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Travis Lutter could fight Joe Doerksen in November (UPDATED)

After being released following a second round TKO loss to Rich Franklin this past April at UFC 83, reports indicate that enigmatic grappling specialist and season four middleweight winner of “The Ultimate FighterTravis Lutter will be returning to action in November.

After first reporting that Lutter was expected to take on Joe Doerksen at UFC 91 on Nov. 15, Sherdog has issued a retraction to its initial report clarifying that Lutter and Doerksen are expected to meet during a non-UFC event to be held in Texas.

The report indicates that verbal agreements for the fight have been made but that contracts have yet to be signed.

Lutter, 9-5, is a talented fighter who has failed to live up to his potential. Concerns over his conditioning and mental approach to fighting along with injuries have been cited as reasons why he has never performed up to his ability.

He also hurt his stock tremendously with the UFC after failing to make weight for what was scheduled to be a middleweight title match against Anderson Silva at UFC 67 in February of 2007. Lutter was granted the title fight after defeating Patrick Cote in the TUF 4 finals during the live season finale for the show in November of 2006.

Doerksen, 40-12, is a journeyman fighter with over 50 fights to his credit during a career that dates back to 1999. He has gone through several tours of duty with the UFC but is just 1-5 in six career appearances inside the Octagon.

He is just 1-3 in his last four fights will all three losses having taken place under the Zuffa banner. He lost a bout against Paulo Filho for the then-vacant WEC middleweight title at WEC 29 in August of 2007. Doerksen then returned to the UFC, where he lost to Ed Herman at UFC 78 and Jason MacDonald at UFC 83. He rebounded with a victory outside of the UFC in his last fight, earning a split decision victory over John Meyer during a Vipers MMA event last month.

  • matt says:

    Last call for Lutter. Also since he’s not on the Tuf contract, I’m sure his new deal isn’t as good money wise.

  • jim smith says:

    He better take advantage of this opportunity. I get pissed when people don’t make weight and he was totally gassed during the Silva fight. His shoots were lazy and slow. He should just be doing cardio, cardio, cardio for this fight.

  • Grappo says:

    I’ve always been impressed with his talent and potential. He seems like he could be great if he just put forth the required effort in the gym. I hope he takes this opportunity to heart.

  • ihateemo says:

    I really want to dog on Lutter for the Silva debacle (despite his strong first round showing) and his pathetic conditioning against Franklin – for a minute I thought that fight was going to be competitive, especially when he landed that arm bar. Had his cardio been better we could have seen multiple (exciting!) submission attempts instead of just the one before Lutter decided to sit on his knees while Franklin teed off on his head.

    But at the same time I know the guy’s got the goods and he looked great on TUF4. I just hope that getting dropped has given him the kick up the ass he needs. I’m rooting for the guy.

  • Jay K. says:

    Agree with the above, I too would like to see Lutter become victorious and rematch with Silva. He had that fight in hand until he gassed. His fight against Franklin was very forgettable.

  • Eburg T says:

    I have as much interest in seeing Lutter fight again as I do Kalib Starnes. I have no idea why Joe Silva would bring him back again.

  • Matt Cava says:

    What is the point for bringing Doerksen into the octagon again? To push his record to 1-6? Are they looking to build up Lutter with a win over Doerksen? Is there anyone Doerksen won’t take a fight with? Sheesh.

  • Matt says:

    Lutter, even when appearing slugglish from cutting weight, still put Silva in as much trouble as anyone who’s fought him along with Henderson. I look forward to potential middleweight matchups with Lutter against the likes of Jason MacDonald, Jason Lambert, Martin Kampmann, Doerksen as mentioned, and Rousimar Palhares. Any of those would be good starting places if you ask me.

  • GEoff says:

    Sherdog has updated this, apparently this will not be on a UFC card. Lutter will fight Doerksen on a card in texas.

  • paddiosf says:

    Doerksen and Lutter , Boring sorry guys…

  • doug maps says:

    haha, joe d beat john meyer, no shit, hes a singer :)

  • ihateemo says:

    Oh, not a UFC event? Darn! Hopefully he’ll get himself together and the UFC will bring him back.

  • Powers says:

    Lutter needs the conditioning badly.
    That being said.

  • Robert says:

    Just what i have been waiting to here Travis Lutter is back.This is about as exciting as a trip to the dentist.


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