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Atencio reveals Affliction’s plan

With their most recent show canceled, Affliction has confirmed that they will have a card early next year.

“The  January show is a guarantee,” said Affliction VP Tom Atencio.

However, the type of show it will be has come under a lot of scrutiny. Recently, Affliction announced that it will be co-promoting with boxing’s Golden Boy Promotions. The big question now is what type of format will the show have.

“We will have one boxing match and four MMA matches,” said Atencio.

Mixing boxing and MMA us a very risky proposition. The amount of crossover between the sports seems very small. They could very well have a situation where one sports fans jeer the other sport regardless of who is competing. That occurrence would be bad for both MMA and boxing. Hopefully, everything works out, but the January show will be very interesting.

  • Batman says:

    It’s hard to say who is left on the golden boy roster because everybody is booked for a fight. I hope they sign someone new.

  • Tanner says:

    I bought banned but i’m not paying for a mixed card. Even if it has fedor and arlovski on it. I’ll download that shit so i can skip through the boxing match

  • Tim says:

    If I wanted to watch boxing I would watch boxing. This is not a good idea but , desperate times call for desperate measures..

  • Sabotage says:

    Dana White and the UFC are laughing at the “one and done” style of Affliction. They certainly shot their load early with paying fighters way more than they could afford.

    UFC will conduct over six cards before Affliction ever gets to their next PPV. The success of a fight promotion is built over longevity and I just don’t see it happening for a “t-shirt company”.

  • Joseph says:

    What if the boxing match is at the very end and all the MMA matches are at the begining. What would be wrong with that? If you didn’t want to watch the boxing match, just change the channel. Wouldn’t that work? Most people that order Boxing PPVs only care about the main event anyways, and don’t watch the undercards. Its a win win, really.

  • Joey says:

    I think kelly pavlik, who is also my favoite boxer, has the most crossover appeal. I almost shit a brick when i found otu they tried to put th arlovski barnett fight on the undercard of pavliks next fight (which I have tickets to). Hopefully, they’re going to be smart enought to put in high quality boxers that will go out there and trade because boxing CAN be very very exciting and thats what they’ll need.

  • detroit_fan says:

    Bye Bye Affliction. What stupid idea.

  • Venom says:

    I don’t mind the merger. I used to be a fan of boxing before I started watching MMA in 1993. Maybe they can rekindle my interest in boxing. I doubt it, but maybe! And they don’t necessarily HAVE to put on boxing/MMA shows, they might just do full MMA or full boxing events, just under the co-promotion banner.
    I sure hope this doesn’t spell the end for Affliction. I really like those guys! I still think UFC is king, but competition is good for the sport/industry!

  • b.w. says:

    JOEY. i like pavlik as well, but he is a TOP RANK fighter (bob arum). thats the problem with boxing, gbp isnt the only big player in town. along with gpd and top rank there is also don king, dan duva and others. none of these guys are all of sudden join together for the greater sake of boxing, there to busty trying to bite each others heads off. thats why boxing is fading out to mma. for this boxing/mma hybrid to work, they would have to have fedor,barnett,arlovski and another big mma name plus gpd would have to have a super fight and like some one mentioned above all of oscars top stars are already scheduled to fight later this year including himself,shane mosely, b-hop and barrera is retired. i’ll for sure watch it myself, b/c i like both sports, but i dont see alot of other people buying it.

  • Jennifer says:

    I made the mistake of buying the first PPV and had so many issues with Comcast that I couldn’t even watch it. I ended up downloading it for free online to see what I missed, while spending 1/2 hour or longer on the phone to get my account credited. I won’t make the same mistake again. Especially for a mixed match. No thanks

  • Derek says:

    I like this idea and look forward to ordering the ppv. If boxing is going to be the main event, hopefully they schedule a compelling fight. Many MMA fans complain way too much, and usually their arguments are counterproductive to the growth of the sport.

  • Joey says:


    he is top rank, but he is sponsored by affliction. maybe why they tried it but your point is probably why hbo/top rank turned it down.

    On a side note, i think over the last couple years boxing has stepped up to the plate and I think we have MMA to thank for it. I have seen quite a few great boxing matches lately and they have seem to be doing a better job of making the fights happen that should.

  • HexRei says:

    The only question I have is why Batman uses a Gambit avatar.

  • b.w. says:

    JOEY. good point. never say never.

  • DocWagner says:

    Wow…essentially negative posts. While I had problems with the PPV /comcast issue, I also realize this was a COMCAST problem, not affliction.
    The plan of Affliction seems to be recruiting boxing fans (Like the UFC is reqruiting WWE fans)…this has very little to do with mma fans.
    If you are a Fedor fan, you’ll watch him fight regardless…so I would imagine the demographic they are aiming for (new audience) doesn’t even read this website!
    I think it is a good move and an attempt to stay afloat.
    Furthermore, co promotions with Elite XC may allow for greater exposure and viewership.
    We need more than the UFC…

  • Robert says:

    Co promotions for MMA events is great but mixing 2 different sports on the same PPV card is Dumb.Affliction would be better of going there own way without boxing and occasionally co promoting with EliteXC or Dream.This seems like a bad idea.

  • Sergio Hernandez says:

    “If you are a Fedor fan, you’ll watch him fight regardless…”

    Why would I watch Fedor take on Choi when I know the outcome the second the fight is announced?

    Answer to that: I wouldn’t.

    Unless Fedor fights someone worth a shit, even the hardcore fans couldn’t care less.

  • DocWagner says:

    You answered your own question…you aren’t a hardcore Fedor fan.

  • Robert says:

    Sergio sounds like another guy who thinks if your not in the UFC your not any good.

  • Sergio Hernandez says:

    Doc: If being a “hardcore” fan of a fighter means I’ll sit through meaningless fights… then yeah, I guess I’m not a hardcore Fedor fan.

    And Robert, for the record, I spent the 40 bucks on Banned to watch Fedor take on a legit top 10 Heavyweight. He dominated, no doubt.

    I never said Fedor wasn’t the undisputed no. 1 heavyweight in the world. But when he fights people who don’t deserve to be in the same ring as him, why should I give a shit?

  • mike wolfe says:

    A mixed card raises questions on both sides. Why would MMA fans want to watch boxing? Why would boxing fans want to watch numerous MMA fights to see one boxing match? Would a big name boxer want to be a “novelty act” on a MMA card, like a women’s MMA fight? Without a big name boxer, would any serious boxing fan buy the PPV? A hybrid card will be off-putting to both kinds of fans, imo. A financial quagmire.

  • dickychubs says:

    I will watch all fight sports. I Love full contact, I used to watch a lot of boxing back in the 90’s, I work and travel the world so I am exposed to a lot of fighting styles, so a combat sport is something you need knowledge of. the bad thing is that most of your overweight fat twinky eating fans don’t understand disciplines they don’t see the Art of fights, they rather eat a burger and soak on a cold slurpy while they eat more twinkys and marshmallows scratch there fat ass and complaint about fight sports. The thing is if you never done one or the hundreds of fighting sports you will not understand. Good for Affliction and good for G-Boy to get some ass kicking fights weather standing or on the ground a KO is a KO and a Ass whooping is a Ass whooping, doesn’t mater if you drink beer or Vodka you will eventually get toasted.

    Love from the East and Peace


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