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Phillipe Nover TUF 8 Blog: Episode Two

I received a lot of positive feedback from my first blog submission last week here on and I wanted to thank everyone for their support. A few people mentioned they would like me to get into more detail, so before I get into my thoughts from the second episode, I will share more thoughts about the premiere.

First, I wanted to give everyone some more background on me. I fight out of Brooklyn, New York with Team Insight. We are small MMA camp that really hasn’t hit the main scene. My coaches are Ralph Mitchel and Clarence “Cee” Everett. I also train jiu-jitsu under Alexandre “Soca” Freitas. Some other team Team Insight fighters you have to watch out for are Nardu Debrah, Dave Branch, and John Beneduce.

I’ve been training under Ralph Mitchel since the age of nine-years old. He started me off with traditional arts; Muay Thai kickboxing, Judo, JKD, Filipino Arnis, and basic street self defense.

After watching my training partners compete in mixed martial art fights I felt that I could do it also. And after winning my first fight, I was hooked! I am born and raised in Brooklyn and I still live here.

Two of the most talked about things from the first show was Jason Guida’s failure to make weight and Jose Agallar’s controversial comments during his confessional interview.

Jose’s interview kind of surprised me because I never knew Jose was that crazy. He seemed like a cool guy when I spoke with him. He even gave me some good fight advice against Joe Durate. I rolled with the guy to warm up. I never knew he had views like that. I am really surprised about what he said on his interview. A lot of my friends and family disliked the kid.

Someone also asked me whether I felt Guida was to blame or if the commission over-reacted by not allowing him to cut one more pound. I think it’s totally his fault and he knows it too. You have months and months of preparation knowing you’re going to be on TV. From the looks of his build he could have easily lost 10-to-15 pounds of fat two months before getting on thereby making the weight cut much easier. I lost close to 20 pounds trying to get on the show. People say I looked like Skeletor on TV!

Regarding my qualifying fight with Duarte, I realize the result surprised a lot of viewers who had heard he was one of the favorites coming into the show. Even from my perspective I had a really good sense that people favored Durate before the fight. Even Nogueira himself admitted to me that he thought Durate was going to kick my butt. Ever since I fainted everyone there thought I was a punk. When people found out I was fighting Durate they almost looked at me with pity. I just absorbed it all and wanted to prove myself.

I did have some people who supported me. The assistant coach, Daniel Valverde, cornered me well during my fight. He sort of reached out to me backstage as well. I could hear him and Delgado encouraging me while in the cage. I guess you can say I was leaning toward the red team that day.

The publisher of this site, Sam Caplan, asked me some questions following the episode. He wanted to know how my life had changed after the first airing. Surprisingly, the changes have been minimal despite the exposure. Part of it is because New York is so big. I take the train all the time and not one person recognizes me. MMA and the UFC aren’t as popular in New York as it is in Vegas and the West Coast. The only attention I get is through the Internet or at the gyms and dojos I train at. I had a great premiere party where over 200 of my friends came. That was some great attention. It was a blast!

Onto the second episode, but to be honest, I can’t really say much about this episode because while I was there, I didn’t watch any fights. I fought last of all the sixteen fights. I don’t like watching other fights before mine because it distracts me from what I really there to do. If I were to watch someone else fight I can get so involved that I might lose sight that I’m to perform in just a few minutes. I like to stay backstage and focus. It’s a lot of pressure fighting last. Everyone sort of waited for that fight to happen. I guess you can say I close the show well.

I remember the smell of fried chicken in the kitchen area which was a bit distracting while trying to warm up for the fight. Now that I’ve watch Elliot and Karen’s fight I could not agree more with Dana that Elliot should have rightfully got the winning decision.

Overall that day of fighting was one of the most nerve wrecking days of each and every fighter’s life. We all knew that our careers were on the line and the pressure was on. Everyone fought there hearts out. It was a great day.

  • Patrick says:

    Another good blog post.

    So far, from the full televised fights and the bits and pieces of the ones not fully shown; I’ve gotta say I’m way way more impressed with the level of tenacity and skill shown in these prelims than in the last ones (how the hell did some of those guys get through?).

    I can also say I was completely shocked that Elliot wasn’t given a decision victory in that fight, it’s absurd to score it any other way. Who were the two judges who scored it incorrectly? Were they both Cecil Peoples? Cecil and Cecil’s grandmother? Who!?

    Another note is how animated and active Nog and Mir are already, these are two guys who are really into coaching here and being competitive, I think a lot of people have underestimated the level of competitive spirit these two have with eachother, I can’t wait to see how they coach and corner when it comes down to the real season start and not the prelims.

