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Affliction COO disputes USA Today report about long-term partnership with EliteXC

A report by USA Today’s Sergio Non stated that Affliction COO Michael Cohen had indicated that Affliction and Golden Boy Promotions’ Jan. 24 event would be a co-promotion with EliteXC that could possibly be televised on CBS or SHOWTIME. contacted Cohen Thursday morning as a followup and we were informed by Cohen that the USA Today report is not accurate.

“The report by Sergio Non is not entirely accurate,” said Cohen. “The way that the statement was supposed to read is that the event we’re concentrating on right now is the Oct. 4 event with CBS, SHOWTIME, and EliteXC.

“The question that was asked of me was ‘We understand that you have a Jan. 24 event that’s being planned as well. Will this event be aired on SHOWTIME or through CBS?’ My answer again to him was, ‘We’re certainly looking forward to a long-standing relationship or an ongoing relationship with CBS and SHOWTIME as well as Elite. But right now we’re concentrating on the Oct. 4 event and have not inked a deal for any future events.'”

Before contacting Cohen, Five Ounces of Pain also contacted a source at SHOWTIME who indicated that all parties were focused on Oct. 4 while also stating that no agreement for a Jan. 24 event was in place.

  • Jason G says:

    Wow, I won’t fork over $40 for an Affliction ppv but on national television would be really cool. The masses would finally get to see Fedor. Hell I’ve only seen two of his fights live on ppv so that would be quite a treat.

  • egad81 says:

    CBS has the money to get Fedor on Free TV anyone that thinks they dont is dumb

  • Joseph says:

    I think it is all semantics. They wont announce anything past the Oct. 4th show because Affliction and EliteXC NEED THE ENTIRE FOCUS on Oct. 4th so that the show succeeds. The only way Affliction and EliteXC con prosper from their partnership is a good showing on Oct. 4.

    Lets support them MMA Fans!


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