with the nerve to try out his dream is a person to be respected.and a person who does what these mma fighters do deseveve it even is a tought thing to do for a living.u have to be a special type of human.90% of society could not do its angle,slice,leasner or gsp.the best guys will win.the money makers will make money.and the scrubs will be scrubs.we know who they are.but make your point with out calling these men names.

  • HexRei says:

    Randy: I actually train MMA in addition to watching, actually.

    And yes, Randy’s striking would give Angle fits, because unlike Angle RANDY ACTUALLY KNOWS HOW TO THROW A PUNCH. Angle has no octagon experience striking, Randy has been training it for about fifteen years. Even if he’s not the best boxer, he has to be better than Angle who at best just started training strikes a year ago.
    Furthermore, there is more to striking than boxing. Randy’s dirty boxing inside the clinch is EASILY some of the best in the business. He may not be the best KO artist but he will tie Angle up against the cage and punish him with elbows, punches, and knees up close just like he did to Gonzaga and Angle won’t have any answer. Couture’s gameplans are excellent and he is not going to let this turn into a wrestling match when he can play on his obvious superiority in striking. There is no way Angle will be able to cope with this- he will try to make it a wrestling match and is going to eat tons of punishment doing so and ultimately lose because of it.

    That’s if this ever happens which we both know it won’t- even if Angle actually fights MMA someday, he will never earn a shot at Randy before Randy retires.

  • HexRei says:

    correction, Randy’s been training strikes for about ten years, which gives him about 900% more experience than Angle even if he has been training MMA seriously (which a really doubt)

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    Uh oh….time to learn to defend the stepover toehold…er…Angle lock.
    I hope Angle gets around to trying MMA for real.
    I’ve been hope since the first time he talked about it.
    Like what… 8 years ago-ish?
    I can’t see him being a champ,but certainly a main eventer.
    The sooner Angle signs up,the sooner Ken Shamrock has just one more fight in him.

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    Oh…and I too am INTIMATING I have signed a contract to fight Angle,but I will neither confirm nor deny it.
    Any news on Tito?
    Is he still neither confirming nor denying or intimating or suggesting or conceptualizing or hinting or brainstorming about anything relevant?


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