    So far so good, god I wish there wasn’t that bullshit house filled with a bunch of booze and shit so all the fighters could legitimately prepare themselves and train, instead of going on a huge bender and messing up their greatest opportunity.

    Ah well, maybe someday.

  • modogg says:

    those previews were interesting. it looks like there are some knuckleheads in the house for everyone to deal with. I’m really looking forward to hearing your insight as the season goes on.

  • Powers says:


  • Jeremy says:

    Thanks for the great thoughts on the show so far. There appears to be a lot of talent on this years show, which is great. Also alot of guys that come from well known gyms, AKA, ATT, ACS, Gracie Tampa, and so on. Phillipe, do you feel you were at a advantage or disadvantage in any way because of all the guys coming from big time gyms?

  • F.A.M. says:

    Good post Phillipe. Looking forward to rolling with you again in the morning at John D’s class.


  • steelbus287 says:

    ZOMG! You roll with P-Nove??!?!!?
    Damn, son. Damn.

  • steelbus287 says:

    I’m just playin. Phillipe gave Duarte a double dose of Nover-pain! (Novacaine? Eh? Eh? Whatever, this dude’s got crazy skill.)

  • I was surprised when you fainted in the first episode. But then I was amazed how you butchered your opponent. You are one hardcore fighter. And I’m glad you recognize your Filipino roots. I’m a Filipino too. Pinoy Pride.

    Go Filipino Assassin.

    Drop by at the again.

  • Of course no one recognizes you yet,. You’ve been on the air fo a combined total of about 2 minutes so far. Just wait…

  • sven says:

    I’m not sold on the LHW’s yet but the LW division on the show looks like its gonna be highly entertaining.

  • Venom says:

    Great post! I look forward to the next ones.
    One Question: Any chance you can give us some insight on the house and its rules. Does the UFC really fill the house with booze and actually tell the fighters to “booze it up” for the cameras? I’ve heard the rumors and I’d like to think that Dana White is smarter than that! Seems like an irresponsible thing to do to young men that are trying to start a career in MMA!

  • Nancy says:

    Hmmm…”The Filipino Assasin” sounds like a good movie title. Watch out HOLLYWOOD! Phil, you are way smarter than those other guys in the show and are more focused and physically stronger. Pound for pound, you are way tougher and an ULTIMATE WARRIOR! We are all rooting for you! Good Luck!

  • darkmetal says:

    Good post Phillipe,

    On your budding fame and how you are not recognized, prepare yourself, you have only been on 2 shows with limited “face” time except for the “faint” (no big deal) and your interview and impressive win. I suggest that as the show goes on you will be recognized more and more, so prepare yourself for that, be it good or bad. Good: Women screaming and wanting to date you, NY Dudes shouting out “Yo, Philip, great fight!” Bad: Bufoons wanting to fight you while you order a sandwich at 1:00 am (trust me, this is a big possibility).

    On your name selection, I agree with the others, dump P-nove. Those sorts of names are considered very lame, although I mean no offense.

    The “Philipino Assassin” would be great. I would also suggest Philipe “Nova” Nove.

  • Yeah I’m digging The Filipino Assassin thing. I like the sound of it. Regarding the question on drinking in the house. There is unlimited food and booze. Absolutely no one forced anyone or promoted us to drink alcohol. I personally never had even one sip of alcohol while in the house. I was on TUF to show what a real professional athlete is about. And real pros don’t poison there bodies. Rules of the house. “Don’t try to leave. Don’t jump over the wall. Be yourselves!”

  • ledhead says:

    great fight …….u ever go by Budokan?

  • johnny eigenmann says:

    whoa! i didn’t know that you are filipino until i watched TUF online last night and i saw the hat that says, “mahal kita…” lol!

    so i started googling and i confirmed that you really are a filipino. i’m so proud of you, phillippe! too bad brandon vera lost to jardine. seems like brandon lost his touch but i’m not giving up on him yet.

    meanwhile, you phillippe, yes you… you give pride to every filipino that watches mma.

    do you speak tagalog fluently? if yes, check out the song “noypi” by bamboo. it would be a nice entrance song for filipino fighters.

    good luck to you and your mma career.

    johnny eigenmann from manila

  • Kowe says:

    It’s all nOver

  • Pinaypie says:

    “It’s not over until it’s Nover!” Ahahaha, great line I might add. Ang galing mo pre! Were counting on you to replace the fallen Brandon Vera!

  • kevin says:

    Hey Budd,how are doing today I enjoyed watching you in the Ultimate Fighter. I also watched about that BALUT, you I’m a filipino and BALUT is one of my favorite food, so I wonder, do you have the of a Filipino flowing on your veins?


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